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The Secretary and The Student

The Secretary and The Student

A Friday Social at work evolves into some wet and erotic playtime ....
I am The Secretary. I have worked as an Executive Assistant for over 20 years in the legal field. I am not a Legal Assistant; I leave that work to the Paralegals. I look after the administration requirements and personal business for two senior partners in a large national law firm. My work is a pleasure in many ways; my bosses are terrific and very generous, we have newly renovated offices with incredible views and the pay is very good. The Firm has an ongoing rotation of Articling Students, Summer Students, Interns/Consultants and first-year Associates. Each year we are inundated with hundreds of students vying for a spot on our roster. Who doesn’t want to work on the West Coast where the weather is better than anywhere else in the country?

The Student is a third term Articling Student soon to be called to the bar. Ryan has already completed his Bachelor of Science and his Jurdis Doctrate. Our Firm looks for people who have a strong work ethic, community interests and team spirit. Often the students are involved in various team sports and fundraisers for the Firm. During those events, many of the other lawyers and staff are the cheerleaders for the students and a few of the more athletic lawyers.

I am usually pretty busy with my partners’ work, so I rarely pay attention to the students that come and go and who work long hours compiling research for various lawyers. But, this one student stood out among all of them. Ryan had caught my eye at a fundraiser baseball game, where two law firms pitched against each other raising money for our local hospital. At the barbeque after the game I was introduced to a few of the new students by our Managing Partner. Oh, this Ryan was definitely cougarbait.

It was funny how I would see him more and more around the office after that game, or maybe I was just more aware of him. He was all the things I adore in a man; younger, tall, intelligent, athletic and caring.

I have never been one to mix business and pleasure, as I have valued my career and proud of my work. This young man, though, put all sense of reason out of my head. Being the good girl I am, I just fantasied about him in my bed and swooned after he rounded the corner where my workstation is. As time went on, I noticed that he started to avoid any eye contact. I thought it was odd. Maybe I was too old to be interesting to a man about 26. At any rate, I enjoyed how well he filled out his suits and the faint flush on his cheeks.

As the new rotation of students arrived, the Firm welcomed the Summer Students into the fold with a Friday Social in the major boardroom. What a view! The North Shore Mountains looking regal, the Burrard Inlet serene, and Ryan in his suit – I couldn’t decide which was more wonderful to look at. Well, I lie. Ryan was very mesmerizing.

I sipped my wine as I leaned against one of the credenzas, listening to the chattering of everyone in the boardroom and those that had spilled out into the corridor after the welcoming speech by the Students Committee Chair. Ryan stood with a few other Articling Students across the boardroom. I mentally undressed Ryan as I had a very good angle in which to observe him. I had seen him in a t-shirt and basketball shorts for the baseball game, so I had a pretty good idea what he’d look like without that suit and tie. I think my eyes must have glazed over with lust, when I realized that he was looking at me with a slight grin on his face. Could he read the bubble above my head that said how much I wanted to devour him?? My face and neck flushed my embarrassment and I gulped down the last of my wine in utter horror.

I quickly decided to that I should make a getaway hoping like hell that I could talk myself into not feeling so embarrassed. Walking down the interior stairwell, I made my way back to my desk, checking my e-mails one last time before heading home. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan lean against my bookshelf watching me. I didn’t know what to do – do I look up at him or pretend I didn’t notice him?

“Hi Sandie,” he said quietly.

I looked up, smiled and said, “Hi there.”

“I brought down a bottle of wine from the Social. I am hoping you might like to share it with me.”

I laughed. “The way to a girl’s heart; bring the wine and the glasses!”

Since the office was virtually empty, and my bosses gone since lunch time, I showed him into one of my partners’ office. I sat on the long leather sofa and put my feet up on the coffee table, leaned back and watched Ryan poured the wine.

"Nice shoes, Sandie," he said as I crossed my ankles on the coffee table top.

"Thanks!" I laughed.

Ryan handed me a glass of wine and sat down next to me instead of in the big chair that was at an angle to the sofa. We were just two adults drinking wine in a boss’s office. Was I crazy?? My mind was whirling thinking all the worst that could happen in a predicament like this.

“Salute to the Summer Students,” I said as I my glass touched his.

He chuckled.

At that moment, the sound of his chuckle put me at ease. And then, I thought, “you only live once!”

