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How to Choose a Secretary, Chapter 15

Natasha's parents are away
Mike went into work on Thursday thinking things could have gone better at home. He’d been looking forward to seeing Tessa again, Tessa his wife and partner-in-everything since their mid-twenties, but her welcome had been less than enthusiastic.

She hadn’t wanted to know anything about the girls or what he’d been doing. Fair enough really. Her attitude had been one of reluctant tolerance though, and she hadn’t been her usual affectionate self at all. She’d left it up to him when he was going to end it and where he was going to spend that night and future nights. She was so strong. But he’d been dismayed to find she now seemed rather more like his mother than his partner of equal age. He hoped it hadn’t shown in his face. Anyway he had resolved to try and break his addiction to his teenage secretaries.

Nine o’clock arrived and he heard the girls come into their office. They came straight through and over to him, one either side of his chair. He responded to their greetings with a stiff ‘good morning’ and stayed seated, trying to hold his resolve, but Sara ran her hands round his neck and Natasha ran hers through his hair. He did his best not to react, but it wasn’t easy. His breathing changed and he knew Sara, at least, noticed.

Sara had been carrying her laptop, which she put on his desk and opened. It came out of sleep with Media Player open, and Mike had a sudden realisation as Sara clicked Play.

It was a webcam movie, from quite a high-resolution webcam he could see, taken in Sara’s bedsit with the lights on. There was Natasha on the bed, naked, and bits of an equally naked Sara as she moved the camera around, with her voice on the soundtrack. Then the camera stopped moving and Sara appeared on the bed next to Natasha.

They hugged and grinned confidently at the camera, then kissed, and ran their hands over each others’ bodies. “Hello Mike,” said Sara through the tinny laptop speakers, “this is for you, as you can’t be here. But we’re thinking of you.”

The movie continued with the girls starting lesbian sex the way so many online movies showed it, with stroking and kissing, but this was real, and it showed; not only with their trim little bushes either. Mike’s erection was just getting started when his phone rang. It was reception: “There’s a Dr. Galloway to see you Mike.”

Damn. He’d forgotten, a meeting with some kind of fellow innovator. He sent Natasha down to bring him up and packed Sara off to her desk with her laptop. “Do not have it playing while he comes through,” he said with a smile.

He eventually managed to wind the meeting up at his third attempt, after, he suspected, his visitor had given up hope of Natasha or Sara reappearing in a miniskirt to top up the coffee and biscuits. He was pretty sure Dr Galloway was part jealous, and part encouraged to try even harder to emulate his success. He showed his visitor out and went back up, to find Sara had been using the time to edit the movie. It now had titles and pace, with transitions between different activities.

They played the movie, through to when the foreplay was over and Sara had just produced the strapless strap-on, when the phone went again. This time it was a potential buyer: another meeting. Mike felt he was hopeless at these meetings but protocol said his sales manager was too junior.

Almost as soon as that meeting ended he had a phone call from a supplier, who wanted to discuss a new product that he really thought Mike ought to try.

Mike found it hard to concentrate. Things would have been dealt with perfectly well if he’d simply been unavailable for these timewasting dialogues: they were ninety-nine percent about other people’s self-esteem. His mind was really on the girls’ home-made sex movie, having completely forgotten his earlier resolution. Perhaps the weekend would help him wean himself off the irresistible teens. At the end of the call he went through to them.

“We have to get out of here,” he said, “it’s a zoo today for some reason. Sorry I was a bit off to start with. Where can we go?” He was thinking of Sara’s bedsit, but that hope was immediately dashed: “Gardeners on Thursdays,” said Sara, “they go all through the shrubbery and everything, spraying and weeding, if they saw you sneaking through the gym window they’d call the cops.” She giggled.

“My house is all clear,” said Natasha, “Dani’s got some college visit day and Mum and Dad won’t be back till the end of next week.”

Mike was a bit dubious about going into someone else’s house to have sex with their sixteen-year-old daughter, but in the end lust won a convincing victory over his scruples. He badly wanted to watch the movie, without interruptions; he knew what it was going to lead to, and he didn’t want that interrupted either. Even the one quiet night had fully recharged his batteries.

They drove out to Natasha’s house in its private wood, parked in the driveway and more or less rushed in. The mood in the car had been very sexy, all three of them with only one thing on their minds. Natasha led them up the stairs to her bedroom, which was pink and girlie but only had a single bed in it. They stood together looking at its limitations.

“It’s hot,” said Sara, do we need to be inside?”

“There’s the summerhouse,” said Natasha, and they rushed back down and out into the back garden, accompanied by Ben the dog, a Greyhound. There on the far side of the lawn, against the trees, was a good-sized log cabin with a veranda. Natasha opened the doors and they went in, seeing sunbeds, chairs and a table. The garden was all very private, Mike thought.

Sara put her laptop on the table and opened it; the movie reappeared and she started it running again. The bedsit scene was under way: Sara on top of Natasha and fitting the short bulbous end of the strapless strap-on into her pussy. She had positioned the camera at the top corner of the bed so it showed the shaft disappearing up between her gorgeous thighs, under her blonde bush. Mike was rock hard, the girls on either side of him pressing restively against him.

