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The Rebound - Part 1

Holly's rebound sex turns into more than she was planning for.
“Are you sure about this? Because once you accept, there’s no going back, you know, you’ll be mine,” his blue eyes shined in the light as he stared at Holly across the heavy, solid oak table.

“Yeah, I am, well, I think I am anyway. I want to, I really do, it’s just…”

“Just what?” he interrupted sternly. “If you want to, where’s the problem?”

He had a point, and she knew it. She didn’t have an argument against his proposal at all. She wasn’t even nervous about the prospect, she truly wanted it. It was something she had wanted to explore for ages, and now she finally had the chance.

­ “Okay, yeah, okay then, I’ll do it,” she said confidently.

“Good. I’m glad you said that, Holly, you chose well, and you won’t regret it. You won’t regret it at all,” he stood up from the table and walked around to Holly, taking her hand firmly and pulling her up, “Now, come with me and we shall begin.”


Break-ups were hard, and Holly knew this. Even at the age of twenty-two, they never got easier. It had been three weeks since her and her ex-boyfriend had had that inevitable conversation about where their relationship was going. It ended, just like she knew it was going to and it hurt, it hurt a lot. Four years’ worth of love and devotion was gone. She became somewhat of a reclusive, her days consisted purely of going to work and then home again to curl up with a book in bed. Her work colleagues noticed the change in her, especially Rachel, her closest friend.

“You know what you need, Holly? You need a night out. Get a bit drunk, and maybe even get lucky, but most importantly, have a good time with your friends and forget about the past, okay?” she had said to her one lunch time.

“Thanks, but I don’t really think I’m up to it yet,” Holly replied. “Maybe in a few weeks though?”

“Holly, no, I don’t care what you say. This Friday we are going out, drinking far too much, and dancing our asses off, no isn’t an option. You need this, trust me.” And with that, Rachel returned to desk, leaving Holly no room to try and argue back.

Friday arrived and after work both Holly and Rachel headed back to Holly’s place to get ready for their night out.

“I’m still not sure about this, Rach,” Holly said as she flicked through her wardrobe, “I don’t even have anything to wear, and you know that this kind of thing isn’t really me.”

“Don’t worry about your clothes, I have brought you something special from my wardrobe of fantastic-ness to wear, and you will look fabulous, trust me.” Rachel reached into her holdall bag and produced a black dress that was folded neatly.

“Here you go, Hol, go into the bathroom and try it on. Trust me, you will look fabulous, and that ex of yours will be long forgotten about once we get to the club and people see you in this.” With that she handed Holly the dress and ushered her into the en-suite.

Holly shimmied into the dress. It was a snug fit and hugged every one of her curves. She looked at herself in her full length mirror. Really, Rach can’t expect me to wear this, surely. My boobs are almost out of it and the length is ridiculous. It’s just not me, she thought to herself as she turned slowly.

“Come on, you must have it on by now!” Rachel shouted through the door, “Let me see, I’m coming in.” She turned the handle of the door and wolf-whistled when she saw Holly in full.

“See, told you it’d be fabulous! You look amazing. Let me do your hair and make-up too, you’ll be unrecognisable tonight.”

“Rach, I’m not sure. It’s a bit short isn’t it? And look at my cleavage! It’s pretty obvious!” Holly protested.

“Holly, darling, your cleavage is pretty obvious no matter what you wear, look at the size of them! And the length is just fine. Trust me. I’m jealous of you in that dress, even I don’t look that good in it.”

Maybe Rachel was right. Her slim, petite figure DID look good in the dress, and her 38DD bust was pretty hard to conceal in most things. She had to admit that the cut of the dress did do wonders for her tiny waist and large bust.

“Okay, fine. It’ll do. Now, make me look brilliant, Rach!” Holly exclaimed.

They got to the club just after 10pm and ordered cocktails straight away. Holly felt so out of place here, especially in this dress, this really wasn’t her at all.

“Right, I’m going to go on the prowl,” said Rachel, “See if I can find us some hotties! Don’t move, okay, I’ve got this!” And with that, she had disappeared into the crowd.

Great! She brings me out and then ditches me. I don’t want to find a “hottie”, I want to be back at home, curled up in my chair with a good book, thought Holly.

She ordered another cocktail anyway, and leant back against the bar, scanning the crowds for her friend.

“You look like you don’t want to be here,” said a deep voice that took Holly by surprise.

“I don’t, if I’m being honest. I’ve been dragged out by my friend though,” she replied to the handsome, mystery stranger, “What about you, do you want to be here either?”

“Not really, I’ve been dragged out by my friend too, who has now disappeared somewhere. Typical.”


“Can I get you a drink by the way?” he smiled.

“I don’t even know your name, and you’re already trying to get me drunk,” Holly laughed, “but, yeah, okay, why not, I’ll have a vodka and coke please, thanks.”

He ordered the drinks and then turned back to Holly.

“How about we forget the names for now? Anonymity changes a person. You can be whoever you want to be when someone doesn’t know your name,” he said with a mischievous grin. “If you want to call me anything, you can just call me J for now.”

“Okay, then J it is. If we’re doing the whole anonymous thing, you can call me Alice, always liked that name.”

Before they knew it, an hour and a half had passed, and Holly and J still stood at the bar talking. Holly had begun to feel quite tipsy now, but continued to sip her vodka and coke.

“Alice, what do you say we get out of here? Go somewhere a bit more peaceful? Back to mine, perhaps?” J boldly suggested.

“Well, I need to let my friend know first, I don’t think she’d appreciate it otherwise.” Holly scanned the club and found Rachel sat on the lap of someone, with her lips locked to his, “There she is, don’t want to disturb her, I’ll give her a text instead.” And with that, the two of them left the club.

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