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How to Choose a Secretary, the Final Chapter (17)

At last, the final chapter in this interminable series :)
Mike and Sara settled into a missionary position on the quilt cover and Mike slid his cock into her, effortlessly as always. He felt her sexy little hands on his sides as he pressed deep into her, her pussy creamy and her strong little body feeling ripe for a hot fuck.

Rachel rolled onto her side to watch them and Mike turned his head to smile at her, running his eyes over her body, which was in incredible shape for the mother of a seventeen-year-old. Flat abdomen, pert tits, it was virtually a teen body. Her fine pale-brown skin was…not oily exactly, that didn’t sound right, but it had a sheen to it, a natural moisture that made it almost ageless. It looked very strokable, too.

He turned his attention back to his sixteen-year-old secretary and her gorgeous actual teen body, slid his hands under her and settled into a rhythm. She so loved sex, it was a complete joy to fuck her.

He became aware of Natasha and Dani kneeling next to their mother, on her other side.

“Mike,” Sara spoke quietly in his ear, “can we slow down and watch?”

Watch? He supposed Rachel had been looking rather sexed-up, now Sara mentioned it. Thanks largely to this same little sexpot under him. Maybe Rachel was going to get herself off, right next to them? He couldn’t decide whether to see her as a beautiful sex fantasy or the mother of Natasha and Dani. She barely looked thirty.

“Thank you darling,” Rachel was saying; for fetching the strapless strap-on Mike realised, “I think I have to take my membership of your sex club to the next level. It’s all so arousing.” She rolled onto her back, opened her legs and raised her knees. Mike saw the red dual dildo in her hand.

“I can’t see!” Sara was too low. “Quick!” She stretched a flexible leg high in the air and Mike ducked his head round it, then helped her swivel onto her hands and knees, so they were doggy. Rachel was now the centre of attention. She looked at them all surrounding her.

“You’re all very naughty,” she said, “it’s a long time since I felt like this.”

Sara crawled up to her, Mike following to keep his cock in her pussy. Rachel was easing the tip of the dildo into herself.

Sara shifted her weight onto one hand, and with the other stroked her little fingers over Rachel’s nearer tit. Rachel gasped. “Sara, you mustn’t, really, it’s too terrible.” But they could all see her nipples erect and that she was making no attempt to fend Sara off.

Mike watched in amazement as Natasha joined in from the far side, running her delicate fingertips over her mother’s other tit. “Oh! Oh!” Rachel’s breasts clearly were very sensitive, especially when stroked with Natasha’s magic fingers. Sensitive tits did indeed run in the family, Mike grinned to himself. In fact Rachel’s daughters resembled her in so many ways, her genes seemed to have been passed on almost undiluted. ‘Thank God for that,’ Mike smiled to himself.

Dani stroked a hand lightly over her mother’s open thigh, moving her fingertips slowly up to her pussy. By now the dildo was fully embedded in her.

“You bad girls,” Rachel remonstrated weakly, “what kind of upbringing must I have given you; and you Sara, your mother, didn’t she teach you any respect? Ohhh!” Dani’s fingers had found her clit.

Mike pumped very, very slowly in and out of Sara’s fantastic pussy, feeling she was close already. It had been hours since she’d had a cum, after all.

Natasha reached her other hand down and grasped the bulbous end of the strapless strap-on, that her mother’s hand wasn’t fully covering. She pushed her mothers’ fingers along, taking control of it. Dani’s fingers were on Rachel’s clit, right underneath.

Mike watched as the sisters competed briefly for their mother’s pussy. Dani looked at Natasha and Natasha, from long habit, backed off. But Mike could see the stakes had been raised. Little sister’s level was pumping their mother with the dildo, therefore big sister Dani would have to do something extra.

Dani moved. In a fluid motion she lifted each knee in turn and in a moment went from alongside Rachel to in between her open legs.

“Darling,” Rachel was gasping, “what are you doing?”

“It’s a strapless strap-on, Mum,” Dani was grinning, “it’s supposed to be for two.” She prised Rachel’s fingers off and bent the end outwards, sliding her body up over Rachel’s. Rachel automatically spread her thighs wider.

