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How to Choose a Secretary, Chapter 16

The sex club gets a new member
“Oh wow,” Sara was the first to speak, “that was the very, very greatest. Dani, welcome to the sex club.” She giggled at her.

“God!” gasped Dani, “I can’t believe I’ve done that. Me! Lesbian. Incest…Christ, fucked to an orgasm by my own sister. Being filmed! God! That was the first cum, with someone else. My first.”

She looked up into Natasha’s face and kissed her. “Tash, I don’t understand how it’s happened, but…I don’t know. I need to go and sleep. Come with me, please.”

She looked at Mike and Sara: ”Will you be OK in the spare room? It has a double bed.”

They all went upstairs, where Dani showed them the spare room before disappearing with Natasha. Mike had a shower while Sara phoned home, then got into bed while Sara showered. He was dimly aware of Sara’s warm, fragrant body getting into bed beside him, and then, with his arm round her, he went to sleep.

He woke with light coming through the curtains and Sara shaking his shoulder. “Mike, wake up, there’s something going on, someone’s come, it sounds like their mother.”

He got up, feeling his stubble. Also feeling very nervous and trying to work out if they could present him in some acceptable role. Damn. Fifty-two and here he was with her two teenage daughters and another teen as well. She herself was probably a good bit younger than him. What could he say? He washed, and did his teeth with a finger and his tongue.

Sara washed while he dressed, then put her arm round him. “She doesn’t have to know about Tashie and Dani, you’re simply mine.” She stood in front of him, looking him in the face, gorgeous and unafraid. “It’s a bit unusual but there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s completely beautiful between us. OK? Worst case, she doesn’t like it and we leave, that’s it. OK?”

Mike smiled at her. “OK,” he said, “you very special person.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. “Hello you two,” called Dani.

“Come in,” replied Sara.

“Mum’s come home early,” said Dani, not obviously worried, “We don’t know why, yet, but anyway we’re going to have breakfast. We’ve told her about you, the two of you being an item, and she’s fine with it. OK? She’s like that, you’ll see.

“We haven’t told her about us yet though. Not about either of us with either of you, OK? Or each other, obviously.” She smiled. “Come on, you’ll like her.”

Dani ushered them into the kitchen and made the introductions, Natasha sitting at the table watching. Their mother introduced herself as Rachel and was indeed completely friendly. “Call me Rachel,” she said to Sara with a smile, “I don’t want Mike calling me Mrs Byrne and so you mustn’t either.”

She was very direct. “I know you weren’t expecting me, but don’t feel awkward, about your relationship, or being here. The girls tell me it’s a caring relationship and that’s all that matters. Friends of Dani and Tash are always welcome.“

“Thank you,” said Mika and Sara together, sitting down. Rachel turned to pull toast out of the toaster and Sara nudged him. “You’re staring,” she whispered, under cover of the noise of the kettle coming to the boil. Mike dragged his eyes away from Rachel’s back to Sara and made an apologetic face. She grinned at him and offered him the toast rack.

Rachel was the most beautiful woman, adult woman, he had ever met. He forced himself to stop thinking about that and joined in the chit-chat about flights, airports, the wood, the paths and Ben.

They had breakfast in that cordial atmosphere, nobody revealing any secrets, then the sisters started washing up. Their mother went through to the living room and came back holding the compact camera. “I found this on the floor,” she said, “Is it mine? They all look so similar. Has it got my shrubs on it?”

Before she finished speaking she had pressed the Play button and the most recent recording started playing. Nobody had had a chance to do anything,

“Kiss again,” they all heard Sara say in the put-on deep voice. Rachel was staring at the screen. “What’s this?” she said in a rising tone, “What’s this?”

Dani, Natasha and Sara all started talking at once.

“Wait,” said Rachel, “WAIT. Let me watch then we’ll talk.”

If he had been near a door Mike knew he would have fled. As it was, he could only sit and hang his head, awaiting the humiliation. He would be the corrupter of innocence: two sweet, young, beautiful sisters, one of them his employee and under his care, degraded into lesbian incest movie porn.

A few minutes passed while everyone watched Rachel looking at the movie, listening aghast to the soundtrack of sexy gasps.

“Right,” said Rachel, “Sit.”

Everyone sat at the table. “I want to know everything. Every-Thing. About your relationships; every which way. Where did it start?”

