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A Hot August Night

Noreen becomes interested in her boyfriend's buddy, Ray. When he leaves she makes a move.
Late on a hot August afternoon I boarded the subway at 14 th Street, and sat down in the next to last available seat. At the following stop a black couple, obviously lovers, boarded and she took the seat next to me, with him standing in front of the two of us; leaving me staring at his right hip.

I’d been kinda edgy all afternoon; knew my period was coming because I was as horny as a cat on a hot tin roof. I had been daydreaming about how I was going to have Stevie fuck me later after I’d had a shower and changed my clothes. Me and Stevie were like those star-crossed lovers that Shakes Beer guy wrote about, Romeo and whatshername … ahh Mr. Paterson was always talking about them in junior year English.

Anyway, the black dude was really something to see close up and all. Shaven head, glistening with sweat from the August heat wave. The tight tee he wore accentuated abs like you wouldn’t believe. And as the train pulled out of the station he kind of leaned over her and she began rubbing her long red fingernails along the length of his dick.

They had to know I was watching! Oh, you bet she knew I was watching; flaunting his horse cock off as if no one else had a decent sized dick but her man. Oh, the bitch wanted me to see its outline, made his slacks ever so tight around it by pinching the material.

And she was talking to it -- not him, to it -- “Oh, baby, you so sweet, Momma’s gonna work you hard soon’s we get to our crib!”

Shit like that, you know. Fuck, he WAS hot and all. I mean if we were in a darkened club instead of the subway I might have tried making friends with them, know what I mean?

But that wasn’t the case. I wanted him, but knew I couldn’t have him, not with the way she was rubbing that fine dick of his with those unbelievably long fingernails.

“We getting off here,” he said in a deep, raspy voice, kinda like that Lou Rawls my grandma always listened to on her record player. His voice was so sexy that it pinged off my clittie like it was nothing but a tuning fork, and maybe it was.

“Yeah,” his bitch chimed in, “You want some of his mojo, you best come wit us.”

Then as their stop came up, he pulled her up to her feet and kissed her -- open mouthed, I gasped as a pink tongue darted out of his coal black face to quiver in the bitch’s milk chocolate colored mouth.

It had to be for my benefit, cause as they left the car she gave me this smarmy smirk while he grabbed her ass and moved her out and onto the platform where he started dry-humping her against the steel girder near the edge of the platform.

It took all my will power to keep from leaping up and racing after them before the doors closed, but I managed.

She had his dick out and waved it at me as the train pulled away. I dug my hand into my lap not caring if the other passengers knew I was trying to rub one off in front of them. But after taking a deep breath I managed to control myself and left both hands in my lap until my station came up and I left the train on shaky legs.

Three stops later I got off, and needing to sit down to steady my legs, I popped into a Nathan’s for an Orange drink and a hotdog.

After that it was only another block and I was home; the lower floor of a four story brownstone. My rent was half of what it should have been because I gave the fiftyish landlord a blowjob once or twice a month, and I had his promise that I could get one month a year free if I’d fuck him a couple times when his wife went to visit her sister in Massachusetts during October. I had no problem with that, it seemed right; he treated me very well normally, fixing things as soon as I complained about them and all. And a month’s rent is a month’s rent … right?

I was actually panting by the time I finished throwing my clothes onto the bedroom floor and moved into my tiny bathroom wearing only my panties. My little kitten went scampering off into a corner of the bedroom. I must have frightened her throwing my stuff all over.

I moved into the bathroom because I had to pee. As I started pulling my panties down I saw how wet the gusset was, with several thin, mucus-like strands of god-knows what trailing from the gusset all the way back into my snatch. I had seen some weird shit come out of my cunt, but never anything like this. (1)

(1) After talking with a couple girlfriends a few days later I learned that when you ovulate in the middle of your menstrual cycle your vagina secretes a clear to slightly cloudy fluid that is more copious than at other times of the month. While this type of vaginal discharge is perfectly healthy, other types are cause for concern. For example, if the fluid is clotted, clumpy and white, like cottage cheese, the problem is likely a yeast infection. . Vaginal discharge can also signal STI, a sexually transmitted infection, including gonorrhea, trichomoniasis (in which the discharge is usually frothy), or Chlamydia (which can cause excessive, clear-to-white discharge)

And so as I emptied my bladder, I brought the crotch to my nose and after examining it brought it to my nose and sniffed. I detected a mixture of pee, sweat and gooey secretions that had be a fluid released when I’d cum on the train.

