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Sex Money - Chapter Two

‘Heidi?’ Leon’s voice came down the line again, loud and clear.

Heidi stared at Jim speechless, her fingers gripping the phone.

‘Can you hear me?’ Leon demanded.

Heidi licked her dry lips, ‘Yeah,’ she whispered

‘I thought you wanted me to pick you up.’ Leon said.

‘Oh, uh…yeah, I got a lift home.’ Heidi replied, squeezing her eyes shut, praying he didn’t know what had happened.

‘You could have told me.’ Leon muttered. ‘Anyway how did the poker go? How much did you win?’

‘I, uh, erm, look, my uh…., I’ve got to go…I’ll call you later, yeah?’

Heidi hit the red button before Leon could respond and switched the phone off, her hands shaking as she shoved it back into her purse.

Leon stared out of his windscreen in disbelief, still holding his phone to his ear. What the hell was wrong with that girl? She’d left him waiting for her call and now she’d hung up on him? What was going on?

He dialled Mike’s number hoping his friend could shed some light on the situation, seeing as though he’d been in the casino all night.

Jim watched as Heidi pushed past him, trying to find her clothes and shoes, smoothing her hair.

‘Who was that?’ he asked nonchalantly.

Heidi looked at him for a fleeting second then turned away, ‘My mum. She was wondering where I was. I should be at home.’

‘Really?’ Jim said, getting up, and pulling on a clean t shirt.

‘Yeah.’ Heidi lied, searching frantically for her underwear.

‘So, uh, you live with your parents?’’ Jim asked, as he put on a pair of boxer shorts.

‘Huh?’ Heidi said, ‘Oh, uh, I don’t. Where the hell are my pants?’

Jim picked the scrap of white material up from the bed and held it out to her.

‘They’re torn.’ Heidi said in panic.

‘Well, yeah.’ Jim said, ‘I tore them, remember? You can wear my boxers if you want.’ He held out a pair to her and she hurriedly put them on, without thinking, anxious to leave as soon as possible.

‘Why are you in such a rush?’ Jim asked, ‘It’s 4 in the morning.’

‘I told you.’ Heidi said, ‘I need to go home.’

‘That wasn’t your mum, was it?’ Jim asked as she smoothed down her dress.

Heidi straightened up and looked around for her purse.

‘Yeah it was.’ She said, not looking him in the eye. ‘Who else would it be?’

‘I don’t know.’ Jim said coolly, ‘Leon perhaps?’

Heidi turned away, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Then she crossed the room and picked up her purse before heading to the door.

‘You’re going?’ Jim asked, ‘Just like that?’

‘Yes, I’m going.’ Heidi said, ‘Just like this.’

‘Don’t you want a lift?’ Jim asked, picking up his jacket and feeling for his keys in the pocket.

‘No.’ Heidi said shortly, as she opened the door, ‘I can manage.’

‘It’s Leon isn’t it?’ Jim said abruptly, ‘it was him on the phone, wasn’t it?’

Heidi stared at him for a couple of seconds, her hand on the door and then she shook her head.


‘So you’re leaving a hotel room at four in the morning of entirely your own accord?’

‘No, I said, my mum…’

Jim walked across the room and slammed the door shut.

‘Will you just stop it?’ he shouted.

Heidi shrunk back against the wall, terrified as he towered over her.

‘Stop what?’ she whispered.

‘Stop acting like everything’s fine. Talk to me Heidi. I can help you.’

Heidi shook her head, fighting back tears, ‘No you can’t Jim. You’re so nice but you can’t do anything. You don’t understand.’

‘I do.’ Jim whispered, ‘Please Heidi, trust me.’

‘I can’t. I have to go.’

Heidi pushed past him and walked out of the door, down the corridor and into the lift, her hands shaking as the doors glided shut.

Mike was making out with a girl whose name he didn’t know when his phone began to ring in his pocket.

‘I’ve got to take this.’ He said apologetically to the girl who was too drunk to care.

He pressed the green button.

‘Leon, what’s up?’

‘What’s up!? What happened? Heidi has gone all weird, wouldn’t talk to me properly. What happened?’

Mike smirked to himself, drunkenly.

‘Oh right yeah.’ he paused, recalling. ‘Yeah, she lost. Really badly. Went home with that Jim guy.’


Leon couldn’t believe his ears.

