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Morning Rising

Oh how I would love to wake him up like this.
My eyes fluttered open to a beautiful sight. He was sleeping next to me, fully undressed, as was I. Thoughts of the night before rushed to my head; thoughts of sweet kisses and even sweeter love-making; and I smiled.

I moved a little closer to him and kissed his bare chest softly, not wanting to wake him quite yet. I had a better idea in mind. I kissed down his stomach, circling my tongue around his belly button. I stuck the tip of my tongue inside and nipped the top of his belly button with my teeth. This stirred him a little. I kissed down further, dragging my fingernails along his inner thigh. His eyes fluttered for a second, but he was still asleep.

Further down I kissed, circling my tongue around his soft dick. I licked the side of his balls and back up the middle. I sucked the left one softly, just barely putting my lips around it. With my hands, I rubbed his sides, down his thighs, and ran my fingers up his half-erected dick. I began to suck harder, grazing my teeth against it. I laced my fingers around his shaft and began stroking him slowly, feeling him start to rise. I gave his shaft a hard squeeze and I heard a soft little gasp. I smirked.

Wide awake, he looked down at me. “Well, good morning.”

I grinned with him still in my mouth and nodded. I licked my way over to his right ball, making sure to give fair treatment. I sucked on it softly, barely grazing it with my teeth. I was looking at him the whole time, wanting to observe his face. He bit his bottom lip and I felt him shiver.

My hands were methodically stroking his shaft, gaining speed as I felt him get more excited. He moaned softly and bit his lip again. I grinned and licked up his shaft, moving my hands slightly. With both hands still stroking his shaft, I lightly kissed his tip. I nipped at it softly, hearing a whimper come out of his mouth.

I began to corkscrew his shaft, twisting my hands in opposite direction, as I sucked on his head. His eyes closed and he groaned. I relished his sounds of pleasure. They turned me on, and I felt a rush of desire go through my vagina.

I felt my hands get rougher because of my building desire. Not that he minded, of course. I began to squeeze as I twisted, tightening around his shaft. I saw him bite his lip harder as he moaned. I tasted a dribble of pre cum, and that just turned me on more.

I pulled one hand away and slowly slid my mouth over half of his shaft, scraping my teeth along it as I went. I began sucking hard, squeezing my cheeks around it and swishing my tongue back and forth. I closed my eyes and smiled at his groans.

I felt my own juices drip down my thigh and I whimpered. I couldn’t decide who was enjoying this more. I loved the feel and the taste of his dick in my mouth. With that thought, I began to suck harder, and I heard his groans grow louder.

Slowly, I slid my mouth over the rest of his dick, moving my hand down so I could play with his balls. I let his head poke the back of my throat. I liked that feeling. I sucked harder on his dick, bobbing my head up and down methodically. Hands groped the back of my head, but I pushed them away. I was in control.

I pushed my head down further, so that his dick would go in to my throat. I kept sucking hard and fast, building up intensity. I tasted more of his pre cum in my mouth, and I began to crave his actual cum.

Rolling my tongue over his shaft, I sucked harder. I began to gag, but I didn’t stop. I loved it too much. I felt his legs start to shake and he started grunting. I felt my own excitement build as my juices ran further down my legs, on to the satin sheets.

With a final tug of his balls, I felt him explode in my mouth. Rushes went through my vagina as he grunted and groaned and rocked his hip. I moaned as I continued sucking. As his warm, salty cum ran down my throat, I started to choke. I still didn’t stop.

I laid there, choking on his cum, sucking on his dick, with my juices pouring out of me, shaking in pleasure. I didn’t pull away until I felt his dick go limp in my mouth.

I rested my head on his right thigh, trying to catch my breath. I was still shaking. His eyes were closed and his chest was heaving. I was still burning with desire.

Good thing I woke him up.

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