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The Pool Sitter, Part 1

Alyssa greets me after a long business trip
It had been a long trip. I came home in the early afternoon, exhausted from book signings and readings, and thinking only of a nap, and then some sun by my pool. The house looked empty when I came in, but neat. I checked the food bowl for my cats Brutus and Bruiser and smiled. Alyssa had kept them well fed.

Alyssa was the daughter of my neighbors, now 21 and headed for her last year of college. After my divorce, I needed someone to care for the house when I took my trips, and Alyssa was a perfect choice. She was quiet, demure, and responsible.

She was also incredibly cute. Standing no more than five foot two, she was a pert blonde with shoulder length hair, 32b breasts, and a shy smile that she seemed to have no idea melted men everywhere. She was studious, but also loved to tease me about the wild parties she would throw when I was gone.

“Just invite me to one,” I would say, “and bring one of your friends, too.” The idea always made me smile, the pipe dream of a man twice her age.

I almost thought dreams were coming true, though, when I looked out my kitchen window and saw her sunning herself by my pool. I grasped the sink as I watched her shift her legs idly as she read. She was no more than 10 feet away, on her back and facing away from me in an orange bikini that framed her soft breasts in small triangular cups. I looked down the length of her firm, slender body, imagining my fingertips brushing her bare skin as I kissed her neck. Finally I pushed myself back from the sink and walked to the sliding glass door, all the while feeling a quivering in my legs.

“I hope that is something of mine you are reading,” I said as I shut the door behind me.

“Well hey there,” said Alyssa, standing up as she set her magazine on a table. Her bikini sculpted her petite and pert, with ties on her hips I could only imagine gently pulling loose. “I hope you don't mind me using your pool. It's just that it's so peaceful here.”

“Usually it is too peaceful, I’m glad someone else gets to use it,” I said feeling my smile was pasted on.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“God no. I mean, please stay. Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Sure. But if you want me to stay, then you have to join me out here.” Alyssa sat down in the lounge chair. She leaned over to close her magazine and I caught a glimpse of bare breast, enough to see she must have been sunbathing in a smaller bikini while I was gone.

“As the lady wishes,” I said. “Just give me a few minutes to change.”

“I'll be right here, Warren,” she said, looking at me with a smile that spread from one side of her mouth to the other.

I exhaled as I turned away from her and walked slowly to the sliding door. Inside, I practically ran to my bedroom. My hands fumbled with the drawer where I kept my bathing suit. It was no Speedo, but I thought about jerking off as I put it on; there was no hiding the bulge in front.

I can claim no more than an average build, but I keep in shape for a 44 year old man, and I don’t think I had felt seven inches this hard since I was 19. I put on a loose polo shirt and headed to the kitchen, thinking about royalties and agent contracts, anything but the lovely young lady waiting for me outside. I even thought about dropping an ice cube into my swimsuit to cool off.

I came outside carrying a tray with glasses and a pitcher of lemonade. Mixing the lemonade might have calmed me momentarily, but seeing Alyssa sitting at the table made my cock swell again. She was slender, but her bikini bottoms held in a pert round ass and her bare skin was so lickable I thought of accidentally dropping an ice cube on her.

“Your drink, my lady,” I said as I poured.

“What, no booze?” she asked.

“Oh hell, you are legal. I should have asked,” I said. “I’m sure I have some wine.”

Alyssa reached out and caressed my wrist. “I’m teasing, Warren,” she said. “All the boys my age want to get my drunk. You’re a gentleman.”

I could feel myself flushing, her fingers barely left a trace on my skin, but thrilled me right to my cock. I sat quickly and poured for myself.

“Here’s to being a gentleman,” I said, raising a glass as she sat in the chair. She brushed her hand over my wrist, and smiled at me. “Although I do get better looking if you’ve had a drink.”

“You are a gentleman, and I don’t need to be drunk to find you good looking.”

“Oh my, you’ll get me flushed,” I said. “But why do the boys all want to get you drunk? I like looking at you sober so I can remember it. You went to Cancun for spring break right? You must have looked awesome.”

“Well, thank you, Warren,” said Alyssa. “But to tell you the truth, most of the guys were so drunk there they probably don't remember it. I'll bet you were very handsome signing books, too.”

“I was a sharp dressed man,” I said laughing, “but I don’t get lucky enough for groupies.”

Alyssa reached over and stroked my hand. “Maybe you do get that lucky. Do you think I came over just to read a magazine?”

She stood up from the table, never letting go of my hand. With a gentle tug, she urged me from my chair. Now there was no hiding the bulge, and Alyssa looked down at it as she pulled my shirt up and off. As she reached back down for my hand, her palm caressed the length of my cock.

“I think we need some tub time,” Alyssa said as she led me to the jacuzzi. She stepped in as I turned on the jets. The water was still a bit chilled, and her nipples poked at the cloth material of her bra.

“Come here, Mr. Writer,” she said. “Let me give you the star treatment.”