Natasha slid a hand in and ran a finger over Dani’s slit and clit, helping her to be ready, and Dani lowered her pelvis and slid back a little, evidently inserting the bulbous end into her cunt. She kissed Natasha and they smiled at each other, still affectionate after the sisterly battle; one of hundreds over the years, Mike was sure.

Dani started to move her pelvis, propelling the main shaft of the dildo in and out of her mother. There were one or two pauses while she got the hang of it. Mike could imagine how the silicone joining the two parts would only take so much force or it would bend and throw it all off line. Also Dani would be learning to grip her part with her pussy.

However Dani’s athletic young body, with its natural coordination, soon got the hang of it and in a minute Rachel was being fucked slowly and rhythmically by her beautiful elder daughter.

Mike watched in absolute amazement. The two were so much alike, it was like a mirage, a gorgeous, beautiful woman being gently fucked by herself.

Sara, he now noticed, had put both hands on Rachel’s chest and was kissing the side of her neck, covering parts of her in her blonde hair. Rachel had put a hand round Sara and was stroking her back. Natasha had gone back to stroking Rachel’s tit, her other hand between her own legs, while Rachel stroked her neck and shoulders.

Mike stroked at a snail’s pace in and out of Sara’s pussy, which he could feel was teetering on the edge of a huge orgasm - pulsating, creamy and turbulent. He timed his strokes to one in three of Dani’s, so that Sara and Rachel’s gasping was synchronised. He smiled at Tashie, who looked close to a cum herself although she was a little bit left out of it. He would make it up to her later.

It looked like Dani had now got her clit aligned with Rachel’s so they were grinding together on each in-stroke. Rachel was starting to moan under Dani’s steady fucking, then in another minute she was starting to cum, and Mike pumped quickly in and out of Sara to bring her to her climax. Rachel was going “Urrrh urrh Urrh” as she came, her body going rigid, and Sara joined her with her own distinctive grunts. Dani and Natasha, Mike was vaguely aware as his own orgasm rushed through him, were cumming as well, their groans similar, all of them setting each other off in a mass cum. He pumped his sperm yet again into Sara, looking down on her incredible body.

Gradually they all slowed to a stop. Mike eased out of Sara and lay down with one arm over her. Sara lay down next to Rachel with her arm still round her. Dani flopped onto her freshly fucked beautiful mother, and Natasha snuggled up to Rachel with Rachel’s other arm pulling her in, to an incredible group hug.

They lay there for a minute, everyone digesting the incestuous orgy.

Rachel squirmed. “Dani, darling, I’m overheating.” She was cocooned in warm bodies. Dani got up and the others made space around Rachel for her to cool off.

“Lunch?” Dani suggested, “what’s the time?” No-one knew but they were hungry. They walked back to the house, still naked, Mike collecting Natasha and keeping his arm round her.

It was wonderful, fantastic, but it seemed to him these relationships couldn’t really be stable, as they were: five people; two sisters with the inevitable sibling rivalry, four highly-sexed girls sharing one cock and a strapless strap-on, one mother, one middle-aged man, one fun-loving sex-mad girl who liked to make things happen. Not to mention one absent wife and one absent husband and father. He would have to raise that with Rachel, now he thought about it.

In the kitchen Rachel and Dani quickly put together a fish salad, making it clear they didn’t need any help. Sara sat down at the table and Mike sat down next to her, pulling Natasha onto his lap. He wasn’t sure she needed the extra attention but she was so sensitive he wanted to be sure. Also it felt nice. Her light, slender body was so wonderful to feel and caress, and she so liked it. He sniffed in her ear and Sara stroked her slender thigh.

“This is the most amazing family,” Sara said happily, “I never knew there was such a sexy family in the whole world.”

“It’s an awful lot sexier since you and Mike arrived,“ laughed Rachel, “we were quite ordinary before. Though I was quite fond of sex when I was young.”

They ate for a while in silence, everyone hungry.

“Aren’t you fond of sex now?” Natasha had been mulling over the gap in her mother’s statement. “What about Dad anyway?”

“Yes, what’s going to happen now, Mum?” Dani preferred her world to be predictable. “We can’t carry on like this can we? But it’s not going to be the same now is it? When dad gets back?” She stroked her mother’s arm.

“Well I was going to talk to you about Dad,” said Rachel, becoming serious. “I was going to wait, but as we’re so close to Mike and Sara now they may as well know too.” She paused, gathering her thoughts.