The camera was looking along and down over Natasha’s shoulder and across her slender body. Her pert tits were at the bottom of the screen, her thighs on either side, and her neat fluffy brunette bush in the middle. Sara’s tanned body could be seen framed by Natasha’s delectable thighs, a red silicone cock sticking up incongruously over her mons and abdomen.

Sara moved down and the cock disappeared out of shot, then Sara’s blonde bush advanced over her friend’s brown one and Natasha’s pelvis thrust upwards. A loud gasp came through the speakers, in Natasha’s husky tones. She reached up to Sara’s shoulders with her arms, blocking most of the view, but they could all hear that she was being fucked, her rhythmic gasping unmistakable and profoundly sexy. Sara’s tanned abdomen and pert little tits could be seen, moving up and down, with her bush moving in a fuck motion, quite slowly.

“Ooh Sara!” they heard on the soundtrack, “fuck me! God!” Mike could see her arms pulling Sara down, her thighs opening even wider and the two pelvises meeting and separating as the dildo evidently fucked in and out. He could see Sara’s pelvis squirming, to get her end of the strap-on working, he supposed.

Then in only two or three minutes they heard Natasha starting to cum, her “Urrh urrh urrh” unmistakable and her body going rigid under Sara. The movie stayed with it for a few seconds as they clung together, then dissolved into a new scene, this time with Sara underneath and the red dildo sticking up from Natasha’s pussy as she got ready.

“Hellooo,” a girl’s voice called, in the real world, in the tones of someone repeating it. There were footsteps, a shadow, and then a stranger in the cabin with them. She came straight up to Natasha and put and arm round her shoulder, “what are you up to Tash?”

There had been no time to do anything: their arms were round each other so none of them could quickly close the lid. Big sister, it was evidently she, was staring at the image on the screen, of Natasha naked, wearing a dildo, and now lining it up with a blonde’s pussy. There was enough of Natasha’s hair showing, and a bit of tit, chin and nose, to make her unmistakeable. Sara belatedly reached the lid and closed it.

Danielle had taken a huge breath. “What the hell was that? What were you doing?” She looked accusingly at Mike and Sara. “What have you been doing to her? Putting her in a dirty movie? Tash, what’s going on?”

“It’s alright Dani,” Natasha rushed to get the words out, “it’s OK, these are my friends, we were having fun, it’s what I wanted, honestly!”

“Hello, I’m Sara,” Sara was holding out her hand, confident and friendly. And unless Mike was mistaken, she was being slightly flirty, if you knew her. The minx.

Danielle was too polite not to take the hand, and Sara hung onto the grip just slightly longer than normal. “Sorry to give you such a shock,” Sara was saying, moving across in front of Mike, who had instinctively started to beat a retreat. “We wouldn’t dream of doing anything to her, we love her, completely. And this is Mike, he’s one of us.”

Mike duly held out his hand. “Hello,” was all he could think of to say.

“I’m Danielle,” said the slightly different version of Natasha as she took the handshake, “You’ll have to forgive me, it was a bit of a shock.” She was covering her uncertainty with a layer of formality.

“Yes, sorry,” said Sara again, “it must’ve been. Even we didn’t realise how sexy she is until this week.” She smiled, and Danielle was unable to resist smiling back.

“So you’re Sara,” said Danielle, “Tash’s mentioned you.”

“And Mike is our boss and lover,” said Sara, filling in the unasked question, “he looks after us in every way. You don’t need to worry about Tashie when Mike’s around. The movie - Tashie and I made it last night, we were just showing him, as he couldn’t be there.”

“Oh, I see”, said Danielle, starting to relax as she picked up the friendly vibe among the trio. “I didn’t know you were doing anything yet Tash. It’s a bit of a shock to be honest. Lesbian sex movies? Older men? Are you sure, really, it’s what you want to be doing?” As she was saying this she was guiding her out of the cabin to talk privately with her, an arm round her shoulder.

Mike and Sara looked at each other, making relieved faces as they came together. “Phew!” said Sara, “she’s alright though isn’t she? I thought she might be all bossy. But she’s rather gorgeous.”

“Sara!” Mike’s admonishment was softened with a smile. It looked like he’d been completely wrong in his long-range guess about Natasha’s elder sister being jealous. Danielle was scarcely less beautiful than Natasha, a less slender frame giving her a more normal build, though with similar fantastic proportions, and the same kind of face with its big eyes, cheekbones and eyelashes. Same height. More confidence, was the biggest difference. Even the sweet nature seemed the same. Her colour was darker, dark brown hair, quite short, and a Mediterranean skin.

The sisters came back in, Danielle still with her arm protectively around Natasha’s shoulders but quite friendly now. “OK sorry to be, you know, a bit iffy. It was such a surprise. For you as well I expect, I was bored and got an earlier bus. But you’re very welcome, now I know…how it is and everything. To be really honest…I was hoping she’d find a nice boy to get started with but, well, you obviously make her happy so, that’s fine.” She paused, then added: “That’s just me though, Mum and Dad might not see it like that.” She smiled, the idea of parents seeing it the same way being a joke.

