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How to Choose a Secretary, Chapter 14

Natasha has a tree house...
“Sara!” Mike blustered, knowing perfectly well his instant hard-on was giving him away. “We mustn’t. Not here.”

“Why not?” She had popped his seatbelt and was pulling him out of the car, one hand still on his cock like a remote control. “Her parents are away, there’s only her sister here.”

As so often in his life the sensation in his cock had taken over, and he let her lead him into the drive and then off into the trees on one side. She towed him round behind a big beech with smooth grey bark and leaned back against it, pulling him to her.

The feel of her swollen vulva pressed against his cock, her sexy little hands round his neck, her kissing, switched him completely into sex mode. In a moment he had pulled her little panties down from under her miniskirt and off, dropped his trousers and briefs around his ankles, and lifted her. His cock slid into her fabulous pussy, creamy and grippy, and he was fucking her again. He lifted her knees and she let him hold her, part folded up, while he pistoned his big cock in and out. It was going to be quickie, a perfect, fantastic, spur-of-the-moment quickie, and in a couple of minutes they were there, cumming together yet again. He held her tight as the spasms faded, then lowered her to the ground.

“You two!” Natasha was right next to them, with a bag, “God! You’re just sooo sexy! Just as well there’s no-one else around, you’re not all that hidden.” Her face was alight with an excited smile. She stroked Sara’s hair, then kissed Mike.

“Do you want to see my tree house, now you’re here?”

“Tree house?” repeated Mike, pulling up his briefs and trousers. He didn’t really get the connection but he certainly didn’t want to seem uninterested.

“Dad had it made it for us, years ago, when we were little, it’s ever so good, come and see.”

“Mmmm,” said Mike, looking round and realising that the ground under the beech was relatively open after all, but just about screened from the house by a row of hazels. Just as well no-one had walked along the road though.

Natasha led them about forty yards to a big old oak, pointed up with a slender finger, and there they saw a quite large but slightly rickety-looking structure with a platform, boarded sides and a roof. She led them round the tree and on the far side was a low branch, sagging nearly to the ground. Clearly you could walk up the branch, Mike saw, and by clambering up a couple of branches at the trunk get up to the main fork where the tree house was.

“Wow that’s great,” he enthused, “you must have had loads of fun up there.”

“He wanted a boy, really. But anyway I still go up there, sometimes,” Natasha said.

“Let’s go up now,” Sara wasn’t going to pass up any chance for something new, “I never had a tree house, how great!”

She let Natasha lead the way, walking up the branch with easy grace, then pulling herself up to the higher branches with a spring. Sara followed as Natasha disappeared into the tree house, and Mike, having watched Natasha’s technique as well as her panties, got up too without much difficulty. Inside it was quite dark, with the open doorway and one small window. It was quite dry and sweet-smelling, he noticed, and you could see the garden and the front of the house through the window.

The girls had gone quiet; he looked round at them, seeing expectation in their gorgeous young faces. “Your turn, Tashie?” he asked with a smile.

“I’ve dreamed about being nude and fucked up here,” she said, starting to get out of her clothes. “I’ve done nude, and now this is my chance to get fucked.”

They all took off their clothes and laid them as a covering on the floor. “How do you want it?” asked Mike.

“I want it like you and Sara do it,” she said, “missionary, and really close and deep, like you’re just merging   . I want to feel that. Please.”

Mike lay down with her, trying to remember if he’d done it missionary with her, but he couldn’t. There had been too many fucks with them. Yes he could – in the gym. But Natasha had been really out of it then after her monster cum tied to the bar, not really aware. And on the bed, that very afternoon. What was happening to his memory?

It dawned on him it wasn’t the position she was asking for, it was the intensity. He had to open up a bit; a bit more again.

Sara stroked him from alongside and Natasha ran her magical fingers along his balls and cock to get him hard. His one-hour-recharge since the shower had been pretty much used up by the quickie with Sara. He looked closely at the beautiful young girl to trigger the extra arousal he needed: her pert teen tits, slender neck, her strong eyebrows some way above her large green eyes with their big pupils, the lower eyelids seeming to be a straight line, the compelling cheekbones, straight little nose, and full lower lip. Here in her tree house.

“When did your dad build this?” he asked, settling beside her, still not quite ready, the girls’ fingers working on his cock.

“When I was, I don’t know, six or seven, I suppose,” she answered, “though it was Danielle who used it mainly, then, my big sister. I played in here sometimes, with her and with my friends. Then we stopped, and I didn’t come up here for years, until just recently, and now I’ve made it my private place. Dani doesn’t come up here now, so it’s all mine. I just lie here, if it’s warm. Take my clothes off, and play with myself, if I feel like it, and imagine things, you know, play games in my mind.” She smiled at the memories.

Mike was hard enough now, that snippet of information having fired up his cock. She was such a sexy girl, and in such a sweet, pure way. She deserved the best fuck he could possibly give her. A long, gentle, caressing fuck.