‘She was trying to win it all back and he gave her a chance but she was out of money so he said she could wager herself in. He got a royal flush and took her to his for the rest of the night.’

Leon ’s mouth was dry, the blood pounding in his ears.

‘She went?’ he croaked out

‘What else could she do? Everyone was watching.’

Leon hurled the phone out of the car window and watched it hit a mailbox. He gripped the steering wheel, his entire body shaking. Jim Mitchell. That son of a fucking bitch. Who the fuck did he think he was? He’d gone way too far this time. Heidi belonged to Leon, everyone knew that. Leon shut his eyes tight. He was going to kill that bastard.

Heidi got out of the cab in front of her apartment and walked up the stairs, letting herself in. She showered, for longer than usual, the worry in her head amplifying as the water soothed her body. So much had changed in the last few hours. She stepped out of the shower and went into her room. It was 5 am. She decided not to go to bed though every bone in her body disagreed with her. She took out her work suit from her wardrobe and slowly got dressed, before going through to the kitchen and eating a bowl of Cheerios. She’d bought them for when her sister came over to stay but right now she didn’t care how high the sugar percentage was, they tasted damn well good.

Sighing, she washed her bowl and picked up her bag, emptying it and putting in the things she’d need for work. She glanced at the kitchen clock. It was only 6am. She decided to leave anyway and walked the mile to the train station getting the earlier service. A half hour later she was buying a coffee from the stand in reception, killing time, before heading up to her office. She already knew it was going to be a long day.

Jim was still sat on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. How could he have let her walk away? Pacing the room, he decided to not go to work today. He had too much on his mind. Being the CEO, he could do what he wanted, right? He stripped, and walked into the shower. He had to find her. First stop, the casino, someone there must know something about her.

He dressed hurriedly and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, pulling on his jacket. He left the room and went out to the parking lot before driving to Andrejes. It was a quarter to seven but there were still people milling about. He went to the bar and called over the bartender.

‘Simon, that girl, here last night, do you know who she is?’

The man looked at him, wearily amused, ‘There were hundreds of girls here last night Jim. Any details?’

‘Long dark hair, wearing sunglasses, I was having a drink with her…?’

Simon furrowed his brow as he thought for a moment.

‘Heidi?’ he asked.

‘Yes! Do you know anything else about her?’

‘She’s here about every month or so. Very polite. Always nice to me, not like these other ones. Her surnames something like, uh, Jenkins, I think. You could ask at the trade counter. Oh, better still, ask Leon Jackson, he’s always around with her.’

Jim smiled, strained, ‘Thanks mate.’

‘No problem.’ Simon said with a grin as he continued polishing the glasses, watching his friend rush off.

Jim went back into the foyer to the trade booth.

‘Hi.’ He said to the blonde lady there, ‘I’m looking for details on a Heidi Jenkins, you got anything?’

The woman looked at him tiredly.

‘We don’t give out personal details.’ She said looking away.

Jim pulled out his wallet and pushed a few hundred dollar bills under the glass.

‘Come on,’ he said, ‘Please, you have to help me.’

The woman took the bills and glanced around, before putting them in a stack of papers.

‘OK’ she whispered, ‘What’s the name?’

‘Heidi Jenkins.’

She tapped into a keyboard and then turned the monitor around to face him.

‘We scan all the ID’s. This is hers. She was here yesterday.’

Jim looked at the image on the screen. There was a photo of Heidi, smiling out of the screen. DOB 18/9/1990, name Heidi Jenkins, Address, 28G Waterfront Residence, Atlantic City.

He scribbled the address down on a piece of paper the woman handed to him.

‘Thanks.’ He said, as the woman pulled the screen back round towards her. ‘Thanks so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.’

He turned and strode back to his car, tapping the address into his Satnav. If this didn’t work, nothing would. He pulled out of the parking lot.

‘Turn left.’ The neutral female voice said. Jim turned left.

An hour later, he pulled up outside a block of apartments. Stepping inside to the porch, he looked at the names next to the bells. E, F, G Jenkins. He smiled and pressed the bell. No response. He tried a couple more times but there was still no answer. She must have left, or been asleep he thought to himself. He’d come back later.

Leon was pacing across his kitchen as Mike, Josh and the others watched, The atmosphere was tense. They all knew what a temper he had and they all knew it wouldn’t be wise to speak. Leon grabbed a bottle of Budweiser from the refrigerator and pulled the top off, taking a long swig. It was empty in a couple of minutes and he took another before walking out, out of the house, slamming the door.

