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Blondie Gets A Treat

Blondie Gets A Treat

Is This Paying Off?
“Okay ladies, lift those legs. I want to see them nice and high. Higher ladies. Don't disappoint me!”

The extremely fit, too ripped, fake tan girl on the TV is pushing us normal people to death, to look fit. I can feel the burn in my arms and legs, as I hold the small weights and do my squats. My hour work out is nearly done, it isn't coming fast enough. I wasn't in the mood to even work out today, but I'm not disappointed that I did.

“Let's go ladies! Just a few more. You can do it. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Yes, yes, yes! Feel the burn. That is when you know you're doing it right.”

How peppy can a person be about working out? I can't help but think to myself. I should have gone with a different work out DVD today. Just when I think I'll give up, Sam walks in. I can't give up now. He tosses his keys onto the table and sits down, watching me.

“Now that is a view I can get used to seeing every time I come home, Blonde,” he winks at me.

“You're home early. I was expecting you in like an hour,” I don't miss pace with my squats, talking to him.

“Shift ended early, due to the storm. Sad to see me so soon?”

The girl on the TV keeps pushing us. Her voice loud and cheerful. I can't help but think that it would be nice to see her drop a weight on her foot. My legs feel as though they're about to turn to jelly. I guess that means it is working.

“No. I'm happy you're home, Sammy. You can run me a bath, before I make dinner,” I giggle at him.

Sam stands, a smile on his face. He walks by, slapping my ass, before heading to the bathroom. I can hear the water being turned on, as I finish my last few squats. When it finishes, I'm more tempted to just sit down, but I know if I do, I won't get up. I strip out of my clothes, making my way to the bathroom.

When I get there, Sam is in the tub, waiting for me. I love bath time with my boyfriend. He even took the time to light a few candles, keeping the light off. The water is wonderfully hot. I lean against Sam in the tub, letting the water slosh around us. My head resting against neck, he caresses my stomach, holding me close to him.

The bath is quiet, we just lie there together. We enjoy the warmth of the water and the warmth of each other. Sam teases me slightly, making me sigh and moan every so often. He kisses my neck, going up towards my ear lobe. The way he sucks on it makes the room so much hotter. He makes it worse, by bringing a hand down between my thighs. Slowly, he begins to rub along my public bone, until he finds what he is searching for.

He makes sure to tease me equally. His hand and his mouth are working together to make me crazy for him. When the water is too cool for comfort, he helps me and takes me to the bedroom. He drops me on the bed, pulling me to the edge and opens my legs. His mouth is over my pussy, before I even have a chance to speak.

Sam licks a long lap, right up my slit, pushing his tongue against my clit. He begins to flicker over it quickly. My body responds with hot excitement. The way he moves his tongue over my, swirling down and around and back up again. I feel like the bed is shaking, but soon realize it is just me. I start to cum hard, so fast. I know I can cum quickly, but this surprises me. I don't mind, though. I know Sam doesn't either. He keeps going, flickering his tongue like a wild cat.

Opening my legs wider, I feel Sam push two fingers inside me. He moves them slow, but so deep. His fingers suddenly seem to have grown. The flickering motion on my clit slows, until he sucks it hard into his mouth. The pressure is hard, but his tongue is soft and he slides it across my clit. His fingers just keep pushing in. He doesn't slide them out, the tips of his fingers moving slightly inside me. I can feel the inside of my pussy tighten to the feeling.

When he lets go of my clit, I moan out. The pressure is uncomfortable, but the good kind. His tongue moves back to its flickering ways, with his fingers suddenly moving in an out of me. Faster and faster he moves. It makes my whole body shake again. A true pounding with his fingers. His mouth never slowing down. I start to cum again. I cum hard for him, without much of a choice, with him not slowly down.

Moving both his hands, he cups my ass, gripping it tight. He drags his tongue from my clit, down towards my soaking hole. At first he just teases, but before long, he slides his tongue deep inside me. Just like his fingers, or even his cock, he begins to fuck me. Tongue fucking me with a steady, even pace. Every so often, he comes up to flicker over my clit. His grip on my ass so tight, pulling me closer to him. He has to keep doing this, as I am squirming all over the place.

Bucking up into what he is doing to me, I feel myself want to cum again. Sam's tongue works fast, deep inside me. He pushes me to my limits and I begin to cum. He slides his tongue up just in time and sucks on my clit. Sending the orgasm into a hard feeling. My whole body reacts to it.

Afterward, I feel so limp. He holds me close into his chest. I feel so relaxed and tired between the work out, the bath and the three orgasms, I can barely keep my eyes open.

“Dinner was great, babe. Thanks!” Sam kisses my forehead, with a laugh.

“Oh haha,” I can't help but laugh with him. “I'm happy you think so. Too tired to cook now. Gotta love snow storms, huh? I'm happy you came home early,” I yawn.

“Me too, Blondie. Those workouts are doing the job. Just so you know.”

As tingly as I feel between the workout and orgasms, I had to believe him. I guess it is not so bad to be so peppy about working out. Tomorrow I'll do it twice as long.

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