He moved onto her and his cock slid easily into her. Was it for the fourth time today, or the fifth? Fifth. Probably. Anyway it seemed almost inappropriate that such a sweet young girl, so slender and so drop-dead beautiful, should be getting quite so much fucking from a large middle-aged cock.

Well, she knew her own mind best, as the saying went. It was just healthy, really. He held himself on his hands and knees so that no other part of him was touching her, only his cock, and very slowly pistoned in and out. She was gasping quietly. Sara, lying next to them, had started to play with herself.

He fucked Natasha like that for several minutes, then started to press a bit deeper, adding his pubis and thighs to the contact. She put her hands on his back, beginning to ask for more.

A few more minutes like that, and he leaned in and kissed her neck, kissing around the side and up over her forehead, kissed her eyes, along to the other side, and finally to her mouth. Just a brief kiss there, because she was breathing through it.

He lowered his chest a little, to just touch her nipples, which were sticking up from her pert volcanic tits. He rubbed them lightly with his chest, side to side. She was pressing her pelvis up to him, asking for more.

He slid an arm under her back, lifting her and holding her to him, and fucked her, still slowly, for a few more minutes; then he slid his other arm under her ass.

He pulled her tight to him, and she gripped him in return, her arms round him now, as she went into orgasm, wrapped together with him, and he felt her go rigid, her pussy pulsating, for a few seconds. He himself hadn’t cum, he didn’t want to just yet either.

He waited for her hypersensitivity to ebb away and then started moving again, still holding her tight. A few more minutes passed. Gradually he changed his motion to hold each stroke for a moment deep in her, pressing into her, feeling her thighs wide apart so that he was really pressing onto her labia, pressing on her vulva, his cockhead as far into her as it would go. He fucked on and on, still slowly, holding her tight to him. He listened to her gasps and sighs, they sounded like music.

He breathed into her ear, through his nose, kissed her a bit more, fucking on and on, until he could feel her start to writhe under him. They were really together.

He speeded up, gradually increasing the pace, and then they were there, she starting her second orgasm and he joining her, spurting his sperm deep, deep into her gorgeous, beautiful body that was striving to receive it.

Slowly the ecstasy died away and their consciousness returned to the world around them. Mike loosened his grip and held her in a cuddle

“That was…” she started but couldn’t find the words. “Mike, that was it. What I always imagined, in my dreams, but better. God! I’ll never be the same after that.”

Mike smiled at her and gave a squeeze, then gradually realised they were on their own. “Where’s Sara?”

“I don’t know,” said Natasha, looking round quickly, “I didn’t notice when she went. Where did she go?”

They heard a car start, very close, by the house. The exhaust was loud – it was a young man’s car. “That’s Dani’s boyfriend,” said Natasha, “his car sounds like that.”

“Did he arrive while we were fucking?” Mike couldn’t believe it. “He wasn’t here when we got here, was he? We couldn’t have missed that could we?”

“No he wasn’t here, just Dani, he must’ve come and picked her up. Actually she said she was going out when I went in. I could’ve missed an earthquake, honestly. We missed Sara going, didn’t we, wherever she’s gone.” Natasha was starting to worry.

The car noise moved down the drive, got louder and went off down the road as the car accelerated away. Mike and Natasha got dressed, both of them seeing Sara’s clothes still on the floor. Only her trainers were missing.

There was a noise outside and Sara’s naked body filled the doorway and then came in. “Oooh that was close,” she was giggling, “I nearly got caught!”

“Gosh! Where have you been?” Natasha was agog.

“I went down to the car to get this,” Sara showed the strapless strap-on in her hand, “I came twice watching you, and it still wasn’t enough! It was the sexiest thing in the whole history of the world, watching you fuck like that.”

Sara settled down on the floor, her legs apart, pushing off her trainers. “I don’t suppose you’ve got anything left Mike?” She was running the head of the dildo round her slit, getting it wet.

“Sorry,” Mike said, meaning it, “that’s really it for a bit.”

“OK,” said Sara, her breathing getting heavy as the main part of the dildo disappeared into her pussy, ”I thought so, after that. ‘Scuse me, I just have to get off properly, uuuhhh, strip her for me, slowly, uuuhhh, please.”

Mike moved round near the tree trunk where he could just about stand up, Natasha going with him. Then he stood behind Natasha, both of them facing Sara, watching her sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy with her little hand on the small bulbous extension. He slowly undid the buttons of Natasha’s blouse. He undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then he eased her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. Natasha just stood passively, letting herself be stripped. That was erotic all on its own: the thought of all the people she passed every day who would dearly love to strip her, if only she would stand still and let them do it.

He undid her bra and gently slid one strap off her shoulder onto her arm, so the cup on that side slid part way off her pert tit and hung on it.

Then he eased her panties part way down, to mid-way on her round little ass, and the waistband at the front to half way down her bush.

“Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh” Sara was cumming, her pelvis off the floor and her hand a blur as she raced the dildo in and out. “Uuuuurrrgggh,” came the final surge and then she sagged back, a big smile across her gorgeous mouth.

“God!” she gasped happily, “that was the sexiest. Mike how do you know to part strip her like that? And Tashie, however were you born so beautiful? God! Finish off stripping so I can feel you. Mike.” She patted the floor on either side of her.

