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The Last Client

A house call to remember.
Leroy pulled into the driveway and parked the van. He checked the address again to make sure he was at the right place. Walking to the back of the van he took out the portable table and a robe. He then walked to the door and rang the doorbell.

"Come in it's unlocked."

Leroy opened the door, carrying his table and the robe. He quickly saw his client in front of him sitting in a wheelchair. "Hi, I am Leroy," he said as he extended his hand to her. He couldn't help but notice her sparkling green eyes as she shook his hand. Her long brown hair looked lovely against her red blouse that was partially unbuttoned, allowing Leroy a nice view of her ample bosom. Leroy reminded himself that he must remain professional.

"I am Patti," she said as she took his hand. The feel of his strong hand on hers sent a slight shiver through her. Looking up at him she saw a man in his fifties with greying brown hair. He was much taller than her, about 6'2" she thought, in pretty good shape for his age. Patti noticed his eyes gazing at her breasts . She inwardly giggled to herself, it had been so long since a man had looked at her that way. So many people saw her limitations and not her capabilities. It was so frustrating at times.

"Have you ever had a professional massage before Patti?" Leroy asked as he let go of her hand.

Patti smiled up at him and answered,"No I have not. I saw your add in the paper and thought I would see if you could relieve the tension in the muscles of my upper body. I have to use them more than most people do." Patti's eyes looked at Leroy's hands and she imagined them working on her.

"Yes Patti, I will be able to do that for you. Let me set up my table and then we will get started."

As Leroy was setting up his table Patti couldn't help but admire his muscular body. Yes he is in very good shape for an older man, she thought to herself. Leroy placed the robe on the table and turned to look at Patti." Let me help you to get on the table and then I will go into the other room as you are undressing," he said as he smiled at her.

"Put your hands on my hips and lift me."

As Leroy placed his hands on Patti's hips she slid her hands behind his neck and held on. Leroy lifted her up easily and sat her on the table. He caught a glimmer in her eye and smiled at her, "Please undress and lay on your stomach, covering yourself with the robe as I go into another room."

"I will call for you when I am ready."

Leroy walked down the hall and waited for her call. His mind was racing as he envisioned her undressing. It was a struggle for him to keep a professional attitude. After a few minutes he heard Patti's voice calling him back into the room. Patti was laying on her stomach, her long brown hair laying halfway down her bare back. The robe was covering her legs and part of her nice ass. Leroy bit his lip as he moved beside her.

"Are you ready to feel the tension being released Patti?"

"Mmmm. Yes I am."

Leroy placed his strong hands on her shoulders and started to work the muscles. His fingers pressing on the top of her shoulders and his thumbs working the shoulder blade. A slight moan escaped from Patti's lips. Leroy moved his hands lower, making sure that he hit every inch of her back. Patti felt his fingers pressing into her tight muscles, the tension easing with each strong push. She allowed herself to imagine these strong hands caressing her, making her feel like she had not felt in a long time.

"Mmmmm. That feels so good."

"Do you feel your muscles relaxing Patti?"

"Yes I do. You have magical hands."

Leroy kept working his hands down her back, making sure to put pressure on her spine as he went. He could hear her moans each time he felt a knot in the muscle and was able to work it out. As he approached her lower back his eyes focused on her partially uncovered ass. His hands moved lower, working the extreme lower back, her moans became louder.

"You seem to be enjoying this Patti."

"Very much, please don't stop."

Leroy's thumbs pressed on the very bottom of her spine as his palms pressed on the top of her ass. The robe slid down some, exposing more of her cheeks. Patti's moans told Leroy that she didn't mind his palms on her ass and he kept working her spine. Leroy finished working Patti's lower back and took his hands off her.

"I think I have taken care of your tension Patti."

"That was so good. Could you keep working my extreme lower back please?"

"Yes, I can if you want me to."

Patti lifted her head and smiled at him. "Yes, I would like more," she said. Leroy smiled back at her with a twinkle in his eye. As Patti had raised her head up he had caught a slight glimpse of her breasts. His hands went back to working on her lower back. This time he allowed his palms to push farther onto her ass cheeks. The robe slid down farther ,exposing all her ass and the top of her thigh. Leroy worked his hands even lower, massaging her cheeks. His eyes widened as Patti moved her legs apart.