“Mmmm, not bad!” I said to the empty bathroom.

I thought of the black dude and how I’d almost gotten off the train with him and his girl friend and, having finished pissing and wild with lust, stuffed the slimiest portion of the material in my mouth and began licking and chewing and swallowing the tangy, sticky substances that had leaked from my cunt.

I came without touching my pussy, and still savoring the creamy slime and tangy flavors emanating from the soiled panties I held the crotch of the panties in one hand and turned the water on in the tub with the other, then added some soothing bath oils. I carefully stepped into the tub and lay back with my feet hanging over the edge of the tub so that the water streaming out hit my clittie full force.

I jammed the section of the panties covered with the mucus-like goo into my mouth and sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed some more until the strange taste had all but evaporated.

Meanwhile as the oily warmth enveloped me, my orgasm returned without any warning and I enjoyed a marvelous sequence of mini-cums from the warm water cascading over my clit. I really had no choice other than to lay back with my eyes closed while languidly caressing my soapy legs, thighs and breasts.

It was fuckin’ heavenly, and by far the most enjoyable bath I could remember.

And in remembering, I recalled the black dude and fantasized what it would have been like to have him drag me off someplace and fuck me senseless while my thumb meandered around until it found my belly button, lingering at its edge while my remaining fingers drifted down between my legs.

God I was soooo hot!

I pinched thumb and forefinger together, tweaking lightly, deliberately dawdling, while languidly caressing the juncture between my thighs thinking about his huge cock, his flat pink tongue and how he would have used them on me.

I dozed off in the scented water, but the black dude kept intruding … intruding … intruding.

Until I was suddenly wide awake. My fingers were now fully enveloped in my snatch, and in a hazy lust, moved deviously, curling here, poking there; moving faster, moving deeper, faster and faster….


My climax reverberated off the foggy, steam-clad mirrors and tiles while my cat scurried to its safe place in the bedroom.

I lay there soaking until the water cooled then climbed out of the tub, and with the water slowly cascading down my body, admired myself in the full-length mirror. My face was clear. No acne since my junior year when Evelyn Hecht clued me in on proper diet and shit like that. I turned sideways and examined my breasts. My tits were good sized, very good sized, and I acknowledged their firmness by reaching under them and tracing their curve with my fingertips. Inevitably, my fingers slid out to the nipples and gently squeezed them. Moments later the nipples sprouted out until they were roughly a half inch in length. I’d always admired the way the pebbles showed up about then and gave them each a couple flicks of my thumb to keep them stimulated.

No wonder the black couple had invited me to join them. It would have been a hell of a good time, I just know it , I told myself just as my hand slipped down to push through the soft, silken tufts above my mons. I paused for a second then ran both hands along the inside of my thighs, while my thumbs rippled along the dark brown down of pubic hair.

Jesus! Had I ever been this horny before?

I glanced at the clock in the bedroom. Stevie was usually early. I recalled he’d said something about bringing a friend to watch some porn.

Well O-fucking-K, I told myself, and donned a pair of tight shorts and a tank top, no bra needed thank you so very much, oh goddess of tits.

I was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top and my hair wasn’t quite dry and hung damply about my ears as I opened the door on the first ring and stood there, chin slightly raised; a pre-arranged arrogant, but impish expression on my face as I gazed hungrily at Stevie.

Stevie hadn’t said which friend he was bringing and I didn’t really care. I was satiated for the moment. “Hey, baby!” Stevie chirped as I wormed my way into his arms. His hands went right to my ass, squeezing the cheeks appreciatively. I could feel his friend’s eyes on me, and enjoyed being the center of attention.

And his kiss of greeting set this restless itch aglow off in the distance. After two or three torrid kisses, he pulled away.

"What?" I asked.

"Um, Noreen, this is um, Ray, a good friend of mine."

