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Adult Theater

Sexy woman's first night at the adult theater and glory holes
Adult theater

I have a great female friend who is mid-50 and sexy as hell. We have been playing together for a while now. I have never met a woman before who has the sex drive of Kat. She is an out of this world fuck and knows how to do wonderful things with her tongue when sucking cock, she is better than women half her age. Not only is Kat willing to do most any slutty thing I ask her to do, she wants and desires it for herself, she loves being a slut for me.

She had told me after her divorce and last live-in boyfriend she had just about given up on sex until we met. I have been in the swinging Lifestyle for a while and invited Kat to some of our parties. Having reawakened her sex drive Kat was surprised just how much she enjoyed sex for sex and asked me to help her to learn how to be a really great fuck and tell her what feels best for a man when sucking and fucking his cock. In my opinion Kat didn’t need any lessons as she was one of the best lovers I have ever had. I told her the only thing I thought she could do different is learn to fuck and suck like a complete slut truly hungry for cock and cum and really want to and deeply desire to be a slut. Kat was excited to hear this and told me this is what she wanted to be and asked if I would help her.

Kat also said she had sexual fantasies she would like to live out but she has a hard time knowing exactly what these fantasies are and would I help her realize just what it is she wants. Damn, I had dreamed of meeting a woman like this but I never thought I would, Kat is a fantasy come true and I jumped at the chance to help her while getting the best fucking and sucking I have ever had in my life along the way. Kat and I experimented with a few different things from light bondage to light pain/pleasure as well as fucking in every way imaginable and she was true to her word, she loved being a slut for me; and best of all, she still wanted more!

I had heard about an adult store not too far away that had glory holes, a theatre and a couples’ area. With Kat asking me if I had any fantasies I would like to do, I somewhat reluctantly mentioned I had always wanted to be with a woman and see her suck cocks through a glory hole. I was pleasantly surprised when Kat said she had heard of them and had been curious of trying it years ago but never thought she would meet someone she felt comfortable enough with and trust enough to take her and make sure she was safe. She asked me if we could go, she said she would love to try it. I told her damn, would be my pleasure, and I wouldn’t be able to thank her enough for making my fantasy come true. She said it was no problem, because I would be helping her make the same fantasy come true and she reminded me she loves to suck cock and loves cum.

I asked her if she would mind doing something for me if we went and she said sure what it was. I told her if we went I wanted her to be my slut while we were there, doing as I asked reminding her she could trust me I would not ask her to do anything she didn’t want to do and wouldn’t let her get hurt. Kat told me, she trusted me completely, like she had never trusted any man before and if that was all it was she was looking forward to being my slut and sucking strange cock through the hole and getting cum in her mouth and on her face and tits. I sent her some links to a site with some videos of women sucking cock at a glory hole so she would have some idea of what to expect. After watching the videos Kat was even more eager to go saying she really wanted to get cock and cum from a stranger on the other side of the wall.

There was a Friday night when we were both free and made arrangements to get together. I went to her house and she met me at the door naked and horny. Kat is always horny for my cock and as soon as she kissed me and rubbed the crotch of my jeans I was instantly hard for her. I pulled my jeans down and sat on her couch asking her to show me how she was going to suck the cocks at the glory hole. She eagerly went to her knees and made love to my cock with her mouth, practically worshipping it with her mouth and tongue.

Kat was sucking me so good I had to give her a reward and I needed to slide inside her juicy wet pussy. I stood up and reach between her legs and played with her pussy; she quickly flooded my hand with her juices. She says no man has ever been able to bring her juices so much, so quick and so easy. Damn, I could get addicted to this woman. I had her simply bend over and put her hands on the floor and easily slide inside her dripping pussy. We fucked like this for a few minutes then she pushed me back and licked my cock clean of her juices, she loves the taste of her own juices on a hard cock.

When she had me clean and had took me deep into her throat a few times, I bent her over the arm of her couch and fucked her hard from behind smacking her ass asking her to tell me how she was going to suck those cocks tonight. Between moans she told me she was going to suck those cocks deep and get cum, letting them cum in her mouth, on her face or on her tits, where ever I wanted. Told you this woman is a fantasy come true! Kat then sat on my dick and her juicy cum ran down my dick and balls. She turned around and licked me clean again begging for cum but I told her she would have to wait till later. She pouted but agreed as tonight she was my slut to do as I asked.

We showered and Kat had some outfits laid out to wear asking me which I thought would look best. She tried on a yellow print sundress that look sexy as hell but we chose a white skirt that was shorter than the sundress and a blue top with thin straps that would work better for our plans. Kat showed me a few pair of heels she thought would look good and we decided on some wedge type heels about three inches high that looked good yet was comfortable for her.

