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Helping myself to Rita - Part 4

Continuing the punishment?
After running Rita a bath and leaving Rita to soak I went back downstairs to make us both a cup of tea and order a takeaway. After doing this I take the tea up to the bathroom.

Without knocking I walk into the room and sit on the side of the bath handing the cup to Rita. With a small smile she takes it from me and sips carefully of the hot liquid.

I look down at her face to see she is looking at me as well.

“What?” I ask her.

“Oh nothing, it’s just that.... oh I don’t know, forget it.”

“No go on, you’re not here as a prisoner, you can say what you want,” I tell her, intrigued at what she wants to say.

“Well you’re punishing me for what I have done but you well..........”

“Go on,” I encourage again.

“Well.... why are you giving me money each time you have me over here?”

I look down at her beautiful face, her hair all sleek and wet and stare into her eyes unsure how to say something that could be very hurtful to someone.

“I gave you the money because you need it. You said so when you took my wallet and what I am doing is punishing you but hopefully helping you out as well in some small way,” I reply.

Her forehead crinkles a little and she mulls over what I have said.

“Okay,” she tells me with a small cheeky smile on her face.

“Pizza should be here in about ten minutes. Be down before then or it will be cold. Oh by the way, don’t bother getting dressed, just come down naked,” I say and leave her in the bath and head downstairs.

As the pizza delivery guy pulls up on his moped Rita walks downstairs and moves to sit on the sofa as I get up. I go to the back door and take delivery of the pizza, walking straight back into the living room.

Rita looking revitalised has spread herself out on the sofa, her feet tucked under her legs and her pussy just covered by her knees. Her fantastic breasts stare out towards me as she looks expectantly towards the pizza box.


“Starving, I could eat a horse!” she replies.

I pull a small table before us and sit on the sofa next to her. Without talking we take our time eating the pizza and drinking the coke that has come free with it. Once sated we sit back and just look at each other.

“How is your bottom?” I ask as she seems to be sat on her side a bit more that would be normal.

“A bit raw, I could do without that again in a hurry.” She smiles as she tells me.

“Well don’t be late next time or I will have to do it again,” I reply as I smile back.

I allow my eyes to once again move down her body and stare at her overly pink bottom and her pussy lips that I can just see behind her feet.

Feeling my cock beginning to rise I move closer to her and begin to caress her long nipples one by one. A slight moan slips out of Rita’s mouth as I use my finger and thumb to gently circle one nipple then the other, applying slightly more pressure each time as I move between them both.

Using my other hand I free myself from my jeans and boxer shorts. My cock standing almost to attention and begin to gently slide my hand up and down as Rita’s nipples extend out like bullets once again.

Sitting back I look her in the eyes and nod down to my cock. Without the usual resigned or disgusted look Rita moves onto her knees on the sofa and leans over taking the mushroom head into her hot mouth. I allow myself to relax as her mouth seals itself and her tongue begins to curl around again and again.

Like the first time Rita sucked my cock on the fateful day she tried to steal from me, I find my hips buck forward pushing further into her furnace of a mouth. Slowly over the next few minutes Rita begins to bob her head up and down allowing my cock to push further towards the back of her mouth.

Taking hold of her hair I pull her mouth off my cock and she looks straight into my eyes.

“Take it all. Take it all down your throat like the first time you did this. I want to fuck your mouth like it’s your pussy,” I whisper to her.

A big smile covers her face as she pushes her own head back down over my cock.

Amazed at how she is now acting after what has happened within the last hour or so I let go of her hair. Without any pressure or further prompting Rita in one swift move swallows my whole cock straight down her throat and her nose pushes deep into my pubic hair.

Taken by surprise at this move my hips involuntarily jerk forward forcing my cock slightly further into her throat. Gagging Rita pulls back a little and then pushes back down to the root again. I close my eyes as I feel her throat ripple along the length of my cock embedded in her throat as she swallows continuously.

Grabbing her hair again I pull her back off my cock until she has just my spongy head in her mouth and push her back down again hard to the root.

For the next few minutes I carry out this same action, watching her mouth fill and empty time and again with my cock. Her saliva slipping out of her mouth as she takes quick breaths which pool up in my pubic hair and runs down over my balls.

Slowly I can feel my balls beginning to boil and I begin pushing her head down harder. Rita by now has placed her hands behind her back and let me use her face as my own personal fuck hole, which I do for my utmost pleasure.

Feeling my hot seed beginning to fly up my cock I push her head as far down over as possible and pin her there as I empty rope after rope of sticky cum down her throat. Watching as her nose flares as she tries to breathe through the blockage in her throat. I shout out like an animal that has been caged for an unending time and feel my whole body overcome with fatigue.

As fast as my cum shot out of my cock, my whole body relaxes and I release Rita’s head.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Rita slides back up my cock, her tongue whipping around my shaft as she rises until my overly sensitive bell end ‘pops’ out of her mouth.

I stare down at her through half closed eyes as she licks carefully around my mushroom head and down the shaft, cleaning any remnants of cum that she may have missed.

Rita looks up at me and winks, then lays her head on the top of my legs looking at me and kissing every now and then my cock as it flops down pointing towards her face.

Finally beginning to see the change that has come over her I look into her eyes and say “You’re beginning to enjoying this now aren’t you?”

Rita, with her eyes twinkling like magnificent stars kisses my cock once more and smiles up at me, “Yes!”

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