Forest Fun

By gerwynm

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A strange figure behind a tree offers an interesting proposal.
It's been fairly relaxing for you today, the sun has been out and you've done pretty much nothing all day. Life couldn't be much better you think to yourself. You've decided to grab your coat and boots and go for a walk. Seeing as though you've been indoors all day it wouldn't hurt to get a little bit of fresh air and soak up some of the sunshine.

As you step outside onto your back garden, the sun instantly hits your face and you decide to take off your coat and leave it by the back door. You can see the forest directly in front of you as you begin to walk towards it, the trees swaying in the wind giving off a relaxing sound as you get closer.

As you enter the forest you're surrounded by the sweet sound of birds singing all around, you wish that you had brought your camera out with you to record some of the beautiful sights and sounds in the forest today. A fallen tree lays a few yards away, and you decide to take a seat and soak up some of the rays from the sun, it looks fairly comfortable you think to yourself as you walk towards it.

It almost feels like a cushion as you sit down on the fallen tree, the soft bark hugging the shape of your body, you could sit here all day without a care in the world. As you look in front of you, there appears to be a man standing behind one of the trees, this worries you a little but you're determined not to look frightened.

"Hello! Who are you?" You shout over to the man and he quickly appears from behind the tree and starts walking towards you.

"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm out here picking mushrooms I didn't see you sit down or I would've introduced myself." This relaxes you as he walks over and sits down next to you.

"It's okay I'm glad you said that. It's quiet down here and not many people come down which is why I was a little startled, sorry if I sounded a bit crazy." He laughs as you say this and you instantly feel at ease around him, he's just a normal person.

"So what brings a beautiful lady like yourself down to the forest all by herself?" He asks politely and you like this as he seems like a real gentleman.

"I like to come down here every so often, it relaxes me listening to the birds singing. The forest always smells great as well, I could sit here all day." You can't believe how easy this man is to talk to, he looks kind of cute as well as you look at his boyish features.

"I'm the same as you, not many people take time out to appreciate the wildlife here. Soon there probably wont be a forest as they're slowly cutting it all back which is a terrible shame. I know this may sound weird to you, but I've always had a fantasy about the forest."

You smirk a little as he says this but you're curious as to what this cute guy's fantasy in the forest would be."Oh really? What is this fantasy of yours then?"

He smiles and looks down as though a little embarrassed."Well seeing as though you ask, I've always wanted to have sex in the forest, I think it would be very erotic."

Usually you would leave after hearing a random stranger say that to you as it's not really your thing, but you find yourself compelled to stay. You stand up and walk towards him, you slowly start rubbing his crotch through his trousers, you can't believe you're actually going to do this.

"Oh wow, do you really want to do this?" He almost loses his breath at the sight of you kneeling down before him rubbing your hand against his hard cock.

"Well you only live once right, may as well have a little fun whilst we're still young." As you say this you begin undoing the zipper on his trousers and he stands up to pull them down for you. His cock bounces out of his trousers as he pulls them down and your eyes widen, it's one of the biggest you've ever seen and this turns you on straight away.

You open your mouth and wrap your lips around the head of his dick, the head alone almost fills your mouth. He grabs the back of your head and begins sliding his cock all the way down your throat, you find yourself gagging as your face presses firmly against the bottom of his stomach.

You find yourself getting wet very quickly, sliding your hands under your trousers you begin massaging your clit in circles. His cock all the way in the back of your throat it sends a tingling sensation all the way down your body making you even more sensitive.

He begins fucking your mouth, back and forth as he moans loudly. He isn't gentle but you like this, it's been so long since a man has shown real dominance over you, the last boyfriend you had may as well have been a girl he was that feminine.

You begin fucking your fingers as he fucks your mouth, you're both moaning at the same time it feels amazing and you find yourself very quickly deepthroating him again. You can feel him all the way in the back of your throat, he holds you there for a long time.

You can't moan as you cum which makes the orgasm even more intense. He pulls out again and begins fucking your mouth back and forth, dominating your mouth. You find yourself breathing deeply and moaning at the same time, your pussy is soaking wet and your whole body is shuddering with every thrust.

He speeds up, ramming your mouth harder and harder every second, your fingers rubbing your clit faster than they ever have before, he begins moaning louder and your body begins shuddering again. The pleasure is building, you find yourself losing control quickly and as you cum, he cums in your mouth. You moan like crazy whilst your mouth is filling up with his load. You swallow every drop and you look up at him as he looks down at you.

He pulls out of your mouth and sits back down, his legs shaking. You look at each other and smile, this has been the most amazing experience you've ever had. He pulls you towards him and you sit next to him on the fallen tree.

"So do you want to make this a regular thing?" He asks whilst catching his breath.

"I think you already know the answer to that, I can't wait to do this again." You rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes, taking in the surroundings around you. This has been your little taste of forest fun.