“Your dad, as you know, is very determined for his business to do well. I’ve always supported him in that, but in America he went too far. A long way too far. He wanted me to entertain someone, without him being there, on my own - a businessman, someone he wants to go into partnership with to buy out a chain of dealerships over there.

“It wasn’t that I was set up to sleep with this man, really, but that wasn’t exactly ruled out either. I was supposed to go out for a meal with him, and to a club or something afterwards. Be nice to him and warm him up to the idea, was how your dad put it. Anyway I felt I was being pimped and we had a row. A big row I’m afraid. He made out it was a joke but it wasn’t. It was his priorities, the business over everything including me.

“To be honest things haven’t been perfect between us for a while. He’s so single-minded. I put up with being used in his meetings and things as a sort of contribution to paying for everything, but now, well…” she took a deep breath, “I’ve told him I want a divorce.”

The girls looked at their mother in silence. She carried on: “In fact, I told him a lot of things. He got very aggressive about it, very angry, and I told him to stay away and not come near me again. I said if he came here I’d fight him for a settlement, half his business, whatever I could get, and I could show in court I’d made a contribution, all the meetings I’ve been to, I’m in the minutes. It’s the one thing that matters to him. Otherwise I just want the house and a reasonable income, I said. So, you may not see him again, unless you want to go and see him.”

“To be honest Mum,” Natasha as so often spoke a simple truth, “I never really got why you married him.”

“Yes, well, I’ve wondered the same. It was sex, mainly, I suppose. In the beginning. We both wanted a lot, and he was very handsome in those days. Though it wasn’t sex like you’ve been learning it. But still, I wanted more of it. But it faded away and his garages took over.”

“He didn’t seem to really want us,” said Dani. He was in the past tense already, Mike noticed.

“I’m afraid he wanted boys really, darling, a son to be like him and carry on with his empire. He didn’t want to stop at you two, he wanted to keep trying, for a son, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to have a large family. So we had that always there as well, his resentment over it. It didn’t help that you take so much after me and not him, either.

“Anyway he can try with someone else now, if he wants.”

Mike wondered if some of Natasha’s lack of confidence, that he’d mistaken for being put down by a jealous older sister, was in fact a sense of being a disappointment to her father. She, more than Dani, had been his last chance of a son.

Well, if he’d learned anything recently it was how easy it was to be wrong about people and relationships.

They had all finished eating. They cleared away and he washed up with Sara and Natasha, then they all strolled back out onto the lawn. There was a generally smoothing on of sun cream, with everyone doing a bit of everyone else, generating a communal sexiness. Mike ended up with a semi, but they were all a bit dozy after the lunch; nobody jumped on him and he dozed, lying between Rachel and Natasha.

He heard Sara and Dani talking about their sex lives.

“I’ve never even bothered with a boy,” Sara was saying. It sounded like Dani had been talking about James and his troubles with premature ejaculation and then impotence.

“James is very nice,” Dani had some loyalty to him, “he’s good to be around, you know, good fun, he makes me laugh. If it wasn’t for his useless cock.” She laughed, making light of it. She saw Sara grin across at him and looked round, “and talking of cocks…” Dani rolled over and reached across Natasha for him.

Mike took her hand. He kissed Natasha, sensing a faint anxiety in her still, and stood up, pulling Dani with him. They walked onto the grass and he pulled her to him, his cock hard and ready. Her delicious, fluid body pressed into him and he pressed back, stroking her lightly down her back, rubbing his cock against her mons. Her pert tits pressed into his chest.

He felt her shape with his hands: slender neck, good shoulders, small waist, lovely pert ass and a fantastic pelvis - what was it that was so perfect about it? It wasn’t too tall, for one thing, so her waist started early. It was deep, but not too deep, and wide to exactly the right extent to match her waist and her thighs. Her thighs, they were very gorgeous, deeper than they were wide, plenty of muscle on them, and shaped, really shaped.

“You totally love girlie teen bodies, don’t you?” she was partly teasing, partly trying to learn something.

“You noticed,” Mike smiled back, rubbing his cock against her.

“James would have cum already,” she lamented, “we can never do anything like this. And it feels so wonderful.” She pulled herself against him again.

