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Courthouse Liaisons

Courthouse Liaisons

Where are you taking me sir?
He noticed her immediately as he entered the Court. Her deep, blue eyes fixed upon him; he smiled friendlily and walked to the “Accused Bench”. He could feel her eyes on him as he faced the Magistrate. She could only but wonder why this kind, soft looking gentleman was in trouble with the Law? The Magistrate continued with her business in a rude fashion, yet he addressed the Court in a professional, polite way. She realized that he was definitely not the average criminal.

He was embarrassed when he left the bench and wished for the earth to swallow him up. Their eyes met again and he noticed her exquisite beauty. Tall and slender regal facial traits, perfect mouth and lips. The picture fittingly completed by lovely, honey-blond hair.

He moved to the outside of court where he waited for her, gently extending his hand and introducing himself as “Leonard”.

She accepted with, “Irene,” and smiled. “What brought you here?” she asks, assessing him once more in her thoughts. He is a large, tallish man in his mid-40s, salt and pepper hair in a neat, short style; strong built and obvious that he has spent many hours in a gym in spite of his slightly advanced age. And then his eyes! She had never seen anything like that blue eyes in her life, piercing right into her soul and deepest thoughts, yet soft and very, sensual.

“That’s a long story,” he interrupted her thoughts while a shy smile was playing around his mouth, looking her straight in the eyes. “I will confess my sins over coffee, if you are free.”

Irene composed herself, apologized for not accepting as she was about to testify in a matter and exchange contact particulars. She never contacted or approached any man first. However, this Leonard character is a story of a different color, she thought as she made the call.

During the weeks that followed, they communicated regularly and slowly. The casual, electronic friendship developed in to a deep fondness with lots of fun and laughter.

Spring arrived in all its glory. Time for growth and new life, Leonard thought as the phone rang in his ear.

“Morning, Irene speaking,” said the friendly voice.

 “Angel, it is Friday and I’m picking you up in 10 minutes, I’m on my way.” Is the short conversation with a very surprised Irene.

He arrived just as she exited the house and he gallantly opened the door. It was the first time since court that they met in person. The conversation was light and a little nervous. “Where are you taking me, Sir?”

He laughed and placed his hand on her thigh. “Oh, not too far my dear” came the reply. There was something about this man that fascinated, intrigued her, his calm, strong personality indicated his total control and he was fully aware of what was happening around him.

After a short drive they arrived at a huge house on the banks of a river. Irene was impressed as the security gate slided open and the scene unfolded to a well designed and maintained garden, mainly trees and other feature plants. The picture was completed with a collection of strategically placed statues. This is what paradise could look like. Nothing was left to chance; everything was reflecting attention to the smallest detail. Was this man true…was it be possible to still find a diamond amongst rocks in today’s day and age, she involuntarily thought?

It was clear that he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. They stopped and again he opened the door for her. they then walked to the front door through the foyer. The veranda overlooked the back garden, pool and river. She made herself at home in a leather chair as a young man, Angelo, served tall glasses of well chilled fruit juice. Leonard quietly took the seat next to Irene and intimately stroke her thigh. She felt sensual sensations rippling through her body as Leonard’s robust hand caresses her inner thigh.

They engage in conversation about numerous topics and enjoy each others company while soft, classical music played in the background. Leonard rosed up and took Irene’s hand, pulling her up. “Come, let me show you the house.” he said and walked her through the door to a passage to the right.

They entered a spacious bedroom with a view over the river and garden. A bunch of fresh red roses was specially placed on the table for her. Leonard stopped at the base of the bed, turned Irene to face, pulling her close to him. Her body shivered as their lips meet, and she allowed his hands to caress her body all over. His strong arms held her tenderly as he found the zipper at the top of her dress, slowly pulling it down. Her body stiffened, breathing changed to a slow, deeper pace. Irene willingly offered her lips to his hungry mouth and started to unbutton his shirt. Her dress fell to the floor and she unbuckled his jeans with trembling hands.

Leonard admired her well toned body, bronze tan and blond hair in the context of the soft, pastel colored lace underwear, exquisite does not even nearly describe the picture unfolding to his eyes as he took off her bra, revealing a pair of the most perfectly shaped breasts he ever laid eyes on. Not too large, in the c-cup range, firm with erect nipples. She was tall and slender, of athletic and proud posture from regular horseback riding, obvious a very well groomed lady.

Irene felt the blush on her face as Leonard continues to appreciate the beauty of her body. He realize that he was embarrassing her, taking her in his arms again.

He slowly positioned her at the base of the bed and continued to kiss her breasts passionately. Her hands played through his hair as they hungrily kiss each other, breathing audible. His fingers move down to her panties and with one hand removed it, revealing her clean shaved vulva.

Irene’s hands were all over his body, touching, exploring and finding his erect manhood. He softly pushed against her leg and she willingly spread her thighs allowing him to enjoy her swollen gift.

Leonard placed himself between her legs and started to lick the now, parted lips of her pussy. He found her clit and teased it with his tongue, sending ripples of pleasure through her. She grabbed his head, pushing it hard against her groin as she pulled her legs up high and utters a loud moan of pleasure.

