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The Boss's Daughter - Pt. 5

Emily and Clint give in to their mutual desires
~ Emily ~

Clint places a small bag of ice cubes down on the coffee table then holds his hand out to me. I gladly accept it and he pulls me to my feet. He frowns slightly when I wince from the pain in my hip; it's not nearly as painful as it was a few minutes ago, but it still continues to throb and complain about the abuse I put it through.

He leans in towards me, I think he is going to kiss me again so I close my eyes and tilt my head up to be ready, but just as his lips will meet with mine he moves his head to the side and I feel the slight stubble on his face slowly brush against my cheek. He breaths me in and places the smallest of kisses behind my jaw. I moan involuntarily at the gentleness of it all.

Clint pulls back from me, his eyes on fire again, and we stare at each other for a brief moment before he runs the very tips of his fingers down the sides of my arms. I instantly break out in goose bumps. His hands leave my arms, moving inwards towards the button of my shorts. I can't believe this is happening; I'm going to lose my virginity to the most gorgeous man I've ever met. He unbuttons my shorts and very slowly tugs down on the zipper revealing the top of the black panties I have on underneath.

His breathing increases but it is no match to the rate of mine at the moment. I feel the need to let him know that I'm a virgin; I don't want things to progress too much further without him knowing that little bit of information. He gently pushes me back to sit on the couch and then kneels on the floor in front of me. His hands move teasingly over the tops of my thighs and work their way down my legs. Once he reaches my knees he coaxes my legs to spread apart. My sex is tingling; needing this man in a way that I've never felt before. I need to feel him inside of me, filling me with himself, but I need to tell him first.

“Clint, can you stop for a minute?” I ask nervously; not wanting him to stop, but needing him to.

He stops, letting his hands fall to his sides as he kneels, his eyes locked on mine with a sense of defeat written over him. I almost laugh that he thinks I could possibly want him to stop for good, but something tells me this will be a mistake. I clear my throat, suddenly nervous about how he will respond. Will he still want me or will he change his mind at the knowledge of my inexperience?

“Um.” Damn, it's so hard to think with those eyes on me. I try to think of a funny, witty way of telling him but thoughts fail me right now. Instead I blurt out, “Clint, I'm a virgin!”

My face instantly burns at the revelation, but a smile slowly spreads across his face.

His hands move back to my legs, sliding over my calves, and down. He pulls my shoes and socks off of my feet then stands up. Picking up the bag of ice he sits on the end of the couch; I guess I won't be losing my virginity so soon.

“Put your feet up here, Emily,” he tells me with a slight commanding tone while patting his lap.

I do as he has told me, laying on my side and slightly curled up with just my feet over his lap. I rest my head on top of my arm and wait for him to tell me what to do next. His eyes travel up my legs, linger over my ass, and rest on my face. Sudden coldness against my hip makes me jump and inhale sharply. He smiles his half-smile and holds the bag of ice in place.

The coldness spreads slowly outward, chilling me. I shiver slightly and his free hand begins to rub up and down my leg, warming me. I close my eyes and enjoy the attention he is giving me. After a few minutes the bag is lifted from my cold skin. I start to sit up but he tells me he isn't finished. I nuzzle my head back into my arm and close my eyes again. The bag of ice is replaced on my hip, only making me jump a little this time.

He pushes my shirt up a tiny amount and I remain still; letting him do to me what he wishes. Then, I jump and my eyes fly open as a new point of icy coldness is pressed against my lower ribs. Clint is smiling a wicked smile, a freed ice cube in hand. We both watch as he drags the ice cube higher up my side, a small, melted drop rolling down over my stomach. He follows the drop with the ice, moving it down onto my stomach. I shiver and moan at the intense feeling. Next, he drags it oh so slowly downward towards my belly button where he makes a small circle. More melted water drips down over my other side.

While my skin is being tortured by the ice my sex is on fire; heat radiating out and into my thighs. I want him to drag the ice cube there where the fire and ice will meet; I want him to know how hot he has me right now for him. But I can't find the words and I can't call up the courage to speak my mind, my wants and needs to him. Instead, as he leaves my naval and trails the cube slowly down towards the edge of my shorts I gently press my bare foot backwards and into his crotch.

