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It was a great surprise to find out the hotel I was staying at had a little spa. I had just gotten back from a day of meeting. It had been a long stressful day for me and some time in the spa sounded relaxing. I was twenty-one and new to the concept of a business trip. It felt great to remove my tie. Instead of heading to my room I went to a men's changing room. The clock read ten at night. The spa was open 24-7 so I could stay as long as I like.

Since it was so late the men's area was empty. It looked like I had the spa to myself. I quickly stripped off all my clothes. The locker room was humid so I was already sweaty. I am a guy in better shape than most other men. Standing at six foot one and one seventy pounds, I have an excellent physique. My pecs and abs are well defined and my arms and legs could push through walls. I spend a lot of time outdoors so I have well tanned skin. My cock flaccid is four inches and a promising eight when aroused. I recently broke up with my ex and she liked my pubic area clean shaved. It is still bare since the break up was almost a week ago.

I found a towel and wrapped it around my waist. The spa was around the corner. There was a sign next to the entrance that read, "1. Age 18+ 2. Be courteous to others. 3. Spa offers steam room, hot tub, cool wading pool." I turned the corner and found the spa to be empty. Not in the mode for a soak at the moment I went straight towards the steam room and took a seat dead center. The warm air engulfed my body and I began to relax.

As I reclined my legs spread slightly causing my towel to open. It almost fell off and I sat up and caught it before it fell open. I looked around and checked the clock. It was very late and it looked as if no one was coming. I let the towel fall open and let the air surround my whole body. I fell into a small trance as I laid there still. I felt as if I could stay in here like this for hours.

Suddenly I heard footsteps and giggling coming my way. It was obviously two women. They turned the corner into the steam room. Both had towel wrapped around their bodies. I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist covering myself, but I knew they got a quick glance of my dick. They blushed and sat down a few feet away from me. The two women were older women in their mid-thirties. Both were attractive and still had a beautiful youthful look. They were about the same height a few inches shorter than I am. One was a long haired brunette. Her hair fell to her mid-back with a wave. She was tan and from what I could tell from her towel, a nice hour glass figure. The other woman was a red head with hair falling to her shoulders. Her figure was similar to her friends but with a bit more definition. Both girls were blessed in the breast department. Large mellons pushing the limit of their towel's.

"Excuse me," I murmured, "but isn't this the men's spa?"

"The locker rooms are separated but the spa is co-ed," the brunette said.

"Do we make you nervous?" the red head giggled.

"No," I replied sitting up adjusting my towel so it would stay on, "I was just caught off guard."

I remained in the sauna with the two women. There was a little small talk between us and I learned their names. Lauren was the brunette and Aubrey was the red head. Soon the two started to talk between themselves and I began to relax once more. I got real comfortable and began to recline once more. Suddenly, my towel fell open and I had the girl's attention once again. There was awkward moment of silence and my body was frozen. Their eyes were fixed on my nude body. I was about to cover up and leave but the Lauren told me to stop.

"We don't mind if you go toweless," Lauren said, "We can join you if it makes you more comfortable."

Before I could speak Lauren stood up and let her towel drop to the floor. Her body was nice and tight. A clean shaved pussy and perfectly round tits with adorable brown nipples. Lauren flipped her hair back and squeezed her tits. My cock started to stiffen. Aubrey stood up and her towel fell. Her skin was paler than her friend but she matched Lauren when it came to breasts size. Aubrey's nipples were tiny and pink. They stood erect. Her pussy had a little red fuzz but I found that hot.

Instead of sitting back in their spots, they came over and sat on each side of me. Aubrey on the left, Lauren on the right. They sat rather close rubbing against my sides. Naturally my hands landed on each of their inner thighs. By dick now stood up at all eight inches. Aubrey to her tit and moved it towards my lips. I did not hesitate and grasped it with my lips. My hand went down two my cock and slowly stroked it. I closed my eyes as I toyed with Aubrey tit with my tongue. I felt Lauren take my free hand and moved it to her bare pussy. Instantly I found her clit and played with it with my thumb.

"You know your way around a woman," Lauren moan squeezing her tits.

I felt Lauren move to the floor and got between my thighs. She moved my hand from the cock and took it herself. She deficiently had experience with a cock. I slid to the floor releasing my grasp on Aubrey. Lauren made her way between my legs and did her best to fit my cock in her mouth. Aubrey stood up and stood over me and squatted instructing me to tease her with my tongue. I did was told and spread her lip and dove in tongue first. Aubrey moaned loudly, causing a great echo in the spa. My cock began to throb.

"He is good and lubed now Aub," Lauren said spanking her ass.

Aubrey got off my face and moved over getting in the doggy style position. Lauren got in front of her friend and spread her legs.

"You know what to do big boy," Aubrey said rubbing her ass.

I instantly got up to my knees and positioned myself behind Aubrey. Gently, I shoved my dick into her rear. Aubrey gave off a great moan. I could hear her fingering her friend. Then I started to slowly thrust picking up the pace. In seconds I was going as fast as I could. Aubrey was breathing heavily. I kept up the pace and my cock throbbed even harder.

"Come on me not in me," Aubrey panted.

"I'm cumming," Lauren interrupted.

That did it for me. I pulled out and shot a batch of cum all over Aubrey's back. I was not done yet. Round two shot off even farther and nearly missed Lauren. Suddenly I heard someone yell my name.

"Tim," someone screamed.

It came from the entrance. At the end of the steam room stood my ex Tara. This was not going to be a happy ending.
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