"Nice to meet you Ray," I said as he came to stand beside us. I looked him over; eyes to die for and a very sexy smile along with some wild brown hair. I liked him right off and wondered if I would be part of a three-way before the night was over with.

Oh, that black motherfucker!

“You too,” he was saying as I came back to earth. His dreamy eyes were fixed on my tits.

Not to brag, but I had a nice pair of cantaloupes under the tank top. Stevie couldn’t keep his hands off them most of the time, you know? I liked it that Ray seemed to feel the same about them.

Anyway, we settled down, me and Stevie on the couch, Ray in the armchair to the left of the couch.

“Anyone want a brewski?” Ray asked, and sprang to his feet when I said, “Sure.”

Now I gotta say I like it better when Stevie’s friend brought a girlfriend with them. That meant I could get frisky with my Stevie cause the girlfriend would take care of her man too; meaning no complications or groping hands where they weren’t wanted.

One time me and another girl put on a lezzie show for the guys and it was all they talked about for weeks, but we never pulled an encore, to risky, you know what I mean?” In fact, I only saw Rosalie one more time after that. She broke up with her boy friend, or maybe it was the other way round, I don’t know, or care. It was a fun thing and maybe I’ll do it again sometime. Gotta try everything, right?

But his bringing a buddy along wasn’t all that unusual. After all, going to the movies was expensive, watching porn wasn’t, and if you were going to knock off a six-pack or two over a pizza, fairly cheap.

Me and Stevie had been seeing one another for like three months now, I mean, here I was, twenty years old and still not sure if we were serious or not. I liked him enough to have fucked him the night we met at a party and he pulled me into the clothes closet and hammered me senseless.

We stayed in the closet for at least two fuckin’ hours, most of it spent fucking like crazy. I had two holes poked in my arm and one in my left thigh from the clothes hangers we knocked to the floor while rutting around. The one on my upper arm bled pretty badly, because a hell of a lot of the dresses on the floor were bloodstained when we opened the closet and looked back inside. The girl throwing the party had to have been royally pissed, but I had no intention of paying her for the damage and really didn’t care if I ever saw her again.

Anyway, Stevie asked me for my number and I gave it to him. Most quickies never call, but I give my number out cause you never know. And if the sex is good I’ll ask for their number too. I had my period the following day. That’s why I mention it, I had a similar feeling to the one I had when he pulled me into that closet - horny as hell - and that was after jillin’ off a couple times in the shower.

Rather than wait for them, I stood up and inserted put one of the two porno flicks in the CD player. We sipped several beers while a rather tepid skin flick flickered across the television screen.

I snuggled up to Stevie as the movie started. I giggled to myself wondering what I was in for. Tepid or not, the movie got my Stevie worked up. I burrowed a little deeper into him with one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. I slipped my hand down toward his shorts and then up his shirt feeling his bare chest under my palm. I planted a light kiss on his neck, and out of the corner of my eye noticed Ray discreetly glancing at us.

“Kinda tame ain’t it, Ray?” Stevie said sarcastically.

“Yeah, but when you said we’d be watchin’ it with your girlfriend ….”

“You toned it down?” I said with a smile, “For me?”

Looking sheepish, Ray shrugged and said “Yeah, I guess, bad idea, huh?”

“Duh, we could’a seen as much on Cinemax,” Stevie laughed.

He was right, but I wanted Ray to keep giving me those looks that were giving me hot flashes every so often, so I said, “No, it was nice of you, Ray. Truth is I like porn, the filthier the better, right, Stevie?”

“She does, Ray. I told you so.”

“So you want me to put the hot one on?”

“Yeah, I want the hot one on,” I said, trying for seductive but probably missing by a mile, although neither guy seemed to notice.

Ray stood to change CD’s and I saw his boner poking out the front of his jeans. Well, not out off, I meant against the material. But I saw that he was decently proportioned and liked him a little more.

The second porno began. It was a very hot flick with two brunettes bent over a couch begging their boyfriends to fuck them up the ass. I was mesmerized by the anal action, never having attempted it myself and having wondered … well you know… interested, intrigued about it.

