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The Notes - Part Two

The Notes - Part Two

After licking her pussy, the mystery note sender prepares for his next encounter with Jayne
I was over taken with desire the second I saw her. I knew then I would have to make her mine. The difficultly came in keeping my identity a secret from her. She couldn’t know who I was; at least not to begin with. I didn’t want the game to cause problems for her career. I knew what the other staff members in the office could be like. If they found out something was going on between us, they would’ve made her life difficult. So, it had to be handled with the highest amount of discretion.

Tasting her deliciousness had only made my hunger to fuck her even stronger, but I knew how to bide my time. I was going to have more fun with her first. I had a way to sate my desire to take her fully.

I took my new note from the printer and placed it in the crisp white envelope. Looking at my computer monitor, I checked the security surveillance. I saw her working away at her desk. I had to wait for the right opportunity to slip into the office and place the note on to her desk unseen.

I could’ve just sent her another message on the Skype account I’d set up for her, but that was too easy. Playing this game wasn’t only a thrill for her. Every time I risked getting caught my cock would tingle and start to harden in my trousers.

I watched my monitor as she stretched her arms. She tried to shake the weariness that seemed to overcome her around that time of the day. I’d been secretly watching her long enough to know she was a creature of habit. Her arms pointed towards the ceiling and the material of her blouse tightened across her breasts. My mind flashed back to the conference room. It had been almost a week since I had tasted her and I was growing hungry for more.

Finally, she vacated her desk and went to the small kitchen at the other end of the office to make a coffee. That was my chance. I casually walked through her office and dropped the note on her desk, before walking off and speaking to another staff member about the previous night’s appalling defeat in the rugby match.

I watched. She walked back to her desk, unaware of the surprise she was about to get. It was difficult not to look at her shocked face when she looked around to see if anyone was watching. Luckily for me, Lidia, the office tart, picked that moment to come over and unashamedly flirt. I feigned interest, but only because I could peer over Lidia’s shoulder and watch Jayne’s reaction to my note.

I thought about the words I’d typed on the note and imagined what was happening to her body as she read them.

Your lips are so gorgeous. I love the new shade of lipstick you’ve been wearing.

It looks so good on your lips, but I think it would look even nicer on my cock.

Come to the storeroom now, and put on the blindfold I’ve left for you.

Then wait.

My cock went from semi hard to granite in seconds when I watched her pull her compact mirror from her bag. She carefully reapplied her shimmering, dark pink lipstick. Then, she quickly got up from her desk and made her way to the storeroom.

I waited, giving her chance to get into the storeroom and fit the blindfold. I had been planning this for days, so my anticipation had built to gargantuan proportions, but she had only known about this for moments. I wanted her to think about what she was about to do to me. I wanted her to feel the desire build, so when I entered and placed the head of my cock to her lips, she would be ready to take my dick, ready to feel the pleasure as I fucked her pretty face.

I made my excuse and exited the conversation, careful to use the papers I was holding to cover the obvious tent in my trousers. I turned and walked away. My heart pounded in my chest. It was working hard to pump the blood to my solid cock that twitched with anticipation.

I entered the storeroom and locked the door behind me, a lock that I had personally fitted the evening before. My breath caught at the beautiful sight that was waiting for me. She had used her initiative again, and in a very risky move had removed all her clothing and was kneeling on the cold, concrete floor in direct view of the door.

Her blindfold covered face was held high and proud, even in this submissive pose. Her hands rested on her smooth, white thighs that already had a trickle of her juice rolling its glistening track down her legs. The small room was filled with her passion's scent.

I walked slowly around her. I had to work desperately hard to keep my composure, which was increasingly difficult with the view of this gorgeous body so close to me. I bit my lip to stop from speaking out and telling her what a good girl she had been. I knew for sure she would recognise my voice.

Standing over her, my eyes took in every inch of her body. My view allowed me to see her gorgeous, full breasts, which rose and fell with her deep breaths. The urge to push her back and fuck her senseless was overwhelming, but I fought to stay in control.

Running my finger down the side of her soft cheek, I felt her body shudder. She tipped her head back, as my finger traced down her elegant neck. I swept my finger across her shoulder and down her arm. The slight contact causing an electric charge that I’m sure she could also feel, by the way her body danced to my touch. I crouched down in front of her. Feeling my presence so close, she lowered her head. I took a finger and tilted her chin back up, so had it not been for the blindfold, she would’ve been looking straight into my eyes.

I guided her hand with my own, so that her delicate fingers went to her smooth mound, giving her instructions without words. When I was happy that she understood what I wanted her to do, I stood back and watched.

The sight of such a gorgeous, naked, young women kneeling before me, with fingers tentatively teasing her puffy, wet lips apart was the hottest thing I have ever seen. My dick was straining against the inside my trousers, oozing its precum and making a wet patch where my briefs would have been, had I been wearing any.

Her fingers slid inside her soaked pussy, wet noises mixed with her deep breathy moans which filled the room. I almost came. The sound was the most arousing thing I have ever heard. I unzipped my trousers.

