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How it began with Jenny

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My very first Lush story about how I got together with Jenny.
* My very first Lush story. Feedback most welcome *

We’d known each other for a few years socially. Almost always we met up overseas, America mostly. We flirted a little bit too. She was great at flirting. A cheeky grin, a twinkle in her eye and a naughty laugh. A decidedly naughty streak, I suspected, hidden just below the surface. Great looking body too – but usually obscured below jeans and loose tops. She was like one of the boys.

We were in Texas, drinking in the hotel bar. Jenny had run out of cigarettes – she didn’t smoke many but liked a few when she had been drinking. And tonight she was drinking with the boys, as always, the centre of attention and holding her own with the banter.

“Will one of you nice boys pop up to my room and get me a new pack?”. Her request was met with jeers and general refusal.

So I chirped up “I’ll go, so long as you don’t mind me going through your underwear draw while I’m there!”.

“You perv!” she grinned.

“Why?” I retorted “ashamed of your big panties?”.

“What makes you think I wear any panties, Perv-boy”. Touché indeed!

“Give me your key then.” I said.

“Really? You’re going to go for me? I was only kidding” she smiled, sheepishly.

“Sure. What’s your room number?” …how crafty was that?

I went up in the elevator, straight to her room, grabbed the pack of cigarettes from the dresser and left. On the way back to the bar I went to the men’s room. When I got back to the bar the crowd had thinned considerably.

“So what took you so long? I thought you had got lost” she chided.

“No, it took me a while to decide which pair I liked best. And then putting them on took a while – these shoe laces are a bitch. They are quite tight though. I am beginning to regret not picking a different roomier pair”. She looked at me not knowing what to think, but I kept deadpan.

Incredulous she said, “You didn’t. You haven’t. Really?”

We laughed and joked, keeping the gag going for a while as our group started to drift off to bed. In the end the two of us were left.

“So when can I have my panties back?” she grinned cheekily.

“Tonight if you like, but they’re so tight I am not sure I can get out of them without some help…” It was worth a try!

“OK, as you know where my room is, come up in five minutes. And I might help but don’t keep me waiting”. She leaned forward and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek, then strolled to the elevator.

Five minutes, almost to the second, I tapped on her door. She answered straight away took my hand and pulled me inside. She was wearing the hotel robe.

”OK, off with them” she said slyly.

“You first” I reposted. She opened the robe and let it fall behind her. Oh. My. God. How had I not noticed what a stunning body she had until now? She was wearing a purple bra and matching thong. Great firm high tits, slim waist, gently flared hips, slender athletic legs. I almost came in my pants there and then.

“Jeez. You are…you look…I mean...” My words just wouldn’t come.

“OK. Here are the rules” Her voice was serious now. “I am married so the most important rule is we must never jeopardise that. Rule two: We don’t tell anyone. I mean nobody. Rule three: I am not on the pill – I can’t take it because my husband is a raving catholic, so we always use a condom. Any questions?”

“No Ma’am” I grinned.

After kissing and fondling for a while it was evident that we were both very horny. We were naked on the bed and she was sitting on top of me, sliding her soaking wet pussy lips up and down the length of my cock but not letting the head of my cock inside her. We stayed like this for ages as she worked herself to a frenzy sliding up and down me. It was a delicious sensation – so intense, and she was soaking wet. We were kissing and I was licking and kissing her bullet-hard nipples. She was obviously close to climax but neither of us had a condom.

“I want you to come Jenny. What would you like me to do for you to help you come? Anything at all.”

She looked down at me with real longing and whispered “If I promise to suck your cock afterwards, would you eat me for a little while? Please? Just a little while. Please? I know it will be quick if you lick me down there. But you don’t have to. Not if you don’t like to”. She cast her eyes down, almost ashamed of her request.

“Jenny I would love to eat your pussy. Why wouldn’t I? Do you want to lie on your back or do you want to sit on my face? Either way I will eat you until you come and I will love every second of it” The shock on her face was palpable.

“Err…whichever you prefer” she stuttered. “I don’t care. Either way would be great. Or both. I….err... yes. Yes please”.

I was a bit puzzled by this so I reassured her that I love to eat pussy, and would be happy to add a fourth rule if she liked: Rule 4: I will always eat her pussy. With that I slid further under her so she was sitting squarely on my face and started to lick her pussy. She was soaking wet, practically dripping into my mouth. I snaked my tongue around her clit for a few moments and I started to tell her how much I liked the way she tasted and she came. Just like that. I had barely touched her but she had the most wild of orgasms watching my tongue on her clit.

As she started to come down from her cloud I asked her why she was so sheepish about me eating her and she explained that her Catholic hubby had said to her just after they were married that he didn’t like eating her pussy and that it wasn’t the sort of thing that he felt he should have to do for her. And that if she wanted to suck his cock he would let her (!) but she shouldn’t let him come in her mouth as that was the sort of things that sluts did. Rather than her sex life getting better after she got married, it had actually become a lot worse. So she hadn’t had her pussy eaten in three years.

So I helped her make up for lost time. I ate her pussy until she came twice more that night, each orgasm more intense than the last. Her favourite was 69. She said it gave her the best of both worlds, and I certainly wasn’t complaining. In between her own shuddering orgasms she sucked my cock, teasing, slow, sensuous blowjobs that had me lingering on the edge of ecstasy and agony. She told me how much she loved to give sexy, naughty blowjobs, but that she hardly ever got to do that, and that her husband never said if he enjoyed it. 

Before she made me come the first time she asked where I would like to come.

“Anywhere you like” she offered, shyly, “Really. Anywhere at all” she said, again casting her eyes down, ashamed at her own desperation. So I asked her if I could come in her mouth.

“Oooh, yes please!” she swooned, her eyes lighting up, “I have really missed that at home too. Please come in my mouth. Can I swallow it? Please let me swallow your cum”.

After that, I nearly always came in her mouth. Even when I had fucked her, or she had fucked me, it usually ended with me filling her mouth with cum, and her gulping it down like a greedy little slut.

And so it began. My adventures with Jenny.

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