A loud car exhaust noise grew from the front of the house, got louder, then stopped. “That’ll be James,” said Danielle, “come for the same sort of thing I expect.” She smiled again, a fellow conspirator now, and walked off to meet him.

Sara, Mike and Natasha looked at each other, not sure what to do. The summerhouse with its windows and glazed doors faced the lawn and afforded no privacy from the house. “What about lunch?” said Sara, “shall we go and get something?”

“We’ve got loads,” said Natasha, “Mum really stocked us up before they went.”

Lunch was a delaying tactic, but they were hungry. Natasha dug out bread and cheeses and they had a cold spread in the kitchen. As they were finishing they heard a young man’s voice coming down the stairs, “I’m sorry Dani, I do try, you’re just so sexy you know, maybe we just need to do it more.”

“Yes OK James,” Danielle’s voice was barely patient, “but you need to recover too you know, otherwise it’s just no use.”

The trio heard the front door open, indistinct words being spoken, the car start up and drive off, and the door close again. Danielle appeared in the kitchen looking cross.

“Ooh lunch,” she said, “anything left?”

Natasha made a pot of tea while Danielle ate a cheese sandwich, and they sat round the table drinking the tea. Mike could see they all had sex on their minds, but in different ways. As he should have guessed though, Sara was working on it.

“Have you known James long Danielle?” she asked.

“Years actually,” answered Danielle, “call me Dani though.” She smiled briefly then was glum again. “He lives quite near, so we’ve sort of always known each other, but I’ve only just started really going out with him. But, well, I don’t know, it’s not that great actually. He’s nice, you know, and good fun, but…” she looked around the table, seeming to decide to confide in them, “he’s a bit rubbish at sex, to be quite honest.”

“Cums too soon?” asked Sara sympathetically.

“In like a minute,” Dani was scornful, “then he can’t get it up again, it’s ages before he can. Then if we really wait he cums too soon the next time as well.”

“Oh, Dani, that’s not good,” Natasha was sympathetic too, “you should just dump him.”

“I suppose so,” sighed Dani, “but then what do I do? Out here, you know, not everyone has a car…”

“Have you thought of maybe an older man?” asked Sara. “You know, with more experience.”

“I suppose,” replied Dani. “To be honest I thought older men would just, you know, want me for one thing, and it wouldn’t be very nice. Feeling used, a bit on the side, sort of thing. And not much fun, him doing it with me then going home to the wife and things.”

“I don’t know if it would help but, you know,” Sara paused to check Mike’s expression then carried on, “if Mike didn’t mind, we could show you how it can be. Mike can fuck every which way, for hours.”

“Oh I couldn’t,” said Dani quickly, “not with someone I didn’t really know. Thanks awfully but, you know, it’s so intimate, I’d have to really know someone so well…”

“Oh sorry,” said Sara, “sorry, I didn’t mean do it, I meant you could watch, while Mike and Tashie and I show you. If you wanted. And if Mike and Tashie didn’t mind...”

Mike smiled benevolently at everyone, not wanting to seem too eager.

Natasha spoke up: “As long as he fucks me, soon, or Sara fucks me, I don’t mind who watches.” Mike saw Dani’s surprise at this new little sister who was appearing. “Anyway Dani,” she continued, “you have to see what you’ve been missing.”

“If there’s no-one else coming,” she finished, “we could be on the lawn, couldn’t we?”

She went off and came back with a quilt cover, and they went back outside into the sunshine.

There was a moment’s awkwardness after Natasha had spread out the cover, solved by Sara starting to take off her blouse and saying: “Come on then.” Mike and Natasha started undressing. Seeing Dani hesitate Sara continued: “You could just go down to your undies Dani, if you wanted? Or a bikini?” Dani settled for undies, taking off her jeans, trainers and T shirt, and they all lay down on the cover, Dani on the outside next to Natasha, then Mike, then Sara. Sara, Mike suspected, wanted to be able to look at Dani while she played with his big cock. In the nicest possible way, she was going to show him off.

Her sexy little fingers curled round it and instantly it was hard and throbbing. “God!” said Dani, “Tash, that never goes into you?”

“It does, though it took a minute or two to start with, to get it in,” replied Natasha, not quite able to keep all the pride out of her voice, “but once you relax it just slides, as long as you’re really in the mood, obviously. I started with Sara, you know, and she got me sooo ready, it was just easy.” She gave a little giggle.

Mike and Sara were both ogling Dani, whose body looked fabulous in her white bra and panties, both quite small and slightly lacy. She was lying on her side, giving them a profile view of her figure, which was girlishly perfect, less extremely slender than Natasha’s, flowing beautifully, Mike thought, up and down, up over her calves, down to her knees, up to her hip, down to her waist, up to her shoulder, and down to her slender neck. High, firm tits also a touch bigger than her sister’s. Her skin was gorgeous. She saw them looking. “No,” she said with a smile, but blushing a bit.

She was still young, Mike saw, older sister or not; perhaps seventeen.

