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Facial for Jill

A wife is surprised by her husband
She had been promised a wild night by her husband Ted, and so far he was delivering. On her back, wrists cuffed to the bed, blindfolded with her legs in the air, her husband was pounding her pussy furiously. He had warmed her up with a massage and then ate her pussy to two face drenching orgasms.

Jill's mind was numb to everything except the tremendous pounding every time Ted pulled out and slammed violently back into her gushing pussy. His cock was thick but not large and he tried to compensate with brute force; sometimes, like now, she enjoyed it. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass with every stroke and she knew that as he approached climax his dick would get still harder and his speed accelerate.

"Oh god your pussy's so fucking wet," grunted Ted as he plowed her, picking up speed. She felt him swell, but after several strokes he slowed.

"This is where things get wild," he told her.

With Ted's cock planted firmly inside of her, and his hands wrapped around her ankles, she was shocked to feel a mouth and hands on her breasts. Squealing she pushed back hard against Ted's stiffness. They had swung once or twice in the past, before they had kids, but that was nearly 20 years ago. She had never imagined the wild night would include a third person.

Just as she was getting over the shock of the additional person, the hands and mouth disappeared from her breasts and Ted withdrew his cock from her now burning pussy. Uncuffing her from the bed, she was dragged and repositioned with her head on the edge the bed. Filled with anxiety and excitement, she was cuffed to the bed again. Only then did she realize someone was between her legs.

She jumped as the warm, wet tongue penetrated her swollen pussy, her lover's mouth pressing firmly against her excited clit. Several full length licks of her wet slit later, her lover began swirling his tongue in circles around her clit, she knew this had to be Ted. He licked her like that at least twice each week. She felt herself near orgasm as her fluids began to drench his face and sheets.

Gasping in delight to the oral attention she was receiving, she sensed movement around her head. Unable to concentrate due to the pleasure emanating from her between her legs, she arched her back and moaned as she neared her third orgasm. Without warning she felt a cock against her nose and mouth, and heavy balls rested on her forehead.

"Oh my god," she thought, "That's a big stiff cock." Suddenly the licking between her legs stopped, and Ted climbed up her body.

"Now don't bite, or he might not join us again," whispered Ted.

Jill murmured "OK," and opened her mouth to take in her new lover.

His head was larger than Ted, and the pre-cum leaking from it was sweet and musky at the same time. She liked the taste of cum, but Ted's was more pungent. Slowly her new lover slid his cock into her willing mouth, inch by inch, then he withdrew only to go deeper with each stroke. She was terrified she wouldn't be able to breath with this monster filling her mouth, and was struggling to decide if she should open her throat to him when she felt Ted begin sucking and twisting her nipples as he slid his cock into her gaping pussy.

The intensity of the sensations on her breasts and pussy, combined with the erotic knowledge that she was sucking another man eliminated the need to decide as her lust took control and she opened herself fully to the massive member fucking her face. Between the saliva and pre-cum, her mouth was now as wet and sloppy as her pussy, and her two lovers began fucking into her in unison, both sinking deeply into her at the same time. Their rhythm built her excitement, her nipples stiffened and began squirting as Ted squeezed her boobs, her pussy gushed and she momentarily blacked out, experiencing the most intense orgasm of her life. The men withdrew their cocks and left her gasping for breath, but she knew she wasn't done as neither had cum yet, and she wanted their cum badly.

In the heat of the action her blindfold had slid off, but with her eyes closed she had not noticed. Coming down from the high, she opened her eyes. In the dimly lit room all she could see was the smooth ass of the man that had been fucking her face. Ted slid up and uncuffed her once again. Disoriented, he pulled her across the bed toward him and settled her on the floor, resting her back against the bed. Standing to her right, he held her face in his hands and turned her head toward him and slid his slick cock into her open mouth. She tasted herself on him and again became aroused.

She felt the other man on her left. She sensed he was jerking his massive tool. Hands free now, she cupped her husband's balls in her right hand, and grabbed her lover's cock and began jacking him off. Ted saw this and pulled out, releasing her head. She immediately swallowed her lover's cock, still cupping Ted's balls. He was jerking himself, she knew both men were close.

"I'm gonna cum soon," said Ted.

"Me too," said her lover.

With that her lover plunged deeply into her, holding her there as he pumped five massive jets of cum down her throat before pulling out. Enjoying the salty flavor, she looked up as he stepped back and her jaw dropped as she realized her new lover was her brother-in-law, Frank. Mouth open in shock, ready to scream, her husband shot his huge load, strings of cum landing on her right eye, nose, forehead. and hair. Before she could object, Ted leaned down and kissed her passionately.

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