“It started with me Rachel,” Mike went into abject confession mode. “I was a sex-starved middle-aged pervert recruiting a secretary, and Natasha applied. So I couldn’t resist her, obviously, and I appointed her.”

“But he never touched me,” said Natasha quickly, “he didn’t do anything.”

“Well anyway,” Mike continued, “yes I hoped Natasha might respond to me, idiotically, and when she didn’t I kept her on and advertised again. I went through a lot of applicants and eventually Sara applied and we hit it off straight away and started a relationship. So then I had two secretaries and they hit it off as well, with each other.”

“It was me Mummy,” Natasha intervened again, “as soon as Sara walked in I was making eyes at her. I didn’t mean to, but I did.”

“It was fun,” Sara wasn’t apologising, just explaining, “Tashie and I just fancied each other, just like that, and so we did stuff. It was, you know, games, being nice, touching, and sexy. And to start with Tashie was only with me, and wasn’t sure about men, so we tied Mike up so she could experiment with him.”

It was a good sugar-coating, Mike thought, so far.

“And then I learned about him,” continued Natasha, “and stopped being afraid about men, the things those horrible boys said, and found out he was lovely, really, and so I wanted to try him too. And Sara didn’t mind, and so I did.”

“And we played games,” Sara picked it up again, “with Tashie having a bit of a thing about being chased or tied up, as fantasy games, you know, where we all knew really but it was fun, and then Dani came home and ended up joining in.”

“We didn’t plan it,” Dani said, “but it was incredible, yesterday. Mike and Sara were so loving, the way they treated Tash, they really love her, honestly, in some ways. And so then I wanted to join in, they were all so sexy and beautiful together, but I was a scaredy-cat and the only one I dared do anything with was Tash…”

“And that’s what’s on here?” asked Rachel tapping the camera.

“Yes,” Sara answered, ”making the movie was part of the game, you know, Mike and I were the bad guys forcing the innocent sisters…”

Rachel laughed, to everyone else’s amazement. “You naughty lot.” Then she was serious again.

“And has anyone else been involved?” Everyone shook their heads. “Have you had other partners recently?” She was looking at Mike and Sara. “No,” they both said together.

“How about birth control?”

“I’ve had morning-after pills,” said Natasha, “one on Tuesday and one last night, then if my period starts tomorrow, like it ought to, I can get a Depo injection.”

Rachel looked at Danielle. “I’ve been on Depo for a while, actually Mum. For James.”

“Me too, for someone before, a while ago,” said Sara.

“Mmmm,” Rachel was digesting everything. “Tash, what did those boys say to you?”

“They said they wanted to fuck me. Not all of them, two of them. Not both of them together, it was different times. They didn’t try to do anything, you know, but it sounded so horrible, the way they said it.” Natasha’s eyes had gone a bit tearful.

“And is that why you wanted to leave school?” Rachel was on her side.

“Yes. They were in a gang, they were always around, trying to talk to me and calling me names and things. But Sara’s fixed them now.”

“I wish you’d talked to me about it,” Rachel had her arm round Natasha’s shoulder. “They probably didn’t really know what they were saying, I don’t suppose they really meant to threaten you, but we could have done something I’m sure. How did Sara fix them?”

“She stood in front of them and told them she was hers.” Mike told her, with a smile in spite of the situation. “Took her shopping, dressed her to kill, flaunted her in front of the boys, and when they said something just told them she was hers. And the boys didn’t say a thing, just stood there while Sara walked off with her.”

“Pity you didn’t have the camera,” Rachel was smiling. “Sara, thank you, I’d much rather she was yours than any of those boys’.

“Alright, well, it was a shock but on reflection it all seems quite healthy to me,” she announced to general astonishment, “there’s nothing actually damaging with playing around, sharing a man, girl on girl, even sister on sister; it’s not like drugs or anything a parent actually ought to worry about. Not promiscuous actually. You’ve covered all the real risks haven’t you?”

There was murmur of surprised agreement. “You’re not going to produce any offspring, inbred or otherwise, catch a disease or come to any harm. I can see you’re all fond of each other, protective even, Mike and Sara I can see are very nice so I don’t have a problem with it. I’d be much more worried if my daughters were thinking of marrying the wrong man or getting out of their skulls with God-knows-who in town. Your dad won’t see it that way but that’s a separate discussion.

