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Wife gets Caught

Husband catches wife masturbating and finishes the job for her.
All my previous stories have been of my encounters from when I was younger. This one, however, is from last night.

My husband works 3rd shift. I try to stay up sometimes so I get a chance to see him, but most of the time I end up falling asleep. Last night was quite different though!

I was lying in bed naked after just taking a shower and shaving my pussy. I always feel very horny after shaving bald, something about the air hitting my bare pussy just makes it start to drip. I dipped a finger in to see how wet I was. Of course I didn't just stop there when I felt how wet I was. Soon another finger joined the first. I was slowing teasing myself, dipping 2 fingers in and out. Being the slut that I am, I had to get my iphone out and pull up a naughty video to watch. I put my headphones in and began watching a little blond thing get stuffed in all her holes while I proceeded to stuff my own with my fingers. I was really starting to work my pussy, shoving fingers in quicker and using my thumb to rub my clit a bit when my husband opened the bedroom door. I saw the light spill into the bedroom highlighting my naked body on the bed. I was caught red-handed. I quickly closed the video and took my headphones out, waiting to see his reaction. He has never caught me before, I have given him "shows" before, but this is the 1st time he has ever caught me. 

He walks over to the edge of the bed and without a word, unzips his pants and pulls his cock out. I slide over and quickly devour his cock. He pulls me hard onto his cock, using my hair to make me gag on his 8 inches. I was loving the feeling of his cock shoved deep down my throat when he suddenly flips me over and pulls me so my head is hanging off the bed. He drops his pants then positions his balls directly on my nose. I quickly lick and suck his balls while he slowly strokes his cock above my face. My legs are spread eagle, my pussy dripping down the crack of my ass. He then pulls back taking his balls away from me to replace them with his cock. In one smooth motion he buries his cock down my throat again while my fingers once again find my dripping cunt. He smacks my hands away and fucks my face harder, then proceeds to pinch my nipples and make me moan around his cock as it pistons in and out of my wet mouth. 

I hear my vibrator turn on and hope that he is going to fuck me hard with it while he face fucks me. It is an 8 inch white one with a low to high setting. He, of course, has it on high. I get my wish when I feel the vibrations on my swollen wet clit. That alone was enough to make me cum, and he knew it so he quickly removed it from my clit and shoved it deep into my dripping cunt. My body spasms as he takes it to the hilt at the same time he shoves his cock all the way down my throat too. I moan and start to rock my hips against his hand, using my hands on his hips to pull his cock down my throat over and over. Feeling like a slut taking it in 2 holes, he starts talking dirty.

"So my wife is a fucking whore, loving it in more than 1 hole, huh? What did I catch you doing? Did it feel better than what this does, with my cock down your throat and your toy up your cunt?"

I moan as I feel my orgasm getting closer. My pussy starts to twitch as he pumps his cock even faster, my nose hitting his balls over and over. I start to cum and my whole body raises up as he pounds my pussy hard with the toy, my throat contracting and swallowing his dick deeper, almost milking him. He doesn't let up as wave after wave overcomes me. I finally have to push him away because my clit is so sensitive.

He continues to fuck my face slowly as I come down from the intense orgasm. Once he sees my body relax, he pulls his cock free from my throat and slides me around so my feet are on the floor and I am leaning on the bed, legs spread, pussy dripping. He easily slides balls deep into my freshly toy-fucked pussy. He holds both my hands behind my back, pulling on them and using them to pull me hard on his cock as he pounds into me. I feel his cock start to twitch as he goes faster and faster.

"Does this feel better than your fingers, slut? Tell me what you like better!"

"I love your cock baby. Please fill me up with your cum. I need your cum deep in my pussy." I manage to say in between my moans as his cock slams into me.

I feel his cock twitch as he slams deep and holds there, filling me with stream after stream of his hot cum. He moans as he empties his load deep in my pussy.

We stay there momentarily, catching our breath and enjoying the feel of his cock twitching and squirting every last drop into my hot cunt.

"Well, that is one way to greet me when I get home from work," he chuckled as he pulls his cock out and hands me a towel.

I turn and smile, kissing him on the cheek,"We should do this more often, huh?"

He smiles,"Go to bed, it is way past your bedtime."
He then walks out and shuts the door behind him. I quickly climb into bed, his juices dripping out of me as I quickly fall asleep.
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