As I had requested, she wouldn’t be wearing a bra or panties tonight and the skirt was short enough so that if she bent over you could easily see her entire ass and pussy winking at you from behind. With her nice tan she looked great, hot as hell and ready to be fucked. She let me unfasten a few buttons showing the sexy cleavage between her firm C-cup tits. She looked just right to be my slut for the night, ready to suck cock and show her feminine treasures.

I helped Kat into my truck, and she wasn’t fooled, she knew what I was doing, as she stepped up her short skirt exposed her entire ass and as she bent to sit in the seat you could see her pussy was still swollen from our play earlier. It was a short drive to the adult bookstore and I wanted to play with Kat’s tits and pussy easily accessible under her short skirt but due to it still being daylight and the seatbelt laws I thought it best I not suggest anything to avoid a personal meeting with law enforcement

I looked over at Kat’s legs and noticed that when sitting the skirt barely covered her pussy exposing all of her long sexy tanned legs; and this was also noticed by the trucker keeping pace with us as I was passing him. Looking back I should of had Kat pull her skirt up even farther, but there was traffic backing up behind us and I really wasn’t sure how much to suggest for her to do. I assumed she was already nervous about our plans for the night and I didn’t want to add to her anxiety.

We arrived at the adult bookstore and thankfully the parking lot was well lit so I felt safe leaving my truck parked there. I helped Kat from the truck, again I wanted to see how much was exposed as she stepped down, as she stepped out her skirt slid up and I got a good view of her delicious smooth pussy. We walked inside, showed our ID’s and paid the fee for admission to the theater area. There was no charge for Kat, and why should there be, after all the ladies were the reason for the theater area.

We made our way down the hall looking around not really knowing what to expect. It was obvious we were new there and a man who seemed to be a regular patron offered to show us around. He walked us by the “peephole” booths as he called them explaining about the different types videos playing in each one telling us about the “peepholes” between some of the booths. We were concerned when we saw a sign saying one person per booth; I thought our night was finished already as Kat wanted me to be with her in the booths for safety and support. We were relieved when our new friend clarified the sign didn’t apply to male-female couples, they could go in the booths together without a problem.

He showed us the board indicating what theme porn movie was playing in which booth. We figured out this was a way to select what type of interaction to expect on the other side of the wall, as in, if you selected a booth playing gay porn expect a guy on the other side, select a booth playing hetero porn and watch for a woman to enter. It was a interesting the guys standing by the booths as if to say “choose me”, they were waiting for a woman or man, depending on the type movie playing, to enter the booth adjacent to the one they were standing next to then they would go in the booth they were basically guarding.

Our friend continued leading us to the theater area which was like a small theater with about 50 movie theater style seats and a porn movie playing on a big screen. The guy showing us around was very nice and considerate, describing what went on in each place and asking if we wanted to stay in the theater or go back to the booths or just look around, but we were not stupid, he had an ulterior motive, he wanted his dick sucked by the sexy lady walking with me. We told our friend we wanted to look around on our own for a few minutes and we took a closer look at the glory hole booths trying to get a better feel what to do and how to start.

Kat needed to go to the restroom, we found the ladies room and we were a little confused what to do as we read the sign indicating women were to press a button and wait to be buzzed into the ladies room, I assume this was for their privacy and protection from men walking in on them or men joining them in the ladies room. Our new friend walked up explaining what Kat needed to do to go inside. Obviously he had been watching us, which I don’t blame him because Kat was the only female there at the time. While Kat was inside I talked with our friend and he explained usually there weren’t many couples on Friday nights that Saturdays were the when more couples came in.

When Kat came out the guy again invited us to try either the “peephole” booths or the theater area, we told him we wanted to check out the booths again and he followed us offering assistance if we had any other questions. Yea, right, he was hoping to get to play with Kat in any way we were comfortable with.

As we passed one of the booths playing hetero porn I thought we had to get started sometime and the guy was nice enough to show us around, why not have Kat reward him by sucking his cock through the glory hole. I asked Kat if this booth looked ok and she was in agreement and our friend went into the adjoining booth. Kat bent down and looked thru through the hole watching as the guy on the other side lowered his pants and pulled his dick out. Soon she was greeted by his cock in her face through the hole in the wall of the booth.

