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Doctor's Orders: His Conclusion

All my work is fiction. This story contains consenting adults in explicit nature.
Green stared down at his patient, strands of his peppered hair limply sticking to his forehead. Beneath him, Arianna smirked up, her chest rising with each breath as she awaited his answer. “Hard to tell isn’t it?” she queried, her blonde hair splayed seductively beneath her. John could say nothing as his fingers raked from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his crown and sat down with his pants still pooled around his ankles.

Arianna propped herself onto her elbows and looked at him with a triumphant gleam in her eyes. The good doctor sighed as he left his hand cup the back of his neck, his gaze staring at his patient as she slithered from the top of the desk to his pooled pants.

“It’s not like you have a wife,” she blurted out as John Green kept staring in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he had done, or why he had even done it. “You’ve got no tan line on that hand and you have no pictures of any sort of woman anywhere, not to mention the fact that the walls are so fugly and bare. Mainly fugly, but we aren’t talking about your poor choices in decoration—which is another indication that you have no woman in your life other than your mother and her 2 cats,” she added with a biting bluntness.

A short glare from the man towering above her kneeling form changed her bitter tone within seconds. Arianna even gave a small, apologetic sigh to represent her change of heart. Now when she spoke, she looked up at her doctor from beneath her lashes, her lips resembling the slightest of pouts.

“I mean, what we did wasn’t wrong. It was what you wanted, right? So how could something you did be wrong? And even if it is, who’s going to know other than little ol’ me and yourself? Hmmm?” she cooed as she perched her head on his bare knee, staring up at him with wide eyes.

“Well, just because we wanted it doesn’t make it right,” offered Green with pain dripping from every word; he knew that what he was saying was right, but her words enticed him much more than his own. His words were only hollowed, his trust completely sewn into the seams of her lips and the sermon that fell from them.

“Why isn’t it right, though?” she questioned him, her head barely separating from his flesh. It was then that John became painfully aware of her breath tickling the flesh of his crotch once more. “It can’t be wrong, Mr. Green—it’s not hurting anybody, as far as anyone is concerned. How is us having sex going to hurt anyone? I know I don’t have any sort of disease I could give you, and you’re the type who wouldn’t feel right without telling me if you had something—but you would’ve said something after we were finished, just to prove your point that you had control over the situation. So, really, no one but ourselves is affected at this point. Having that logic, and the fact that we’ve both had enjoyable times, how is this wrong?” Arianna purred as she rested her head back on his knee, one of her manicured hands stroking the length of his inner thigh as her breath continued to caress his fleshy pole.

Green stuttered with the distraction of her breath, “I—uh—I don’t know, Ms. Michaellago.”

At the mention of her surname, Arianna frowned, her hand stopping at the curve at the top of his knee cap. “Back to formal names, are we Mr. Green? I don’t believe you were calling me that when I was getting pounded by your cock only 5 minutes ago.”

John shut his mouth at a loss for words and looked at the hem of his unbuttoned shirt. He could see the thin black hairs that seemed to always plague his upper thighs, his skin shining with a blotched film of sweat. From the corner of his vision, he could see the feminine hand working up and down the flesh of his leg, getting closer to the apex of his thighs with each inward swoop of her hand. The feel of her soft palm on his skin made little shocks of electricity shoot up and down his spine as his imagination spun a scene of her hand going straight to his semi-erect cock. Arianna smirked when she saw the twitch of his dick, instinctively knowing he was thinking about her warm hand wrapped around his velvet-wrapped rod of pleasure.

“You love doing that,” Green stated, looking her dead in the eye as her fingers teased the small tufts of hair on his pelvic bone. “You love having to submit to someone’s physical needs to you don’t actually have to get to know them— ‘cause if you do get to know them, you’ll already have half of them figured out by just applying your personal personality algorithms to them: that, and you’ll lose your ability to see them as a person—or in your case, a statistic—and you’ll only see them as something that’ll cause you some sort of emotion.”

Arianna’s fingers curled about his length and gently stroked him as he spoke, her eyes transfixed on his as she continued to pleasure him. “You don’t want the emotion—you just want the pure, unadulterated, but completely adult-rated, lust and you don’t know how to handle that because the small range of emotion that you have can’t comprehend the overload of pleasure that you get from such encounters,” John continued, the speed of his speech and the grip of her flying hand causing him to breathe faster.