I felt the relief of the freedom and pure pleasure, as my hand gripped my shaft and stroked to the sight of my play thing fingering her soaked pussy. Her legs spread wider and she leaned back on one arm, allowing her to thrust her hips to meet the ever increasing pace of her fingers.

Her moans were getting louder. When the noise of people walking and talking passed the door to the storeroom, I decided it was probably a good time to give her something to quieten her down.

Silently walking towards her, she jumped when my hand touched the top of her head. She stopped her frantic plunges and looked up at me. For a moment I wished I could’ve looked into her eyes, but then I remembered why the secret had to be kept. I brought her arm up to my face and taking her drenched fingers, I sucked them clean, growling with pleasure as her sweet taste engulfed my mouth.

Releasing her hand and placing my hand on the back of her head, with my free hand I stroked my twitching cock a few times. I then guided her slowly towards my glistening tip. She felt my soft mushroom head touch her lips. Holding my shaft steady, my body convulsed when her tongue slipped from between her lips and flicked across my precum covered head.

She moaned as much as I had when she finally got to taste me. This perfect woman kept surprising me. She needed no encouragement. Swirling her tongue repeatedly around my sensitive crown, my hips bucked, as the urge to feel her hot, wet, mouth around my entire dick reached epic proportions.

I laced the fingers of both my hands through her soft hair, holding her head steady, my rigid cock poised to plunge deep into her waiting mouth. She glided her mouth down my shaft, her lips stretching to accommodate my girth. It was just such a beautiful sight.

She managed about half my length on her first attempt, pulling back and trailing the tip of her tongue against the underside of my shaft as she retreated, before dipping back down. This time she got the majority of my thick member into her watering mouth, sucking gently, her tongue rippling against my meat.

Showing great agility in her sightless state, she brought up her left hand, palm cupping my balls and fingers wrapped around my base, holding me steady. Sealing her lips around my shaft, she withdrew. With every tingling inch of my cock that left the warmth of her mouth, my lust grew stronger. I fought the urge to thrust it back deep into her throat.

Her tongue searched around until she found my soft, shaven balls. She swirled her tongue around each of them, before sucking them into her mouth and humming her delight. Shivers ran through my body as the vibrations of her hum pulsed around me.

When she licked her way up the crease of my sack and all the way up my veiny shaft, flicking her tongue against my sensitive frenulum, I was at the point of losing control. Looking down at her naked body, against my fully suited body with only my rigid cock exposed, I felt so powerful.

She plunged her head back down my saliva covered dick, until her nose pressed against the soft fabric of my trousers. I let out a growl of delight when I felt the head of my cock slide into her throat. I thrust a bit deeper. Her muscles contracted around me and she swallowed, trying to breath as my intrusion blocked her airways.

Holding her for a second, I delighted in the feeling. I then pulled her off, so she could catch her breath. I gave her the chance to voice her complaint, but none came. She just greedily pushed her mouth back down my shaft, encouraging me with her moans of delight to fuck her face properly.

With her free hand now rubbing her clit furiously, I started my thrusting pace of ploughing my dick deep into her throat, then shallow, quick pumps where she would suck at my head.

I could feel her body begin to shake from the efforts of her fingers against her soaked pussy. She was close to cumming and this only encouraged me more. In my head I was screaming out all the words I wish I could’ve been saying out loud, “Arrh! Fuck, yeah. Fucking take it! Take my cock down your fucking throat, you sexy little bitch.”

I could see she was desperately close to the edge and had it not been for my cock filling her pretty face, she would have been begging me to cum down her throat. Her body tensed and her suction on my dick increased when her orgasm hit.

I thrust hard and fast for a few more strokes, feeling the tingling grow. My grip on her head was savage. I let out a loud growl and released my cum down her throat. Spurt after spurt hit her waiting tongue, which she then swallowed enthusiastically.

My breathing was fast, but calming slowly. My grip on her head released and my cock slowly softened in the warm confines of her mouth. She gently sucked me clean and then released me with a final, soft kiss to my head.

When I moved my hands away my heart leapt out of my chest. I had caught her blindfold and moved it slightly. She quickly looked down at the floor and moved the blindfold back into place. My heart soared. I knew then how much she was enjoying the game and the mystery of who I was.

I bowed down and kissed her gently on the forehead, before putting myself away and leaving the storeroom.

I watched her on my monitor when she returned to her desk a few minutes later. She was fully clothed and to the unsuspecting eye nothing was amiss. But I could see how her hair was a still slightly dishevelled and how the lipstick she had been wearing before was no longer there. Instead it was painted along my shaft, which still twitched slightly as the warm afterglow of my orgasm radiated around my satisfied body.

To be continued… 

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Posted 29 Mar 2014 11:19
Wow! Jayne, that was awesome!! I'm gonna have to cool down before I try to read #3. This is such an exciting story.
Posted 13 Mar 2014 13:03
great second chapter. I love the way you are building the excitement with each chapter. thank you for writing it.

Posted 05 Feb 2014 05:32
Amazing story. My GF is in love with your mind and want to play like this. THAN|K YOU. You have unleashed a sex fiend in my home.