He called Heidi again, using Mike’s mobile but her phone still wasn’t switched on. She was probably at work he mused. An image came into his head of her behind a desk and he smiled. Then it was replaced with an image of her naked, fucking Jim, moaning and he felt sick, his head pounding. How could this have happened?

It was 9pm when Jim set off back to Heidi’s apartment. He’d found her forgotten jewellery on the window sill and took it with him to return to her. She must be home by now, he thought. Or she must be awake. He stopped at an off license on the way and picked up a pack of Stella’s. The roads were quiet and he was quite relaxed as he drove, telling himself he could work something out with her. How could she not want his help? He swung into her parking lot for the second time that day and went and pressed her bell. Still no response. What the hell? Maybe she knew it was him and wasn’t opening up on purpose. He stood there for a few minutes, debating with himself and then hit a couple more bells, slurring into the speaker, ‘Lost my key.’ The door clicked open and he walked in quietly, the Stella’s in the crook of his arm. He paused at the bottom of the stairs as a couple of people opened their doors, apparently looking for the drunken slob who’d lost his key. When they’d gone, he started up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Her apartment was on the third floor and he tapped on the door gently, not wanting to alert the other residents of his presence. There was no response. He tried the door before glancing at the lock. It was fairly simple. He dropped to his knees and pulled out a biro and a paperclip. Hanging out with the wrong crowd in senior high had had its advantages. After a few minutes, the lock clicked open. Jim opened the door and stepped inside before turning into what must have been the living room. He flicked on the lights. It was sparsely finished with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a bookcase. There was a small TV on a stand in the corner and an entertainment centre with a CD cabinet next to it.

Jim looked around the rest of the apartment. It was pretty much the same everywhere. clean and tidy, fit for purpose. He set the Stella’s down on the coffee table and popped one open before walking over to the CD’s and examining them. Most were current pop music, there was a bit of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, lots of Eminem. There was rock, he smiled as he noticed Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi and some Paramore. There were The Killers, some of their singles and two albums; Sam’s Town and Day & Age. There was some Queen and then he noticed David Bowie: Diamond Dogs. He pulled it out and slotted it in to the CD player, skipping to Rebel Rebel and pressed repeat, turning the sound up. He sat down on the armchair and waited, drinking his beer and soaking in his all-time favourite song.

It was 9:34 when the train screeched to a halt and Heidi stepped off. Work had been OK but she hadn’t been able to concentrate. She walked the distance home, deciding not to go to Leon’s. He’d left countless messages and texts on her phone and though she knew she couldn’t avoid him forever, tonight she couldn’t be bothered.

She hurried the twenty blocks to her apartment, not even noticing it was unlocked and slammed the door behind her, locking it. All she could think of was her warm bed. She didn’t have anything to do for the whole of tomorrow as it was a Sunday. Man, she could snooze all day. She dropped her purse and took off her shoes before freezing as she realised that music was pounding out of the sitting room. She crept to the door and looked around it, only to see Jim drinking beer sitting in her armchair, in her apartment as if he owned it.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ she asked in a hoarse whisper.

Jim got up, a hard, determined look in his eyes. He didn’t speak, just kissed her hard on the mouth, his hands creeping up her shirt, feeling her soft skin. Heidi impulsively kissed him back, needing him, her heart pounding as his fingers scrabbled at the buttons on her blouse. She felt her own hands clawing at his shirt, pulling it off; wanting to feel that hard muscle she knew was underneath, her nails scraping his chest.

And then as she felt his dick, hard against her stomach, she was pulling off her own trousers, desperate for that amazing release, wanting him inside her. But he was moving too slow, still kissing her mouth, hands caressing her naked shoulders and arms. She pulled at his belt buckle and he laughed, hoarsely, his lips against hers as she struggled with it, her fingers sweating. His hands came down on hers; guiding them, until the belt was loose and she could pull his trousers down, her fingers brushing against his purely male organ making him groan in lust, pushing her down onto the sofa. He broke away, and they stared at each other for just a moment before he pulled off her underwear, sliding his long fingers along her wet opening. She watched as he kicked off his boxers before he knelt on the sofa, in front of her, his fingers running in and out of her cunt. He looked down at her, wrapping his free hand around his dick before he slid a third finger inside her, making her buck up slightly, gasping. With a wicked smile he forced his fourth finger in, making her scream at the intrusion.

