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Delivering Flowers on Valentine's Day

I deliver more than flowers on Valentine's Day
Hi, my name is Sam. I'm a 54 year old, married man. I've been married for 33 years to my lovely wife. We have two children, a daughter and a son, both grown and out on their own. We both work much but still find the time to keep each other happy and satisfied. I work several jobs and this is where this story begins.
For the past several years, I have helped a local florist deliver flowers during the Valentine's Day rush. They are always very busy that day with all the people sending flowers to their lovers. It's a fun job and easy way to make a little extra money, while bringing joy to someone else. We go to businesses, homes, apartments, and any where that they want them delivered to.
I started my day as always, stopping by the shop and getting my assigned area. After I get my assignment, I write my deliveries down, load my vehicle and hit the road. The first load that I got this Valentine's was mostly businesses. I went from business to business, asking for the person to whom the flowers were to be delivered and seeing the surprise on their face, when they came to see why they had been summoned.
My first load went fairly fast, as they were all in a central area together, and since they were businesses, most of the people were there to make the delivery easy. I worked my way around the area dropping off the flowers and seeing the lovely ladies that were receiving them. When I delivered the last bunch, I went back to the shop to see where my next load would take me.
The shop owner is Lana. She is a beautiful lady of 33 years old and runs her own shop. She is married and her husband helps her on busy days, like Valentine's. She also has extra help like me, to take care of the extra workload on those days. She has beautiful dark eyes and hair, and a hot body. Sometimes she wears some open neck tops and at times, I get to see the tops of those lovely 38DD breasts as she leans over to get supplies She's always been a turn on for me. I've often had my wife riding my hard cock, while fantasizing that it is Lana on top of me, with those huge breasts bouncing up and down as she rides me.

Anyway, back to my story. I arrived back at the shop and went to see what my next load would be. Lana told me that we still had a few businesses to deliver to before they closed. We were also getting into the residences, starting to deliver them. My load consisted of several businesses and also some apartment complexes. I wrote my deliveries down and loaded up for the next tour of the town, delivering the beautiful flower arrangements. Loaded and ready, I headed out again to make people happy and see their smiles.

I delivered to all my businesses, and started working on the different apartments that I had drawn to go to. We are a fairly good sized city and there is a local college in our city. It is a fairly large college and campus. There are several dormitories on campus and many apartment complexes surrounding the college, where a lot of the students live. My second load had a few deliveries in one of those complexes. I delivered a couple of bunches in this section, admiring the beautiful college girls that were coming to the door to get their flowers.

I went to another section and was looking for a certain road. I finally found it and went slowly down the street, searching for the address. I found it and pulled up in front of a nice condo. I got out of my suv, and went to the back to find the right arrangement that was to be delivered to this address. I retrieved it and went up to the door. I rang the doorbell, and waited for someonte to answer.

The door opened and before me stood a goddess. She was about 22, long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. She had on a sweater top that clung to her ample breast, plunging to show the creamy tops peeking out at me. She had a slender waist,long slender legs that were accented by the tight jeans that she wore.

I stood a second taking her in, before I said, "Hi, I have a delivery for Nadia."

She smiled and said, " I'll get her for you."

Meanwhile, as she was standing there with me, another lovely lady had come up behind her. She had short brown hair, dark eyes, and a sweet smile. I thought she was Nadia, but she wasn't. She wasn't as well endowed as her blonde haired friend, but her figure was very pleasing to the eyes. I smiled at her, as Cindy, which I found out was the blonde's name, went to get Nadia. Cindy went and hollered up the stairs, "Nadia, the door is for you!". I waited for the recipient of my delivery to arrive and took in the beauty of the ladies I had already met.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw another angel turn the corner from the stairs and head my way. She was about 5'8'', long black hair, dark beautiful shining eyes. A lovely olive complexion, large breast that swelled down to a slim waist and long sleek legs. She had on a blouse that let her ample breasts flow out to tease and tempt. Khaki shorts that didn't start to cover her shapely legs. I couldn't help but to let my gaze wander back and forth over these lovely ladies, unable to really decide which was the most beautiful.

Nadia walked to the door and I held out her flowers, letting her see the reason she had been called to the door. All three girls began to giggle as I handed them to her. I said, "someone has sent you some flowers for Valnetine's. I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!" The giggles became louder as the girls looked back and forth at each other and giggled. I was sorta confused by the laughter and was wondering what the joke was.

Finally, Cindy spoke and said, "We've got a Valentine's Day surprise for you, also" I'm sure I did look curious as I wondered what they could be talking about. She continued and said, "We made an agreement today and decided that if any of us received flowers for Valentine's Day, that the one who got them was to give the delivery man a blowjob!" I don't think you could describe the surprise on my face at this announcement.

As I stood there, Cindy took my hand and lead me into the living room, as Victoria (the brown haired girl)shut the door. She stood me in front of the couch. Nadia came over to me and asked, "Are you game for this?" When I found my voice, I said, "Sure how can I refuse?" She reached and took my belt and slowly undid it. My 8" cock was already at half mast as she let my pants fall to the floor. She slowly slide my boxers down and smiled at my semihard cock. She pushed me down on the couch, and knelt down between my legs. She licked her lips and smiled again. She reached and slowly started stroking me, bringing me to full erection. She pulled her top over her head, releasing her full breasts. My cock jumped at seeing those luscious mounds. She bent over and slowly ran her breasts along my hardness, allowing me reach and caress them. Then she slowly slid her tongue out and touched the head of my dick, licking around the head and then slid her mouth down over it. The warmth and wetness of her mouth made it jerk and she slowly started bobbing up and down on me. I laid back letting her work her magic on me. She worked more and more of me into her, letting my cock slide down to the back of her throat. She took it completely in, then bobbed off and back on.

The other ladies were standing, watching her deepthroat me. They were rubbing their breasts and licking their lips. They were obviously enjoying the show of their friend getting me off. I smiled at them, letting my gaze drift over their bodies, watching them caress themselves. I couldn't help but wonder if I was the first to fall into their little "trap" today.

Nadia was getting excited now, bobbing her head faster and faster. I could see she had slipped her hand down into her pants, that she had undone and was fingering herself as she sucked my pole. By this time, I was getting close and being the gentleman I am, I let Nadia know that she was about to get her second "surprise" of the day. She paused long enough to say " Cum in my mouth, Baby!" That was all I needed to hear. My cock began to spasm, and I started to shoot my hot juice into her mouth. The first shot filled her mouth and some dribbled down her chin as she tried to swallow it. The next one was immediately swallowed, as was the rest of my creamy load. She continued to suck and swallow, getting every drop from me.

After she had licked me fairly clean, Victoria came over to me. She had a warm wet towel in her hand and she slowly cleaned my cock and balls, washing and caressing me at the same time. She then leaned over and kissed the tip. She held out her hand and helped me up. I pulled my boxers and pants up, tucking my shirt. All three girls came over and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

I went to the door, preparing to leave. I thanked Nadia for her very good Valentine's Day gift to me. She smiled and said that she had enjoyed it as much as I had. I thanked all the girls and went out the door. I went to my suv and got in. I sat there for a minute, relishing what had just happened. I cranked my vehicle and headed to the next delivery

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