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Afternoon Delight

Caught in the act!
Chapter 3

I got off work early one afternoon and all I could think about was Lindsey sitting at home waiting for me. I hopped in my Jeep and floored it. I couldn’t wait to get home, wrap my arms around her and kiss her hard.

I pulled into the driveway, got out my Jeep and walked in the house. There she was laying on the couch watching TV waiting for me to get home. She was wearing her white terry cloth pants and a black spaghetti strap tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra but didn’t really need one anyway. I would love for her breasts to be a little bigger, like her friend Heather’s, but those perky little B’s were good enough for me. It had been a week since our threesome, but neither of us had spoken a word about it.

I sat down beside her and smiled. I placed my hand on her leg gently gliding it towards her inner thigh. She knew what I was thinking and I didn’t need to say a word. We quickly jumped up and ran upstairs to her bedroom.

We made out for a while losing layer after layer of clothes, and then she pushed away gently.

“I’ve got an idea!” she said with a smile.

She hopped off the bed and went over to the closet. Lindsey returned to the bed with a small bottle of strawberry lube and a purple dildo with a rabbit vibrator.

“I want you to watch me," she said, “And I’m going to tie you up so you can’t do anything but sit there.”

Wasting no time she dropped her pants to the floor and climbed up next to me, making sure my hands were securely tied down. Facing me, she laid back bracing herself with one arm and opened her legs just enough so that I could see her pussy lips. Her other hand slid along her body, dragging her fingers across her breasts, up her neck and up to her mouth. Taking her first two fingers into her mouth, she gently sucked on them driving me wild, making me wish that it was my cock that her tongue was playing with at that moment.

She spread her legs further and moved her hand down to rub her pussy. Her fingers caressed her lips, opening them up to reveal her hot snatch. She quickly found her clit and began rubbing it, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed. Her eyes closed and her head fell backwards. She started moaning softly. My cock swelled even more. She picked her head up and remembered the vibrator and bottle of lube that she had brought over and reached for it.

“Damn, baby. This is hot!” I exclaimed

She just smiled pouring a few drops of lube on the vibrator before turning it on and pressing it firmly against her clit. She cried out in delight as it hummed along. Her body squirmed and she slid it inside herself slowly. She laid back and thrust the toy all the way inside, letting it rotate freely deep inside of her. The rabbit ears on the vibrator buzzed rapidly on each side of her clit sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body.

I struggled to get free. I wanted so badly to take over and pump my hardening erection into her tight wet pussy. She saw me struggle, but bit her lip with a small smirk, knowing that she was teasing me and continued to pleasure herself. After a few minutes I somehow managed to free my right hand. I reached over, untied my left and quickly removed the rest of what I was wearing.

I let her continue fucking herself with the dildo and knelt on the bed on the right side of her head waving my firm cock in front of her lips. Her tongue desperately reached out to lick it, but I would pull away whenever she got close. She wouldn’t let her hands leave her pussy. I teased her for a bit before giving in and letting her wrap her soft lips around me. My cock instantly grew harder when she took me in. She turned her head allowing me further in her mouth as I pushed my hips forward.

She let her left hand leave her pussy and reached up to grab my cock, stroking it in motion with my hips as I gently fucked her mouth. My balls pressed against her cheek every time I pushed forward. Her hand started to speed up so I moved my hips in pace with her. I could feel her beginning to suck harder and harder and knew it would be much longer before I filled her mouth with my hot sperm.

I heard the garage door open and a car pull in. We both sped up even more, knowing we didn’t have much time. Her mom was home and in just minutes she would be in the house and on her way upstairs. I wanted to scream out, but knew her mom would hear me. I was ready to come, but for some reason, I just couldn’t. The door downstairs opened and the sound of footsteps followed.

“Lindsey I’m home!” her mom called out

Lindsey whimpered, tugging my cock harder and harder with every thrust. I knew she wanted it bad and there was no time left. My balls tingled and my come was on its way out. I could feel it making its way up my shaft as her tongue desperately swirled around the head of my dick. Just as my semen began to shoot into her awaiting mouth her bedroom door was quickly pushed open.

“Hey Lin-”

We both looked up to see who had walked in. As she turned, my cock came out of her mouth shooting my hot load all over the side of her face and on the bed. It was Kelly, her sister.

“Kelly! Get the fuck out of here!” Lindsey screamed

But she didn’t. She stood there in shock like she couldn’t believe what she had just walked in on. She stared at the two of us, her eyes fixated on my cock. She looked up at me perplexed with a slight smile. It was almost a little awkward. The three of us sat there for a moment frozen in time. Finally, Lindsey sat up and ran over pushing Kelly out of the room. I didn’t move, my eyes locked on Kelly as she was whisked away.

Lindsey and I got cleaned up and dressed and made our way downstairs. Her mother was in the kitchen unloading groceries and Kelly was on the couch watching TV. I entered the living room and made my way to the chair opposite the room from Kelly. A devilish look came across her face as she watched me walk across the room.

“Oh, hey John. How are you today?” Lindsey’s mom asked

“I’m good. How are you?” I replied

“That’s good. I’m well. Are you staying for dinner?” she asked

“No,” I said, “I can’t. I need to get home and take care of some things. Plus I need to get to bed early. I’m pretty tired.”

“I bet,” Kelly muttered so only I could hear.

Somehow, from that comment I knew that things were going to get a little weird around that house, but I ignored it and let it go. I grabbed my things gave Lindsey a kiss and headed home. If only I knew what was in store for me next...

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