Now it's my turn to smile as I feel that he is as excited as I am. I feel his dick jump against the contact with my foot; it is such an amazing feeling. I grow bolder and slowly circle the bottom of my foot against his hardness. He groans, his dick jumping again, and teases me back by following the edge of my shorts across to the side of my body against the couch. My skin here has not yet had contact with cube or melted water and it almost burns at the first touch. I wiggle, trying to escape the cold but Clint's hand only follows.

He pulls away suddenly, removing the ice cube and the bag of ice from my body. He puts the partly melted cube back inside of the bag and tosses it onto the coffee table. I'm actually sad that the ice fun is over, but something in his eyes tells me I won't be sad for long.

~ Clint ~

I'm not going to be able to control myself much longer if we keep things going like this. Teasing Emily with the ice has got me hard and aching. When she presses her foot into my crotch it's almost enough to make me lose control and rip her clothes from her body before taking care of her. The only thing that keeps me in check is the recent knowledge of her virgin ways. Considering the acts she undertook on my bed I hadn't even paused to consider her level of experience, or lack thereof. If she's willing, which is quite evident at the moment, I'll gladly be her first.

I'm not very experienced in the art of making love; which is what I want to do to her, what I know she wants from me. My expertise lies in the realm of total domination; being fully in control, taking what I want and need from each moment and allowing my partner to have pleasure only through my own. But giving myself over to someone else's needs is not something I have ever had to do before. The art of gentleness, 'romanticism', and vanilla sex has never attracted my desires; until now.

After removing the ice pack from Emily I am suddenly uncertain of what to do next. She props herself up on her elbow and watches me; waiting for me to take the lead. How do I tell her that I don't know how?

“It's OK. I won't tell anyone, promise,” she whispers; mistaking my hesitation for reluctance or fear to continue.

“I know,” I answer her. I don't know though; what if we are caught? It would cost me my job for sure, possibly jail time since she is under 18. Great, now I'm even more uncertain about all of this.

She sits up and every concern is forced out of my mind as she crawls over the couch to me and nervously straddles my lap. It takes all my will power to not grab her by the hair, yank her head back, and regain control of the situation. My body is tense and she can feel it. She puts her hands on top of my shoulders, rubbing my muscles gently. Her hips begin to gyrate in small, slow circles against my crotch almost as if she is unaware of it. She leans forward, her tits pressing against me, and places tender, sweet kisses along my neck and jaw line.

I shudder, loving every feel of her against me, then with great restraint I slide my fingers through her hair as her lips play across my skin. She moans very quietly near my ear, pushing my limits to the max.


“Mm hmm?” she responds, her lips now traveling over my throat and down to my collar bone.

“Emily, stop.” My voice comes out in a hoarse whisper, not commanding at all; almost pleading.

She kisses my chin; her lips so soft and warm. I close my eyes, lost in the pleasure she is pouring on me. Her lips touch mine and I immediately begin to kiss her. Her hips push down harder against mine, stroking my cock with her pussy over our clothes. And I can't restrain myself any longer. She gasps, her fingers digging into my shoulders as I stand up with her locked around my waist.

“I'm sorry. I'll stop,” she says a little unnerved.

I don't reply with words, I just start walking towards my bedroom. When she realizes my destination her anxiety drops and she wraps her arms around my neck. She's incredibly light, around 115 lbs and my mind goes into overdrive as I think of all the things I could easily do to her. Setting her down on my bed I have to remind myself that the first time is supposed to be gentle; later, maybe even later tonight I will introduce her into my world. For now, I leave the bedroom and grab a towel out of the hall closet; I'm all for preventing blood stains on my sheets.

When I enter the bedroom again Emily is sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights; a deer that is willingly running forward to meet the oncoming car. She blushes and diverts her eyes from me when she sees the towel; she understands it's purpose. I toss it on the foot of the bed then stand in front of her my hand cupping her chin and tilting her head up to look at me.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask her.

She nods her head and then her hand comes up and rubs over the length of me through my pants, almost as if trying to prove to both of us that she's ready.

“Take off your shirt.”