“Thanks for explaining it all, now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and have a sleep after the journey. Then I’ve got some things I have to talk to you about.” She was looking at her daughters. “See you all later.” She smiled and went out.

There was a few seconds’ silence.

“I don’t believe that,” said Dani, “I mean I knew she’s liberal but that’s crazy.”

“So, have I got that right?” asked Mike, “you two can carry on with your lesbian incest? You can fuck old perverts? The whole Sex Club is now officially licensed?”

“We’re the Official Sex Club,” giggled Sara, “wow, what a mum, that’s totally off the scale of cool mums.”

“What shall we do, then?” asked Natasha. She wanted to move on from school and the gang of boys.

“I think we should finish Dani’s initiation,” said Sara, “what do you think Dani?”

“What have you got in mind?” asked Dani apprehensively.

“Well there are two of us who haven’t enjoyed your totally fantastic body yet,” Sara smiled, “and I would love to massage it, personally.”

Sara was eyeing Dani with frank enjoyment, and Dani returned the look, her confidence starting to return. She wasn’t a rebel, Mike could see, and her mother’s approval had made a big difference to her. “OK,” she said, “what with?”

“As it happens,” said Sara with a grin, “I’ve got some massage oil in my bag, that we got for Tashie to use on Mike.”

They discussed where to do it and settled on the lawn over by the summerhouse, which was in the morning sun. “Then Supermum can easily steer clear if she wants,” said Sara, glancing at Mike with her naughty smile.

They went over, with dog Ben joining in, spread the quilt cover and Sara started taking Mike’s clothes off, paving the way for Natasha to start stripping Danielle. Mike was rock hard immediately, watching Dani’s light-brown body being revealed in the sunshine: straight shoulders a bit wider than Natasha’s, gorgeous tits both pert and quite a good handful, high on her chest and attached to her chest over a large area so they weren’t going to sag, small waist, and a pelvis…well he couldn’t say how but it was an especially wonderful pelvis, the shape of it. He would have to analyse it in detail. He grinned.

Dani caught the grin and smiled back, knowing that he wanted her and enjoying it. Mike could see she must have had to accept it as a simple fact that men wanted her, always.

Natasha finished pulling off the jeans and stood up, brushing her delicate fingers over Dani’s tits and nipples. Dani gasped a little and started undressing Natasha while Mike stripped Sara.

Dani lay down on her front and Sara put some massage oil on her hands, then rubbed them smoothly up Dani’s lean, shapely back. She added more oil and worked her sexy little hands over Dani’s shoulders and arms, Dani making little ‘mmm’ noises in pleasure.

Mike absently rubbed his stubble.

“Would you like a razor?” Natasha asked.

“If you’ve got one, thanks,” he said, and went back with her to the house. Tashie seemed to think it was alright to stay naked and it was her house. Her mother was asleep after all.

She led him upstairs to the main bathroom and found a packet of ladies’ razors. “Will these do?” she asked, “they’re new.” “Sure, thanks,” replied Mike, “if there’s some hair conditioner and I take it easy.”

“Can I do it?” asked Natasha, “I’d really like to. I’ll be ever so careful.”

Mike sat on the edge of the bath while Natasha shaved him, her deft hands and total concentration making it seem easy. He meanwhile was the closest he’d ever been to cumming with nothing touching his cock, though she had brushed against it a few times. Her stunning young face with its big green eyes, a few inches away and focussed on tending to him, filled him with love and desire.

“You were my refuge,” she said as she rinsed his face with a flannel, “when I left school I didn’t know where to go, to feel safe, but I had to go somewhere, and you gave me the job. Everyone in the factory was nice to me, you know, respectful. ‘Cos you’d only chosen nice people to work there. And I knew you wouldn’t actually do anything, even though you wanted to.

“So I just wanted to, I don’t know, say thank you, like this.” She kissed him.

Mike stood up, gathering Natasha in his arms. He lifted her, kissed her, and carried her across the landing to her room, his face in her thick, wavy hair. He lay her on her bed, feeling her wanting it, and slid his desperate cock into her gorgeous, fantastic young body. He managed a few strokes before they both started cumming, “Urrh urrh urrh” she groaned and “urgggh” he groaned as he pumped his sperm into her orgasming pussy.

