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Tales from Lusty Pines Retirement Home

Mr Denton's birthday present
She smiles softly to herself as she smells the cigarette smoke. The old man knows he is not suppose to smoke in his room, but he really doesn't care. That is what she always liked about him; the fact that he doesn't care about any rules.

Sixty six years old, but still a rebel. Like he always says: What can they possibly do to me?

"Mr Denton, you know you are not suppose to smoke in you room." she says as she opens the door and see him smoking by the window. "It is your birthday today, but still you won't listen..."

She sees how the old man's face lights up when he sees her. She knows that he likes her a lot and she also came to like him the past six months that she has been working here.

"Jackie!" he exclaims. "I didn't know you were on duty. Do you know how old I am today? Sixty six years old. Add another six and I am the devil himself." he laughs.

"Happy birthday, old man. I hope you will start acting like an adult now that you have reached this great age..." she laughs as she takes his hand and gives him a light kiss on the mouth.

The old man immediately let his hands wander over her breasts through the material of her white uniform.

"MR DENTON" she exclaims again. "You know that is a no-no..."

"Ah, come on. It is my birthday. Give an old man his wish. Maybe my last wish. You know you are the most beautiful nurse around here..."

She don't know why, but a wicked thought suddenly enters her mind. As the thought explodes through her mind she feel how she start creaming her panties. The thought of the old man feeling her up suddenly makes her hot all over. Why not, who will know?

"I will let you have a look, just because it is your birthday. This is a one time thing and will never happen again."

She enjoys the way that the old man's eyes lit up. When was the last time such an old man would have had sex and seeing her twenty year old boobs must be the highlight of his year. Why not give the nice old man some pleasure? It will cost her nothing, she thinks to herself.

She slowly unbuttons the top of her uniform as Mr Denton sits done on the old wicker chair that he keeps next to his bed, looking up at the strip-tease she is about to unleash upon him.

She opens the top of her uniform and her lacy bra is exposed. She unclips it in front and let the two sides fall away, revealing her nice, middle sized breasts. Perfectly round and perky with each one neatly topped off with a light brown nipple lying in the areola. Soft and firm at the same time, they are very sensitive and she knows that even the slightest attention given to her breasts makes her as horny as hell.

She holds the uniform top open and bends down so that Mr Denton can have a good look. It gives her satisfaction to see the pure lust filling his soft eyes. She quickly moves out of reach as she sees the old man's hand reaches out to touch her.

"No, touchy, only looky..." she teases him.

"Aw, what's the use of only looking. Let me just lightly touch it, as a birthday present..." he says as his soft eyes smiles with her.

Why the hell not, she thinks to herself. It won't do any harm and it is so extremely wicked. She only closed the door and never locked it, which means that anybody can enter that room at any time. This excites her even more. The whole idea is so wrong, so taboo, and this is what makes it even more exciting for her, making the juices ooze through the sensitive channels of her vagina, making her more wet.

She feels the old man's gnarly hands gently moving over the sensitive and very soft flesh of her boobies. He gently squeezes it, taking his time with each one, before lightly moving his finger over the most sensitive flesh of her nipples. Blood rushes towards her breasts making her nipples little hard marbles. She feels the old man pulling her closer to him, while she still holds the uniform open. She can't stop herself. She knows she will soon reach an edge where she won't want to stop this at all.

Then she feels the soft, wet warmness of his mouth locking over her one nipple and he starts to suck, while at the same time moving his tongue over the sensitive nipple.

"God, Mr Denton...someone will catch us...oh, that feels so good...yes, oh god...oh god...suck that tittie...oh god..."

The old man just sucks and licks her breasts, waking up the fires of hot sexual excitement inside her.

"Wow,'ve got great titties..." the old man says as he let go of her one breast for a second. He wets the other nipple with his whirling tongue and then he blows over it. His hot breath make electric like pleasure move through her whole body, waking up her whole sexual system. Then he let his tongue slitter over her nipples and areolas again, all over the hot, sensitive flesh of her boobs.

She is really surprised in how the old man knows exactly what to do to get her sexually excited, unlike the fumbling, over eager young men she usually goes out with. He is slow and methodical. Everything he does is like someone who has all the time in the world. Like someone who exist solely to give her sexual pleasure. And this is what she adores, what makes her vagina gush with pre-sexual juices.

He pulls her young body even closer to him and then she feels his hand moving in under the hem of her uniform.

"Mr Denton, we are really going to far...we must stop now..." she says as she tries to stop him. She can feel how the lusty old man doesn't even take note of her protestations. She also feels how her own body doesn't do too much to stop the old man.

His mouth is still sucking on her boobs, while his hand is exploring her panty. She feels his soft hands moving all over the soft cotton material. Then it brushes over the front and moves under in between the legs where the material covers her pussy. She knows the old man must feel the moist heat coming from it by now, because she is already completely wet and ready for it. Her legs automatically opens up a bit to give his pleasure giving hand full freedom, to touch her young pussy as much as it wants.

"Oh, god, Mr should really stop now...I like it a lot, but we MUST stop..." Her hands moves strongly through the old man's white hair now and she feels his finger gently starts to rub her pussy right through the material. She feels how her panty becomes wet with her own pussy juices as the old man's finger wakes up even more pleasure in her most secret place.

