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The Deal

Letter to wife
The Deal 

 I am so in love with her, she is so beautiful to me. she can cook and she keeps the house clean. and the flavor of her cunt is to die for.

I Had never tasted anything so wonderful in my life. And when I sucked on her clit she would pull my hair and fuck my face in earnest, God I love her.

She sucked my cock better then any of the young girls or older women I had been with and when my balls would tighten up and my cock began to twitch she would take it all the way to my balls and swallow until there was not a drop left, she would suck me dry.

She loves to work in the yard and raises a beautiful garden. One time we sat in the garden with a salt shaker eating tomatoes. I picked a nice cucumber and looked into her eyes and softly said : "sweetheart, I want to lick your clit and fuck you with this cucumber",

Half an hour later we were on the bed with her legs wide open, she spread her pussy lips open with her fingers for me and played with her clit while I slowly fucked her with the cucumber, I loved the way it stretched her cunt wide. "That feels so good!" she said as she arched her back then slowly pushed it in deeper. Then she asked me to take my pants off so she could suck my peter.

I got undressed and climbed on top of her , She sucked my cock while I licked her clit and fucked her with a fresh off the vine cucumber. It was only a short time until we were both cumming, After we caught our breath, we laughed and just lay there smiling at each other.

After thirty years, She is still the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world to me, with her long hair and, big tits and an ass that still turns heads. I kind of like it when I catch some guy turning his head to check out her ass.

She was better then the most perfect woman I could have ever dreamed up, I loved her and wanted only to spend my every minute with her.

I loved to build her water fountains and buy her things, and I loved to fix all the little things that she was not happy with.

We had two beautiful children, life was good!

There was a guy I worked with who I had known for years, He was a friend of my brother.

One day I came home from work early, walked into the bedroom and found my sweetheart on the bed with her dress pulled up around her waist, legs spread wide, She had two fingers in her cunt with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

That sight is burnt into my brain forever, I have relived it a thousand times. It was so fucking hot to see her like that!.

But now I know it was not me she was dreaming of. It was him. All it took was for him to call her on the phone and tell her that she had a beautiful ass and how he was sure she had beautiful cunt too, he told her how he wanted to see her cunt.

The next day he called her again and told her how much he wanted to fuck her, He told her he would fuck her harder then she had ever been fucked, If only she would meet him.

She could not get him out of her head, the way he told her he would fuck her so hard if she would meet him. His words rolled thru her head a hundred times that day.

God he made her so fucking horny, Her pussy was so wet she could not wait to meet him, she loved the phone calls, she loved the way he told her the things he wanted to do to her.

They made a plan to meet, She invited her friend Donna to go out for a drink but it was only a smoke screen.

Still she was not sure she would go thru with it, but after a few drinks and him whispering in her ear telling her how fucking hot she was, she found her cunt wet and aching to feel his big cock pounding hard and deep into her.

And the thought of how good his cum must taste, Wondering how big he was and if she would be able to take his whole cock down her throat. She so wanted to taste his cum.

She came home at four o:clock in the morning, climbed into bed with me, apologized for being so late and said that she had had a good time with her friend Donna and had run into some of the guys I worked with. She said "I was in good hands."

I could smell his after shave on her and as I kissed her I could taste the musky smell of his cock on her breath, Not wanting to believe she had fucked another man, I slipped my hand between her legs and slowly slid my finger into her wet pussy, she said she was happy that I wanted to make love and opened her legs for me, as I slid down to lick her pussy, The smell of sweaty cock was there too. Still I could not make myself accept what she had done.

I licked her cunt and sucked her clit, then she said "give me some peter" as I pushed my throbbing cock into her I could feel that she was tight and swollen from the hard fucking she had received not long before. It broke my heart and I went limp.

This guy had married just out of high school and tried to fuck every girl he could. His wife was a friend of mine in school, and after she caught him with her sister she divorced him.

One nite at a party I ran into her, we were both drinking and we ended up in a hotel room, we fucked the nite away and went out a couple of times after that.

But I broke it off because I didn't feel right about doing that to my friend.

Some how he found out we had been seeing each other and asked me if I was fucking her. I told him no! and that we were just friends and assured him that she was in good hands.

I think she told him the truth and he made it a point to get even with me.

The fact that they were divorced made no difference to him. He would get even, and he did a couple of years later. He fucked the love of my life and he fucked her good. I am sure they fucked more then once. He came to see her while I was at work. They fucked in our house and in our bed I am sure.

