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Oral Teachings

All my work is fiction. This story contains consenting adults in explicit nature.
Inspired by a rap I used to listen in high school called "Cotton Candy" by ICP

Clyde was a gangly boy with pale, white skin and mousey-brown hair, his somewhat narrow shoulders thin and pointed. He was rather tall for his slim stature, which affected his coordination and his confidence, especially with females. That’s why poor Clyde was still a virgin at the ripe age of seventeen.

And just like every other pubescent boy, Clyde satisfied his needs with his hands. As Clyde pumped away his sexual frustration, his mind would be filled with thoughts of his favorite teacher Ms. Virginia. Her olive-kissed skin played perfectly against her shining brunette locks waving down her back to her apple-shaped ass. Her tanned complexion was always peaking from beneath the hem of her skin-tight, knee-length skirts before being hidden by her reflective platform pumps.

Each night, he would pump away his sexual urges to thoughts of Ms. Virginia unbuttoning her tight press shirt, showing her firm breasts to him. Many nights, Clyde would continue to imagine his teacher unzipping her skirt to show him her tan legs and the crux between them that he imagined to always be warm and wet.

One morning Clyde woke up for school as usual, his mind fresh from an exciting dream of a naked Ms. Virginia. His mother was yelling at him from beyond his door to hurry up for school, telling him that she could only drop him off half-way to the high school because there was a morning meeting that she had to attend. He groaned knowing that he couldn’t relieve himself. Another groan escaped him as his mother continued to yell at him through the door.

“Yeah, Ma! I heard you the first time!” he screamed with frustration at his mother before cursing her under his breath, “Fucking bitch.” He got up from his bed and pulled on a pair of dark denim jeans, his top covered by a black band T-shirt. Since he had no brush, Clyde used his hands to arrange his Beatle-esque hairstyle into a somewhat presentable mess. A mess he knew would piss off his mother, and one that he knew Ms. Virginia liked on him.

It didn’t take long for Clyde to leave his room and get into his mother's car. The car ride lasted only a few blocks before son had to get out of mother’s comfortable transportation. Clyde had no choice but to walk the last two blocks to his school. It was when he got to his school that he realized that that day was a Staff Development day, giving the students—giving Clyde—a day off from education. His elation was short lived when he realized that he was going to have to make an hour-long trek back home.

Being lazy, the teen opted to walk into the school building and walk around the halls in hopes of seeing his favorite teacher in relaxed, more revealing clothes.

Clyde turned at the first corner he encountered near the entrance and proceeded into the first hallway he found. He knew that the classes in this hallway were dedicated to the arts: culinary, computer graphics, painting, and more. He also knew that Ms. Virginia was friends with the culinary teacher, Ms. Marge. Just knowing that he might see his hot teacher sent a throb between his legs.

“Clyde?” someone called behind him, the voice sending a familiar tingle down his back. Clyde turned around and saw Ms. Virginia standing in a light sundress. “Clyde, I knew I recognized you. What are you doing here? You don’t have any school today,” the thirty-year-old added, taking a few steps closer to her student.

Clyde gulped and licked his lips at the sight of her, the faint outline of her bra seen through the thin material of her dress. “I forgot today was for the staff,” he said truthfully, shyly shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Catching himself staring at the curve of the bra’s cup, Clyde quickly began to stare at the strap of her satchel.

Assuming that he was curious about what she was carrying, his teacher explained it to him. “You’d be surprised at how many papers I have to grade still. Sometimes, I grade them when some menial lecture comes on. All it is is a day full of yelling at each other,” Virginia laughed. “Come on—I was just gonna see Marge. You can hang out in her class, or mine, while you wait for your mom to pick you up.”

Without waiting for an answer, Ms. Virginia began to walk to the culinary classroom, her swaying hips catching Clyde’s attention. Instead of letting his eyes drink in the beauty of her body, the teen forced himself to not stare at everything but her in order to conceal his erection.

Ms. Virginia briskly walked into the room, leaving Clyde in her wake. The door had closed by the time Clyde had gotten to it, the hall empty once he passed through the doorway. Inside the room, Clyde searched for either of the teachers, his mind focused on hiding the growing lump in his pants when he realized that amongst the knives, stoves, and wooden blocks there was no one but himself. He shrugged his pack from his shoulders and walked around the front of the main counter, the one that was made for Ms. Marge to stand at and give her instructions.