“I’m so sorry,” he heard from the doorway, “I shouldn’t have watched I know. I couldn’t sleep after all and I couldn’t resist it when I saw you going across. It was so sexy.” It was Rachel, wearing a dressing gown. “You didn’t last long did you?”

“That was the starter, Mum,” Natasha wasn’t embarrassed, Mike was amazed, she’d completely adjusted to being Licensed, “the main course will be longer, however long I want it. Mike is just the ultimate lover.”

“Lucky you,” smiled Rachel and walked on, leaving the door open.

Mike smiled at his slender teen lover and gave her a squeeze. “I’m the lucky one,” he said, starting to move again. He felt Natasha’s lithe young body press back up to him as his cock filled back to hardness, and started to dish up her main course.

After their second glorious cum Natasha led him back down the stairs and past the open kitchen door. Mike wasn’t sure where Rachel would be and whether he ought to be hiding his cock with something, at least. Before he could decide she called to him.

“Mike,” she came to the doorway, smiling, “I’m not sure what the protocol is for this sort of situation, but I don’t want there to be any awkwardness about it. I’m fine with you being naked around here, OK? And having sex with Tash, I’ve never seen her so happy. It’s me I’m not quite sure about, to be honest, what I ought to be wearing while there are naked people all over the house and garden.”

“Maybe you should join our club, Mum,” said Natasha.

“Club?” asked Rachel, “I’d be honoured, what’s it about?”

“It’s the Official Sex Club,” Natasha giggled naughtily.

“Tash!” Rachel was still smiling. “What’s come over you? You never used to be like this. But I like this new confident Natasha.” She kissed her on the forehead. “Perhaps I could be an associate member? I was watching Sara giving Dani a massage, through the window, and I must say it looked very pleasant. And it would solve our little issue with protocol wouldn’t it?”

So saying, Rachel undid the belt of her robe and slid it off her shoulders, revealing her naked body to them. There were a few slight lines round her neck, otherwise Mike couldn’t see any differences between her body and Dani’s. Her tits were teen tits, with no sag. Her abdomen was flat. Her arms were lean. Her legs were a fantastic shape, and her skin was fine and smooth, ageless. OK there was the odd extra crease, at the top of her thighs for example.

But the wisdom in her eyes, that was the big difference. He could hardly stop gazing into them, once he started. He knew his pupils were giving him away and he didn’t care.

Natasha pulled at his hand, which she was still holding: “Come on then, let’s get in the sun,” and they set off onto the lawn and across to where Danielle was now massaging Sara.

“Mum!” said Dani, pausing halfway though a stroke up Sara’s gorgeous toned thigh.

“Hello darling,” said Rachel, “hello Sara. Tash and Mike thought I could apply to be an associate member of your club, if that’s alright?”

“I should say so,” said Sara, grinning and blatantly ogling her. “What would you like? Dani’s just finishing me. Well, my massage at least.” She giggled.

“I had been watching you massaging Dani,” said Rachel, “and thinking how nice it looked.”

“Ooh, I’d love to give you a massage, if you don’t mind Dani?”

“No, no, not at all. It’s my turn for Mike I think,” Dani said, making a decision. “I mean, you know, the real thing Mike? Can we? You’ve got me all tingly Sara and I’ve got Tash to help me get ready as well.”

Mike and Natasha were both nodding.

Mike’s senses went into overload as the incredible scene took shape before him. Supermum Rachel lay down in front of Sara, on her front, and Sara started rubbing the exotically scented oil into her firm, slim body. Teen daughter Dani lay down in front of him and Natasha, on her back, waiting for him to make a start. She smelled sexily of massage oil and her skin glowed with a soft sheen.

Mike lay down next to Dani, on his side, and Natasha did the same on the other side. They stroked over her delectable body with their fingertips, first one of them taking the lead while the other copied, then the other way round, whoever seemed to be drawing the most reaction from Dani.

They stroked over her face, even her eyelids, her lips, through her hair, then over her neck and onto her tits, which jutted up hardly spreading at all, even on her back, and they were very responsive. Natasha’s delicate, sensitive fingers had Dani gasping and writhing around as they roamed over her nipples, down to her chest and back again, then lightly cupped the breast, drew back up to the nipple, finishing with a slight squeeze. Mike tried to copy it but he knew his fingers weren’t as good at it.

Dani reacted hard anyway, her breathing quick and shallow. Mike wondered if sensitive tits ran in the family.