"Oh yes, that feels so good."

Leroy no longer tried to control his desires. Patti's moans told him what he wanted to know. He massaged her nice ass and then moved his hands to her thighs. He was surprised to feel some muscle tone as he massaged her thighs. His fingers worked her inner thighs as Patti's moans became louder. Feeling bold Leroy moved his hand up her inner thigh and began rubbing her now wet pussy. Patti shifted her weight on the table, allowing Leroy better access to her. Leroy slid a finger into her very wet pussy and rubbed her from within.

"Please take me to my bed."

Leroy helped her to roll over and then slid his arms under her. Patti placed her arms around his neck as Leroy lifted her up. "Down the hall, first door on the left," Patti said almost breathlessly. Leroy smiled down at her as he carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the bed. The passion in Patti's eyes spurred Leroy on as he quickly undressed, leaving his clothes in a pile beside the bed. He moved to lay beside her and started kissing her lips. Leroy's hand slid to her breasts as the tip of his tongue traced her lips. Patti moaned into his mouth as she felt his palm circling her nipple.

Leroy quickly kissed down her neck as his hand slid down her stomach. His lips found her nipples and he kissed and licked them as his hand gently pressed her thighs apart. Patti opened her legs, wanting to feel his hand pleasuring her. Leroy hungrily sucked on her breasts as he slid two fingers in her pussy. Patti arched her back and moaned as Leroy slid his fingers in and out of her. His mouth on her breast was driving her wild.

"Mmmm. So good."

Leroy kissed his way down her stomach and then kissed her inner thigh. He gently bit her at the spot that her inner thigh met her body. Soon he was licking her slit, teasing her with his tongue. Patti moaned as she felt his tongue dive into her wet pussy. Leroy lapped at her juices, tasting her sweet nectar, as he rubbed her clit. Patti's hips started moving, grinding her pussy on his face. Leroy swung his leg over her, his cock now just above Patti's face. Patti raised her head so that she could get her lips around his cockhead and started sucking him.

"Yes, suck me ."

Leroy gently bit her pussy lips, tugging on them with his teeth. His face was now wet from her juices as he continued to eat her sweet pussy. His hips started moving as he felt Patti's hot mouth on his cock. Patti grabbed his ass with her hands as Leroy started to pump his cock into her mouth. The creak of the bed combined with their moans as they pleasured each other. A light slap added to the noise as Patti gently slapped Leroy on the ass. Patti felt her juices running off her thigh as Leroy continued his assault on her pussy. With each thrust of Leroy's hips Patti's head was pressed onto the bed.

"I can't hold back," Leroy moaned as his cock exploded in Patti's mouth. At the same moment a shiver went through her body as she came for him. Her thighs clenched around his head as her juices flowed into his mouth. Patti swallowed as mush of his hot cum as she could, but some trickled out of her mouth. Leroy sucked on her pussy, getting as much of her nectar as he could.

Leroy moved to lay beside her, kissing her lips, allowing them to share each other. He slid his arm around her and cuddled her tight. "You were wonderful," he said as he smiled at her.

"You made me feel so alive," she replied with a satisfied smile. Leroy stroked her hair as he kissed her cheek. They held each other for awhile as they told each other about themselves. Patti told him how frustrating it was to have people see her limitations and not her abilities.

"I think you are a very attractive lady and I know that you are a fantastic lover."

"That is very kind of you to say. You made me feel wonderful today."

"You are wonderful."

Patti smiled at Leroy and leaned to nibble on his earlobe." Would you take a shower with me?" she whispered in his ear. Leroy answered her by slipping off the bed and taking her in his arms. Patti slid her arms around his neck as he lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom . As he opened the shower door he saw the bench and gently sat her down on it. Patti turned on the water and grabbed the soap. Soon her hands were busy soaping Leroy's legs. Leroy took the soap from her and lathered her shoulders, then he sat beside her and ran his soapy hands across her breasts.