After a little small talk about my shoes and sports, learning he still played hockey for the UBC hockey team, Ryan leaned forward to refill our glasses, and he stopped. His fingertip touched my inside ankle where there is a tattoo, and he softly traced the “S”, curving softly up my calf. I held my breath. He looked up at my face with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I must confess, I’ve wanted to touch your tattoo for a very long time,” he quietly stated.

I exhaled.

"And I always love seeing what sexy heels you wear," he said.

He replaced his fingertip with his warm hand as he slowly moved it up my bare leg, under my skirt, all the while, keeping our eyes locked. There was no way in hell I could have adverted my gaze, if I had tried.

He leaned forward and his lips found my knee. Everything went into slow motion. His soft warm lips kissed and suckled the inside of my knee and one of my hands went into his hair. He pushed the coffee table away and knelt between my legs, his hands caressed up my calves to my thighs and down the insides.

I smiled at him. “Before you get too comfy, should we shut the door?”

Ryan grinned and agreed, got up and closed the door. On his return, he pulled off his jacket and tie. I could have eaten him up, right there and then. The wetness intensified between my thighs and all I could think of was how many times I had masturbated to him in my mind.

He sat down and pulled me onto his lap. His one hand was on my legs and the other behind my head as he leaned in to kiss me. Those warm wine-laced lips kissed and opened my own lips. His tongue leisurely licked at my tongue and I was lost.

I leaned back and we were lying on my boss’s sofa kissing and making out like teenagers. His big body felt so nice against me. His leg moved between mine and I moaned softly. I wanted him so badly. The feeling from his bulge against my hip confirmed he felt similarly.

His lips and tongue planted kisses and licks all down along my neck as he opened up my blouse. He pulled down my lacy bra, exposing my hard long pink nipples that were aching to feel his tongue and teeth. Ryan did not disappoint, as his lips pursed around one nipple and his teeth gently pulled at it. My wetness between my legs had now become an urgent matter needing attention as I took his big hand and moved it into my lacy thong. He curled his fingers down and played gently at the swollen slick folds.

"Fuck, you are soaking!" he hoarsely whispered against my breast.

I groaned my need.

He rearranged himself between my legs, pulled up my skirt up to my waist and exposed my champagne lacy thong. I saw that look of lust and need on his face. He licked his full lips then he took his time kissing every inch of my inner thighs and teasing at the gusset of my thong. My pussy lips were swollen and my thong completely wet with desire.

Ryan parted my thighs and pushed my knees back. He pulled my thong to the side and his mouth could not wait moment longer. His tongue came out, and softly licked at my bare pussy lips. Ryan groaned. I groaned. His tongue searched out the soft walls, my hard nub; feeling and tasting the wetness of my pussy.

Then, he ripped off my lacy thong in urgency.

His fingers joined in the exploration, searching every fold, pulling open and exposing my pussy in all its glorious wetness. I softly groaned at his demanding mouth and fingers. I held my breath. Ryan curled his finger up and felt for my g-spot. He looked up at me and caught me watching him. Fuck! It was such a perfect picture of Ryan 's face in my pussy. His eyes never left mine, except to notice that I was biting my bottom lip in obvious excitement. With his mouth still playing on my pussy, he moved his finger softly and slowly against that glorious spot. My breathing changed. He was so intent on all of my responses. His fingers coaxed at my pussy - cum out to play. His mouth never left my pussy and he could feel and taste the little pulses that he was rewarded with. His fingers moved a bit faster. My hips responded, moving against his rhythm.

I closed my eyes. My back started to arch, my breasts pushing up into the air and my nipples so hard. I groaned " Ryyyy ........" And then he tasted and felt my orgasm on his tongue and fingers. My juices came hard and gushed. He kept his mouth right there, enjoying the feel of my orgasm. He tongue was hardly moving, letting me enjoy the rush. Then he softly kissed my pussy as my body relaxed and the juices slowed down.

Ryan pulled off his clothes and stood there in my boss’s office, naked and glorious. He got on top of me, pinning me under his weight. My hands moved up from his hips, up his back into his hair. His thick hard cock was pressed against my stomach. He could not wait much longer and he groaned out his desire. We both needed more. Kneeling a bit back between my open wet thighs, he teasingly smeared the tip of his hard cock all over my wet and pouty lips.

That earned Ryan a low moan from me. I watched him intently. Eyes caught and held. He quickly pushed inside my wet, needy pussy. Stopping, our heat surged and merged. My pussy pulsed, clenching and kissing his hardness with my pussy. I kissed his lips urgently and deeply. Our mouths were thirsty and hungry. I moved slowly beneath him, slowly stirring my hips against him. He broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes. I felt lost in his eyes. My pussy tightened around his thickness. He groaned and kissed me hard again.