Her body swirls with every touch as she surrenders to him. Leonard tasted the warm, musk honey oozing from her well of passion within. Slowly he slid two fingers into her soaking vagina, she arches her back and he pushed her thighs apart. With his other hand, he gently pushed down just below her belly button whilst curling his fingers inside and stimulated her g-spot. This is the most wonderful sensation any woman can experience, however very few lovers know how and where to find this magic button!

She felt how she departed to a wonder world of excitement and passion with every stroke of his fingers over the spot. Her body started to convulse with exotic pleasure as he felt the tide building to a point of no return. Leonard felt the lower abs tighten and with expertly timing, removed his fingers allowing Irene to orgasm loudly, squirting her fluid of adoration all over his hand.

She was panting as Leonard lied down beside her, holding her in his arms. He stroke her lips with the tip of his index finger and allowed her to rest, gently fondling her breasts. She turned her head, looked him in the eyes, a look that says “Darling, I’m content, fulfilled and so happy. Take me, I’m yours”. He smiled at her, kissed her fore head and playfully nibbled her ear. This immediately aroused her desire to make love to this eccentric man and placed herself on top of him in the cow girl position. This allowed for her to dictate the depth and rhythm of penetration with her breasts available to be caressed by both partners. She may also stimulate her clit and allow him to observe the action, taking excitement and pleasure to a total different level.

Irene took his hard penis and guide it to her pussy, parting the lips with two fingers of the other hand. Leonard watches in anticipation as the head of his penis touches the mouth of her vagina. Slowly she lowed herself onto his shaft, enjoying every inch he penetrates her passion-well. Every movement send messages of ecstasy through their bodies, wanting more, taking and giving more.

She rode him deep and hard, similarly to the action when she was riding her favorite horse and she felt his penis touched her inner soul. Her groans grew louder and more intense with every thrust of her hips. He felt her vagina tighten around, messaging his thick shaft and saw the juices flowing down her thighs.

The speed increased suddenly and it was clear that Irene was about to explode with passion and pleasure. She grabbed his hands firmly and pressed hard down on his penis whilst slightly pulling up her knees. This allowed him to penetrate her even deeper, sending her off to an orgasm to kill for. Again, a loud groan escapes from her throat as Irene experience wave upon wave of pleasure. He felt the concentric ripples flowing through her pelvic and vaginal walls. This excited him intensely as he ejaculated, squirting his warm seed deep inside her.

“Thank you, really a great tour of the property…”

Leonard smiled back at her, “Welcome Love, there are about eight more rooms to be viewed. Shall this serves as commitment to future excursions to familiarize yourself with the layout and design of the house?”

A moment of silence followed as their eyes held each other captive. “Only if you promise to personally deal with the guided tour.” she said smiling.

“Consider it arranged,” Leonard replied quickly.

After a period of cuddling and intimate touching, Leonard picked her up from the bed and carried her to the shower. Aromatic gel tingles on and refreshes her skin, sending pleasant shivers through her body.

Irene was intensely aware of her body’s reaction to his erotic touch when he gently washed and messages her breasts and erect nipples. Leonard moved down her abs and touched her pussy, spreading her legs wide open and pushed her against the wall. She could feel his hard cock, pressing against her buttocks and was amazed with his stamina. He already took her to at least three intense orgasms, yet was ready to make love again! She had a healthy appetite for sex and was definitely not complaining, how lucky can a girl get?

He spreader her firm buttocks and guided his cock to her pussy as she bend over slightly, allowing the angle to easily penetrate her cave. She grasped as he filled her to the brim and pushed hard backwards to enhance deep penetration. Leonard enjoyed looking at her pussy as he entered and retracted from her vulva. He loved the way her swollen lips hugged his penis as he took it out and penetrated her again. Irene felt her legs shaking as yet another orgasm build up. Her stud was giving it his all, pumping hard and vigorously. She screamed as the wall of passion gives way to another wave of absolute surrender and ecstasy when she felt his warm sperm again being pumped deep into her lap. He uttered a prehistoric groan, ejaculating inside her, pulling her hips even tighter against him, truly becoming one. Irene felt the cum running down her thighs and she knew deep inside, the satisfaction experienced today was and never will be the same again with any other man.

They finished in the bathroom and got dressed just in time as Angelo rang the bell, signaling that lunch was to be served. Leonard led her to the dining room, gallantly assisting her with the chair. Angelo opened and poured two glasses of a well chilled bottle of La Fleurette champagne. An appetizing meal consisting of steamed salmon with tartar, a variety of vegetables, fresh fruit and juice was served. This was rounded off and complimented with freshly brewed Brazilian coffee on the patio.

Fulfilled, they enjoyed the rest of the afternoon watching game while Leonard explained the importance of hunting in conservation and the concepts of sustained utilization. Irene’s mind was not completely with him. Leonard noticed and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She couldn't believe what she thought of this kind, passionate man when they first meet at court! It felt like a dream and if this was a dream, she didn't want to wake up, ever!

The sun was setting with a warm, deep red glow in the west as they drove away from the house on the banks of the river. And in her soul, Irene was confident that her search was over… she found her courthouse diamond and there ware still a number of rooms to explore. Dr Zhivago 25 January 2013

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Posted 16 Feb 2013 05:55
wel done... very good story line. loved it. mwah

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