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After the Ball 2

Part two of the After The Ball series

I heard his key in the door, checking myself in the mirror for the fiftieth time in as many minutes. He'd let me have the spare key after I'd promised to cook for him. 

"Lauren?" he called from the hallway.

Taking one final look, I opened the door from his studio, into the corridor.

"Wow! You look... stunning!"

I smiled, blushing. My hair had cost a fortune, and I'd taken my time looking my best for him.

"Thank you, kind sir."

He hung his jacket up and slipped his shoes off, then took the two steps to take me in his arms and kiss me. His gentle hands held me tight to him. My hands in his hair. He could have taken me, there and then. I broke off the kiss, taking his hand and leading him to the study.

"Tell me about your day," I asked him. I took two cut-glass tumblers from the shelf, opened the ice-bucket, freshly filled, and put two cubes in one, and half filled the other one. I took his favorite scotch and poured him a generous measure.

"Dinner will be about half an hour," I told him, handing him his drink.

"Thanks." He took a quick swig, swirling the glass to cool the liquor with the ice-cubes. He looked at my glass- ice-cubes, but no drink. "You not having one?"

"Don't worry about me, tell me about your day"

I leant in and kissed him on his cheek.

He sat in his favorite chair, leather and chrome. The rest of the room was furnished functionally, a desk, sideboard, bookshelves, a couple of easy chairs. 

He relaxed and began to speak about the office, he could make the most mundane things sound interesting, his soft voice had a way of melting my spine.

I took my tumbler full of ice and placed it next to his one the low table. 

He continued to talk while I knelt on the floor in front of him. He looked puzzled, his talk dried.

"Do, go on." I said.

He started again, his words disjointed as he was distracted by my actions. Kneeling up between his legs I reached forward and undid the belt on his trousers, then slowly pulled the zip downwards. A look of realization flooded his face.

"Lauren, we could go..."

"But honey, this is your relaxation time. When you get home, you pour yourself a drink and sit in here, relaxing. So relax, huh?" 

I pulled his trousers off, he lifted his backside off the chair to help me, and he continued with his story.

"... so, we finally got the Anderson account, and I'll need to fly to Berlin next week to sign the contracts..."

"Really? That is good. Will you be able to smuggle me over in your suitcase?" His trousers were off, and I turned my attention to his shorts. His mind may have been on work but his libido was very firmly in hand.

"You know as well as I do if I took you, you'd never let me leave the hotel room. It's a business trip, not a holida...." his words caught in his throat as I began to caress his thickening shaft through the cotton of his shorts. 

"Go on".

He started up again, mergers and finance talk a buzz in my ear as I concentrated on him. He took a swig of scotch as I unbuttoned his shorts, freeing his cock. I could feel he was having trouble keeping the story going. 

I gripped his shaft in my right hand, feeling his balls through his shorts with my left. My thumb on the ridge under his cock-head, then running over the head, his pre-cum glistening. I leant forward and took him into my mouth.

"Fuck, Lauren..." The only time I ever heard him swear was when I had his cock in my mouth or pussy.

I took his shaft out. "If I'm distracting you, I'll stop, shall I?"

His hand on the back of my head signaled that I shouldn't.

He continued with the rundown of his day as I kissed his shaft, flicking my tongue over the head, taking him deep inside my mouth, then shallow sucks. I could feel his balls getting hot in my hand. Slipping him completely out of my mouth I shucked him out of his cotton shorts. He moved forward in the chair.

I kissed and licked him till he was completely rigid. I loved the power I had over him, and I loved his cock. A nice size, not too big, thick enough to fill me at both ends. His testicles were smooth, he had taken to shaving them since we'd starting seeing each other regularly. I took him deep, feeling his glans against the back of my throat. 

He was losing track of the story somewhat, lost in the moment. I reached for my glass, the ice-cubes starting to melt.

Taking him out of my mouth, I raised the glass instead, and took two ice-cubes and some ice cold water in my mouth.

Then I took him in my mouth.


His cock twitched madly as I swirled the ice-cubes, iced water and his cock around in my mouth. His hips pitched forward as I dribbled some of the cold water out of my mouth and it ran between his buttocks.

I swallowed the water and kept the ice-cubes rolling around my mouth, in contact with his head. My right hand played with his shaft. I put my left hand to the glass, picking up another ice-cube. As I deep-throated his cock I ran the ice-cube in my hand against his balls.


His cock grew in my mouth, the ice-cubes turning to water from his heat. Swallowing the water, I raised the glass and tipped the remaining cubes into my mouth. His hands were on me, one on my shoulder, the other on the back of my head.

I looked him in the eyes whilst I pumped his shaft with my right hand, then, opening my mouth wide to show him the ice-cubes, took him fully inside me again. My lips clamped tightly around his thick shaft, keeping the water and cubes in. The cube in my left hand was melting rapidly, a pool of water growing on the chair between his legs and buttock cheeks.

I sucked hard, and felt his balls contract. Keeping eye contact I held the bottom of his shaft and balls with my right hand, sinking my mouth down over him. His face took on that look he gets when he can't hold back any longer.

"Oh.... Lauren...."

His hips thrust forward, driving his cock deep into my throat, the ice almost gone but my tongue numb from the cold. I sensed his first spurt hit my throat, it wasn't until the third or fourth that I finally felt the heat from his juice. I squeezed gently with my fist and lips, teasing the last drop of sweet cum from him.

His cock nestled back against his balls.

I stood, smoothing the front of my skirt with my hands, and looked down at him in the chair. He looked spent, wet, but happy. I checked my watch. 

"Five minutes to dinner, you'd better get yourself tidied up. We can discuss the Berlin trip over dessert," I told him, leaning forward to kiss him, then turned and went into the kitchen.

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