My wife ended up pregnant and went into a state of depression that I could not fix. Did he dump her or did she dump him? I don't think I want to know!

She did not want the baby because she was not sure if I was the father or it it was him.

The little girl was born and and twenty eight years later she still is the most beautiful girl in the world to me.

As for my wife, well, she never said she was sorry. All she said was "just don't tell the kids"

I was angry and hurt. It is not that she wanted to fuck someone else. I was hurt because she lied to me.  I told to her that one day I may forgive her, but I would never ever as long as I lived ,would I ever forget it!.

I am not a religious person but she is Catholic. She broke the promise she made to me, witnessed by her family and friends. She broke the laws of her god! 

So sweetheart did you not think I would ever put all this together? I did not have to because the guy who you were fucking made it a point to tell everyone he could how he fucked you, He told my friends and he told all the guys I worked with.

Sweetheart,Your bible says you are in deep shit!

So here is the deal!, I want a divorce!, and if the kids ask me why, I will not lie to them.

If you want me to keep your dirty little secret then you agree to fuck me any time any place I want for the rest of my life.

The one fact I can not change is that I love you with all my heart and still think you are the most beautiful and sexy woman I know, but I will not live this sexless life any more.
I will keep your dirty little secret and take it to the grave with me. But only if you change your ways and offer me your sweet cunt any time any place I want from now on.

If I ask you to wear a dress without panties then fucking do it, If I rub your ass in the kitchen that means I want your pussy so drop what ever the fuck your doing and fuck me.

If I tell you that my balls hurt, then ask what you may do to to help fix the problem.

I like for you to wake me up when I'm sleeping, wake me up and milk every last drop of cum from my balls and then set on my face and let me eat your sweet juicy cunt, Nothing tastes better to me!.

If I want to go to the store and have you pick out a cucumber for me to play with then pick out a big one. I like to see your cunt stretched wide. this could be fun, and who knows, we may laugh and and have a great evening.

This change could be fun for both of us, It could bring us closer and it would make me want to make you happy and do a hell of a lot more for you. I will build you a new house!.

I will not do anything that would hurt you so quit being so fucking frigid all the time.

The kids are on there own and I am still hanging with you after all the bull shit and heart breaks.

 I am not the same as you, my balls hurt if I go more then a day without cumming, I masturbate at least once a day and sometimes more. from now on, you take care of this for me and I will do a lot more for you.

 If I ask you to go take a shower, that means I want to eat your pussy and I want you to stop what ever the fuck your doing, like  cleaning the carpet or mopping the kitchen and go wash yourself and wash good, pull your pussy lips apart and wash the folds, and stick your finger up your ass and wash it. I may want to lick your ass hole.

 I want you to put something darker on the windows in the living room, you worry someone may see you naked and I would like to fuck some where besides the bed room.

 I want to watch you masturbate and I want to see you fuck yourself with a cucumber or dildo, play with your clit and make yourself cum. that is beautiful to me! it makes me happy, and it makes me love you more!

 If I ask you to wear a dress, that means go put on a fucking dress and don't wear any panties. offer your pussy. Bend over, spread your legs and stick your ass up, show me that beautiful cunt, Offer it.

 Read some erotica, Lushstories is a great place to start, try to learn some new tricks. Your fucking boring and you are like living with a nun!. your not a nun, you are my wife. Your my slut wife. I married you because you liked to fuck and you were very good at it. We may be getting older but we are not fucking dead!

 Some things I want you to read about at lushstories are light bondage and fisting. also I will want to do some role playing.

 I want you to fuck me and tell me not to cum in you and tell me that if I cum in you I will have to suck the cum from your pussy and lick you clean, and then after you make me cum, sit on my face. I will like it. and you may too!

 Quickies are important! I may not have time everyday to fuck you proper, but I will need to cum at least once a day. So you can expect to hand over a blow job or just bend over and let me fuck you with no foreplay. Just part of the deal!

 We will be buying some new toys on the Internet, so spend some time looking at what you think you may like. I will make the final decision.

 And last but not least, I may bring a friend home from time to time. You may have to suck there cock or suck my cock while they work on your pussy. If I bring home a woman you may have to lick my balls while I fuck her and you may be told to eat her cum filled pussy when I am finished. 

Fuck or divorce? Your call sweetheart!

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