Emily looks down again, avoiding my eyes, but slowly begins to unbutton her top. I reach down and pull her chin up, a little too roughly. She looks more nervous now. Trying my hardest to be the gentle lover she wants I lean over and kiss her very softly. I pull my own shirt over my head and let it fall to the floor hoping it will help to put her more at ease. When her shirt is finally off, exposing the soft flesh underneath I have to dig my heels into the ground and tighten my grip on the leash that holds my sexual beast in check. When Emily looks up into my eyes while biting down on the corner of her bottom lip, searching for my approval, I feel myself being dragged across the ground by the beast regardless of how hard I pull in the opposite direction. He will reach her soon and it will not be soft, tender love making that he brings to her; it will be hard, animalistic, unforgiving fucking.

~ Emily ~

My heart continues to race inside of my chest as Clint's eyes burn into me. I want to ask him what he's thinking, but I can't make the words come out. There's definitely something going on inside of him though; one second his eyes seem warm, caring and the very next second they appear almost cold, frightening. It's almost as if he is two people, fighting each other for control.

Initially I am a little unnerved by it, but then I realize that I really don't care; all I want is this man to take me and it doesn't matter how as long as it is him. He pulls his shirt off making me jump up and down inside at the sight of his body. I remove my shirt and his eyes flash again, moving over my body and taking it all in. I wait for him to tell me what to do next; uncertain of how I should proceed. His hands are by his sides, clenched into fists and it dawns on me that he is restraining himself from – what? - Maybe from ripping the rest of my clothes off and having his way with me right then? That thought is enticing; I think I'll see how far I have to go to make that happen.

I reach forward and drag my fingers down over his hard torso. Clint's eyes briefly close and his body becomes rigid. He groans at my touch as if it brings him both pleasure and pain, then his eyes snap open and they are burning from inside. I can't help myself, I want him to lose whatever he is trying to control and just use me for his pleasure. Keeping my eyes locked on his I softly drag my fingers down to the top of his pants then use my nails to scratch across his body along the pant's edge. His jaw flexes but he remains standing still. Time to turn things up a notch.

I reach behind my back to undo the clasp of my bra then teasingly shrug the straps of my shoulders one at a time while holding the bra against my chest to keep it from falling. His eyes stare at my chest, waiting, but I don't let my bra fall until he looks back up into my eyes again. He licks his lips, one of his hands moving forward to touch my now exposed breasts, but I intercept his hand and push it away. Clint's eyes dart back up to mine at this action, they seem to have a touch of anger inside of them, but he smiles a devilish smile and raises an eyebrow as if asking me, 'what else do you got'?

The whole situation makes me feel incredibly powerful. I don't think this man gets told 'no' very often by women, and the idea of being the one to be able to do that to him makes me feel more daring, more sexy. I return his smile with my own then slowly start caressing my breasts while he watches. My nipples have been hard since he started playing with the ice cube and they are very sensitive, but I roll them between my fingers anyway, wanting to give Clint the entire show. He's watching intently, burning every second into his memory.

My hands roam over my body, caressing myself slowly and eventually working their way down to my shorts that still have the button and zipper undone. I teasingly run the tip of my finger over the top of my panty line and then stop. Clint looks back up into my eyes, I flash him what I think is my most naughty smile and he darts his eyes back down to my hand just as I slip it inside of my panties, my finger rubbing up and down over my slit which is soaking wet. I close my eyes and moan as my finger rolls against my throbbing clit and then my shorts are being pulled roughly down my legs.

I'm pulled closer to the edge of the bed as my shorts catch briefly against my butt and I fall slightly backward on the bed. My hand that was in my panties has come out to help brace myself and I stare between my legs where Clint is now kneeling. I suddenly feel very exposed and my thighs try to come together to cover my sex but he has worked his body between them and I only manage to squeeze my legs against his body. He places a hand against each thigh and roughly spreads my legs wider. Suddenly his face is pressed into my sex; I feel his hot breath rolling over and against me through my panties as he inhales me. I can't stop from moaning and it only grows louder when his mouth covers over my clit area, a mix between kissing and sucking against it.

Clint looks up at me and I know I'm in for punishment with one look at his eyes and the evil smile that spreads across his face. He hooks a finger into the side of my panties then pulls it back to fully expose my wet, hot, wanting sex. I moan again and again as his mouth finally makes full skin to skin contact with me. His tongue exploring every crease of my vagina, his mouth sucking and kissing every available area, and his breath constantly rolling across my wetness.