She stroked him a few times then slides her lips over the head and took his cock in her mouth. As I said earlier, Kat is wonderful at sucking cock and having a dick through a hole didn’t seem to cause her any problems. I wondered how long it would take Kat to get him off as she gave him some of her best sucking and licking bringing his cock to full-length. I massaged her tits and played with her pussy as she sucked him causing her to moan on his cock. It was getting warm in the booth so I helped Kat out of her blouse, she looked so fucking sexy in her wedge heels and her short white skirt bunched around her waist.

He wasn’t ready to cum yet and he asked her to sit on the stool in the booth and play with her pussy for him as he watched through the hole. She eagerly obliged and pulled her skirt up and went to work on her pussy and clit, moaning loud enough for the others standing outside to hear. I wondered how it sounded to them to hear a real woman moaning from the booth rather than the moans from the videos playing. Watching Kat bring herself to an orgasm, squirming on the stool and moaning had me so hard I thought my dick was going to explode. After she came Kat knelt down and asked the guy through the hole was he ready to give her some cum.

His cock appeared and she wasted no time working her expert lips and mouth up and down his cock. He must have been stroking himself as he watched her play with her juicy smooth tanned pussy because it didn’t take Kat but a few more minutes to get her first shot of cum at a glory hole. There were no towels to wipe the cum dripping from her lips so I handed Kat her blouse, knowing this would look super slutty when we left to see her disheveled from sucking and fucking wearing a cum stained blouse. Also, she looked so damn hot and slutty with cum dripping from her mouth and lips. Kat thanked our friend and we heard him exit the booth.

Kat looked up at me and asked if she was a good slut; when I recovered from the shock of the wonderful sight I had just witnessed I told her oh yes, better than I could ever imagine, she did real good. Wondering what to do now, Kat reached down and felt my rock hard cock, she didn’t hesitate at all bending down taking me in her mouth hungrily sucking me like she hadn’t suck a cock in month yet she just had her lips wrapped around a strangers cock and getting a nice helping of cum for her efforts.

Thankfully another guy came into the booth next to us because I was about to give Kat another mouthful of cum being so excited watching her be such a good slut. I pulled her mouth away telling her she had another cock in the next booth. She moved her face to the hole asking if he had a cock for her to suck and like magic one appeared in front of her. She quickly went to work on it with her lips wrapped tight around it. I don’t know if this guy had been outside stroking himself listening to Kat with the first guy or what but he didn’t last more than a minute before I saw his cum spilling out of Kat’s mouth. His quick shot had surprised Kat and she wasn’t able to get all of his cum in her mouth. His cum was dripping off her chin and hand and she spit what did get in her mouth telling me it was too thick to swallow. Again, I handed her blouse to Kat to wipe her face and hand. Thinking again she will look great wearing the blouse with cum stains when we leave.

The booth next to us wasn’t vacant very long as another guy entered as soon as the last guy left. Again Kat asked if he had a cock for her, telling him she wanted some cum. She wasn’t disappointed when another cock appeared through the hole, only this time; it was one of the thinnest cocks Kat and I had ever seen. It wasn’t the shortest but it was very small around. Kat looked up trying not to laugh, the expression on her face asking “What am I supposed to do with this little thing?” I told her to suck on it, it will get bigger, but it never did nor did he ever get hard. Kat tried her best, but it seemed there was nothing she could do to help this little cock. I noticed she was at a loss for what to do next, and when she turned around to look at me asking what next I told her to stop and thank him.

He got the hint and left. When stood she told me that was like the cocks of men she had met for dates from the Internet, they say they have a big dick then when she finally gets to see it they are carry a little thing. She said she didn’t know how they were measuring to get 7+ inches but she sure couldn’t see it.

Another guy soon entered the adjacent booth and Kat reached through the hole asking him if he had some cock for her. When she pulled her arm back she had a handful of cock, this one was definitely better than the last but still not very big. Kat went to work sucking and stroking, enjoying the feeling of him getting hard in her mouth. After a few minutes it became apparent this guy wasn’t going to cum quick so I pulled Kat’s ass up so could slide my cock in her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I entered her. She was moaning on the cock when he asked her if he could lick her pussy.

Kat was up for most anything so she pulled away from my dick and pushed her ass against the wall trying her best to give him access to her pussy. Despite her best efforts he was never really able to get his tongue on her pussy, so to help him out she turned around and sat on the stool working on her pussy and clit with her hand moaning as she brought herself to a couple quick orgasms. This must have helped the guy on the other side because when Kat went back to sucking his cock she soon was rewarded with his cum. Kat thanked him and again wiped her mouth and hands with her blouse.

