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The Adventures of Sally and Barney

As the Prolog will tell, this is a continuation of A Sailor's Tale...

Prolog:   As “A Sailor’s Tale” came to a close a new life began, one that included both me and Sally as a couple with a mission, our lives would be different somehow after the tumultuous beginnings we had shared.   And though Uncle Charles had been left alone in a slumped pile of naked flesh beneath the statue, his balls still bound with the zip ties so that he would never again be able to get it up, or at least not shoot his load ever again, I think his tale is not yet over, for surely his deceptions and connivances must take action against the nephew that in his mind caused all of the pain and suffering of neutering.   But then after what he had done to me, it really did seem justified, at least in my thoughts…for I am Barney, and this is my tale.


Chapter One


As Sally drove Uncle Charles’ Lexus into the drive of my home she was apparently awed by my immodest dwelling.   I had worked as a crabber for years, a profession that yielded a decent paycheck but certainly not one to purchase an 18 room mansion even vaster than the one she had found Charles’ deviances and lust driven cock in, and then in the end my own overly thick ten inch cock several times.   I was kind of out of it when she helped me through the door and up the stairs to the bed room, the pain of my hand was gone with the powerful pain killers the doctor had given me at the end of the emergency room visit that left my hand in a soft cast for he said would be 6 to 8 weeks, but I still had one good one left, and as Sally had found out one hand along with my mouth and cock was enough to satisfy her physical needs.


She helped me to the bed and I sat up long enough for her to remove my shirt before lying onto my back while she took off the house shoes I had ended up in at Charles’ place and of course the pants I wore.   Her eyes grew large as she gazed at my cock, totally flaccid, soft velvet that lay along my thigh half way to the knee even in my drugged exhausted state.   I watched through bleary eyes as she too got naked, her breasts bounding free pure delight to the eye, and I knew that when I awoke from the pain killer’s effects I wanted to tittie fuck her and blow my wad over her face. But I was too tired from the day’s events and drifted off to restful dreamy sleep as she cuddled around me with warm smooth flesh at each connecting point of our bodies.


My dreams went from the nightmare of being bound to the statue and watching her suck and then fuck the shit out of Charles and then again prepare to suck him as I was drug from the house; to the revenge I took out on his cherished balls for the insult of taking liberties just for a piece of ass.   I dreamt of what his life would be like without balls to produce semen and smiled at the fitting punishment, for surely the binding zip ties I left tightly fitted around each testicle would cause impotency in the end result.   I had to wonder in the dream if he would seek revenge as well, but knew that there was little he could do without exposing his plot to pillage Sally, who was now my lover, and apparently loved what she had finally gotten.


I woke a couple of times during the night and felt her warm smooth flesh pressed against mine and my thoughts drifted to the day and week she too must have had.   I kind of felt sorry for her, but not too much so, for it was Sally that had brought it all upon each of us. If her dreams went to the bad sides of her week . . . that was something she would need to deal with.   I ended up curling around her, spooned, as it were, my good arm draped lazily over her ribs with my hand cupped around her huge tit and my dick laying along the wondrous crack of her ass slightly swollen a the prospects of what the days ahead would bring, but was still too drugged up from the hospital visit to do anything more than cuddle.


Morning came late after our rest, and a wondrous awakening I found indeed.   Apparently Sally had sweet thoughts or dreams of her own through the night.   I felt her move in my dazed slumber and then the joys began to bring me to consciousness as she gently sucked my flaccid cock down her throat and began swallowing actions that forced my eyes to grow bigger by the moment along with the thickening meat she gulped every bit of down her gullet without so much as a twitch of discomfort.   I raised my head as I lay prone and watched her head go up and down slowly along the shaft as it grew fuller and more rigid by the stroke of her throat.   I groaned and her eyes gazed into mine with a glint of pure lust; her mouth swept upward and with a slurping pop left the now hard thick shaft with a popping sound as she smacked her lips with a broad smile.   She whispered in the silence of the room “Morning Barney, I needed to be sure you were up and ready this morning” as she rose and straddled my hips.