We were well into the second six-pack. I was already feeling the buzz and didn’t realize that Stevie was leaving to get us more beer until I heard the door close behind him. Unconsciously, well I don’t recall doing it -- I opened my shorts, and staring at the TV as the men worked their huge cocks into the two women, slipped a couple fingers down the front of my fresh pair of panties; already growing wetter by the minute.

Very much aware that Ray was still watching me more than the porn on the screen, I said, “Why ain’t you stroking that big old cock of yours, Ray?” My voice had a husky timber to it that I’d never heard in it before.

“C’mon, Ray, let’s watch each other, what do you say?” I spread my open shorts apart revealing my semi-transparent undies and moved my fingers. Ray seemed entranced by the slight movement. I closed my eyes, heard the soft sound of his fly unzipping.

I opened my eyes, and gasped, “Oh, my God!”

At first glance his cock looked like a thick snake. Ray wrapped his fingers around it, so I knew it wasn’t really gigantic, but it did approximate the black dude’s from earlier that afternoon.

Without any conscious effort on my part, two fingers slipped into the soggy morass that was my snatch, going for the G.

Wanting him to see what I was doing, and hoping he’d do the same, I parted my thighs, removed my fingers and brought them to my mouth and sucked on them while staring feveredly into his glazed, lust-filled eyes.

Ray gave his cock a tremendous squeeze and started stroking it. ...”

Take your shorts off for me..."

“Go slow,” I croaked.

“Huh,” he coughed and slowed down. "...Take the shorts off for me..."

“Can’t … Stevie will be coming back. But maybe this will help,” I tugged the panties to one side and let him see the matted pubic hair that surrounded my twat.

“Oh … yeah, nice, very nice,” he whispered in a thick voice.

I needed to get off or I’d explode, so I returned the fingers to my cunt and lifting my hips, frigged away, watching as his thumb spread precum over the head of his bulbous cock.

I started to feel it coming on and let the air whoosh out of my lungs, then inhaled.

“Mmmm ... I'm fucking soaked, Ray!" My free hand was tweaking a stiffened nipple. I realized he had yet to see my puppies and I lifted the tank top and bared my chest.

“Like ‘em, Ray?”

“Oh … you are a cock teaser aren’t you?”

“Not really. But you’ll have to wait … see if Stevie wants to share me with you.”

“I doubt he will,” Ray said after a long moment.

“You’ve got some cock there, Ray.”

“Thanks, you got a great body yourself, Noreen … some fantastic tits.”

“We get a chance I’d like you to suck ‘em some.”

“I’d like that, Noreen.”

I was swimming in lust. My fingers were making a ‘squish-squish’ sound, and I could hear a similar sound from Ray’s cock. I wanted to swallow his cock, balls and all.

But Stevie was due any second now.

“Spread your pussy, show me the pink!” he all but groaned.

I was happy to oblige, and did. A moment later my thumb was massaging my kitty. I was so fuckin’ close!

I told Ray.

“Cum for me!” he croaked.

“Yeah … I … will ….” I panted and staring at his hand, now a blur on his cockmeat felt my thighs and abdomen seize up as I lurched forward – once... twice... still intensely looking at his hand stroking that cock.

“Don’t you cum, Ray! Not yet.” I was rasping for breath. “Please, don’t! I want you to cum on me. It may take a while, but we’ll work something out. Save that load. I want it. I don’t care where, but I want it!”

“All right. But you cum for me. Do it now!”

"Yeah ... yeah …yeeaaahhh!" I moaned and thrust my hips at him. My fingers sloshed around in my snatch, wringing a terrific cum out of it, and fell in a rag doll-like heap on the couch. Ray was putting his cock back into his jeans. I wasn’t sure if he’d cum or not.

I heard Stevie at the door and hurriedly zipped my shorts back up, and pretended to be caught up in the porn directly ahead of me. But my kitty was throbbing, almost sobbing with its need for some hard man meat.

Stevie handed Ray another beer even though he didn’t need one and settled back on the couch beside me.

Ray raised the beer in a mock salute and I giggled as I pulled my hand back into my lap. He made a show of licking the beer foam from his lips. I countered by raising the fingers that had just plundered my cunt to my mouth and sucking on them for several seconds.

