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China Doll

She walked in the bar about 9:30AM.
It was the morning after Halloween. I was visiting a friend in another town and I had gone to a party the night before. When I awoke, I decided I needed the "hair of the dog." I walked to the neighborhood bar about 9:00 AM. The joint was empty except for one old guy at the end of the bar, and the bar tender, and now, me.

I ordered a bourbon and water. I drank the first one fairly fast, then ordered another. As I sat nursing my cocktail, the front door opened and a woman about sixty walked into the lounge. I was thirty-four at the time. She was 5' 2" tall, slender, with jet black long hair done up in a bun on top of her head. She was wearing a Chinese coat and pants suit. It was gold and red with black and blues accenting here and there. She wore Chinese slipper shoes.

There were about six bar stools separating the old man and myself. I watched the woman in the large mirror behind the bar. She was not bad looking at all. I noticed she had great breasts. Even wearing a coat, I could see them jutting out. I thought, "Hmmm, I wouldn't mind doing her."

But nine thirty in the morning is not the best time to pick up a woman. I watched her as she went and sat next to the old man. They spoke, she got angry about something he said. She picked up her drink and came down the bar towards me. Then she sat on the stool next to me.

"Hello," she said.

After our pleasantries, she began talking about how some people really piss her off. I sat silent as she rambled on. At some point I affirmed that she was right about whatever she was talking about. She then put her hand on my right leg.

"Thank you, sugar man," she told me.

She didn't remove her hand as she continued. Every so often, she'd rub up and down on my thigh. Of course I became hard. When we ordered another drink she told the bar man, "This is my sugar man."

After we finished our drinks, she whispered to me, "Would you walk me home, sugar man?"

I told her I would. We got up and she put out her arm for me to take. Then as we headed for the door, she turned her head back towards the bar and called out, "Look what I got!"

Oh my God, I knew I was going to be fucking her. The sun was bright as we left the darkness of the bar. There were people out and about as we walked done the street. My cock was so hard, the bulge in my pants was noticeable. I was also turned on by the fact she had picked me up and not the other way around.

Five blocks later, we entered her house. There was a young woman in the kitchen. My host introduced her as her 36-year-old daughter. She then ushered me to her bedroom. I sat on the king-sized bed. She went back to the kitchen. I heard them talking, then my date was angry again about something said. She came to me and said, "Let's go have another drink."

We walked a few blocks to a different bar. We sat at the bar and her hand again took up residence on my leg. There were more people in this watering hole. She spoke with several and of course introduced me as her sugar man. At one point, she went to the powder room. 

One of the women she had spoke to came over to me and confidentually told me, "She gets mad if she doesn't get fucked."

I simply told her, "Well, I don't want to make her mad."

I was turned on being put on display to her friends. And by the fact they knew we'd be fucking soon. At least I hoped so. I was a little concerned about her daughter back at her house. Maybe she was just toying with me. After an hour or so, we left and went back to her place. 

She again took me past the daughter and into her bedroom. She turned down the sheets. She said she'd be right back and closed the door behind her. As I began to undress, I saw several photos on her dresser mirror. They were of her when she was young, a real beauty. I climbed into her bed. After what seemed a life time, she entered the room wearing a robe. 

She took off the robe and she was wearing a red Chinese style silk pajamas. She wasn't Asian, but seemed to really like the clothing. I could see she had a great ass as well as great breasts. She slid into the bed next to me. I took her in my arms and I began kissing her. I ran my left hand over her body, exploring every curve. My cock was even harder than before. I wanted her to touch me.

I found her right hand and guided it down to my erect manhood. As soon as she felt it, she jerked her hand away, and then turned over so her back was to me. She was in the fetal position. I curled up against her back, I kissed her neck. She just laid there. I now made sure my hard cock was pressed aganst her silk covered ass. 

"What's the matter?" I whispered.

She said nothing. I kissed her again on her neck and rubbed my stiff erection against her ass. She still stayed curled up. I became frustrated and fell on my back in the bed. "I don't fucking believe this," I thought to myself. Then I heard her say something. I didn't quite hear what she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Okay, you win. Take off my pants," she repeated.

No foreplay, she just wants to be fucked. I waisted no time in pulling her silk pajama bottoms off of her. I tossed them on the floor next to the bed. I then was over her, I pushed her legs apart. 

"Please," she asked. "Be gentle."

I took hold of my staff and began rubbing the head of my throbbing cock along the slit of her love lips. I looked deep into her brown eyes. Then I pressed my mouth to hers and as we kissed, I slipped inside of her. She felt as good as I had hoped. I was slowly, gently fucking her. Her legs went airborn. I felt her hands grab my bare ass and pull me back to her each time I pulled away. 

From our movements, the bed began to announce to her daughter in the other room that her mother was being fucked. This turned me on as well. I was thinking how glad I was this old woman was as bold as she had been or we wouldn't be together now. 

"Oh yes, sugar man," she moaned as I went in and out of her. I moved my head down so I could suckle her sweet breasts. Her nipples grew hard in my mouth. My tongue spanked them. 

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and the daughter was in the room. I paniced for a moment until I saw she was wearing only a bra and panties. Could this really be happening? I kept fucking the mother.

The daughter crawled up onto the huge bed and I felt her body against mine and then her lips kissing my back. Her hand began rubbing my ass as I humped her mother. Then her face was in front of mine and our mouths met. She gave me her tongue. I was then startled as she slipped her finger into my ass. While I was fucking her mom, she was finger fucking my ass. I liked it.

I was getting too excited. I knew I needed to pull out of the mother. As soon as I did, the daughter was down sucking my cock. Mother began kissing me as her daughter pleasured me. I was loving this mother daughter tag team. I couldn't wait to be inside of the younger woman. I didn't have to wait long.

The daughter turned her back to me, on all fours. I pulled down her white cotton panties and I climbed atop her from the rear. I gave her all 7.5 inches of my cock. My hands held her hips as I slammed into her, harder than I had fucked her mom. Over and over I gave myself to her. The mother reached between my legs and rubbed and squeezed my hard, hairy balls. I wondered how many times have they done this. Pick up a stranger and tag team fuck them. I didn't care, I was just thankful I was chosen. 

After a long while, the daughter pulled away and the two of them pushed me down onto my back. The mother took hold of my cock and jacked me. The daughter straddled my face with her legs, hoovering her wet womanhood above my mouth. Then I felt wet warmth on my cock as mother began sucking on me. 

The daughter then gently sat on my face. I instantly began licking and sucking her pussy. We played like this for awhile, and then I wanted to be back inside the mother. She again laid on her back as I entered her again. I loved fucking her in front of her daughter. The daughter was now laying next to us and fingering herself as she watched us. I guess she liked watching me fuck her mother. 

My excitement was now building past the point of no return. "Oh yes! Oh God yes," I groaned as I shot my hot cum inside this 60-year-old woman. I again took her mouth with mine and kissed her hard as I came hard. 

As we laid together, I asked, "Do you ladies do this sort of thing a lot?"

The daughter chose to answer, "Only if we like what we see." Her hand took hold of my cock and she added, "We liked what we saw."

They invited me to visit again. I explained I was from out of town. They told me anytime I came to town, to come visit. 

I never did go back to that town. But after that, whenever I am introduced to a mother and daughter, I wonder.

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