His backpack settled at one of the few tables that were set up in the middle of the room, the straps falling over the edge of the linoleum table. Nervously, he cleared his throat and called out for anyone. “Hello?” his timid voice asked the empty kitchen.

Immediately seeing that no one was to come to his rescue, Clyde went to a table and sat down, the chair scraping against the aged tile gratingly. Ms. Virginia’s swaying figure was burned into the backs of his eyelids, making his cock harden against his pants. Figuring that no one was around to see him be naughty, Clyde slid one of his hands down to his lap to rub his erection through the fabric.

“What are you doing young man?” the aged voice of Ms. Marge chirped from behind the counter. Startled, Clyde pulled his hand away from his crotch as if he had burned it, turning to look at Marge to give her some half-baked explanation. To his surprise, Ms. Marge was standing behind the counter in nothing but a plain, white apron, her short curly hair framing her middle-aged face with faded brown locks. Marge’s milky white skin was displayed for Clyde, he apron barely covering the area of her hairy pussy and her overly wide hips.

“Uhh…,” he gaped out with wide eyes unable to be torn from the spectacle in front of him.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to stare?” she reprimanded him playfully before noticing the lump in his lap. “Oh! My dear, it seems that you’ve gotten yourself in a bit of a situation! Here, let me help you darling,” the maternal figure gushed before walking around the counter to where Clyde sat, sinking to her knees before unbuttoning his pants.

The teen’s hardened flesh bounced freely once the confines of the pants were loosened, his erection sticking up straight in the air. “Ohhhh,” Marge cooed with a watering mouth. “You’re so large!” Gingerly, she stuck out her tongue and licked up the length of his tool, a throaty moan ripping from her lips as she tasted him. “And you taste divine.”

Marge enveloped his length betwixt her glossy lips, her pink tongue dancing about his girth playfully, swirling around his head and coating his skin with a thin layer of her saliva. Slicked with a coat of her spit and overwhelmed with the heat of her mouth, Clyde’s eyes rolled into the back of his head with lids fluttering shut. “Fuck,” he whispered breathlessly as his heartbeat quickened, his pulse beginning to throb through his cock. Shivers of ecstasy ran down his spine as Marge brought her head up to dip below the base of his dick to suckle his balls into her mouth.

“Oh, God, yes,” he moaned aloud, his fingers automatically entangling themselves into her tresses, his hold loose, letting her keep control. With an audible pop, she released his sac and stroked his towering limb with her fist.

Cum boiled in the depths of his sac as his breath became more jagged, his cock becoming engorged with his load and bulging against Marge’s soft lips. “You’re close,” she said with a voice layered thick with seduction, her eyes looking into his as her tongue lashed out and pleasured him further, swiping away the salty liquid as quickly as it spouted from his slit. Her talented tongue brought more and more moans out from the back of his throat, her eyes peering from beneath her lids to watch joyously as Clyde reveled in the pleasure she was giving him. The teens back arched as he felt the twinges of his orgasm appear, the curve exaggerating as the feeling grew stronger inside him, his throbbing cock in Marge’s mouth once more.

She knew that Clyde was about to release his seed into her mouth, and she moaned at the thought, her oral efforts greatening with speed; she sucked harder with each bob of her head so she could taste the nectar of his virility.

“Come for me, baby. Let me taste you,” she husked between swallowing his length, her gaze filled with lust, her want seeping into her feminine voice.

Her hot breath being reintroduced to his heated rod pushed Clyde over the edge as cum spilled into her mouth, bathing her tongue with the fluid. As he filled her mouth with his seed, she drank the cum with eagerness. Soon, Clyde had emptied his load, but Marge was not satisfied—she continued to suck his cock, making his moans stretch on with the sensitive tingles of his meaty pole. Swiping her tongue around his girth once more, Ms. Marge pulled away from his crotch with a smirk lighting up her face.

Clyde ’s chest heaved, his breathing labored as he wiped sweat from his neck. “Fuck,” he whispered breathlessly as a smile pulled the corners of his lips up. He was so lost in his post-orgasmic bliss that he did not hear Ms. Virginia walk behind him, just mere inches from his chair.