I feel an orgasm building fast, the pleasure of his tongue becoming almost too intense. My thighs press against his head but he doesn't stop or even slow down his assault. I reach my hands down into his hair and pull, trying to break his relentless attack but he just increases his actions. His mouth closes over my clit, sucking it briefly and then his tongue flicks over it with increasing pressure. I try to scoot my body along the bed and escape him but he slips his hands under my butt, grabs me firmly and pulls my pussy right back onto his mouth.

I'm panting, my hands clenching and un-clenching the bedsheets, my eyes squeezed shut, and moaning at his every touch. My orgasm is seconds away from rushing forward and crashing over me. And then he stops. I feel his body leave from between my legs. I continue to lay flat on the bed with my eyes closed while I catch my breath for just a moment. Taking a deep breath to calm my heart I finally open my eyes and prop myself up on my elbows.

I moan and my sex throbs at the sight of him. He's removed the rest of his clothing and stands naked before me. My eyes try to look at every part of him at once; his disheveled hair from my fingers doing, his eyes on fire, his chest heaving from excitement, and his lovely cock standing hard and ready. My eyes linger there the longest, staring at the instrument that will take my virginity. I watch as a new bead of pre-cum slowly rolls out of the tip and drips down the head. I long to have it deep inside of my mouth, tasting him, feeling every inch with my hands and tongue. But my sex pulses, reminding me that I have bigger needs at the moment.

~ Clint & Emily ~

Clint lifts Emily to her feet, his hands caressing her breasts and squeezing her nipples almost painfully. She moans at his touch, feeling unsteady on her feet. Her hands roam over his body; over his shoulders, across his chest, and down his torso. He bends and drags her panties down her legs where she steps out of them. He stands again then slips a hand against her lower back and pulls her roughly into his body. He grabs her chin and holds it in his hand as they kiss deeply, hungrily. She can feel his erection pressed against her stomach and sex and it throbs against her. A slight wet, stickiness leaks from his cock and is smeared between their bodies. Her own wetness is very apparent between her thighs.

He breaks their kiss and steps past her to grab the towel that he brought in earlier. He folds it and places down on top of the bed where she will lay.

“Lay down, Emily,” he says in a commanding tone.

She immediately obeys and lays on her back on top of the towel. As soon as she's settled Clint moves on top of her. He pushes her legs wide apart and slides his body between them. His body lowers down on her and his mouth covers a nipple to suck and tug gently. Emily bends her legs at her knees, her hips lifting on their own to rub her sex against his length. He groans around her nipple, his teeth grazing across it. She inhales a sharp breath at the sensation and drags her fingernails down the length of his back.

Clint supports his body on his arms over top of Emily and presses the head of his cock against her awaiting entrance. He slowly brings his hips inward, his head spreading her lips. Emily looks up at him, her hands gripping his forearms, anticipating his entry inside of her. Ever so slowly he continues to ease forward until feeling the first of the resistance. She closes her eyes, her chest heaving and he slides his head inside of her tightness. She moans quietly at the feel of his member penetrating her, so far there is no pain, just a feeling of fullness and pressure. She needs him, more of him. Emily pushes her hips back along Clint's length, making him groan, and wrapping herself around him inch by inch.

Finally, there is a touch of pain as he goes deeper than her fingers have ever been able to reach. She stops pushing herself at him and he doesn't move either; allowing her the time to grow adjust to him. He leans down, now supporting himself on his forearms, and kisses her softly along her neck, up behind her ear, and gives her a little nibble there. Emily smiles, the touch of his lips and the slight stubble on his face sending shivers down her spine. She runs her hands up and down his back and he pushes forward again. She cries out as he stretches her but now there's more pleasure.

Clint pulls back, leaving just the head inside of her before moving forward once more, and repeats this process edging deeper and deeper into her. After a moment Emily opens her eyes, Clint is staring down at her and he smiles at her. He continues his slow, gentle rhythm and Emily begins to move her hips with him. His eyes close and he groans; she is so wet, so tight, so hot. Her pussy wraps around his cock, gripping and stroking as they move against each other. He moves faster, deeper and she continues to meet his every thrust.