“You submit to be the dominant so you can easily write-off people who don’t like challenges,” he began to conclude as she let her red tongue slide from between her pink lips and lick the undercurve of his cockhead. “And when you find someone who likes a challenge, and isn’t afraid to take you on in their own dominating fashion, you can go back to being the submissive one in the relationship without having to explain yourself—you do it so you don’t have to think about anything but what you’re told to….. do…”

The “O” drifted off into a shivering moan as his patient suckled the tip of his dick into her tiny mouth, her tongue wriggling beneath his ridged cock like a trapped snake. John gripped the arm rests of his comfortable chair and let a low breath slide out of his lips. The pink petals of her mouth kissed and brushed about his length as she held back the satisfaction of getting him to submit to her. “And what if you’re wrong?” she innocently asked him, knowing she would pique his interest once more— a feat she wasn’t sure that he could manage at this point.

“Huh?” he stupidly started at her question, the fog of his pleasure clouding his mind.

“What if you’re wrong about it all? About why I do this?” Arianna let her tongue swirl about his head as her fist pushed a drop of precious pre-cum out from his hardening cock.

John gulped a mouthful of air and felt his hips jump forward in search of the young woman’s mouth, his body already accustomed to her sensual touch and wanting more of it. He gulped once more to wet his dry tongue and stated through quivering lips, “Then you truly do care about nothing but the—oh fuck, that’s good!” She had just swallowed his length, her lips clashing against her pumping fist and had begun to hum softly. “Then you don’t give a fuck about the person, or the emotions, or the risks. All you want to do is be able to prove that you can do a challenge,” he finished quickly before her humming could continue.

His patient smirked as she sucked him, his full length standing rigidly in her warm mouth, his balls just barely hanging below her teasing fingers as drool began to slide down his shaft. Her bare tits brushed against his thighs and excited him further, the pre-cum beginning to coat his cockhead thoroughly with his excitement. Arianna pulled him from her mouth and dipped her head to his sack to suck one of his balls between her lips, her tongue gently playing with him as her palm rubbed over his sensitive head. John was squirming and moaning as he was pleasured by her, his patient taking care of him with apt eagerness.

Arianna let him fall from her mouth with a small ‘pop’ and went to the other side of his sack to give his other ball the same treatment, her repeat performance drawing more moans from her doctor’s throat as she followed her act with the tip of her tongue following the seam of his sack to the tip of his cock. Her thumb replaced her palm as she let her saliva-drenched lips run along his shaft, her eyes looking up into his as she made the journey from one end of his pole, to the other.

In the next moment, she withdrew her hand, opened her mouth and introduced her uvula to his dick, his girth pushing into her throat as she continued to suck on him. Once more, Arianna began to hum and moan as her throat wrapped around his velvet-like rod as tears began to pool in her eyes, threatening to spill as her body was tempted to gag on his steel-hard dick. She raised her mouth from his pelvis to relieve her throat before bobbing up and down on his column of fleshy pleasure. The warmth of her mouth and the tightness of her wet throat had him closer and closer to another release as she sucked on him so hard that her cheeks caved in and formed around his shaft. John’s ragged breath piqued and was broken with a long groan of ecstasy as her tongue writhed about him, a torrent of warm cum spilling into her mouth and sliding into her stomach with each of her gulps.

When he finished shooting his load into her mouth, Arianna pulled back and licked the salty taste from her lips, her eyes still locked with his.

“Or,” Green continued short on breath, “you just do it because you like the challenge. And who expects a girl at any age with a good head on her shoulders to be good at pleasing? You just wanted to prove yourself, and now you can’t stop.”
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 09 Oct 2011 06:13
Well told, love the way she manipulates him, and he her as well. They both seem to get just exactly what they want, even though she isn't sure as to why she does it, she does it well.
Posted 29 Jun 2011 12:23
I liked this followup...and from where you left it I guess there will be more:-)

Posted 28 Jun 2011 07:58
Really good story Aaaan!!! It was very hot! And I really enjoyed it! I didn't count off for spelling..gave you a 5! Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison were notorious for bad spelling and they were much more intelligent than me or anyone else judging your story!!!
Posted 27 Jun 2011 22:32
Spelling is a problem if it distracts as you read. It didn't. Nice conclusion. Perhaps it could be improved by combining it with part 1. Nonetheless I like your writing style.
Posted 27 Jun 2011 21:05
Oh so good!!! Spelling wasn't bad enough to down grade. Theme and wording was excellent.

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