Mike took his clothes back off and lay down next to Sara, laying one leg and an arm over her warm, sexy body, and seeing Natasha do the same, touching his foot and laying her hand on his. Sara had her little hands in their hair, slowly stroking through it. They were part like a family, part like an intimate little three-person sex club.

“It’s not bad,” she said, talking about the dildo, “the silicone is quite bendy though, you can’t push it too hard or it just sort of bends and jams. And it’s not like the real thing, obviously,” she kissed him, “but better than an empty pussy, ‘specially when I came, there was something to grip, you know.” She pulled their heads to her; a contented little sexpot, Mike smiled.

He was so impressed she wasn’t jealous. He knew the fuck with Natasha must have looked like a really intense bonding, how did she not feel even a little bit excluded, lying there next to them, on the outside? Her confidence must run really deep. And her generosity. Though right now, he understood, it was no accident she’d put herself in the middle of them.

That was where she belonged, anyway, he knew. They were all lying there basically waiting for her to make the next thing happen. Though if he or Natasha came up with something, Sara would embrace it generously, as she had with the dildo and the tree house.

And actually, now Mike came to think about it, perhaps Natasha wasn’t entirely as passive as she’d seemed.

“So Tashie,” Sara was starting her hunt for the next source of fun, her energy returning already, “you lie here in the nude, imagining lots of sexy fantasies? That’s so cool.”

“Well, yes, you know, imagining, or reading sometimes, my laptop still works up here, the signal’s OK ‘cos dad’s office is this side. But only in the Summer, obviously, otherwise it’s in my room. But sometimes, I read something and, you know, it starts me off on my own story and then I close my eyes and follow that.”

“With your vibrator?”

“Yes, you know, depending on the story, I can take myself up or down with the action, however long I want it to go on for, and then finish with the right sort of cum, whatever mood I’m in and everything.”

“That’s so cool,” Sara repeated, “what are some of them? What’s your favourite?”

“Well they’re always a bit different, I suppose ones with a long chase I like quite a lot, you know ‘cos I go out running, round the fields and paths round here, and that sort of gives me stuff to base it on, how I’m running in the woods and someone starts chasing me…

“Or I’m in bed and I hear a noise outside, and Ben (he’s our dog) wants to go out or something so I’m in the garden in my pyjamas and there’s a noise between me and the door and so I have to run through the woods in my pyjamas with the branches tearing at them...”

“Pyjamas?” said Mike.

“Oho!” Sara giggled, “you like that idea do you, you pervy old sex fiend?” She stroked his ear and laughed.

Natasha laughed as well, the most confident she’d sounded, Mike thought.

“Yes well,” Mike admitted, “there are associations, for sure.” He could feel his overworked cock starting to take an interest.

“Well I can get it, definitely,” Sara was taking an interest as well, “Tashie in pyjamas, her fantastic body, all innocent, I mean only the most innocent young girls wear pyjamas don’t they? And just one layer over her, with the buttons and everything, the drawstring, all loose on her…”

She paused, and changed subject. ”What’s this wood, Tashie, is it your garden? How big is it?”

“Well yes, it’s a wood, you know, Mum really likes trees so Dad got it for her, it’s, I don’t know, ten acres or something, all fenced for Ben.”

Mike couldn’t understand why she’d gone to a state school, with all this money in the family. And then been allowed to just leave and become a secretary.

“Ten acres?” Sara was thinking of the potential, and intrigued as well. “What do they do, your parents?”

“Dad’s a car salesman,” Natasha half laughed, “that’s what we call him, though we get into real trouble if he hears us. He has some garages, well, dealerships we’re supposed to say. Anyway we hate them, he only cares about them, we’ve hardly really seen him for years; even when he’s here he’s in his office, on the phone. He even gets his secretary to send us birthday cards and presents.”

“Gosh.” Sara was sympathetic. Mike could not imagine someone ignoring a daughter like Natasha.

“Even this holiday they’re on,” Natasha continued, “it’s more like a tour round a load of other garages in America, with Mum along for decoration and socialising with the other car salesmen.” There was a bite to how she said it.

“Gosh,” said Sara again, putting her arm round her, “well you’ll always have us, won’t she Mike?”

“Absolutely,” said Mike. Maybe it was never having had children, but he couldn’t even express how protective he felt. He stroked a hand gently along her back and over her delectable ass.

“I know,” said Natasha.

There was a pause in the conversation as they cuddled.

“I think you ought to show us these pyjamas, Tashie,” Sara had finished with the family issue and was scenting their next little game together.

“Sara,” Mike felt unexpectedly decisive, “I know you’re going to kill me, eventually, but not today, OK? I have to get home.”

“OK Mike.” She smiled sweetly at him. Another thing about Sara, he thought: she knew how to pick her fights, the little minx.

“I’ll run you back and you can fuck each other to a standstill while I get some rest,” he smiled, “and tell me about it in the morning.”

“I think we can do a bit better than that,” said Sara with her naughty smile.

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