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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

I arrive home unaware of the sweet surprise that awaited me
Stepping inside our front door I throw my keys on the table, causing them to break an unusual silence. The usual sounds and smells of the kitchen are absent. Something is up.

“Honey?” I call, my footsteps treading lightly up the stairs, as I wonder if you are in the shower.

The silence continues.

Reaching the top of the staircase, I turn entering our room and I see you are waiting for me, laying on our bed. Your naked body sprawled across the sheets. Your arms above your head, frame your carefree curls. A slim beam of light through a cracked curtain, creating your form to glow before me. I’m breathless.

I approach you, slow and deliberate and breathe in your invisible scent of perfume and arousal. My heart pounds in my chest, my throat dry and sticky as I try to swallow. My loins instantly throb and tingle in response to your beauty. Your fleeting eyes observe my growing bulge. My gaze drift from yours, over your full breasts, curvaceous figure. From your bare luscious mound to restraints looped on your ankles, you are perfect. Breathtaking.

Your motives confuse me, discovering a side of you I have not yet seen. You give yourself to me, a submissive offering. I instinctively gently raise your leg, kiss and caress its soft skin. The rope wrapped around my fist, I pull it over you and tie you off. A last tug ensuring it’s secure. An escaping sigh, leaves your mouth as I calmly repeat the procedure, displaying my control.

Shadowing you, my hand softly cups your cheek, guiding my thumb as it rolls open your bottom lip. Your mouth widens, raising your head you seductively take it into your mouth, teasing with your oral skills. My cock twitching and dripping as you hold my gaze. A numb ache in my loins cries out for a release.

I pull free from your grip and slide my hand down your neck, brushing past your breasts and nipples, resisting the urge to pinch and pull. Continuing on my journey down your twitching tummy, my skin never leaving yours, stopping short of your raised, exposed sex.

Placing a pillow under you, I raise your ass further off the sheets, ensuring your comfort, and easing my access. I position myself between your legs, staring up at you. Your engorged clit stands erectly, separating our gaze, in desperate need of my wet mouth. A glistening stream of desire trickles from you, inviting me to taste.

My hands grip your peachy cheeks, thumbs spreading you as my fingers dig deeply into your pale flesh. I lick and bite your cheeks, then lick and taste your juices from the bud of your forbidden hole. You raise and moan, trying to grind yourself on my mouth but I tease you, loving the control, smiling up at you.

“Please give it to me!!”, you beg, squirming under my hold.

I pause until you regain your self-control and continue, smiling and snickering at you, licking my lips as I continue my feast. Lowering my head over your dripping folds, I run the wet tip on my tongue the full length of your slit, between your inner and outer lips, carefully avoiding your burning, swollen clit. Repeating the act constantly, separated by shallow dips into your soul.

You’re so close, drenched in your sex-crazed stupor. I surrender to your need. It becomes my need. The flat of my tongue swipes your ass, licking a long slow trail over your core. Spreading your folds further, the tip of my tongue catches under your hood. Jolts ripple through you, bucking against my mouth, as I continue pulling on your clit with my lips, sucking you into me, circling your flesh with my tongue.

Your orgasm sparked by single finger I slip inside you. Your muscles tense around me, squeezing me, forcing me out.

“Oh fuck I'm cumin, I'm cumin!”, you groan, as I carry on milking you with a curled finger.

With your fists full of cotton sheets, you brace yourself against the waves of bliss, pulling your restraints, as your pelvis bucks. Your creamy cum oozes from you and I smear it over your clit as you continue to convulse. The surge slowly passes, and your body begins to relax. You watch me suck and lick my fingers; your sweet creamy honey is my reward. Gently I kiss your pussy, licking the foamy remains from you, moaning through my own enjoyment.

I set you free. Your legs slump around me, drained, exhausted. You grab my head, pulling my mouth to yours. Your tongue urgently pushing into my mouth in a desperate need to taste your cum. I love you tasting yourself, tasting yourself on me. We continue kissing, licking my lips, then licking yours.

“Hey baby, I’m home” I whisper.
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Posted 06 Sep 2013 00:49
Very nice little snapshot...
I loved the emotion in it and it was saucy too!!

Posted 11 Jul 2013 21:02
Great job, I really enjoyed this one
Posted 05 Jun 2013 05:55
What away to show your loved one that your home, goh what a lucky woman! Totally enjoyed the read and your style, look forward to reading future stories

Posted 24 Apr 2013 01:52
I love your writing style. Beautifully written, your choice of words create such stunningly vivid pictures. Super Arousing. I can't wait to go read more of your work. Easy 5++++++++

Posted 22 Apr 2013 20:53
I agree with Joanred's comment.

I like reading stories where little surprises spice up an already loving relationship. Well done.

Posted 19 Apr 2013 10:12
Awesome. Check out my story " Welcome Home Sex"
Posted 18 Mar 2013 01:27
Woohoo. Loved it.
Posted 17 Mar 2013 10:29
so sexy... so loving... it was just what i would expect from you...

Posted 17 Mar 2013 09:54
OH. MY. GAWD. So much detail, so poetic. Excellent writing My friend. You do have a way with words. E is such a lucky lady.
Posted 17 Mar 2013 07:38
sexy story. nice erotic

Posted 17 Mar 2013 07:07
Such an erotic and hot story!! I loved the intensity and emotions behind it!!

Posted 17 Mar 2013 02:01
Very erotic!
I love that you are loving on her so tenderly, giving to her, with out regard for your own fulfillment. Making it about her even when she has clearly given herself completely to you.

Posted 17 Mar 2013 01:37
Such loving detail in every moment

Posted 17 Mar 2013 00:58
*ties ankle restraints around ankles*, I'm waiting! Such a sexy, erotic and lust-filled story. Your sexy mind spills out everywhere and brings the reader along for such an intensely erotic ride!
Super sexy work by such a super sexy guy! Loved every pussy soaking word of it

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