He ran his hands through her hair. “I wonder if it’s nerves? How many times have you tried?”

“Five,” she said, “it’s been the same every time. He cums straight away. Either as soon as he’s in or even before. And then he can’t get it up again, whatever I do. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well I suppose,“ Mike was thinking about it, “having cum prematurely would knock his confidence wouldn’t it? That could explain why he goes impotent afterwards. And I bet cumming too soon could be a nervous thing too.

“You are extraordinarily beautiful you know,” he looked into her face, “it could easily be pretty intimidating for a young man. Like finding himself with a movie star.

“Do you mind if I ask: how long does it take you both to get him inside?”

“Well, a few minutes, you know. A bit longer than with you this morning, for some reason, even though he’s not as big.”

Mike hugged and kissed her. “Sounds a bit like you’re making each other nervous. I think a bit more practice would help. It’ll make him more confident, if you’re more confident. And if you’re a bit easier to enter, that could make him feel more welcome and make the whole thing feel more right and natural.”

“You’re so, wise and caring Mike,” she smiled at him. “So…you think the answer is you ought to fuck my teen body some more, to make it less innocent?” She broke away from him, laughing, and ran, looking over her shoulder. He set off after her. It was a game, but she also wanted him alone, he realised.

He didn’t chase too hard, laughing and watching her gorgeous legs in action as he followed in a lap of the lawn, then she dived off down the path into the wood. Towards the end of the wood she let him catch her and he got a hand on her shoulder. The chase had left her panting and excited.

“Mike you’re so right, I need to be fucked properly, “ she gasped as he grabbed her naked young body.

He pulled her to him, kissing the side of her neck. She felt fantastic and his cock, which had deflated while he was running, came straight back up to hardness. “You just have to want it, OK?” he said into her ear. “Get used to the sensation of having a cock in you, when it feels right, when there’s enough affection, and then it’ll just happen easily.”

He lay down on the short grass, feeling it cool on his back, and held out his arms for Dani. She straddled him and he reached out a finger to stroke along her slit. She was moist, but not really wet. “Don’t try yet,” he said, “lie on me.”

Dani lay on him and he stroked her delicious young body, running his fingertips over her fine skin. After a few minutes he felt her relax. He shifted his legs to move one between hers, and raised his knee, bringing his thigh up into her crotch. He pressed it into her and she pressed back, then started to hump him. After a minute he spoke quietly in her ear. “OK lie flat on me again, lie right on my cock.” Dani did, and he felt her mons swollen this time.

“Can you feel it?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed.

“Do you remember how it felt in you, this morning?”


“Do you want that feeling again?”

“Yes I do.”

“Do you want my cock inside you?”

“Yes I do.”

“How much?”

“Totally much. I really want it.”

“Do it then.”

She sat up and lifted his big, hard cock up to her pussy. Mike could see she was wet and ready. She put the head at her slit and started to lower herself. It started to slide in, easily, and he felt her tense and block it.

“Did you feel?” he asked, “you decided not to let it. Just for a moment you stopped wanting it. Want it again. Want the feeling.”

“OK” she said, lowering herself again. This time it just went in. She slid it half in, then out a little, then back in all the way.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, starting to move, “it’s in. That was so easy, once I was ready.”

Mike lay back and let the beautiful seventeen-year-old fuck him. He watched her face, intensely in the sex zone, the big hazel eyes with green flecks, her pupils huge, strong eyebrows, cheekbones, and the rest of the amazing package.

She fucked him for a long time, more or less of necessity because she was unable to move her whole body very quickly. When her movements finally became urgent he started to fuck upwards into her; she stopped moving and he pumped her fast and hard. They were cumming immediately, she moaned in the rhythm of the fuck as he spurted into her spasming young pussy, again and again, until they were spent. Then she lay down on him and he stroked her some more.

A few minutes later he felt her start to move again. His ever-ready cock sprang to attention.

“So you want some more of the feeling?” he asked softly in her ear. “The feeling of a nice cock in your sexy pussy? Is this what your pussy’s for?”

”Yes! Yes I want it. I feel so sexy. Fuck me. Mike, turn me over and hold me, cuddle me, and fuck my sexy pussy with your big cock.”

Mike pulled her to him and they rolled over. He held her with one arm up her back and the other under her pelvis. He fucked in and out a couple of times.