"I love the feel of your soapy hands on me Leroy."

Patti's hand began to rub Leroy's cock and he felt it starting to revive. He continued soaping Patti, now running his hands over her thighs. Patti moaned as his fingers brushed over her pussy, she wanted more. Leroy saw the lust building in her eyes as he rubbed her clit.

"How is the best way Patti?"

"Help me to straddle you and I will ride you."

Leroy gently grabbed her hips and helped her swing her leg over him. Patti kissed him deeply as he lifted her and slowly lowered her onto his once again hard cock. He saw her eyes widen as his cock slowly slid in her needy pussy. Kissing her passionately, Leroy lifted her up and lowered her back down on his cock. Patti used her legs a bit to help him as they got into a rhythm. Patti thrust her hips, grinding her pussy on his cock as he bounced her up and down.

"You are so fucking good Patti!"

"Yes, yes fuck me."

The water was running between there bodies and making a squishing sound as it was forced from between them. Both of them were panting as they fucked wildly. Patti's breasts bounced with each up and down movement of their passionate love making. Leroy felt his cock getting close to exploding. He quickly stood up, driving his cock deep into Patti's pussy. She moaned loudly as he bounced her up and down on his cock, his grunts combining with the squishing of the water.

"I'm going to cum," he yelled as his cock exploded in her. Patti felt his cock swell and then felt the warmth of his seed filling her. She kissed him passionately as he unloaded his cum deep in her pussy. Leroy held her there for a few minutes as the water ran over their worn out bodies. Then he lifted her off his cock and gently sat her on the bench. Lovingly they went back to washing each other. Patti turned the water off and Leroy opened the shower door. He reached out and got a towel and started drying Patti. After he had finished Patti did the same for him.

"Back to your bed young lady?"

"Yes, please."

Leroy slid his arms around her and tenderly lifted her up. Patti once again wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her back to the bed. Leroy laid her on the bed and kissed her again. "Please stay with me tonight," she said to him." I will fix you bacon and eggs for breakfast."

"Now that is an offer that I can't refuse," Leroy answered as he slid under the covers with Patti. He snuggled up close to her and held her tight as they drifted off to sleep.

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Posted 07 Feb 2014 09:10
You hit another one out of the park.
Posted 19 Aug 2013 19:14
Beautifully written story!! Love how sweet and sensual it is!!! Wonderful job!

Posted 20 Jul 2013 06:09
Damn fine job hun.
Posted 22 May 2013 16:47
Well written my man, you showed lust, passion, and kindness has no borders between a man and woman. Great job Jethro.
Posted 22 May 2013 06:31
Beautifully tender, but still hot and sexy. Wonderful job.
Posted 20 May 2013 17:11
What a warm heartfelt story. Very exciting and yet very sweet. Thank you for this perspective...
Posted 18 May 2013 06:13
Another excellent story.....
Posted 15 May 2013 22:26
A story very well written, once again! Thanks for the enjoyable read!
Posted 14 May 2013 10:35
Excellent as always, Jethro. You captured the essence of every situation perfectly. Truly enjoyed this one. Definitely a 5.
Posted 14 May 2013 05:16
very well written story thumbs up
Posted 14 May 2013 00:43
Nice work, sweetie. Well written.
Posted 13 May 2013 20:54
Beautifully done

Posted 13 May 2013 19:42
I wish "massage" was a separate genre of stories. You have done well with this. And, as other commenters have suggested, you also did a good service to remind us that those with disabilities crave attention also. "5"+++ with this.

Rick (passing through and glad I stopped to read this!)

Posted 13 May 2013 19:29
Awesome job as always, Jethro. I really enjoyed this story. It was sweet, and sizzling at mixed in one. I can't wait to read more.
Posted 13 May 2013 19:29
Delicious story.... and gentle regarding her physical disability... Everyone should read this story to increase everyone's awareness of needs that we all have... to be loved, desired, satisfied... 5
Posted 13 May 2013 19:28
quite excitingquite the details..awesome...a 5 headed your way

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