Mike looked across: Sara was massaging Rachel’s firm ass; it was completely lean and toned, he could see, with barely a crease under it. Sara’s little hands rubbed over it, making gripping movements, and her thumbs slid down the crack chasing oil down over her rosebud towards her pussy. Rachel had opened her legs slightly and was starting to gasp like Dani. Sara carried on down her deliciously muscled thighs.

Mike and Natasha moved onto Dani’s thighs as well, stroking lightly over the sensitive skin on the inside, near her pussy but not quite touching it. Dani had opened her legs quite wide, but her partners left her frustrated and carried on down to her feet. Then Mike moved his thighs in and gripped hers between them; Natasha did the same so that Dani was held with her legs open, her pussy adding its sexy aroma to that of the oil. Mike slowly drew one finger up her slit, then Natasha did the same. Knowing how good she was at it he left Natasha to coat three fingers in Dani’s pussy juice and transfer some to her clit, then gently rub the lubricated glans between her fingertips.

Dani arched upwards with a load groan, ‘arrrh’, and Natsha stopped.

“How would you like it?” Mike asked. Dani hesitated so he added: “Missionary, doggy with Tashie under at the same time, or you on top?”

“Missionary please Mike, I want you to totally take me, take me, gently, but quick, for God’s sake! I’m so ready!”

Mike moved between her legs, his cock big and hard. He noticed Rachel looking at it, her eyes wide. He nudged the backs of Dani’s knees and she lifted them, presenting her pussy, and he rubbed his cockhead over her labia. Then, very gently, he started to press a little.

It didn’t go in at all, so he slid it up and down slightly, and started pressing rhythmically. Natasha slid a slender hand in and squeezed Dani’s clit, and then her pussy opened and half his helmet slid in. The next gentle thrust saw another half an inch go in, then another, then another.

He stopped and kissed her. “OK?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, you’re just so much bigger,” gasped Dani, “I need to relax I know. I will; keep going. I’ll get used to you all watching.” She smiled at Rachel, Sara and Natasha whose eyes were all glued to her crotch.

Another half inch and he was past the ring of resistance, then each stroke sank in another inch. Before going in all the way he started to fuck her, slowly and with a short stroke. She was very tight, but wet. He felt her pussy start to relax and her thighs open to allow his whole length in.

He started to fuck her with a full stroke, tuning into the sensations from her pussy. It was a bit stronger than Natasha’s, a bit weaker than Sara’s. He could feel a lot of reaction from it, especially when he pressed right in.

He sniffed her hair and kissed her ear and neck. Her eased an arm under her back and the other under her ass, cradling her. Her pleasure didn’t seem to increase. Thinking of her comments the day before he tried a bit less intimacy, pulling his arms back out and lifting his chest off her, and that gave him some better signals.

He moved his hands to just under her pelvis, either side, and that felt right, helping her tilt her pelvis up to him. He varied his stroke, moving his cock around side to side, rubbing briefly at the bottom of the in-stroke, and changing the speed.

Dani’s pussy was loosening up nicely, she had relaxed into it and was absorbed in sex-land, her face intense and out of it. Intense and beautiful.

He took a few moments for himself, savouring her fantastic looks, the light irises hazel with green flecks, big pupils, the half-moon shaped eyes, smallish mouth with a full lower lip, strong eyebrows. So much in common with Natasha, but distinctively different. Her skin a shade darker, her hair too. Her body in between the extremes of Sara’s strength and Natasha’s slenderness, and her pelvis totally inviting like her mother’s.

She was getting close. He’d settled on a stroke which was slow at the beginning and end, with an acceleration in the middle. Now he started landing it a bit harder, and she responded hard. The texture of her pussy changed, going creamier and starting to give his cock extra sensations.

He leaned in to whisper in her ear: “Here you are Dani.” He kissed the side of her neck, listening to her breathing getting faster and faster, and went into a cumming stroke – long, fast and pressing deep into her.

“Urrrrrhhh urrhhh urrrhhh’ she was cumming, sounding quite like Natasha, but more active, bucking under him and pulling his ass with her hands. He was cumming with her, pumping hard into the beautiful girl that his instincts so badly wanted his sperm in - pumped in as deep as could be.

Gradually he slowed to a stop. Dani was still out of it. He let his cock soften for a few seconds then gradually withdrew and slid off onto his side, facing the others across Dani’s fabulous young body. Everyone was smiling.

