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Time to Fool Around

What do the dice say?
I decided to spend Labor Day weekend In South Miami Beach. I needed an escape from my daily stresses for just a few days. I stayed at the Avalon Hotel on Ocean Drive. Once I was settled in the hotel, I called my friend David to see what he was up to. We hadn't spoken in a few months and he was happy to be receiving my call. We agreed to meet at 11:00 P.M. at the hotel bar lounge

I decided to wear my sexy red chiffon top, black pants, and my black and red lace platform pumps. I loved how the red looked on me. It definitely brought out the Latina in me. 

I was excited to see my friend David; especially because he knew all too well how to help me escape any type of stress. I wondered what the evening had in store for us. 

As I walked to the lobby, I saw David sitting over in the lounge area having a beer. He was wearing blue jeans, a black and gray jersey top, Kangol black hat, and Collin casual shoes. His naturally tan skin, dark brown hair and eyes have always captivated me. He looked absolutely handsome.

I walked over to him and sat next to him in the lounge. I ordered myself a glass of red sangria. He turned to me and said, “Adelina, you look beautiful. It’s great to see you again.”

I gave him a seductive smile and said, “It’s great to see you too. I’m glad you had availability to come see me tonight.”

David smiled as he said, “I’m glad you called. I always enjoy our time together.”

We chatted for a bit, finished our drinks, and headed up to my room. We were alone as we took the elevator. When the doors closed, he stood behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, and softly kissed my neck. I felt a strong tingle in my pussy and wanted to take him right there in the elevator. I kept myself composed as I had other plans. 

We walked into my hotel room and sat at the table next to the window facing the beach. There wasn't much conversation as we both knew the fun would soon begin.

David’s eyes were fixated on me. With a devious grin, he said, “Dance for me, Adelina.”

I stood up in front of him, leaned over and kissed him. As I kissed him softly, I said, “David, my friend, anything for you.”

I put on an old Freestyle song, Fantasy Girl by Johnny O. I stood up in front of him and started to swerve my hips left to right. As I danced, I removed all clothing with the exception of what I had underneath. I was wearing black lace lingerie. 

The look in his eyes alone told me just how turned on he was. He wanted me. He desired me and was ready to take but not yet. He had no idea what I was thinking of as I walked over to the dresser and picked up a dice game. 

Looking excited and yet curious, he said, “Adelina, what are you holding in your hands?”

I walked over to the table, stood in front of him, put my foot between his legs, and rolled the dice onto the table. As I rolled the dice, I said, “Are you ready to play my dear friend David? It’s time to fool around and have some fun.”

David was very intrigued and said, “Your wish is my command. Tell me what do the dice say?”

I look at him with a look of desire and said, “The dice say to kiss inner thigh, chest, lips, and clit. The order is up to you.”

“I’m going to have fun with this," he said. 

David started to kiss my inner thigh, not once, not twice, but stayed there just teasing me. I was getting so turned on thinking of what he could possibly do next. He stood up in front of me and slowly brought down my right bra strap and then my left. He walked behind me and undid the hooks of my bra and my bra dropped to the floor. 

I felt a slight tingle go down my back as he continued. He walked in front of me and cupped my breasts in his hands, sucked on my nipples, switching back and forth. He sucked on my nipples softly at first and then gradually sucked on them harder. 

He looked up at me with a grin and said, “So what do we have left? Oh yes, lips and kiss.” 

As he kissed me, he moved me back onto the bed, laid me down, and removed my panties down with his mouth. He spread my legs, kissed my inner thighs, and worked his way to my wet pussy. He slowly licked my pussy up and down, inserting one finger, than two. Then he started to suck on my clit as he was fingering me. 

The pleasure was so intense that I grabbed onto the sheets and shouted, “David, oh yes, David, eat my pussy.” 

David enjoyed bringing me pleasure. He opened up the walls of my pussy with his hands and started to tongue fuck me as his finger rolled my clit.

As I felt my body start to climax, I shouted, “Oh my fucking word…oh yes.” My body trembled from the intensity of the orgasm. 

It was time to switch the dice. David took the dice from the table and rolled them onto the bed. He laid down next to the dice, looked at me and said, “Your turn. The dice say to lick back, chest, inner thigh, and penis.”

Before I proceeded, I asked David to remove his clothes. It is always an absolute delight to watch this man undress. He stood up in front of me and slowly removed his clothes.

As I looked at his beautiful nakedness, with a seductive tone, I said, “Please lay on the bed facing down.”

“Absolutely,” he said.

I started to rub and softly kiss his back. I rubbed and kissed his ass. I turned him over and started to kiss his neck, his chest, and worked my way down to his penis. I started to lick it, slowly, on each side of his shaft, rolling my tongue as I did so.

He pulled on my hair as he moaned and said, “Fuck! Oh fuck.”

Hearing him moan got me more turned on. I took his whole cock in my mouth, up and down, sucking the tip. I gripped his tight balls in my hands and played with them ever so gently as I continued sucking his hard cock. 

David pulled my hair back and asked me to get on all fours on the bed. I happily obeyed. 

He started fingering my pussy from behind. My body moved to the motion of his fingers. Then to my surprise, he spread my wetness to my asshole and started fingering my asshole. He continued to go back and forth and then fingered my pussy and asshole at the same time. 

The intensity of my climax was building as I said, “David, don’t stop. It feels so fucking good. Oh yes!”

David pulled my legs up over his shoulders and pushed his penis into me. His strokes were slow and long at first. To tease me, he pulled all the way out and then back in. I could feel my vaginal muscles contracting around his cock. His strokes got faster and deeper, faster and deeper. He pulled out and came on my breasts. 

I spread his cum on my breasts and kissed the tip of his penis. He tasted so good. 

He leaned over, kissed me and said, “Adelina, tonight was amazing!”

I reached over and hugged him as I said, “Thank you David for helping me relax and for just a little while, taking my stresses way. You were amazing!”

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Posted 09 Oct 2013 07:27
Posted 05 Oct 2013 10:58
I was married to a hot Latina for 36 years and I miss her. Your story brings back fond memories.
Posted 05 Oct 2013 01:54
Posted 05 Oct 2013 01:42
The idea of dice is a beautiful addition. Sexual part needed more elaboration. Nice first. 5

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