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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

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She'd never had a Quickie before. It turned into more than that
It was a long slow day and I was wondering what I'd do later. My wife's gone so all I have is a cold, lonely bed to go home to, on Christmas Eve.

One of my customers is a really cute thirty-five year old with a seven year old boy, Michelle and Dale. I've talked to them many times. She brings Dale in at least once a week, he's a real rock-hound. My store specializes in minerals and I always spend time talking to him. I know she really appreciates it because she told me.

I've thought about her but I never fuck around with customers. It was closing time and she seemed depressed about something so I asked her what the problem was.

She said, "Dale's having problems in school. He has no adult male in his life." and she started crying softly. As Dale looked around I gave her a hug and got her a tissue.

She watched me for several minutes as I turned lights off and closed, and I wondered what she was thinking.

"Would you like to have coffee with me?" she finally said.

"Of course, where would you like to go?" thinking we'd go down the street to a local place.

"How about my place?" she asked. Why was this young woman asking this? I'm seventy-one, an old man twice her age with long, pure-white hair and a beard. A couple of dirty thoughts crossed my mind, but I stopped myself.

"OK, I'll follow you." And she got her son and herself belted in. I hurried to get my car and, as she pulled away, I followed her to this cute little house with a big yard.

Dale was asleep so I carried him in for her. As we walked through to his room she kicked off her shoes and I did too. She took him and sent me to the living room. She was back out soon, closing the door softly.

"He's asleep," she explained walking through to the kitchen, and started making coffee. I went out to help but just stood watching her.

She started to cry again and I gently put my hand on her shoulder and turned her to me, hugging her. She snuggled in and started to explain about Dale. I pulled her closer and rubbed her back and then stepped away. No pushing.

The coffee was done and she poured two cups with cream and sugar. We sat sipping coffee and talked about Dale. She broke up again so I slid my chair around, pulling her gently to me until she lay her head on my shoulder, crying hard.

This went on for five minutes or so until she calmed down. I got a paper towel and carefully wiped her eyes. She sat there, staring up at me with a thoughtful look, then slowly this wonderful smile spread across her face as she looked at me.

"You are a beautiful man and I think I like you more than anyone I know. Every guy I've dated for years has only wanted sex and just ignores Dale. You've always been a gentleman and the only one who showed a real interest in him."

"Me too. I've seen you watching me. I like your gentle manner and I want something I haven't had in over five years. Sex."

"With you Paul.", and smiling said, "It's a shared Christmas gift."

Then very softly, looking down, not at me, "Besides, I've never had a quickie before." My heart jumped.

My mind just emptied of all thoughts. This absolutely stunned me, and for the first time in years I couldn't think of anything to say. She laughed and stood to get us more coffee.

I just sat there, dumbfounded, staring. She looked at me then softly took my hand, pulling me through the living room, past Dale's room and left into hers.

She has a king size bed, neat art on the walls and scattered throw rugs on a hardwood floor. Nice, warm, comfy room. Softly lit. And I thought, "We're going to need all of that bed." My world got a lot brighter right then.

She turned, stepped to me and started to pull my shirt off. I helped by undoing my belt and let my kilt fall to the floor. She kneeled and took my socks off then reached up and started pulling my underwear down.

It's always been me undressing her first so this was a new feeling for me. This didn't last for long though as she rubbed my cock with both hands and put it in her mouth, sucking hard for a minute, then stood and started to undress.

"My turn Michelle," I said softly, unbuttoning her blouse and skirt, then I slid them off until she stood there in matching red lace bra and panties, smiling at me. The bra had a front clasp that I fumbled with until she laughed and undid it herself.

I pushed the straps off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. Her breasts are big for her frame, beautiful with large nipples? I leaned down to suck on them and started rolling her panties down. I knelt in front of her as I took them off. She shaves and I could smell her excitement, see how wet she was.

I touched her slit with my tongue and she moaned. I immediately grabbed her legs and pressed my face into her crotch and stuck my tongue out, licking her hard. She groaned intensely when I found her clit and started to shake hard. I could taste her, sweet, wonderful.

I sped up and she grabbed my head with one hand pulling hard, clamping her other hand over her mouth stifling a scream as she came. She shook and trembled and started to collapse as I held her legs tight and kept licking. Her smell and taste were much stronger and that really excited me. Luscious.

I stood, picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. She pulled her legs up high and spread them wide, smiling. I got more excited when she reached out, took hold of my cock and pulled me toward her.

I crawled up between her legs, touching her and rubbing. Her eyes rolled back, God that was exciting, and she moaned again very loud. I wanted to eat her, but she pulled me closer with my cock and rubbed the head against herself.

She put my cock between her outer lips and I started to push in. "It's been a long time, be gentle.", she said. She is very wet and ready, very tight, and she moaned and growled as I slowly entered. It was like sinking into a volcano she was so hot.

I hadn't been in a woman in a long time and it was difficult to not instantly explode. As I began thrusting she started to shake and griped my cock very hard. Suddenly she grasped a pillow and clamped it over her face with both hands and screamed as she came again, very loud, but it was muffled and didn't carry far.

She slowly relaxed and smiled up at me and said, "Thank you. I haven't had an orgasm with a man in over five years, and you've given me two in five minutes. I'm going to give you something very special now."

I said, "Michelle, you've already done more for me than anyone in a very long time. You're beautiful and I think I'm..."

"Sshhh, this first.", she whispered, and reached down and took hold of my still-hard cock again. "Now it's all slick and wet.", she said, pumping me, "I can do something else I haven't done in five years. Be gentle and go slow. To start." and she moved me down and positioned me at her ass.

I pushed gently and when the head popped in she started to shake again. It took me a minute to get all the way in. As I started to pull out she sucked in a big breath, and groaned as she let it out with my next push. She started to buck against me and I moved faster, thrusting hard, and in about thirty seconds I exploded into her.

When I did she came again and we grabbed each other hard, her shuddering through another massive orgasm. She bit my shoulder and her scream was muffled again, by me that time.

As we calmed and relaxed she pulled back slightly, smiling, looking in my eyes. She gently stroked my head, and said, "Merry Christmas Paul. Let's take a nice warm shower."

"Oh yeah, you're spending the night now, so what's your favorite breakfast?"

I touched her face and smiling lips softly. I knew the future was going to be brighter for me. Her and her sons too.

I don't know if this will continue, but I'm not really into quickies. Right now I'm just home again.
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