It hadn’t been as intimate as it was with Sara and Natasha, but he had to remind himself it was the first time; how intimate had the first times been with them? Not very, really.

Sara restarted her massage of Rachel, who had turned over to watch her elder daughter getting fucked properly for the first time.

Natasha was watching him intently. He realised she needed to know that big sister wasn’t stealing him from her. How to reach her, across Dani’s body? These relationships were going to need some care. He stood up.

Natasha stood up too and came to him, hugging him. She looked at Sara: “Does it look like that when he fucks me?”

“Yes,” she said, “except he cuddles you more, ‘cos that’s what you like. Did you see, he tried that with Dani, and it wasn’t what she wanted, so he did something else?”

“I noticed,” said Rachel, “it was very special. I hope you girls appreciate how lucky you are.”

“I do,” said Sara with a grin, “there are sex fiends, great sex fiends, the second greatest sex fiend in the world, and Mike.” She laughed and the others joined in.

“It was beyond fantastic,” Dani had come round. “totally a different thing. The greatest thing I’ve ever felt”

She got up, a trifle unsteady, and came to join Mike and Natasha in a group hug. “He’s yours, Tash, I understand that, OK? I see how he is with you. With me he just lusts after my nubile young body.” She laughed. “OK?” she was looking at her sister and Mike.

“Well,” Mike fished for the right thing to say, but was mercifully interrupted by Sara: “There’s a lot of Mike. A lot of love and a lot of cock,” she grinned, “we each get a bit, don’t we?”

“You can’t expect one man to keep three girls happy,” Rachel smiled, “especially when one of them’s you.” She patted Sara’s potent, sexy ass affectionately, having already taken to her.

“He can come close, you’d be surprised,” Sara grinned, stroking her fingers up Rachel’s inner thigh, “show her Tashie.”

Natasha picked up the challenge and snuggled into Mike, wrapping her gorgeous slender thighs round one of his, rubbing her pert teen tits on his chest, and running her magic fingers over his balls and up his cock. She was smiling her sexiest smile at him.

Mike didn’t try to resist. As his cock started to swell he held Dani with one arm and put his other round Natasha. He had an addition of his own to the play though.

“Nearly there,” he said to Sara with a grin, “I just need a bit of a show.”

Sara grinned back at him and ran a sexy little hand right up Rachel’s inner thigh and onto her clit. “No!” Rachel gasped, toppling backwards, but Sara was too strong and Rachel not determined enough. In a moment Sara had fingers in Rachel’s pussy, a knee between her thighs, and a slick thumb rubbing over her clit.

Mike’s cock had responded to the combined stimuli and was hard and big, Not absolutely rock hard, but hard. Sara was looking, jubilant.

“See?” she said, “Mike’s a total sex machine. As long as it’s a different girl he can always go again. We had him, let’s see, ten times on Wednesday I think it was.”

“Ten?” Rachel was incredulous. And wet. Sara’s fingers were still in her pussy, her thumb moving over her clit.

“That was over the limit though,” Mike didn’t want Sara making promises his cock couldn’t keep. “That’s when we got the strapless strap-on.”

“Still,” Sara wasn’t conceding, “you’ve got a nice useful boner there for one of us, already. What’s that, number four? I bet you didn’t fuck Tashie just once. And it’s not lunch yet. Whose turn is it? Rachel.”

“No you have it Sara,” Rachel laughed, “I can feel you need it. I’ll watch. When I know Mike a bit better I might take a turn. I wouldn’t mind borrowing that strapless strap-on though, now you mention it. After what you’ve started, you little sexpot.”

“Thank you!” Sara kissed Rachel full on the lips, put a hand behind her hair and turned it into a snog for a moment, then stood up and came over to Mike.

Natasha had run off to the house, her nude, slender body moving effortlessly, while Dani passed Sara, exchanging a stroke and a smile, on her way to lie down next to her mother. Mike was trying to see how the sisters were reacting to seeing their mother being played with by a girl their own age.

“What shall we do?” Sara asked, pressing into him. Mike knew instantly he could fuck her any way she wanted.

“Let’s just fuck,” he said, “I want to make it clear to you exactly how gorgeous you are.”

“And you’ve got just the tool for that job,” Sara grinned, stroking it.

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