He could not help but move slowly, from deep inside me, to pulling almost out, dragging his beautiful cock over my g-spot. Then Ryan sunk his cock back into my wet pussy, returning again and again. My hips moved with him. My hands pulled at his ass, pulling him closer into me. The sound of my very wet pussy was wonderfully erotic and sexy. I whispered how much I had wanted him. Ryan picked up the pace, moving harder into me.

"Yes!! Don't stop." I hoarsely whispered into his ear. "Fuckkkkk!" I groaned out loud as my orgasm burst onto his thick cock, washing him with my gushing wetness.

Ryan kissed me. I was breathless. He slowed down his pace and smiled again at me and said, "You have no idea how much I've wanted you. How many times I've jerked off thinking of you and having no idea how to make it happen. Until today."

My heart actually flipped.

Ryan resumed his assault on my pussy. Kissing, licking and biting each other softly as we fucked on my boss’s sofa. He was going to pull another orgasm out of me at this pace. I writhed beneath him. His big hands enclosed around mine, holding me tight against the sofa. His fucked me deeper and faster. I struggled against his weight and he never let up, as finally I released another orgasm onto his thick throbbing cock. Ryan ground hard against me and in me as my pulses slowed down and he kissed me deeply. He groaned into my mouth that he was going to cum. I kept kissing him as I felt his cock throb. "Cum in me, Ryan , please!" I groaned against his mouth.

Finally, his cock spurted out cum in long hard pulsing streams, mixing with my own juices. My pussy clenched around his thickness, drinking in each spurt of cum. I felt Ryan relax his body on top of me.

I purred. Ryan chuckled.

I whispered, “Maybe we need to move this party somewhere else where we won’t get caught?”

Ryan smiled and kissed me. “You’re right. Come to my place, we can play all night.”

He pulled on his clothes as I buttoned up my blouse. I went to pick up my ripped off thong, but he said, “Not so fast, lady. Those are my trophy!” as he put them in his pocket.

We quickly cleaned up my boss's office and I said that I hoped the smell of sex would be gone by Monday morning. Ryan laughed.

"Let's go make my apartment smell sexy!"

I thought, “Students … god bless students.”

We left the office and in the elevator down to the lobby I whispered to Ryan, "I can feel your cum dribbling down my thighs."

He leaned into me and whispered back, "So sexy!"

We hailed a cab and arrived at his Yaletown apartment five minutes later. Ryan unlocked the door and let me enter.

Pushing me against the wall he pulled my skirt up and picked me up. Ryan's hands cupped my ass and pulled me up off my feet. My legs naturally opened and wrapped around his body. The urgency of his kiss left me breathless. His tongue invaded my mouth, licking and sucking at me. Ryan's one hand left my ass and unzipped his pants. His hard cock was pulled out and smeared against my open wet pussy lips. I groaned.

With my legs around him, he nuzzled his cock head into my pouty lips. He watched my face and eyes. I bit my lip and tried to grind against him, but my body was wedged. My hands went into his hair and I pulled his face to mine, kissing his mouth deeply. I bit his lower lip and he thrust his hips, sliding his cock into my wet pussy. I gasped. Ryan started to fuck me hard against the wall. The wet sounds filled the small entrance way along with our grunts and moans. Ryan fucked me like he had been a starved man. His thick cock pounded and went deep, so deep, I felt him hit my cervix. His hands had moved back to my ass, holding me firmly in his large hands. His teeth bit my lip and he growled. I clenched my pussy around his cock, and Ryan groaned louder.

I could feel his cock, expanding and throbbing. He did not move. He watched me. My pussy clenched again, and I watched his eyes intently as I released my cum onto his throbbing cock. Ryan grinned.

"I fucking love making you cum, baby," he said.

He moved us from the entrance into his king-size bed. Clothes were tossed and the exploration continued long into the evening. Just before sleep took over, Ryan whispered into my ear, "This is exactly why us guys love secretaries. And why we love milfs. You look so beautiful in your pencil skirts, sexy shoes, hair in a bun and those damn glasses on. And we all hope and pray, underneath it all is a sexy vixen who makes us never look at a girl our own age again!"

I kissed him deeply whispering, "All hail younger men and Articling Students!"

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