“So is this the feeling?” he asked again, “the feeling you want as the cock is about to enter you?”

“Yes,” Dani gasped. “The Feeling. I’ll always want it now. Fuck me.” She pressed up into him and he set off with her towards another fabulous orgasm.

Twenty wonderful minutes later they came again, then lay together a while longer. After some time they got up and walked back to the lawn, where the others were asleep in the afternoon sunshine, Sara and Natasha in a loose embrace and Rachel spooned into Sara with an arm over her.

“God, this is so amazing,” Dani was enthralled. “Let’s make tea for them.”

Being naked in the kitchen with her made him tingle again, her gorgeous nude body in the confined space, but he didn’t want to overdo it with her. Well, not totally anyway he smiled to himself. Though he did stroke her from time time, enjoying her skin with its new tan, the outline of her bra and panties still there, a bit paler, from yesterday.

The others woke up as they arrived with the tea and they lay around in happy camaraderie. Mike was trying to guess who had done what with whom among Rachel, Sara and Natasha but there was no clue, they all seemed close, cheerful and sated. Evidently Natasha was interested in him and Dani though: “So Dani, did you get fucked, or what?” she teased.

“Not what, for sure” Dani giggled. “God, it’s so different. I feel so sexy now. Before, I don’t know, it was like a performance or something, trying to have sex. Now it’s like…being together with someone, Mike made it like caring for me.” She stroked his arm.

“Maybe James should see that,” suggested Rachel, “if that’s not too wild an idea.”

“The Licensed Sex Club performs its civic duty,” laughed Sara, “that would be so cool.”

“I suppose.” Dani was a little unsure. “You don’t think he’d be put off, being smaller? His cock I mean,” she smiled, “he’s quite tall actually, but his cock’s a bit smaller, thinner especially. He might see Mike’s equipment and think he’s never going to be any good at it.”

“Tashie could get him hard, even if he’s shy,” said Sara. “Her fingers are magical. Then you just have to convince him he feels as good. Assuming he will?” She looked at Mike and Rachel for confirmation.

“In my wild youth I never noticed the size, once they were in me,” said Rachel, “though I never tried a really small one I suppose. How small is he, anyway?”

“About this,” replied Dani, opening out her fingers to a handspan.

“That’s about five and a half inches?” said Rachel, “that’s what my hand is anyway and yours are the same as mine. It’s average for a cock actually. You don’t want to believe all those sex stories. Five something is normal. And about one and a half across, but a bit less won’t feel any different. Pussies are very elastic, after all: we can get a grip on pretty much anything.” She laughed, then was caring again.

“The emotional side is much more important. That’s what you need to show him. Sara was just telling me about her teachers, two of them who showed her everything, in such a caring way. Well; see what you think, if Mike’s wiling.”

“Mmmm, well, I don’t know,” Mike joked, “what’s in it for me?” He pulled the beautiful Danielle to him and they all grinned. “But maybe I should be with Tash or Sara, so it’s not too much of a competition.” There was a nodding of heads and Dani went off to phone her young boyfriend.

She came back quarter of an hour later. “He was amazed, totally amazed, but he wants to. He says thank you very much, “ she smiled. “He’s so polite. He’s coming tomorrow, mid-morning. I told him not to tell anyone else, and he won’t.”

Mike was starting to feel sexy again, surrounded by the four incredible girls, but he was also starting to feel guilty about his wife Tessa. He’d been tending to forget about her, and that wasn’t the plan. The plan was for the girls to be in addition to his home life not an alternative. He found his phone and walked across the lawn to call her, thinking he would go home, have dinner and spend the night there, at least.

“Yes come home,” Tessa said, “we should talk anyway. Lamb for dinner?” She didn’t seem too desperate to see him. Well, he had to acknowledge he must be doing some damage to his relationship with her, with this indulgence.

He dragged himself away from the girls and drove home, to find a car in the drive. Tessa exchanged a kiss with him and led him into the living room where a man was standing, rather uncertainly Mike thought.

Tessa introduced him as Brian, a friend from the Gardening Club. Mike shook hands with him and exchanged a few pleasantries about the weather and the need for some rain for the plants, then Brian made his excuses and left. He seemed a pleasant chap, a few years older than himself, perhaps. Rather tense.