“Just wait,” said Natasha, “you’ll see.” She reached a hand out and Dani squeezed it.

Sara had to be first, Mike knew. She was top girl. Well he could do a normal-length fuck with her and still get hard again straight away for Natasha, especially as her pussy wouldn’t squeeze his cock as hard. He rolled over onto Sara, who raised only her right leg, to give Dani a view of his cock entering her. He slid a finger along her slit and the moisture seeped out, coating her lips. She was ready to go as usual. Then, very slowly, he slid in, in one movement. Dani gasped. Sara raised her other leg and they were fucking, taking it very slow. Mike could feel they were both within reach of an orgasm almost straight away.

He was pretty sure Sara was turned on by Dani watching, the little exhibitionist. All the more so because she was plotting to seduce her, he was sure. He found himself wondering how long it would be before she had Dani impaled on the strapless strap-on. God. He quickly looked across the lawn, focussing on a sexless blackthorn just in time before he came. That thought was dangerous, he grinned to himself.

“What are you grinning about?” the little sexpot asked in a gasping voice.

“You, gorgeous,” he replied, “and how long it’s going to take.” Sara grinned back at him, getting his meaning. They were so in tune. What a girl.

They fucked slowly on, going slower and slower to postpone their orgasm. A movement next to him made him look over: Natasha was playing with herself, one hand on a sensitive tit and one on her clit. As he watched she slid a finger into her pussy. Lying on her back, she spread her legs and seemingly without thinking Dani lifted her upper leg to let it in between hers. Dani looked amazed.

Mike quite wanted to keep the fuck going and see what happened between the sisters, but he was running out of seconds. Sara’s potent pussy was becoming too active, pulsating around his cock, getting creamy and grippy. He stopped moving completely for a few seconds, then started a cumming stroke, not too fast, nothing scary to watch, but a full stroke in a steady rhythm. In a few seconds they were there, “Uhh Uhh Uhh” Sara was going as she thrust back up to him, “Urrrggggh” he went as he pumped hard into her, feeling the spurts and the glorious sensation that went with them. He held his last thrust pressed in for several seconds, then they were relaxing and he kissed her, cradling her head and sniffing her hair.

“See?” said Natasha to Dani, “that’s the way it’s done. And that’s a short one, by their standards; they did two and a half hours straight last Friday.”

“Wow”, said Dani, “that’s what my dreams are made of.”

Natasha was looking at him now, edging closer, the expression on her stunning young face starting him on his next arousal already. He mixed into his view a bit of Dani to help it on its way, then a bit of the freshly fucked Sara, then back to Natasha. He eased out of Sara and moved over to Natasha. Seeing Dani start to edge away, not ready to be too close, he settled on the ground on his side of Natasha and pulled her onto him.

Natasha was enjoying being one up on her older sister, for once, and made a bit of a show of rubbing her slit over his cockhead and then sliding onto him in one movement. She’d got herself nice and ready for just that reason, Mike realised.

Dani drew a deep breath as she watched his large cock do its magical disappearing trick into the small pelvis, and then gradually breathed out: “Wow”.

Natasha slowly fucked him, her light agile body moving with easy grace, stroking almost the whole length of his cock in and out. She was in no hurry: a long fuck was what she was demonstrating. Mike’s cock luxuriated in the feel of her sublime pussy. He ran his fingertips over her delectable body.

After a few minutes Sara reached a sexy little hand up and caressed a pert tit, holding her fingers so that the erect nipple brushed past her fingers with every stroke. “Oh” Natasha gasped breathily, starting to get close now. Mike started to push up with his pelvis, so that Natasha didn’t need to move her whole body so far. Over a few strokes they transitioned to a fuck in which Natasha was only moving her pelvis, thrusting with it, while Mike was fucking upwards, providing the other half of the stroke. Sara started brushing her four fingers rapidly over Natasha’s nipple as the pace accelerated.

“Urrh Urrh Urrh” Natasha went into her glorious orgasm, she seemed to lose herself in it a bit more each time, he thought. She thrust hard for a few seconds, grunting with the effort, then wound down, and he stopped moving in her, still hard. He hadn’t cum yet.

Dani couldn’t quite believe it. “Mike,” she asked, “did you not cum then?” Seeing his headshake she was at a loss: “So what are you going to do, are you still hard?”

“That was just the starter, Dani,” Natasha answered her, still breathless, “now I’m really going to get fucked.”

Mike held her to him and they rolled over so he was on top. He cradled her, one arm under her back with his hand on her shoulder and the other one under her pelvis, and started to fuck her again. Now both of them had had a cum and they were set for a long one. He sensed her, feeling her hands on his back, what they were asking for, her breathing, the movement of her pelvis and the pressure in her pussy – pressure which would never go high but would change perceptibly, he just had to tune into it.

He drifted in sex space, half aware of Sara, the hot sun, Dani lying completely still nearby, and the beautiful young girl under and around him, whose body his cock was there to worship. Time passed, time spent in bliss, then eventually he felt her starting to demand a release. Gradually he increased the speed of his fucking, feeling her respond, her hands no longer resting on him but gripping him, her arms round his back, and then with speed and force still not too scary for their inexperienced spectator they were cumming, cumming freely together, locked in the moment. It had been beautiful, Mike knew. He was hoping it had looked beautiful from the outside as well.