‘Jim! Don’t, that hurts!’

He withdrew his fingers, grabbing her wrists and wrenching them above her head, his mouth on hers again, kissing her his tongue almost down her throat. Slowly he began to push his fully erect dick into her tight opening, his chest pressing down on her nipples as he gasped for breath.

His free hand stroked her body, fingers trailing down her cheek, down her neck, squeezing those beautiful, firm tits, his hands marvelling at the flatness of her toned stomach. She groaned as he filled her, his enormous dick stretching her and then he released her wrists, reached down, grabbed her knees and pulled them up, folding her in half, opening her wider to him. Heidi closed her eyes as he pulled almost fully out of her, before slamming back in with force, making her cry out in pain and pleasure. As her moans rose in pitch, he began going harder, faster, slamming into her as she writhed in pleasure. He could feel her tight walls resisting him and that just made him want it more, her cries spurring him on as she orgasmed, shouting his name, bathed in sweat. He didn’t stop though. Over and over again he thrust his cock into her, his mouth on her neck, his breathing hoarse.

Finally he could feel that unstoppable orgasm creeping up on him, his teeth clenched; he began to go at maximum force, opening his eyes as Heidi cried out, in panic.

‘JIM! Oh, God, Jim!’

He smiled at her confused brown eyes.

‘I know baby, this is fucking amazing.’

But she wasn’t looking at him; her eyes were directed over his shoulder at something, or someone he couldn’t see.

‘Jim! Get off!’ He slowed his plunges, turned, and looked over his shoulder only to see Leon standing there, a can of beer in his hand, a look of fury on his face. Oh shit.

With a groan of desperation, Heidi pushed Jim away, grabbing her clothes, trying to hide her body from Leon’s shocked gaze.

‘Leon, I’m sorry! I don’ know what I was thinking! It was an accident!’

Leon smirked in spite of himself. ‘What? You tripped? Fell? Landed on his dick?’

Heidi was breathing hard, still feeling the tremors inside of her, ‘Leon, I can explain.’

Jim had pulled his boxers back on.

‘You don’t need to explain anything to him Heidi.’ He put his arm around her shoulders. Heidi wriggled away, sensing Leon’s rage.

‘Yeah, he’s right.’ Leon said, walking over to Jim, ‘He’s the one who needs to fucking explain.’

Without warning his fist shot out, catching Jim clean on the jaw, knocking him off balance.

Heidi screamed as Leon raised his fist again.

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ he demanded, his green eyes full of anger. ‘Using her to get back at me? What sort of an ugly fucker are you?’

‘It wasn’t like that Leon!’ Heidi said desperately, pulling her shirt and underwear on, ‘He likes me!’

Leon looked at her, his eyes full of pity.

‘No Heidi. I’m sorry, but I know this motherfucker. He doesn’t want you; he just wants to piss me off. I’ve seen guys like this before. Go and clean up. I’ll talk to you when I’ve sorted this dickhead out.’

Jim had straightened up, ‘You watch your mouth.’ He said, and then, ‘Don’t listen to him Heidi. He’s just jealous. I do want you.’

‘Jealous?’ Leon said in disgust, and Jim could smell the alcohol on his breath. ‘Heidi’s like a daughter to me! Why the fuck would I be jealous? You’re a sick pervert; she’s barely half your age!’

He threw another punch at Jim, who swerved at the last moment, his own fists clenched.

Heidi pushed him away, facing Leon, ‘Please, Leon, I’m sorry. For everything. The money, now this, I didn’t mean to make you angry. Don’t do this.’

Leon stared down at her, ‘Are you defending this bastard? I swear to you, you have no idea what’s going on here. You’re just a kid; you don’t understand! Get out of my way!’

Heidi stood her ground. ‘No! Leon, stop it, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing! Please just go! Go now!’

Leon looked at her dumbfounded. ‘You want me to go?’

Heidi nodded, slowly, fearfully and Leon shrugged,

‘OK, fine, you stupid bitch. I’ll go. But when all this ends up pear shaped, don’t bother running back to me, because I don’t give a shit any more.’ He drained his beer and slammed the empty can down on the coffee table, his eyes flashing. ‘Some friend you turned out to be.’ He walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Heidi, turned, looked at Jim before frantically dressing and racing out after Leon.

Jim stared, sitting down on the sofa, running a hand through his hair. Now what?

To be continued

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