Tessa got him a drink and he sat down in the familiar surroundings. He had sat on the sofa, and Tessa sat next to him as usual, but he had a bad feeling, suddenly. Typically, Tessa didn’t mess about.

“I’ve become quite fond of Brian,” she said, “he’s a very caring person, and we get along well. I’ve been seeing more of him just recently, as you can imagine. I wanted you to meet him.

“Now I don’t want you to say anything, just yet, I want us to have dinner while you think about what you want. What you really want. We’re the same age but in some ways you’re younger than me now. I can understand that but I want to be with someone, not on my own. I don’t need sex, or even a lot of intimacy, but I do want to be the focus of someone’s attention. I want to share my life with someone, and share theirs.

“So my question is, whether we should separate, for a while at least. Maybe you’ll get through this phase, or maybe it’ll always be this way, but I’d rather face it head on than wait. You know what I’m like.” She smiled at him. A slightly sad smile, but determined. Mike felt close to crying, but managed to stop himself.

Tessa carried on: ”I’ve slept with Brian, if that helps you decide. How many girls have you slept with, this week?”

“Slept with him?” Mike was shocked.

“Yes, using a lubricant, it was very nice. I don’t suppose it’ll be a regular thing, either way, but it cemented our relationship. So tell me about your week. How many? How many girls and how many times?”

“Well,” Mike had to drag the admissions out of himself, “three girls, and possibly, well, thirty times perhaps I’m not sure.” It sounded terrible now he said it out loud.

“Alright,” Tessa had made her point, “I’ll finish cooking then we can have dinner.”

Over dinner Mike came to realise there was no going back to how things had been before.

Tessa gently expanded on her view of things: “I don’t suppose you realise how involved you’ve been with your precious factory over the last year? I’ve been quite cut off from you. Compared to when you were messing about in the garage, here, every day.

“And now you’re successful and you’ve changed. For the better I daresay, but it’s not the same between us. And now you have these girls, they’re part of this other life and it’s not my life.

“Now I have Brian, if I want, and he does suit my life.” She reached across and put her hand on his.

Almost before he realised he was back in his car, having agreed a trial separation and kissed her goodbye, for now. Only as he drove down the road did he realise he hadn’t actually arranged to go back to Rachel’s, though he was automatically driving in that direction. He stopped on a quiet bit of road and went for a walk, and gradually his thoughts clarified. Rightly or wrongly, home suddenly seemed more with the girls - Sara, Tashie, but also Dani and, he hoped, Rachel - than with Tessa in his old house where not much happened. The pace of his life had accelerated, while Tessa preferred the old pace: the pace she would have with Brian.

For himself, there were all kinds of things he wanted to do.

He realised he didn’t have Rachel’s number, and when he tried Enquiries he found she was ex-directory. Then he remembered storing Sara’s. She would save him, yet again.

It rang for a long time then: “Hello gorgeous,” he heard her clear, lovely voice. She’d put him in her phonebook.

“Hello gorgeous,” he replied, smiling again to be talking to her. “I could do with a word with Rachel; is she there, or can you give me the number?”

“She’s right here,” she said, “just a mo.” The phone was passed so quickly they had to be touching.

“Hello Mike,“ Rachel’s voice was a bit husky, like Natasha’s, “I hope this means you’re coming back to us?” She was as wonderful as Sara herself.

“As long as your husband isn’t,” he said, trying to make it sound like a joke. He knew he was fishing, quite unreasonably, for a bit of commitment. He felt slightly rootless just at that moment.

“That’s all over now,” she said, sounding like she was smiling, “I was a foolish young secretary once, now I’m my own woman, I can choose my own gorgeous men.”

“A what?” asked Mike.

“A secretary,” said the infinitely desirable Rachel, “that’s how I met him. Why?”

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Posted 16 Dec 2013 14:43
I don't know where this story has been all these years, but I am so glad I found it. I was so disappointed that Mike didn't do Rachel though. lol
Posted 29 May 2011 15:10
Thank you you've just made it more likely...

I have fallen slightly in love with my characters, so maybe they will have some new adventure.
Posted 29 May 2011 08:43
Thx for this wonderfull soryline, i enjoyed it very much, to bad its over now

Will you be writing a new one any time soon ?

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