Natasha had almost passed out, as she had before after a big cum. Sometimes she could put everything into it and have nothing left for a while.

Sara stroked a hand over his back and ass. “That was so beautiful.”

“It was, incredible,” Dani was awestruck, “I can’t even believe how different that was from what James does. It’s not on the same planet.”

Mike smiled at her: “Is James your only one, so far?”

“Yes,” she said, “if I’d realised, God, I’d have ditched him ages ago.”

“Mike is the best,” Sara spoke, “he’s only my second but I know my first was fantastic, really fantastic, and Mike’s better. Personally, you know, I wouldn’t judge anyone else by this standard.”

“I can see, I think,” Dani agreed, “I guess I have to try and teach the next one what he’s supposed to be doing - provided he can last more than a minute.” Mike felt a bit sorry for James.

“You haven’t any sun cream have you?” Sara asked Dani, “I didn’t bring any.”

“We must have,” Dani disappeared into the house, returning with a couple of bottles.

“Oh thanks,” said Sara, lying on her front and making no effort to take them. “I don’t suppose you could put a bit on my back could you?”

Dani laughed, “Sara you’re quite naughty aren’t you?” She knelt down next to her. “I’ll put some on, it doesn’t mean you’re going to put some on me though.”

“OK,” Sara smiled back, “someone ought to though, even though your skin’s so lovely and brown, the sun’s so strong and we’ve been out here a while already.”

“I will,” Natasha was awake again. “I ought to put some on too really.”

Mike reached for one of the bottles and squirted some onto Natasha, then spread it over her fabulous slender body, her face, neck, tits and on down to her feet. She loved being touched and cared for, and he loved cherishing her. She turned over and he did the other side of her, all over.

He had watched Dani spread some over Sara’s strong little back, pushing her hair aside to do her broad shoulders, then rubbing it down over her trim little waist and onto the top of her ass, but then stopping. It had been done with natural sensuality and Sara had lapped it up. “There,” said Dani standing up, “you can reach the rest yourself now.” They smiled at each other, both knowing what the game was.

Dani was not going to be a pushover; Mike was intrigued how it was going to play out between them. He was trying to factor in Dani’s sisterly instinct not to be outdone by Natasha, on top of Sara’s desirability, against Dani’s feelings about knowing someone well before she had sex with them. And she still had the normal taboo about lesbianism, he was pretty sure.

He watched Dani lay down and Natasha spread sun cream on her back, as Sara started doing his back, then his ass and legs . When he was covered he rolled over onto his back, seeing Natasha still going. Dani had her eyes closed, while Natasha lazily stroked over her back with her fingertips, the cream long since rubbed in. Dani’s bra strap was still done up, which it wouldn’t have been if it had been Sara doing it; Mike smiled at the thought.

Sara had started with his feet and legs, and then straddled him to do the rest. She finished with his face, then got off him, grinning. Grinning because she knew he’d been expecting her to fuck him, and she hadn’t. She’d slid off towards the middle of the cover, next to Natasha.

They lay in the sun, and Ben came over, a tall, elegant and friendly dog, sweet-natured; very suitable for these girls Mike thought. Ben came to him after Dani and Mike scratched him gently and spoke nonsense to him in a friendly tone. Ben wagged in appreciation. “He’s a lovely dog,” he said to Natasha and Dani, “is a he a rescue?”

“Yes,” Dani answered, “Mum saved him, she said they’d have killed him otherwise, but he’s ours now, all safe, no more racing or kennels. Mum loves animals.”

“And trees,” said Sara, joining in.

“Yes, she loves this place,” said Natasha, “she knows all the trees, which ones they are and everything, and she has paths through the wood that she keeps cut so we can go for walks through, and Ben obviously, he loves it too.” She reached out for the dog and he obligingly moved over to be stroked.

“Does she work?” Mike was curious despite himself, “or does she spend all her time here?”

“Oh no,” Dani was answering the first question, surprised at the idea, “she has to be here for Dad, he wouldn’t want her working. He’s totally old-fashioned, you know, the breadwinner. He comes home and everything has to be ready for him, even though he’s always late and on the phone again and everything. We don’t see much of him, to be honest. He only cares about his garages.”

“He got your mum this wood for her, though?” Sara was interested too. Not everyone had a wood.

“Oh yes, he buys things for us,” Dani wasn’t all that grateful, “but Mum’s the one who looks after us, really. She’s always here.”

“She didn’t want to go to America,” Natasha confided, “but Dad wanted her to. He’s always dragging her to business meetings and things. He says she distracts the other men in the meetings,” she half giggled, but it wasn’t entirely a joke.

“She looks like you then,” Mike smiled.

“Well we’ve got her looks, not Dad’s, haven’t we Dani? She’s half Italian,” she said as though that explained it.

Sara was starting to caress Natasha, Mike noticed. Natasha automatically responded and stroked her back, her breathing changing as Sara stroked her pert teen tit. Suddenly their nudity looked sexy again.