I sat in front of her at first, feeling her fingers slide into my shoulders. She rubbed deeper, my breath got heavier. "That's not all that needs massaging, is it? she asked with a whisper in my ear.

I turned my head back to kiss her small lips, slightly rounded, soft and responsive. After one kiss, I settled in next to her, and pulled her closer. Our mouths found rhythm, our tongues began to dance and probe, and I rubbed my thumbs along her nipples. Her moans vibrated through our kiss.

“I have always wanted to suck these,” I said as I pulled the string behind her back. Slowly I pulled, moving my mouth to her neck and licking her skin before nibbling lightly.

Her top dropped down, strings riding on the bubbling water as I cupped her breasts. Alyssa giggled and untied the string around her back. She held out her top and dropped it on the edge of the tub, then wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned forward.

I kissed each nipple, sucking them into my mouth, nipping lightly. When my mouth returned to hers, Alyssa reached up my thigh and trailed her fingers over my hard cock. Her small hand snaked inside my trunks. I reached down over her stomach, feeling it quiver, and then rubbed my index finger along her pussy lips through the fabric of her bikini.

Alyssa was on my lap, her tongue dancing in and out of my mouth when I lifted her from the water and turned her to the edge of the tub. I kissed her breasts, then moved my mouth lower as she leaned back. My tongue slipped inside her navel, then worked downward as her hips rose to me and her breath got more ragged.

I teased her more, licking her thighs with quick flicks from the tip of my tongue. Her hands were in my hair now as she softly cried “yessyesssWarren.” I could not resist a quick kiss on her bikini, with her tight lips just on the other side of the fabric and her hips rising off the deck. With my thumb, I pushed the bottoms to one side and kissed her soaking pink pussy lips.

“Uhhhhuhhhhuhhhh,” moaned Alyssa, pushing my head deeper into her thighs. With my tongue extended, I lapped at her wet tight pussy, inserting the tip of my tongue and retreated for longer licks. I now held her hips and ass up in the air, as Alyssa began to thrash about. Her juices soaked my chin, she cried out my name and gripped my head. Soon my cheeks were smeared with her pussy sweetness, and I slipped a finger inside her as I found her hard clit.

“Ahhhhahhhhhyeahhhhfuckme,” called Alyssa, her pussy spasming first on one, then two fingers. She was tight and soaking, so silky even to the touch that it was all I could do not to cum as I ate her. Her orgasm hit her with an upward thrust, I could barely breathe as she mashed my head to her soaked pussy and screamed in delight. Her bikini bottoms were drenched, her head thrown back in ecstasy. At length, her multiple orgasms abated into quivers and tremors, her breath panting as I set her back on the deck, and smiled at her.

“Kiss me, Warren,” said Alyssa, and as I leaned forward, she licked her pussy juices off my lips. We frenched kissed for what seemed like hours, until she pulled back and smiled slyly. “Let's trade places,” she said.

Alyssa climbed back into the tub as I lay back on the deck. Slowly she licked her way down my belly, stopped at times to smile at me. She covered me with soft kisses, then pulled off my trunks. My cock nearly bounced off her face, it was so happy to see her.

“Well, hello there,” she said, and blew on the head of my cock. I kept my hands behind my head, watching her lean down to take quick licks on the head of my cock, then the shaft. Soon she was tracing the length of my shaft with the tip of her tongue. It was my turn to moan, and I did a lot of it.

My moans got louder as Alyssa engulfed the head of my cock into her mouth. I watched her pouty lips take me in, getting half way down on the first try. I was wet and warm inside her mouth, and my cum was already boiling inside me. As she bobbed on my cock, her left hand caressed my balls. With her right, she reached out for her bikini top, then wrapped it around the base of my cock.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhh,” was all I could say.

“I think you like this,” said Alyssa, leaning down so her body was under the water and her head just at my balls. She stroked again, slowly, then quicker as she moved her top up towards the head of my cock. With a smile, she leaned down and licked the head, drew it in between her lips, all the while jerking me.

The feel of her silky top brought me over the edge. “YesssssssyesssssyesssAlyssa,” I called as her hand stroked me faster. She felt the last quiver of my cock, then pulled her head back to lick the tip.

The first blast was a thick gob of cum that felt like it came from the base of my spinal cord, and lifted me up as it spurted over her lips and cheeks. She dropped her mouth back over my cock to catch the next two spurts, the pulled away to let cum splatter her cheeks and breasts. As I hollered and squirmed, she used her top to clean the cum off my head, then leaned down for one more kiss.

“Oh my God, Alyssa,” I said when I caught my breath. She had snuggled in beside me now on the deck. “My God, that was amazing.”

“You were great too, Warren,” said Alyssa, kissing my cheek, then my mouth. “Are you going to be around tomorrow? I told my friend Diana this was a great place for a wild party,” said Alyssa as she nuzzled against me.

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