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Our England Days Together

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First time meeting

Our England Days Together.

This story is dedicated to MT in Malta.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am meeting someone for the first time after knowing him for two and half years or so. I have just taken off from Berlin, Germany airport on my way to Heathrow airport in England. The plane takes off and I'm on my way. I am a little nervous with all this.

In flight, I listen to music on my NANO, times flies and before I know it the plane is landing. According to the email he sent me, I am to go down to baggage claim and he will be waiting for me. I see the sign 'baggage claim' with an arrow so I follow it. I get there and looking around, I see this man waiting.

I start walking closer, he is staring at me and he smiles. I say, "Hi Mark".

His hand grabs me and gives me the hottest, longest kiss I have ever had. I feel his tongue deep in my mouth, circling my tongue with his. My heart is pounding with just this.

The luggage starts coming in and we wait, just staring at each other 'til it comes around. He takes my suitcase and we head to a parking deck. He has rented a car and we head to the hotel. He is on the 5th floor of this hotel. We get in the elevator and get off and head to the door to the room just a little down the hall.

He opens the door with the room key, we step in and door closes right behind us. We put everything down, he grabs me and starts to undress me, one piece of clothing at a time. I do the same to him and we are quickly both naked, standing in front of each other.

He takes a finger, feeling the outline of my face, over my lips, down my neck and down to my breasts. His finger is circling the nipple which is rather hard and thick right now. He starts to twist it and pinch it. Then his mouth goes down on it and sucks and licks it, pulling it with his teeth. My body is just quivering with every touch.

He is now backing me up against the bed and he pushes me down on it. Telling me I am his slut for three days. Before we go any further, he pulls out his computer and a camera and I grab my camera too. We both said we would take photos and videos. Back on the bed, he orders me to lie on my back with my head over the side of the bed.

His cock is already hard and he is sliding it in and out of my mouth, fucking it. He is going so deep with it that I begin to gag. Oh god, I take it all in, feeling my face hit his balls which are so full and my one hand begins to rub them. He tells me he is about to cum and he wants me to swallow it all.

I feel this warm squirting sensation and I feel it drip down my throat. It feels so dense and thick and it does taste sweet. I sit up and there is some cum on my lips. He leans over and kisses me, cleaning my lips. We are both sitting on the bed, naked, talking about the last two plus years.

While talking, I start to rub his cock and he tells me that I will never ever forget these few days of sex. I kneel on the floor by the bed and in between his legs. I start to suck and lick his cock, giving him a blow job that I hope he never forgets. I start rubbing the balls as I go up and down on his cock. I am hearing the camera taking pictures as I do this.

That night when we go to bed, he brings his computer and he shows me this profile he made on a sex site. It is a couple’s one he created just for us. We both talked about this but I didn't think he would do it. So went in and went on live cam playing with each other and more people started to join us online.

I couldn't believe it was getting up to 50 people on. He grabs me and is in between my legs. He is teasing me with his thick and hard 8-inch cock. He is calling me his bitch and slut. I feel his cock slide in me, fucking me so deep and hard. People are talking to us as we do this, telling Mark what to do to me. I really love all this.

After logging off, we look at the pictures and couple videos he took. I am picky with pictures and such but they came out so well. Sitting in bed, we talk about what to do the next day. I fall asleep in his arms. I wake up during the night and feel this warm body all snuggled up against me. I touch his face, kiss his cheek and fall back asleep.

The light comes through the curtains in the morning, I wake up again and he is watching me sleep. I open my eyes and I hear him say, "Good morning sexy."

He asks if I am ready for day two of sex with him. I just smile and say yes all day. But we first start out with a little breakfast in the room.

I have never eaten butt naked before. After eating he grabs me and I am on my back again. His legs spread my legs and his fingers are rubbing my clit and my pussy. My body starts to quiver with his touch. I now am feeling his fingers slide in me going so deep and going fast.

I feel his cock teasing me and begin to slide in me. It is going slowly but deep. With every thrust, it is going deeper and harder. I am moaning with every thrust. I finally feel him hit my g-spot and after a few times of hitting it, I cum all over his cock and he squirts inside of me. Feeling it drip down my thighs.

Then we both take a shower and head out for a bit of the day. He takes me to this sex toy shop and we walk around I show him this toy I want to get for him, it is a prostate massager and he seems to like it. He finds this toy for me, he buys that one and I buy the one for him. We have some lunch and head back to the hotel.

It is now getting toward evening, we both get naked again and we turn the computer on and go online. Tonight we have more than double on than the night before. He tells me to kneel on all fours and he starts to lick my ass. Then feeling his tongue slide in me, oh god yes. Feel him stand behind me hands on my hips.

Then start to feel his cock tease my ass and start to slide ever so slowly into me. At first, just the head going in and out then going in further with each thrust. Cock is all the way in me and again I'm moaning and screaming. The computer goes off and he starts over again, this time taking pictures and videos. But I am feeling this time more at ease with it.

The pictures and videos came out well again. And this time he falls asleep in my lap and I love every minute of it. Touching him on the face as he sleeps wondering, why me he chose to meet up with in England. But I know I feel for the both of us this is a dream come true.

Again the next day all we do is stay in bed and have sex. Tonight is our last night together and we go online one more time but first we put pictures and videos on the profile page. Then go back on live cam and have one more fun night. Tonight is just giving him a blow job and I hope it's the best he has ever had. He again is taking pictures and another video.

We shut everything down computer wise and go through tonight's pictures and video and add them to our profile. We lie back, holding each other. I grab something I brought him and give it to him. This is a little something to remember our time together. A simple band with 'Linda' engraved on it and he gives me a heart key chain with 'Mark' engraved on it.

I give him a kiss he will never forget, we turn out the light and fall asleep. I wake up during the night, turning over to find him not there. I see him on the deck of the room with a blanket wrapped around him. I walk up to him, wrap up with him in there, watching the star-lit sky and the city lights.

It's cold, so we both go back to bed and he makes love to me one more time and tonight it is the best by far. He is fucking every part of my body mouth, pussy and ass. Both of us fall asleep again, 'til the morning sunlight. He fulfills one more dream of mine with shower sex.

I am feeling the hot water splash down on us. He is lifting my arms above my head as he fucks me one last time. His cock is in me so deep and he's kissing me so hard. We dry each other off and slowly get dressed then finish packing and go down to the car. We drive back to the airport and he drops me off at the terminal.

Getting out of the car I take my suit cases, stand in front of him and look at him in the eyes. Telling him I want to thank him but won't, just saying it was the best three days of my life. Next time how about Arizona? I give him the biggest hug and lingering kiss, then I walk away to check in and turn around and wave.

I board the plane and head home. I do fall asleep and the next day I am home. That night I get on my computer to find him on and say that I made it home and miss him already. He goes to work and I check our profile on the sex site and read all the wonderful comments on our pictures and videos. I already want to go back.
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Posted 07 Dec 2013 18:21
A beautiful story, full of passion. This was hot! 5
Posted 06 Aug 2013 21:59
wow just so hot
Posted 23 Oct 2012 12:08
good story
Posted 10 Sep 2012 06:37
Such a passionate present; later -- part 2, bedroom theater; then, more of what happened before...
Posted 26 Aug 2012 19:29
Posted 26 Aug 2012 10:49
Wonderful story. You spin a good yarn. I wish we could have all seen you on the video site. It would have been fun to watch and hear the comments and instructions. The pictures would have been good to see.
Keep up the good things.
Posted 26 Aug 2012 06:32
Hot story. 5

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