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The Counselor

The Counselor

A girl doesn't realize how she would feel about him by the end of a very sexy summer.
This summer was amazing and camp was amazingly fun. Everyday I get to spend time with the sexiest person on camp grounds, Wolfgang. He is tall, built, and kind of pale. He has dark hair and eyes, and soft features that give his face a sensitive look. He is the man I dream about every night. The only problem is he is a counselor and I'm a camper and if any one knew what we did, neither of us would be going back to camp. Ever.

After a long day of taking care of little girls as part of my training, I ran to the bathroom to shower. I washed my hair, body, teeth and got out quickly so I could sleep.

On my way back to the cabin, Wolfgang came up to me and said “Hey, you forgot something in the drift inn today. We should probably go get it before tomorrow mornings music session.”

I looked down at the towel that was covering my slim, curvy body. I stumbled on a rock and took a step closer to him to keep balance. He put his hands out to catch me and, as a reaction, I grabbed his hands.

“I…um… should grab some clothes,” I stuttered. He looked in my eyes; I could tell he didn’t mind I was in a towel because his eyes scanned my body with desire. He walked down the path with my hand still in his. I followed behind him like a lost puppy. My eyes scaled his body. The graphic tee suited him well.

He opened the door to the drift inn; a dark, empty cabin used for music and astronomy, and I saw the constellation projector still set up from earlier that day. I thought he had put it away after our last session. I looked around the room for something of mine but couldn’t see anything.

“What did I forget?” I asked and just as I finished he stepped closer to me. I could feel his breath on my forehead. His hand swept the wet hair out of my face slowly and tilted my head to look at him. His soft looks melted my heart. He leaned in and our lips touched ever so slightly. My heart was racing. His hand grabbed the top of my towel and slowly slid it off my body. I sat there in shock as he kissed me gently. Every move he made was so soft, graceful, and it drove me crazy. I just wanted to get rough and jump on him, but he was holding me back, making me take things slow.

His hand slid down my back and he gently grabbed my ass. I opened my eyes for just a moment and his eyes were on mine, staring into me. I closed my eyes tight, afraid he saw me looking when he giggled as we kissed. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands were on my ass, while my arms wrapped around his neck. He carried me over to the couch and set me down gently. He kissed me one last time before letting me go and walking away. I propped myself up on my elbows to get a better view of what he was doing. The light on the astronomy projector suddenly turned on. I slid on to the floor to lie on my back. I looked at the roof waiting to see the stars. Once the slide was in, Wolfgang put some music on and lay next to me. We stared at the fake stars for a while until his hand slid up my leg. I got really nervous noticing my towel on the floor. He rolled on his side and looked into my eyes; his were a dark brown that reminded me of chocolate candy and I wanted nothing more than to melt into them.

His eyes burned my skin as he looked at me from head to toe. His hand slowly and gently made its way up my body. I shivered under his touch. He kissed me softly and played with my breasts. His hands were cold and felt nice on my body that was heating up quickly. His hand played with me as our tongues met sensually. I loved his touch, the way his hands always looked graceful and calm. His hand slid down my stomach and stopped right at my hips. He kissed my neck and bit my collar bone roughly. It felt like forever before he finally kissed his way down my body. Once he got to my hips, he stopped and kissed my hip bone. I was going to scream I wanted him to touch my pussy so bad! He licked my inner thigh and ran his hand across my belly. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair but I was too afraid to move. I bit my lip to try to stop myself from screaming at him: fucking touch me.

“Stand up,” he commanded. He stood up and turned to change the slide in the projector. The dominant side of him was starting to shine and I loved it! As I slowly stood up, he pulled off his shirt, turning around to show his muscles and I was in awe; his body made me shiver. The look in his eyes made me a little scared. He looked mischievous and malicious.

His eyes scanned my naked body as he walked towards me. He looked into my eyes and ran his hand over my shaved pussy. My heart almost stopped. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with all my might, trying to regain some power. I took a risk and I will never make that mistake again.

He grabbed my arms and pinned me to the wall roughly. I stood there, shell shocked, as my head hit the wall. Wolfgang’s face was no more than an inch away from mine. He pushed me to the ground and slowly ran his hand down my body. The look in his eyes told me he wanted me and nothing was going to stop him. Fear and desire crept up inside me. I wanted him, but I was afraid of what he was going to do. He bit my neck as his hand found its way to my clit. My whole body went up in flames. The heat turned me on almost as much as the feeling of his fingers slowly pushing inside me. He twisted his fingers and played with my insides until they were almost on fire.

Wolfgang’s body slid down mine until his head was between my legs. He kissed my thigh while his fingers were still playing with my pussy. His tongue slid along my leg and as soon as he stopped at my clit, my body shook. A loud moan escaped my lips and it only encouraged him to push his fingers farther inside me. He kissed my clit and his tongue slid out of his mouth and ran along my pussy. I couldn’t stop myself as my body tensed and moans came out of my mouth.

My body shook uncontrollably and I grabbed Wolfgang’s hair tightly to stabilize myself but nothing helped. He didn’t stop either, which only made my body shake more. I tried to push his head away from my contracting pussy, but there was no way I could beat his strength. His fingers had stopped but his tongue had not. It flicked my clit and I jumped. Wave after wave of pleasure drifted through me and lingered even after he had pulled his head away from my dripping pussy.

I lay there, curled in a ball and breathing deeply. Wolfgang wrapped his arms around me and pressed his chest to my back.

My mind was racing with questions but I only had the energy to say one.

“Why?” The word slipped out of me in a long breath.

He sighed. “Shy not? You’re a nice person and quite sexy. I didn’t realize you would be so easy to dominate.”

A frown played on my lips. “Easy,” was all I could say back. I didn’t want to be easy.

“I never said you were easy.”

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms.

This was the first of many encounters between us. Each one got more and more intense as our feeling grew for one another. By the end of summer he was mine and I was his. Forever.

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