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A Letter Home

I remember coming home to an amzing blowjob!
A Letter Home


I don’t even know how many thousands of miles I am from you. But it’s much too far. Afghanistan is worse than I expected. It’s dry, hot, and more third world than I would have realized. I think if you read the Old Testament, add in cell phones and Toyota pick-ups, and you’re there.

I wish you were here with me though. I miss you SO much! I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about my last night at home.

I remember the way you surprised me when I got home that night. I walked in the door and you were standing there in your bra and panties. I don’t remember ever seeing them before, and quite honestly, I don’t even remember what they looked like. I remember they were black, and I remember the way they made your perfect body stand out like you were the first woman I’d ever seen.

You must have noticed the immediate erection I had; you didn’t even say a word, you just walked over to me and started peeling my uniform off. You looked me in the eyes, pulled my top off and started undoing by belt. I tried to kiss you, but you pulled away, kneeling.

You pulled my rock hard cock out and put it right in your mouth. I almost came right then and there; the way you looked up at me as you took complete control. You wrapped your soft lips around my dick’s helmet and sucked like it was a lollipop. You gripped my shaft with just the right pressure and let my hard-on pop out of your mouth, glistening from your mouth.

Then you licked me. You licked my cock from the base to the tip, put my helmet back in your mouth, and rubbed the underside of my dick with your tongue ring as you wrapped your tongue around the underside of my shaft.

You slowly started stroking my dick and you moved your mouth to my clean shaven balls. I love it when you do that. You licked my sack and then sucked one of my balls in to your mouth, wrestling it with your tongue while you continued to stroke my cock. You let out a little moan and I could see your eyelids flutter as you closed them, telling me that you were enjoying yourself. It took everything I had not to blow my load then.

When you let my testicle plop from your mouth I could see your saliva dripping off of my sack. You replaced your mouth with your free hand and massaged my balls while your lips kissed the tip of my dick. You looked up and me and smiled that slutty smile you sometimes give me because you could taste my pre-cum leaking from the tip of my dick. You licked it all off then buried my cock in your mouth once again.

I remember running my fingers through your hair, trying to control myself and not start fucking your mouth. I wanted to let you do what you wanted. You did something you’ve never done before though, and you took my dick deeper in your mouth. You slowly worked my dick in and out of your mouth, swallowing more of my shaft with each stroke. I felt the back of your throat for the first time and I know you were fighting the urge to gag. But you just kept going.

You never stopped fondling my balls as you brought your lips closer and closer to the base of my cock. Finally, your lips reached my body and you just stopped. With my cock going down your throat, you somehow wrapped your tongue around the underside of my dick and I could feel your tongue ring against my shaft.

Then you started fucking me with your mouth and hand at the same time. You sucked my cock all the way in and then out, again and again, from the base to the tip. You paused twice to catch your breath but you kept sucking my dick like it might be the last time you ever had the chance. I know you could hear me moaning and you could feel my balls start to tighten as my dick started to convulse with my orgasm, because you took my dick all the way in your mouth and sucked harder than you ever have.

I cock has never exploded with that much force! I could feel your mouth and the back of your throat filling with my cum. I may have pulled your hair a little harder than I meant to as I came, but I was completely out of control.

When I was done cumming, you looked up at me and slowly sucked your way down my cock, milking every last drop of cum off my cock as you released me from your mouth. You licked the tip of my dick again, cleaning it off, looked me in the eye and swallowed.

I remember after that, you stood up, turned around, and walked away. You looked over your shoulder at me as you walked in the direction of our bedroom. I could see in your eyes you weren’t done with me. You were asking me to follow.

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