She didn’t mess around with more foreplay, she got over my hips and guided the hard shaft to her already wet snatch and impaled herself down its length in slow deliberate torture, torture I could easily get used to.   I groaned again as half disappeared inside the snug walls of her heavenly cunt.   She rose and fell along it until our mounds pressed together and she found her first climax with my pubic hairs taunting her swollen clit.   She held my dick inside her fully as she moved up and back over my mound and cooed like a purring kitten with her own special cat nip toy and came again over it.   Her smile again turned to my face as she knew my arousal called for more than the small moves and rose almost all the way off of my dick only to slam down along it again and press our mounds together with a wetted thud causing me to gasp with the erotic pleasures of her methods of awakening me on our first day together as a couple.   “Oh baby, that feels so good” I moaned as she slowly rose from me again and slammed back down over me; but help her I wasn’t about to, this was her fantasy and soon she would be full of my cum if she continued much longer.  


Her creamy cum escaped the juicy petals of her labia each time she crashed down onto the hilt and each time my needs to cum drew closer to happening as I grunted and the involuntary thrusts of my hips rose to meet her cowgirl ride to glory.   She had found a rhythm that met her needs as she rose and fell along the shaft in quick hard thrusts again and again panting roughly at her seemingly never ending climax as the sweat began to pour off of her body.   Her head fell back as she gasped and whimpered with joy through the wild ride and finally called out to me “Barney….cum for me baby….fill me up with that hot sticky cream” and found a full blown orgasm as her body had spasms and floundered wildly atop of me for another minute of non stop ravaging sex.   It was likely the drugs I had taken for the pain, but it took that savage fucking to get me to deliver what she had demanded, and yet I did with a loud outcry of my own as one and then another rope of semen filled her hot juicy cavity.   She felt herself being filled and cried out as well as her body went rigid and accepted it in her womb.   Her hands fell to the bed beside my shoulders and she lay down atop of me panting in chorus with my own rough breaths.   I wrapped my arms around her and enjoyed the bliss of the sticky creams as they flowed past the shaft of my dwindling cock still inside the best pussy I had ever imagined.   We laid there, our sweaty flesh coating each other with slick caress still for several minutes without a word, only the beating of our hearts and the slowly calming breaths to break the silence of perfection we shared.


After my heart rate came back to normal I opened my eyes to find her face lying on my shoulder with the most contented look, it made me proud to know she had found what pleased her so well.   I turned my face to hers and kissed her cheek and whispered “Morning Sally…” in sweet tones of enamored bliss “…you sure know how to start my day off well…and apparently yours too” I ended with a faint chuckle.


She smiled and kissed me back before whispering “I couldn’t help but get us started on a good note Barney, after what I did…” but went silent as my fingers pressed to her lips in a gesture for her to stop talking.   “Sally…” I said “…as an old song says; that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone.   We can talk about that later, but what say we just enjoy what we have now?” and kissed her lips gently as my tongue swiped over her lower lip and then prodded inside her mouth to tease.   “How about we go take a bath lover?”   Her smile was every bit as warm as her sopping gash as she slipped off of me and rose to her knees; the dripping evidence of our orgasms flowed out and poured onto my thighs as I watched with a grin.   We didn’t bother to put anything on for the trip to the bath; I got the water running while she took care of draining her overstressed bladder and then climbed in as I took care of the same.  


As I walked over to the tub she started the air bubbles of the whirlpool and held out her hands to beckon me to join her, like there was any chance I wouldn’t.   One step at a time I stood between her parted legs and settled in to sit facing her with my soft cast resting on the edge of the tub to avoid it getting wet as she raised her legs and laid them over mine.   She looked at it and grimaced as if it were she that was in pain from it; I smiled and said “I’ll be just fine; you just have to put up with a one armed bandit for a few weeks doll.   But, never fear I still have one good hand with plenty of fingers to delight you and my mouth to care after your needs.   She grinned and cooed back “and one huge awesome cock too” with a giggle, to which I joined in the reverie of her lighthearted compliment.   She bathed me fully, even my back and hair got done as I sat and was pampered like a new toy, which wasn’t that far from the truth, but I am after all, one very rich new toy, and that might just let us get used to each other before she had other needs.   I wanted her with me, but knew that once she had gotten all she could out of me, she’d be gone, I had to think that way, or I’d be a wreck when it happened…which I figured was inevitable.


We finished and dried off, she took care of me and herself, again her pampering ways was something I could get used to easily enough.   I slipped into a pair of athletic shorts and a tee and dug around and found her some that would at least cover her long enough to get some of her clothes or buy some new ones.   The thought of spending money on a scam artist didn’t even bother me for some reason, more than likely I would still give just about anything to have both sets of lips around my dick as often as she would do so, which she seemed to want more often than not.