By now Kat was beginning to get very warm in the small booth so I suggested she take a break. I gave her a tight hug telling her how proud I was of her and what a good show she had put on for me. I know it sounds like I hadn’t done much for Kat but I was enjoying seeing her being a hot slut for cocks through the hole.

She said she needed to go to the restroom anyway so we left the booth, leaving the guy that had just entered the other booth disappointed. Kat asked what she was going to wear for a top since hers now had cum on it; I explained she should wear it as the cum stains would show what she had been doing and show she was a slut for cock and cum. She smiled knowing this was a compliment from me and proudly pulled her blouse over her head.

While I was waiting for Kat to finish in the restroom our “tour-guide” friend from before walked up and asked if we were enjoying ourselves. I contained my excitement and calmly answered yes we were. He told me another couple there had told him they would meet us in the couples’ area if we wanted. Who is this guy, the designated greeter and social director? Seriously, he was nice about everything so far. I told him we were going to the theater area to let Kat rest, cool off and catch her breath. When Kat came out our friend offered to buy her a soda or water from the vending machine inside. I thought this was the least he could do after the great blow job she gave him in the booths.

With a bottle of water I held her hand and guided her to the theater area, intentionally putting her in a seat against the wall to avoid any uninvited contact from the guys that quickly gathered around us. Our friend had followed us in and he took a seat in front of Kat. We sat and watched the porn movie which had some skinny black girl talking and moaning that was so fake it was actually a turn-off.

I was caressing Kat’s thigh, noticing she was beginning to recover and catch her breath. When I felt her relax I coaxed her legs apart sliding my hand up her inner thigh to her pussy. Her sexy short skirt was already halfway up her butt leaving her pussy exposed. Kat was soon moaning as I played with her pussy and the guys around us were watching the show. She slid down in the seat giving me a better position to rub her pussy. I could feel her getting very wet but the position still wasn’t that comfortable for my hand and wrist and when our friend offered to take over for me I gladly let him.

He must have been doing something Kat liked because I could hear her juices squishing as his fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Another guy in front of us was caressing her leg, which I was ok with because I knew from where he was sitting he couldn’t really get to Kat very well and wouldn’t overwhelm her. Another guy behind us respectfully asked if he could rub her tits but I wasn’t sure how Kat felt about all the attention and playing in the theater area, we hadn’t really talked about it, so told him not right now and he respected our wishes, pulled back and moved away.

Our friend was still working on Kat’s pussy with his hand and soon brought her to an orgasm with Kat raising her hips and moaning loudly. After she came, he thanked us and walked out of the theater. I am thinking that short of letting him fuck her, meeting Kat had made this a great night for him. I motioned for the other guys to move away and let her rest and the crowd around us sensing the show was over for now moved away. A few other guys came and sat near us but when they realized nothing was happening they soon left.

Looking back on our time in the theater and after Kat and I talked, I should have let more guys touch and caress Kat, she would have loved all the hands on her and being the center of attention. Also, I should have motioned a guy to crawl between her legs and eat her to orgasm getting his face covered with her juicy cum when she squirts on his face. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time.

We headed back to the glory hole booths and this is when I realized you picked who you wanted in the booth next to you. There were guys standing by the door of different booths, I know, simple, but this being our first time I hadn’t noticed until now. Kat had been talking about getting together with a black guy off the Internet but it hadn’t happened, so I was kind of looking for an attractive black guy for her to suck in the booth.

There was a decent looking black guy standing at one of the booths so I nudged Kat into the one next to him. I don’t think she realized at first what I had planned, but once in the booth I don’t think it mattered. Very soon there was a nice sized black cock coming through the hole covered with a condom. First thing Kat said is she was glad he was wearing a condom; which I thought strange since she had said she didn’t like the taste sucking a condom covered cock. The condom didn’t seem to bother her as she went right to sucking the black cock.

Kat was very pleased to finally have a cock big enough for her to enjoy. She worked her lips and mouth giving his cock the best she had to give. She continued for a few minutes and when she took her mouth off to catch her breath I suggested since the cock was already covered with a condom and it was certainly big enough to enjoy through the glory hole she should back her ass against the wall and fuck him. I am not sure if she had already thought of this but she was more than happy to follow my suggestion.

Kat quickly turned around, reached between her legs and pushed back engulfing all of his cock in her pussy. She reached out and held onto the stool in the booth and fucked her ass hard against the wall causing the booth to shake each time she pushed back stuffing her pussy full of the firm black cock. Kat was really getting into it, moaning and gasping with each stroke until she came and I could hear her juices drip onto the floor below. Damn, she must have really enjoyed fucking the black cock and it was big enough to hit the right places to make Kat gush juices like that.