Posted 08 Jan 2014 19:37
Fabulous!! Enjoyed this story very much.
Posted 06 Jan 2014 05:39
Just as good as I expect from my favourite writer but I'm surprised at how gentle he was with you. Are you holding him back so he can slowly learn how you really want to be used?
Posted 22 Dec 2013 06:37
as good as the first part...damn this is one hot series
Posted 17 Dec 2013 15:04
Excellent, I thought it might be a female co-worker.
Posted 10 Dec 2013 10:36
I always love reading your stories. And as usual, another great one.

Posted 08 Dec 2013 11:57
A nice switch to the male POV, and so well done too. Really sexy story that I think we're all wanting to be a part of. Well done ; )

Posted 08 Dec 2013 05:18
Great imagery with your descriptions. I felt like I was also participating in the storeroom. Parts 3 & 4 will be awesome, I'm sure.
Posted 07 Dec 2013 18:04
excellent .very erotic
Posted 05 Dec 2013 16:22
Truly amazing visual writing. To write that well from the male point of view is impressive...

Posted 04 Dec 2013 02:08
This is fantastic. I was even a little anxious about the store room thing. Was someone going to try walk in, even though he had the only key? Super exciting scenario and as always, well expressed, even from the guys point of view. Must have done some research..

Posted 03 Dec 2013 18:18
Tremendous writing Jayne! An excellent take on the guy's point-of-view. This is a truly excellent follow up story!
Posted 03 Dec 2013 09:05
"I knew then how much she was enjoying the game, and the mystery, of who I was." And so are we, the readers!
Posted 03 Dec 2013 09:04
What a brilliant idea, moving from the woman’s perspective in chapter one, to the man’s in chapter two. You pull it off beautifully, as your story not only adds to our arousal, but increases the mystery all the more. You have brought the art of erotic stories to a new height, and given us a nice dirty fantasy to add to our own. Just as your protagonist plays with her, so you toy with the reader in a way sure to bring us more fun, and pleasure, than an average story line would bring. Great job Jayne! 5+
Posted 01 Dec 2013 19:59
The journey continues!!
Posted 30 Nov 2013 05:48
IT was so fucking hot! I liked the gentle dominancy in the story and the whole text. You really have talent to write, please keep on going!
Posted 30 Nov 2013 04:21
You made me tingle again ! x
Posted 30 Nov 2013 03:04
Jayne - such a wonderful series that tantalizes, develops the scene so well, and is certainly erotic - am hard from the beginning and oozing till the end!
More please - so good!
Posted 30 Nov 2013 00:59
wow you are so good jayne, i am loving it can`t wait for the next chapter, god you have hot me horny he he, keep the brilliant work up jayne X
Posted 29 Nov 2013 15:38
Well done! I like it that your part 1 and part 2 are using different point of view, one from her and one from him. I wonder what POV will be in part 3.

Posted 29 Nov 2013 12:07
So sexy! Very well written. I hope it is the boss! Looking forward to the next chapter. You are such a dirty girl I love it xx

Posted 29 Nov 2013 04:15
Very well written and very erotic.

Posted 29 Nov 2013 04:00
Very nicely done. A clever switch in perspective and fantastic description of the action from the male point of view. And an agonising tease. I'm gagging for more.
Posted 28 Nov 2013 21:32
What a descriptive. I believe such detailed description of cock sucking is rare and the pleasure felt in cock sucking with a blindfold increases it many times. 5
Posted 28 Nov 2013 19:55
This was spectacular... Can't wait for the next chapter
Posted 28 Nov 2013 19:42
A totally sexy wonderfully described story. Love how your mind works when you write.
Posted 28 Nov 2013 19:29
Now I am really hooked on this story for sure. Another 5+++ from me. I am waiting for another chapter, installment, whatever Jayne wants to call it.

Posted 28 Nov 2013 16:32
Brilliant sequel Jayne, loved it. So well written and your description of the action was awesome. I too think 'The Boss' but knowing you a surprise awaits us. Waiting for pt 3 with bated breath. Thanks for sharing...5+++

Posted 28 Nov 2013 16:23
Absolutely excellent, erotic, stimulating and the switch from chapter 1 is just incredible. Hope this continues.

Posted 28 Nov 2013 15:56
I LOVE when writers write from the point of view of the other/opposite sex... I find it illuminating and indeed educating... This is rather marvelous and I love how the writer has drawn her protagonist...

Very good erotic writing on more than one level and a very deserved FIVE...

xx SF
Posted 28 Nov 2013 15:42
Incredible writing, totally love it
Posted 28 Nov 2013 15:31
Oh fuck! Gloriously hot and horny! I loved your description from a male perspective (that was something of a surprise..) He must be the boss, you tease: is it?

Posted 28 Nov 2013 15:28
You're building this up to be a great little series Jayne. I can't wait yo see what the next instalment holds

Posted 28 Nov 2013 15:04
Damn sexy! Blindfolds are so much fun
Posted 28 Nov 2013 14:45
keep up the great work Jayne you're a really great writer cant wait to read more of them getting really down and dirty

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