We walked down to the kitchen and I dug out some frozen pastries and slid them into the oven to heat as she got out the butter and such and brewed a pot of coffee. I looked over at the phone answering machine and took note of the light as it blinked that I had a message.   Casually, since I had little fear of anyone who knew my number I pushed the button and listened to Uncle Charles as he made his apologies and threats.   The message was simple really, he said “Barney, you bastard, when I came too my balls had shriveled up and I was black and blue from navel to mid thigh.   You really need to pay for the necessary surgery to make things right…call me soon. I am sorry for any misunderstandings.”   My gaze turned to Sally who was busying herself getting out plates as she too heard the message.   I raised my chin to get her attention and asked “What do you think?   Should I pay for his castration to be complete? Or, maybe he wants a sex change so he can get laid again” with a laughing tone to my voice.   She busted up at the last suggestion, I hadn’t been serious, but when she laughed I thought about making the suggestion to Charles when we saw him again…in a year or two.


Breakfast was ready in no time and we talked quietly over what to do for the day, her idea was pretty straight forward; pick up some clothes and apply for a pass port, I agreed to both, of course.   We didn’t bother to call Charles back, I figured he needed to suffer a bit for the bull shit he had pulled off, but did decide to reimburse his accounts for the loss of revenue Sally had gotten; she was now my problem, and a wondrous problem to have at that.   When she finished eating her pastry she pushed her shorts down and bared that delicious pussy for me to eat desert, sitting on the table in front of me she offered her snatch to me with eagerness a man rarely witnessed and came almost immediately as I spread her legs out over the edge of the breakfast table and gobbled her cunt like I was starved.   In fact, she was so creamy I could have buttered my pastry fully with her creamy sweet nectar, but I simply guzzled it down as she spurted gush after gush into my hungry mouth. She gasped as the first load streamed from her gash, and cried out as I brought her to several small climaxes and one huge one; another bath or a shower was definitely in order.   When she had cum enough for the time being we went upstairs and she slipped a trash bag over my cast before we climbed into the shower, and was gentle as she washed my coated face, shoulders and chest before rinsing away the backsplash that coated her thighs and anus as well.   Again we dried off and got dressed, she wore the same outfit she had come, and cum in less the coated panties of course, but that would soon change, we had plans.


We walked out of the house and she climbed into Charles’ Lexus as I got into my old beat up Escape SUV, we had decided to return his car first thing to avoid being sought out as car thieves.   We made our way to Charles’ office building and dropped his car in the parking garage, left the keys in the ash tray the same way he always did.   Sally wiped her fingerprints off of everywhere she had touched as she drove; I opened the door from the outside and wiped away my prints as well.   The old ass hole could try to get even; we wanted to be sure that whatever he did, we weren’t in the fallout zone.   We stopped by the bank where I saw Barbie and arranged for $12,000 to be deposited in Charles’s account, the reason given as “a debt repaid.   When I walked back out to the SUV Sally was enjoying the mornings sun as it shone her bared pussy as she thrust three fingers in and out without a care of who saw her, while two teen aged guys watched the grace at which she got herself off.   I climbed in the driver’s seat and she looked at me with glazed over eyes as I sent Charles a text to reply to his message, it read “Charles, sorry about your misfortune, how in the heck did you get in that situation? Well, you know your nephew will help however I can.   I can spare a bit right off the top, check your account, I put 12 grand in it today.   See you when I get back from my trip.”


I turned and smiled at Sally; she too grinned broadly as I came closer and kissed her with a passion she could easily get used to as my fingers slid into the sopping hole and fingered her for a couple of minutes as her breasts heaved with sated glory.   After licking the creamy cum off my fingers I started the car and drove to the nearest department store, it happened it was a Macy’s, one of the better for the New England area.   The clothes weren’t the most expensive, but she was content for now as I got her a whole new wardrobe, or at least as much as would fit into two large suitcases.   She helped me pick out some new duds as well, and soon we had a suitcase and hanging bag filled for me as well.   We made our way to the boutique section and got plenty of nice make up and toiletries for the trip, though as yet hadn’t decided where to go other than her suggestion of Disney World.   A nice sales girl helped with the bags and such and between her and Sally the SUV was loaded as we headed out south towards New York City for the night.