“Would you like to see the path through the wood?” asked Dani, a little uncomfortable with the lesbian affair going on right in front of her.

Mike took the hint and started to get up, and the girls followed. Dani started putting her jeans on and they all got dressed, a nude walk through the woods not feeling quite right while one of them wasn’t nude.

The trail was about six feet wide, and they strolled through the wood in pairs with Ben running ahead of them. Sara had grabbed Natasha and Mike found himself walking with Danielle.

“It looked like you really loved her, Tash, when you were…” she left the question hanging.

“Yes I do,” Mike hadn’t fully realised. “Not in a husband-wife sort of way, but…in the way that I really care about her and would always look after her. And I really love being around her, she’s so beautiful, on the inside as well, if you know what I mean.”

“You seem so caring, and Sara as well. But you were after me, weren’t you? Straight away? As well as Tash. Aren’t you loyal to her, I mean, do you just fuck girls you meet?”

Mike felt caught out. The sex-mad world he’d inhabited for the last few days had seemed obvious, but it wasn’t. “It has all been very sudden, between all of us,” he tried to explain, “Sara seduced me in about fifteen minutes, same with Tashie. But she’s not promiscuous at all, we’re only the third and fourth people ever, even looking like she does.

“Though I was a very private person. But I just couldn’t resist either of them. And you, well, I don’t know, it was as though I knew you already, you look so like Natasha. Well, not quite like her, but more like her than anyone else does. And you feel like her, in many ways. And with both of you, I suppose we just liked you instantly.” He smiled at her, having found and told the truth.

“Plus, you know, Sara and I are completely sex-crazed,” he grinned at her.

“I can’t believe how Tash has changed,” Dani smiled back. “You must be good for her, even though it’s all a bit weird. I mean, she went to work on Monday just normal, called in for some things a couple of times, now it’s only Thursday and she’s in a lesbo porn movie wearing some kind of dildo. She fucks you twice right in front of me, a huge fuck and a cum that just about knocks her out…

“But she’s so happy. Confident suddenly.” She shook her head, “and look…” She was looking at Natasha walking with Sara, the two with their arms round each other, Natasha pointing things out and Sara’s enthusiastic tones just audible. They looked like lovers.

Mike found Dani’s hand in his. “Well you ought to court me for a bit, at least,” she smiled at him. Mike spent the rest of the walk with an erection, thinking it was splendidly old-fashioned and nice.

It seemed odd but they spent the rest of the afternoon with their clothes on, had dinner, and took Ben for a walk along the paths nearby. Sara took her turn holding hands with Dani, her big grey eyes twinkling more mischievously than ever. Mike walked in the gathering dusk with his arm around Natasha’s tiny waist, feeling he loved everybody.

Back at the house they sat down in the living room. Mike waited for Sara to start something, and she didn’t disappoint him.

“So Tashie,” she said, “it’s nearly bedtime, aren’t you going to change into your pyjamas?”

“Oh!” Natasha took only a second to get into the game, “I suppose I should,” she grinned at Dani, “as I’m so sweet and innocent.”

Dani smiled back, not wanting to spoil anything but not really understanding.

“What do you wear to sleep in, Dani?” asked Sara, her gorgeous wide mouth open in the biggest grin Mike had seen, “I don’t suppose it’s something it would be safe to be caught in outside, for example?”

“Oh!” said Dani, starting to get it, “well, I don’t know, I’m not sure I’m ready for, you know, whatever you’re up to…”

“That’s OK Dani,” Mike didn’t want her pushed into it even if she could be pushed; and he wasn’t sure she could be anyway. “it’s a bit of an in joke, sort of thing. And no courting at all I’m afraid.” He laughed. “We’ll be back, if that’s OK?”

“Oh yes, do stay,” Dani didn’t want them to actually leave, either.

“You might hear a suspicious noise in the garden, but Tashie will investigate it, I expect,” he finished with a smile.

Natasha disappeared up the stairs and Sara led Mike out through the French doors onto the lawn. There was just enough light to see where they were going, still dusk and a bright moon in the sky. Sara guided him round to the side of the house and touched his had with a cold object – the silicone strapless strap-on. “My turn, OK?” She whispered. “OK,” replied Mike. The little sexpot minx. They peered round the corner.

In a few minutes Ben came out followed by Natasha in her pyjamas and trainers. She was into her role straight away: “Did you hear a noise Ben?” her voice was higher than usual, a little girl voice, as she walked out onto the lawn.

Mike and Sara crept along the house wall, cutting her off, then Mike gave a low grunt.

“Oh!!” cried Natasha and set off running.

“Get her!” called Sara, trying to put on a deep voice.

“After her!” Mike joined in, and they ran off across the lawn after Natasha, who reached the edge of the lawn and disappeared along the trail into the trees, with Ben running joyfully alongside her.

In the wood it was a lot darker. Mike could see where the trail went but not much more. He had to slow down. Natasha had been fast, she really could run, and she knew the ground of course; she’d disappeared. He could hear footsteps in the distance, but the trail was winding and didn’t lead directly towards them. They came to a fork, where the trail went round near the edge of the wood one way, and cut across the interior to the other side, the other way.