“Hello, Clyde,” Ms. Virginia drawled, startling the poor boy once more. Clyde jumped around in his chair only to let his tensed jaw drop in shock. Virginia’s clothes had been replaced with an apron just like Marge’s, but Virginia’s slim figure seemingly sexier because of the outfit—or lack thereof.

 Virginia smiled at him and asked, “Clyde, honey, do you know what’s under my apron?”

“No, ma’am,” Clyde stuttered through his dry mouth, his mind overlooking the obvious answer of ‘nothing.’

The young teacher walked up to him and turned the chair around completely, his face even with her feminine mound, the smell of her excited pussy overtaking his senses. His deflating cock sprung back to life at the powerful scent. She licked her lips as she looked down at him. “It’s a nice, fat cunt,” she whispered to him with a voice laced with sultry mischief.

The teen was at a loss for words as she laughed at his shocked and lost expression. “You enjoyed it when Ms. Marge was sucking your cock, didn’t you Clyde?” To this, he nodded, his voice seemingly absent. “Well,” she continued, “women love having the same thing done to them; and I’m going to teach you how to eat pussy baby.”

With that, Ms. Virginia untied her apron and pulled it off her frame, exposing her full breasts and rose-pink nipples, her areola mere shades darker than the nubs of flesh in the center of each swollen tit. Her legs spread open to reveal her trimmed slit, the aroma getting stronger in the room as she sat down on the table behind her, her hole completely exposed to her student.

Juice dripped from Virginia’s open hole, her lips shimmering from her nectar. “Now, Clyde, you need to kiss my pussy. But before you start to kiss my pussy, kiss my thighs here and here,” she instructed excitedly, pointing at each spot successively. Attentively, Clyde leaned forward and gave a lingering peck, his lips brushing against her luscious thigh before giving the same attention to its sister. Ms. Virginia sighed as she felt his breath curve around her thighs and breeze past her excited apex, a ripple of anticipation rolling down her spine.

“Ohh,” cooed his teacher with her tongue wetting her lips, “very good! Now, eat my cunt!”

With a quick grab of his hair, Virginia pushed the teen’s face into her sloppy snatch. The smell of her tunnel resonated in his nose and Clyde instinctively moaned into her gash, his tongue working between her petals and circling about her gaping entrance. As she was being pleased and teased, Virginia laid back on the table, her free hand going to massage her breast, pulling on her nipple every time her student shoved his tongue into her pulsing cunt. Every stab of his tongue, Clyde would wriggle his tongue with fervor, her juice soaking his muscle and smearing about his face before he would retreat and suck on her clit.

Clyde worked his tongue quickly, running it up his teacher’s slit before diving into her muff and sucking the length of her gash as his tongue violently vibrated inside her. Ms. Virginia writhed on the table, her trembling legs wrapping about his shoulders and pulling him further into her. “Oh yes! Yes! Yes!!! Suck it!” she called in ecstasy, a smile painted on her face.

Ms. Virginia pushed her groin into the young man’s face, her hand pulling him into her as her honey flowed from her shaking form. She released the student from her grip when she came down from her peak, the both of them gasping as Marge fisted her cunt as she watched the pair. Marge’s face was contorted with pleasure, her fist furiously pumping in and out of her pussy, her mouth gaping for breath. Small mutterings of pleasure would come from the elder woman’s mouth, barely audible as they were said.

As Marge continued to moan, her voice became slightly louder, her words suddenly having more meaning to them. Just as her words became clear, Ms. Marge’s voice morphed into his mother’s. “Clyde! Get up!” his mother’s voice called from Marge’s lips.

Clyde shot up in his bed, his mother still calling from behind his door. “I’m up,” he called weakly to her, his heart heavy with regret that all it was was just a wet-dream.

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Posted 24 Oct 2013 08:59
Wow that's a very Hot story
Posted 09 Oct 2012 13:18
wow hot very hot
Posted 11 May 2012 08:58
your stories are special.....enjoyed..!!!
Posted 26 Nov 2011 09:12
WOW what a story and the twist at the end was just perfect. I do wish my dreams where that detailed
Posted 22 Nov 2011 09:11
nicely done.TY

Posted 22 Nov 2011 04:57
Yes very arousing! A great hot sexy story!
Posted 22 Nov 2011 03:25
Another wonderfully AROUSING (at least for me) story from Anna.
Posted 21 Nov 2011 16:34
Very wild & hot! Well done!

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