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Birth of a Vixen; Part One

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This is an intro for the story, to get me started.
A few years ago, I decided I was done living in apartments. I was getting older, or I felt like I was, and needed the space and freedom a house offered. I looked around, but there wasn't a place within my price range. I didn't want to give up on my plan so quickly, but couldn't find a way around it. I was having drinks with one of my friends and she had a great idea; I could find a rental house and with a few roommates, we would all be able to live some place nicer for less money.

I thought about friends first, but had trouble settling on any I thought I could live with, or that wouldn't make one another crazy. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of living with strangers. It seemed kind of scary, but it wouldn't hurt to interview a couple people, would it? I could probably get a good idea of a person by talking to them for a while. After all, I hadn't known my roomie in college, and that had turned out great. We were still great friends, and she had really brought me out of my shell. She had helped me bloom socially and even brought me out of my shell sexually.

I was excited the next day, I placed my ad for roommates and started going to see some houses. I was really looking for something split level and with a private backyard. I live almost out in the country, so this wasn't hard to find. I kept several places in mind and thought it wouldn't hurt to get some of the prospective housemates’ opinions on them. I had several responses to my ad when I got home that night. Most of them seemed fairly promising, but how much can you really tell in an e-mail reply?

I started making calls early the next morning; I really wanted this taken care of quickly. If I could get just one roommate lined up, it would make house hunting so much easier. A couple of the girls were able to come in that day, which was great, until they started coming in. I had forgotten there was a college close by. I was getting too old to be sharing a house with kids fresh out of high school; four girls in, four girls out, that was fast.

I was about to go to the next number, when I got a call on another house. I hadn't seen this one yet but the pictures had been amazing, I dropped everything I was doing and ran out to see it. It was everything I had imagined it would be: two stories, big back porch, rows of trees lining the backyard, and another car pulling up in the driveway. Wait, another car? Another renter? Didn't they know I wanted to live here?

"I'll take it!" Oh shit, did those words just come out of my mouth? I haven't even found one girl let alone two to split this place with. "Keep smiling, they look excited, you can do this, you'll just have to be less choosy when the next couple of girls come through," I told myself.

"Great, we'd love to meet the other girls first though. Do you think all of you could come by this weekend?" The landlord's wife asked.

"Sure, this weekend should be no problem." What was I thinking? This was going great, and awful at the same time; was it too much to hope that it would turn out awfully great?

I probably should have gone back and told them the truth, but instead I drove home and sat in my apartment's parking lot for an unusually long time. I just kept telling myself, "This is going be fine, just find two girls, you can learn to get along with them, maybe even be friends with them later." That was the right idea; just find them, like them later. As I opened my door, my phone rang, what were the odds of that?


"Hi roomie!"

That is a bold approach; but she sounds likeable, happy and upbeat at least. Certainly confident, that could mean responsible, right? Ah, what the hell, it wasn't the first rash decision I had made today; "Hey there roomie!" I answered. She was so excited that it had worked she wanted to come over immediately, she told me once I'd met her, I couldn't change my mind. She was coming from the gym, and warned she wasn't at her best. She was so excited, I was getting excited.

She was kind of short, just over five feet; dark, dark brown hair, almost black but with a few lighter streaks. Her top left her stomach exposed, tan, flat…perfect. She was facing me, but I didn't even have to look to know her ass was probably perfect too. Capri's left her calves and ankles exposed, the whole outfit was coordinated. These weren't just gym clothes, they had an agenda. I almost didn't open the door, I couldn't tell if I was in awe or jealous. If I was in awe, I had better get used to it and if I was jealous, I figured I had better get over it now.

"Come on in." I filled her in on the little fib, I had told the landlord already.

"Doesn't sound like a problem to me, we just say yes to the next girl that calls.” She was so cheery about it; was it really that simple? I had already called all the girls that had responded last night, I'd ruled out everyone but her. "Do you have any water? I'm dying here."

"Oh sure," I went to get her a bottle from the fridge, and when I got back she was sitting at the computer going through my e-mail. I was used to leaving personal things open around my house; I lived alone. "What are you doing?" I tried not to sound like a bitch when I said it, maybe I was success.

"Sorry, it was open, I just thought maybe someone else had answered the ad." She stopped for a minute and a mischievous little grin crossed her face. "Wait, are you hiding something on here? Do you have dirty pictures? Or sexy chat rooms bookmarked on here? Go back to the kitchen, I feel like I need to snoop now."

"No, nothing that interesting," nothing that I wanted to show her anyway, "I'm just not used to having strangers on my computer."

"Strangers? I don't think so missy, we're roomies. I'm allowed to snoop, what if I'm living with some kind of pervert. "I want to know" she teased.

I felt like a jerk for being so private. Her head was in the right place at least, we would just have to work out some boundaries. "Hey, anyway, there is another one here. This girl, Jamie, wants to know if you've got time tomorrow morning. She'd like to meet."

"I can't, I'll be at work."

"No problem, I'll meet her, you don't have to worry about a thing. I'll check out this 'Jamie' for you," she talked so fast. Before I even got a chance to object to not meeting my new roommate, she had moved on. "We're going to say yes anyway, so what does it really matter who meets her?"

Shit, she was right. Maybe that was good; maybe this could work. It was almost like we had a natural rhythm already. Or it was like she already knew I was a push over?

"Yeah, I guess that's fine, you meet with her tomorrow. Just make sure she's not a crazy person, ok?"

"You mean not any more crazier than me?" she added, an exaggerated wink for my benefit.

"Exactly, you are the limit. Speaking of you," this was going to be awkward no matter how I said it, " What is your name?"

"Oh, of course, we moved past introductions so quick, I'm Alexandra." She said it with a sultry dramatic voice. “Lex is fine though, fits me better; much to my mother's disappointment.” She was right; it was too heavy of a name for someone as bubbly as her. "Speaking of, she'll wonder why I'm not home yet, I had better go."

"You still live with your parents?"

"Live with them again. college wasn't a good fit for me. I lived in the dorms for a couple years, but I had to move back home when I dropped out. I have a job though, promise. Actually I work at the gym and they are going to make me a trainer really soon. Free membership comes with the job, I could probably get you one there; you can at least come in for free when you're with me."

"Sure, sounds good," I lied. I couldn't remember the last time I went to a gym.

"Anyway, I'm leaving." She grabbed me in a hug and kissed my cheek, a little too forward for me, but I was staying positive. She smelled amazing, floral and citrus, who leaves the gym smelling like that? "You can get back to whatever naughty stuff you're hiding on that computer."

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