While she can cause a puddle on the floor, the cock has to be really good for her to do it. Kat turned around to lick her juices off the cock, she loves the taste of her juices, she considers it sweet flavoring on a cock. While she was licking him clean of her juices I felt her pussy and damn, she was dripping wet, all over the inside of her thighs down to her knees, Kat must have really enjoyed the black cock in her pussy

When she had all her juices licked off his cock I told Kat she must have really liked his cock, she needed to turn around and get her some more of his nice dick. Before she got turned around he asked if he could come in our side of the booth with us, we didn’t really want another guy in our side with us and with the booths being so small Kat told him no but she wanted to fuck him again. He put his cock back through the hole and she reached between her legs positioning his cock to slide in her pussy. In no time at all, she grabbed the stool and was pushing back had on his cock moaning out one orgasm after another.

He soon came in the condom and she pulled off him thanking him for the good fuck. I felt her pussy and it was even wetter than before, she really doesn’t get wet like this with too many guys but this nice black cock sure did it for her, she was soaked from her stomach to her feet. As Kat was wiping some of her wetness off with her blouse we heard someone enter the booth next to us.

She put her fingers through the hole and asked if he had some cock for her, telling him she needed more cock and cum. A decent size cock come through the hole, not big, but certainly not as small as some of the others. He had a lot of pubic hair but this didn’t stop Kat, she hungrily took his cock in her mouth and began sucking, he held out for a little while but he was no match for Kat’s excellent cock sucking skills; she had him cumming in no time.

A couple minutes went by and no one stepped into the booth next to us. While Kat was wiping her hands and mouth with her blouse she suggested we go back to the theater as she was hot and sweaty from the good fucking she just received from the black cock. We walked to the theater, me holding her hand keeping her close. This time I sat Kat in the middle of a row so others could play with her too; we had talked on the way out of the theater the first time and she said she would like to feel more hands on her body.

Her body was just starting to get cooled off when she asked where her glasses were; in the excitement of her wonderful fucking of the cock through the hole I had laid them in the booth and left them there. We immediately go up and headed back to the booth. I was anxious about the possibility of losing her glasses and walked away from Kat coming through the hall from the theater as she was struggling to get her blouse on. Kat thought I was going to leave her as I rushed to get her glasses. A guy was helping Kat with her blouse when I stopped and looked back, never actually letting her out of my sight. When she caught up we hurried to the booth which was fortunately unoccupied and her glasses were still there.

It was getting late for me as I had obligations the next day so I suggested we head toward the exit and check out the couples’ room which we would pass on our way to the parking lot. I guess being a Friday night, and getting late, the couples’ room was empty. I had been hard for Kat all night and we weren’t in the couples’ room long until I had her bent over holding onto the couch fucking her hard from behind. The excitement of the night was running through my head and I didn’t last two minutes until I told Kat I was going to cum; which is a signal to her to turn around opening her mouth for me to either cum on her face, mouth and tits or push my cock deep and shoot my cum directly into her throat.

Kat is so good at being a cock slut and loves cum, especially cum from me, getting it anyway she can. We straightened our clothes and walked to the parking lot. I couldn’t resist getting a flash of Kat’s ass and pussy again as I helped her up in the truck, her blouse covered with cum stains as a reminder of her slut night at the glory holes.

On the interstate on our way back to Kat’s house we stopped at a rest area for Kat to freshen up a bit. When she got back to the truck Kat told me it would have been hot if I had joined her in the restroom and fucked her in one of the stalls, made me wish I hadn’t just cum in the couples’ room; I really didn’t think I could get it up again so soon. Once back on the highway, Kat took her blouse off and rode topless the rest of the way home

She must have still been excited from the night’s activities because she was talking as fast as she could about anything that comes to mind. When she finally paused a few minutes I reached behind the seat and handed her an 18inch double dildo; she knew what to do with it and wasted no time shoving it up her still slick wet pussy. Her moan of pleasure as she brought herself to one orgasm after another was beautiful music to my ears. I couldn’t believe how long she kept fucking herself with the dildo; it must have been 20 minutes, until we were turning into her drive.

I really hated I had to get up early because I would have loved to have played with this horny cock slut the rest of the night but sad to say, we got ready for sleep soon after going inside Kat’s house. The night was not disappointing though as we cuddled together and drifted off to a relaxing sleep in each other’s arms dreaming of the wonderful fantasy that we had just made a reality for each other.

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