His hand is still feeling her sex organ through the thin material, he didn't even touch her pussy yet, but already there is an unquenchable fire burning in her lusty young body. Her hips moves up and down to meet the strength of his hand on her panty covered vagina.

Then she gets off him.

She kneels down in front of the old man. She knows that she really wants to do it for him. She finds the idea of sucking the cock of a sixty six year old man suddenly exciting. It is so weird, so something that one doesn't do, god.

She pulls his zipper down and takes the semi-limp cock out. Lightly kneading it with her small soft hands until she feels life pumping into it. It grows in size as it fills out to its full capacity. She would never have guessed that his nice old man, with the soft eyes, had such an enormously huge cock.

"When last did you use this?" she smiles up at the old man, who just smiles mysteriously.

The wet, musky smell of his excited cock excites her even more.

His hands lightly move through her hair as she locks her mouth over the huge swollenness of his enormous cockhead. As the wetness of her mouth wakes up pleasure in the old penis she feels how his hips strongly starts to move up and down, fucking his penis in and out of her mouth. She tries to take it all the way in, but it is too huge.

" is so good...oh, my child...fuck me with that mouth of yours...Oh god...fuck me with your mouth."

She moves her mouth up and down the swollen dick, lightly blowing air over the cockhead and swirling her tongue over its smooth flesh, like he did with her nipples. Then moving her mouth all the way down, wetting the shaft with her spit. She sucks the balls deeply into her mouth and make her tongue dance over it, before releasing it again. And then licking with her tongue upwards to the cockhead again. She don't want to give too much attention to his balls, because she really don't want the old man to cum yet. She knows that once he cummed he will be useless and she still needed that huge cock.

She needs it deep inside her. She was unstoppable horny now.

Even if the whole Lusty Pines staff walk in by that unlocked door now, she wouldn't stop.

Once that huge pink cock is inside her, she is going to scream out with pleasure really not caring who hears or what they think.

She takes her panty completely off and kicks it off her ankles. Then she hikes her uniform up around her hips .

She stands with her legs wide open over Mr Denton and then she positions her dripping wet cunt over the old man's upstanding cock. A pussy and a cock has been made for each other and there are no rules in using it. And old man has as much right to a young pussy as a young cock.

Then she sits down letting her hot pussy slide down all the way, taking the huge upstanding cock into its soft folds.

The cock feels so intense and thick inside her. It rubs all over the sensitive walls of her ever stretching vagina. With each movement she makes, she tries to take that pleasure giving rod deeper into her. She really wants it all the way inside her.

She kisses him intensely on the mouth as he moves his hips up and down into her, while she at the same time moves her hips up and down on his, the two of them moving in perfect unison.


Never in her life did she get it so good. She would never have guessed that the old man had all this energy. God, he is so good and he does everything just right, god...she will fuck him everyday from now on. She never had a man her age who fucked her this good.

She kiss his mouth and moves her hands through his hair as more and more hot electric like pleasure eats into her system like sweet acid. The old wicker chair creaks unceasingly under them while the old man breaths loud and hard and he push ever deeper and deeper up into her. She notes that his eyes is closed with pure pleasure. She wants to give this old man, who could have been her grandfather, all the pleasure she can.

Then her own orgasms start in a continues stream, making her pussy tighten even more over the huge cock inside her.

She feels her pussy gushing out clear juices as the climaxes washes over her one after the other. There is just no stopping to it. She holds onto the old man's head, bringing his mouth back to her breasts.

"I'm cumming...oh god, I'm cumming...oh god, oh god, oh god... old man, you are making me cum...oh god, oh god...oh god... "

As she desperately moves her wide hips up and down on the old man's up and down moving cock, a thought suddenly enters her mind.

What if she gets pregnant from this old man. Who will care for the child? And does she really want her child to have such an old father, someone who could be his great grandfather?

"NO...NO...DON'T CUM IN ME...Don't cum in meee..." she cries out as the pleasure still eats into her brain. “don't...noo...” She knows she must get up from him, but her body won't allow her to.

She feels the old man holding tightly onto her body, pushing his pleasure giving penis deeper and deeper into her pussy. She can even feel the tip touching her womb opening.

No, no, no, no, no...

He hold tightly onto her as she tries to get off him. Then she feels him starting to hump and she knows this is it.

The next moment she feels streams and streams of extra hot cum spilling into her womb. She feels the strong stream exploding from the old cock inside her, bathing her whole womb with white hot sperm. The feel of the thick cum inside her makes her cum all over again, as she just locks her pussy deeper over the old man's exploding cock keeping him deep inside her.

As his hot cum fills her every vaginal crevice, she knows that this is exactly where she wants the old man to be. Deep inside her. With his old cock shooting its sperm into her womb.

His breathing starts to come back to normal as he still holds his cock deep in her. Then she feels how it goes limp and slides out of her.

She lays an enormous kiss on the old man and gets off him, still with all his seed inside her. She quickly pulls her panty back on.

"That was the greatest birthday present ever..." he smiles with her, his breathing back to normal.

She quickly buttons her uniform and looks in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect and that no one will notice what happened.

"I'll see you later, Mr Denton..." she says as she gives her old lover a lingering kiss on the mouth.

Just as she leaves the room, his granddaughter enters the room. She sees the young girl giving her a strange up and down look.

Jackie just smiles as she walks down the long hallway with the many doors feeling the old man's thick warm sperm inside her vagina...

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