Finally, he manages to work his entire length into her and changes their rhythm; now he stays deep inside of her, making short strokes, enjoying the idea of being the first man inside of her and claiming her as his own. Her fingers dig into his back as if trying to pull him deeper inside of her. Clint changes his weight to rest on one arm and brings his free hand up to squeeze and rub her breast. She moans quietly, her hands sliding down his back and her nails running over the top of his ass. His position change allows Emily a view of where their two bodies are connected; she watches as he slides in and out of her, his cock shining with her wetness. The sight makes her even more aroused, knowing that his body is causing hers to react this way. Clint sees her watching so sits up and onto his knees to give her the best possible view. She moans again, watching this beautiful man working her.

He rubs his hands over the tops of her thighs, moving against her faster, and spreads her legs wider apart. His thumb suddenly comes down on her clit and he begins to rub against it as he thrusts in and out of her. Emily feels a weird heat building in her toes, she plants the bottoms of her feet against the bed and lifts up at him and against his hand. The heat spreads quickly up her body and she knows she is going to orgasm. Clint knows it as well, feeling her walls closing tightly around him and then relaxing.

“Come for me, Emily,” he says in a growl.

His thumb presses harder against her clit, rubs her faster, his strokes are deeper, and the heat finally reaches Emily's sex and explodes. She cries out loudly, her hips lifting hard and fast against Clint's cock. Her head is tossed back, her eyes shut tight, and her mouth open as she moans more and more. Still he continues to rub his thumb over her and move deep into her. He can feel the new surge of wetness engulfing his cock inside of her, leaking out and coating his balls, her pussy contracting hard around him. He continues.

“Please,” she gasps. She swats her hand at his, trying to move it away from her sensitive clit.

Clint can't control his needs any longer. With Emily sated, it's now his turn. He releases the hold he has been able to maintain on his desires up to this point. He grips her wrist when she swats it at him, then grabs her other wrist in his other hand and pins her arms roughly above her head. He fucks her hard, deep, and fast. Her useless hands close and open around thin air as she tries to break them free of his grasp, her hips move erratically underneath him trying to escape him, and she digs her toes and feet into his calves trying to pry him off, but all of her efforts are useless. She succumbs to the painful pleasure and gives herself to him; panting from the orgasm that continues to rack her body and the constant new pleasure he piles on top of it.

He sucks and bites her neck, groaning and grunting against her ear. His balls make slapping noises as they hit against her. She cries out again, feeling a new orgasm building in the wake of the first; she knows she won't be able to handle it and she tries to take her mind away, but his constant touching of his lips and mouth on her skin hold her firmly to this place.

Emily does the only other thing that she can think in order to bring this to an end; she plants her feet against the bed again, her legs shaking violently against Clint's body and begins to meet his thrusts once more. She imagines her pussy as a hand, and tries to move her hips back and forth, and side to side to stroke and twist over his cock. Her new orgasm builds rapidly, aided by the thought and the mission she has to make Clint come.

“Clint. Please, please come. Come inside of me,” she pleads.

Her request is his undoing. He pounds hard into the back of her pussy once more, then she feels his body go rigid against her. His grunts and groans go silent, his breathing stops, and she is filled as each of his throbs sends rope after rope of come into her. His body shakes above her, his grip loosens around her wrists, and he inhales a deep shuddering breath. Emily runs her fingers through his hair, pulls his head to her, and kisses him passionately. Her hips slowly move against him, milking every drop of him out and he kisses her back with just as much passion.

They lay on the bed together; Clint on his back and Emily curled on his chest. He runs his fingers up n down her body lazily, his eyes closed, and completely satisfied. She kisses against his chest, her eyes closed, and her cheeks hurting from smiling so much. As their body temperatures return to normal Clint pulls the comforter over them and Emily nuzzles her head against the spot between his shoulder and neck. Eventually they both fall asleep.

Some unknown time later Emily is awakened. It is still dark in the room. She is laying on her side and Clint is pressed up against her back, holding her. She feels his hardness throb against her ass and realizes this is what must have awoken her. She wiggles her ass back against him. His arm around her waist moves down and his fingers stroke lightly over her sex.

“Ready for more?” he asks.

“I don't think you can handle me,” she replies, smiling to herself in the dark.

“Well, let's see just how much you can handle. I was being gentle on you earlier, but now it's time to have some real fun,” he threatens as his fingers pinch her clit.

Emily has just enough time to regret her words before Clint's hand pushes her legs apart and he's pushing inside of her from behind.

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