I got tired out before the trip was done and she took over driving while I laid back and enjoyed the effects of the pain killers for my healing hand.   I woke up and we had stopped a bit north of the outskirts at a rest stop.   I looked over at her and her eyes were feasting on my lap, apparently I had been having a dream that was much more than wanton, my cock was hard as a rock and she told me I had been commanding her to pull over and give me head.   She smiled and lowered herself to my lap and unzipped my pants to drag out the hard beast she wanted more and more with each time she got hold of it.   It took her little time to push my pants down far enough to expose the monster and she immediately sucked in the head and a couple of inches of dick.   I groaned with a guttural tone as she sucked it with such vigor I was about to blow my wad after only a minute.   She picked up the pace and sucked me deeper as she squirmed to get the right angle and I gasped as she took most of it down her throat like it was an every day event; which I hoped it would be it felt so damned good.   My good hand tangled in her hair as she rocked up and down along the shaft and cooed her need to feed on the lush hot seed.   My sack tightened and my abs clenched as she sucked my cock ever harder into the depths of her gullet.   My hand pushed her head down without any forewarning as a load erupted into her belly, though she tried to pull back my hand held her tightly against the base of the mighty cock until she had taken his first load fully, and would take all of at every opportunity.   I released her head and she came up for air as the third jolt of semen erupted into her mouth with a gasped intake for air.   I heard her choke on the measure she had gotten but when she looked up she licked over her lips and smiled saying “You naughty boy, I wanted to taste it not just have it injected into my tummy” and with equal naughtiness leaned back over and took a nip at the swollen head with her teeth to teach me a lesson.   “Ouch…” I uttered in surprise “…Okay, next time I let you have it your way, but damn Sally it felt so fucking good…” and with my good hand raised her up and sucked her mouth to mine and thrust an eager tongue in to cleanse the inner parts of her cheeks for her.   I licked what little she had let escape around her mouth away and she tidied my groin and clothing up before starting the car again to proceed the rest of the way to the city.


We arrived at the Hilton, no, not the world class place she might have chosen, but good enough for the night, she was tired as was I.   We both made our way into the room and collapsed on the bed of the penthouse suite.   I looked over at her and smiled, she knew I was feeling something, but wasn’t sure just what I might want now, after all she had awakened me with a superior blow job and rode me till we both came loads, I had eaten her out in the kitchen until she was drained and I was full, I had fingered her more times than she could even remember and then on top of it all she deep throated me in the car only 30 or 40 minutes before.   She smiled and I knew what she wanted…more cock.


I saw her smile and nodded saying “How about we order room service and stay in for the night. I could use some food and then maybe we can have desert” with a lecherously naughty chuckle.   She rolled over and picked up the menu and sat up beside me to read what was available.   They ended up with roast chicken in wine sauce, twice baked potatoes, and snap beans al’ dente with asparagus spears on the side.   Before she hung up I pointed to the desert menu and she ordered fresh strawberries and whipped cream, I smiled thinking of what we could share at desert time.  


I went to my suitcase and pulled out a pair of silky boxers to put on after a shower, she found the sweet sexy teddy that would covered so little of her lush body it might as well have been bare to begin with.   I climbed into the shower as she ran a tub full of nice warm soothing water while we waited for dinner.   I was in and out of the shower quickly, I had slid my cast into a bag and been careful not to get it wet as I rinsed the day’s sweat and cum from my body’s slick flesh.   I ran his hand over my stubbly mound and found I needed a shave, and as I climbed from the shower stall I couldn’t help but watch Sally slide the triple blade razor over her mound to refresh her parts to my likings.   I dried off and winked as I asked “Want to do mine too?” She giggled and cooed “Sure thing sweetie.”


I heard a knock at the door and slipped my boxers on as I went to receive our dinner still damp from the shower.   I opened the door without looking through the peep hole and as soon as I unlatched it my horror and amazement was fully realized.   The two thugs that worked for Charles were at the door as one grabbed me and cupped his hand over my mouth to silence any possible outcry as I was shoved back into the room.   In they came, thug one, the larger one had me in a choke hold, thug two stood nearby after he had helped Charles hobble into the hotel room and shut the door.   Not a sound had escaped as Charles smiled towards the bathroom door and swept his hand to beckon thug two to retrieve his prize.  


Sally had finished her shaving and waited for Barney to come back and let her do his genital region before they ate and enjoyed each other yet again.   Startled is not the word for it when a large man cupped her jaw and mouth with his hand and dragged her dripping wet naked body from the tub kicking and uttering curses from behind the muffling grip.   When she saw Charles her heart pounded with fear knowing he could be here only for revenge of some sort.

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