“Shall we split up?” whispered Sara.

“OK,” whispered Mike, and when Sara took the edge fork he set off along the other one. He walked, unsure of his footing. Surely it would be impossible to find anyone who simply kept still. Eventually he came to another trail, the other side of the wood he realised. He waited, listening.

Ben came up to him, greeted him with a sniff, then went back along the trail towards the far end of the wood. Mike followed him, just able to keep up with his casual Greyhound trot. He saw Ben go off the trail to a tree, only his wagging tail remaining visible. He crept up, hearing a girl’s whispering voice trying desperately to shoo Ben away.

“Aha!!” he said, rushing round the tree and grabbing the girl hiding there.

“Ohhh!” she cried, “Help! I’ve been captured!”

Her arm wasn’t slender enough to be Natasha’s and her voice was slightly different. It was Dani.

Just then he heard running footsteps coming up the trail towards them. Natasha. Sara in pursuit but she was never going to catch her. He pulled Dani into the trail and as Natasha ran round the bend and saw them she stopped. In a moment Sara had grasped her.

“Oh! No! Save Me!” Natasha was still in her role, too.

“Good work, mate,” said Sara in her put-on deep voice. “what shall we do with them?”

Mike felt Dani shiver. It wasn’t that warm for standing around hiding and her arms were bare. “Home invasion mate,” he replied in a gruff voice, “we’ll have a look round inside and see what we want.” He felt Dani shudder as he delivered the final menacing words.

Mike and Sara marched their captives back across the lawn. Dani was wearing a babydoll nightie, he saw in the moonlight; she really had changed her mind.

They went back into the living room, waiting for Ben who had wanted the game to continue, then closing the doors. Sara was already molesting Natasha, fondling her tits through the pyjama top. The pyjamas were very loose on her slender body and in a moment Sara’s hands had undone a button and were feeling her up inside the fabric. Her victim was starting to gasp, really turned on already.

Mike kissed Dani’s neck, still holding her arms, then pulled her arms behind her and gripped both of her wrists in one hand. With other he started to follow Sara’s bad example.

The nightie was short, thin and loose, half transparent, with a small pair of matching panties. He stroked lightly over a pert, plump breast, then squeezed it lightly. Then he ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh, towards her pussy. She started to struggle, seriously, and Mike let her go, apologising.

“Sorry,” she said, “sorry, I thought I’d want to, but I’m not ready. Not ready after all. Sorry. I’m just not that sexy I suppose.” She was looking at Natasha, nearly in tears it seemed.

“It’s OK,” Sara had let go of Natasha as well and put her arm round Dani, “It’s OK, I’m sorry, it’s our fault, it’s too quick.” She kissed Dani on the cheek and made way for her Natasha.

“Dani,” Natasha took Sara’s place and hugged her sister, “we’re the ones who’re a bit sex mad, not you. It doesn’t matter, honestly.” They hugged for a minute. Then Mike saw first Natasha, and then Dani, press her pelvis slightly forward into the other.

He and Sara watched agog as Natasha pulled Dani’s supple back into her, then slid her hand down and pulled her ass in. She pulled her hair aside and kissed her neck, then her hand slipped down further onto the top of her thigh, and stroked slowly up her ass cheek, over her little panties. “You are sexy Dani, you just need it to be with someone you really know.”

Jesus Christ.

Sara had already made the adjustment. She put her deep voice back on.

“So!” she pronounced menacingly, “since there’s not much we can steal, you sisters are going to have to give us a show! Where’s a camera? Come on! We know you’ve got one.”

Natasha rose to the occasion. “I’ve got one,” she said in a timid voice, “don’t hurt us.”

Sara marched Natasha upstairs and they reappeared with a compact camera. She pushed Natasha at Dani, and Mike took his cue and stood with his hands on his hips blocking the other gap between the sofa and an armchair, supposedly penning the girls in.

“Right! Carry on,” he said in his gruff voice, “and make it good.” The girls held each other.

Sara was fiddling with the camera, looking for its video mode, then after a few seconds found it and pointed it at the captured sisters.

“Kiss again,” instructed Sara. Natasha led Dani into a long, sensuous kiss, her hands in her hair and round her neck, and her pelvis pressing into her, rubbing against the top of her thigh. After a few seconds Dani started to respond, then they were really into it, and Mike started to take his clothes off. His cock needed room, and there was no way Sara was not going to need a fuck.

He watched as two of the most beautiful sisters in the world had sex together, Natasha leading the way and Dani following. Surely Dani’s legs were the most gorgeous he had ever seen. Natasha’s slender, sensual fingers traced over the thin babydoll nightie, caressing the delicious body of her sister underneath. Dani’s nipples poked enticingly up, tempting Natasha to squeeze them through the material. Then Natasha knelt and slowly pulled Dani’s little panties down. She fluffed up her bush and combed her fingers through it, then stood up again.

Mike moved over to Sara and undressed her while she carried on filming, swapping hands while he pulled her sleeves off. He felt the dildo in her pocket and laid it on the back of the sofa, then he manoeuvred her behind the sofa and nudged her feet apart. Sara duly leaned over onto the sofa back, presenting her pussy, and he slid his rock hard cock into it.

Meanwhile Natasha had stripped Dani to reveal her fabulous teen body, as gorgeous as her own and Sara’s, but in its own individual way. He was pleased to see she had kept her bush as well, it was like an arrowhead pointing at her pussy. He couldn’t decide what part of her to focus on – neck, shoulders, tits, waist, ass, legs, every bit of her was fabulous. And her beautiful young face, right next to Natasha’s beautiful young face, her eyes hazel with green flecks…he was cumming.

Almost without noticing Sara had gone into orgasm, carrying Mike’s hypersensitive cock with her. The scene being enacted before them was too wildly erotic. He pumped into her a few times as they finished, but he didn’t withdraw. He’d hardly even gone soft. He leaned forward and kissed her ear, and she ‘mmm’d back at him appreciatively.

It was Dani’s turn to strip Natasha, which she did with teasing slowness, easing the top over her shoulders at a snails pace so the front hung tantalisingly on her pert tits, before swinging wide and off. Then she pulled one end of the drawstring holding the bottoms up, ever so slowly so they were all watching the bow get smaller and smaller before it finally came undone. The pyjama bottoms stayed up for a second, then with a rustle of fabric slid down to the floor exposing the rest of her slender form to the camera.

The sisters stood clutching each other again for a few seconds, their naked bodies pressed together, then collapsed gracefully to the floor. Mike tossed the strapless strap-on over to them. “Get busy with that, doll,” he growled, looking at Natasha, “or it’ll be the worse for you.”

Natasha rolled onto her side, facing the camera, lifted her upper leg, and slowly slid the shorter bulbous end into her pussy. She looked rather practiced at it, Mike thought.

“Oh no, you can’t make us do this,” Dani was getting into the spirit of it, “we’re only young and innocent, how can you be so heartless, forcing us to have girlie teen incest?”

“Very easily,” Mike growled, “get on with it before we think of something worse.”

Natasha nudged Dani onto her back and pushed her legs apart, then moved between them and slid a finger into her pussy. She worked it in and out, then slid down and ate her. Dani groaned loudly and writhed as her pussy was worked over by her own beautiful younger sister, then just before it seemed like she was going to cum, Natasha stopped, fished out a glob of pussy juice and smeared it over the dildo. She slid three slender fingers into Dani’s pussy, opening it, then manoeuvred her pelvis to line up the dildo.

All four of them held their breath as Dani was penetrated, the red silicone cock disappearing into her as Natasha’s slender pelvis landed against Dani’s slightly wider one, the two teen sisters’ pussies now joined by the sex toy.

“How much did you and Tashie do last night?” Mike whispered in Sara’s ear.

“Lots,” Sara whispered back, “she has loads of stamina, she fucked me three times, and I did her twice as well.”

God. No wonder she looks so expert, he thought, as he watched Natasha start fucking her sister with a slow, fluid stroke. She lifted Dani’s knees, and Mike could see her arranging their contact to involve their clits, a quick rub on every in-stroke.

They were both gasping and groaning in rhythm with Natasha’s pistoning dildo, Dani’s hands on Natasha’s slender back, Natasha starting to move her pelvis around to stir her pussy with the bulbous end inside her. The sight of her slender, feminine body doing the fucking was amazing. Dani’s gorgeous young body getting the fucking was equally amazing. He started to move in Sara again.

Sara put the camera down on the arm of the sofa, no longer able to hold it steady, leaving it pointing towards the sisters. “On the floor, can we?” she said to Mike and he followed her down with his cock until she was on her hands and knees. “Can we change over?” she asked, lifting one flexible thigh. He pulled her into him and crouched while she swivelled round on his cock to be face to face. “Hello you. Let’s go and join those sexy sisters,” she grinned at him, and Mike stood up and walked with her onto the rug in front of the sofa, crouched down again, and laid her on her back next to Natasha and Dani.

They all fucked together, raising the level for each other. Mike kept looking at Dani to see how close she was. He checked with Natasha, and saw she was controlling the tempo, holding off the orgasm, her beautiful young face intense, but with a smile on it almost as naughty as Sara’s.

Sara reached over and stroked Natasha, and then Dani. “You’re so sexy,” she gasped, “so sexy.”

Dani couldn’t speak, it looked like. Mike saw her face change, looked at Natasha, and nodded. They both changed gear and started fucking in sync, in, out, in, out, so Sara and Dani were gasping together as well. Mike started pressing into Sara on each stroke and felt her start cumming, her strong young body writhing and thrusting under him, and her strong pussy gripping his cock and setting off his matching orgasm. He pumped his sperm into her gorgeous body, hearing Dani cumming as well, and Natasha too, a sexy chorus of cums, he grinned to himself.

Gradually they slowed to a stop.

“Oh wow,” Sara was the first to speak, “that was the very, very greatest. Dani, welcome to the sex club.” She giggled at her.

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