On the screen, one guy was pulling his dick out of his woman’s ass leaving it wet and gaping as he spurted white ropes of jizm all over her ass.

“Whoa, big load there!” Stevie yelled happily. Ray smiled, I figured more to humor him than anything else. A moment later he was staring at me again.

I don’t know if it was to spite him or to get things rolling, but I opened Stevie’s shirt and tugged it over his head and set to grazing my nails over his almost hairless chest. Stevie laughed and tossed the rest of his beer down, let the can fall to the floor as I straddled his lap and faced him.

“Suck face,” I giggled, and we started some serious soul kissing. From the corner of my eye I noticed that we had Ray's full attention. I ground my cunt into Stevie’s boner and reveled at the hardness under his shorts.

"Wanna do me right here? Wanna do me right now, baby?” I whispered then stuck my tongue down his throat.

He glanced at Ray and hesitated.

“Me horny baby,” I cooed and kissed him fiercely.

I had roused him. His hands were on my thighs as if feeling them for the very first time. Then he was lifting me by holding my ass and dropping me down onto his smoldering cock.

I worked my hand between his stomach and the tight waistband of his shorts. There wasn't much room for exploration but he sure felt me stroking and tugging faintly at his hair. More blood rushed to his dick. Quickly it grew thicker, harder.

Stevie slowly peeled my top over my head and laughing lewdly, tossed it at Ray, who caught it and put it on his lap. Stevie began giving my puppies the royal treatment. Squeezing and twisting them in a gentle fashion, knowing I loved that kind of stuff.

Ray was leaning forward, intent on Stevie’s every move, and probably wishing it was him instead.

I nuzzled Stevie’s neck, planted kisses on his chest, and finally took one of
his nipples into my mouth. I heard him moan in pleasure and he began grinding his cock against me with an urgency that told me we’d be fucking shortly, Ray or no Ray.

After some serious Frenching, I glanced over at Ray and saw him turn his face away pretending to watch the movie. He looked a little uncomfortable. I smiled at him when we made eye contact again, this time he didn't turn away. I thought it was sooo hot as I watched him watching me with Stevie.

Then Stevie was unbuttoning my shorts. He stood up so that he could pull them
down off of me.

"Lemme see that cock of yours, Stevie, baby,” I cooed. He obliged me by shimmying out of his shorts and then sat back down on the couch and I sat on his lap.

We kissed some more and then, he sent his turgid dick into my snatch. The feeling of his body against mine was exquisite. We writhed around enjoying the sensations of our naked bodies rubbing up against one another. When I felt the time was right, I repositioned myself and suddenly his cock surged into the deepest part of my well-lubricated snatch. Stevie grunted happily, having impaled me in one strong stroke.

We couldn’t help but make rutting sounds and I knew without looking that Ray was watching. With Stevie facing the other way, I looked over at Ray again. Our eyes
locked as Stevie pumped away at me.

I moaned with pleasure when I felt his cock thicken inside me and turned my face to his ear and whispered feveredly, “ Take me from behind!"

He laughed crazily and pulled out of me, and holding his cock in one hand, he remounted me. I was now on all fours I got on my hands and knees facing Ray. The room began to spin as Ray and me kept staring at one another while Stevie reached between my legs and began to rub my clit while he continued to fuck me senseless from behind.

I felt my orgasm pulse through me. I needed Ray to know I was there and yelled, “Oh, Christ, I’m cumming!”

Stevie kept fucking me. I didn’t understand how he could last this long. He always came fast, but he just kept pounding his meat into me and I was cumming again in no time at all.

I looked over at Ray. He was smiling like he knew something I didn’t. Then just as I was coming down, Stevie groaned, shot his load into my cunt and collapsed on top of me forcing me to fall forward with my hands braking the fall to the floor.

“Fucking idiot!” I yelled. I began to feel uncomfortable underneath Stevie's weight.

When he didn't move after I asked him to get off of me, I gave him a shove and herd him starting to snore. I couldn’t believe it. How the hell did he get off and fall asleep so fast … unless he and Ray had been taking something else besides the beers.

It took me a minute, but I finally maneuvered myself out from under him and glanced over at Ray, He was sprawled lazily in the armchair. His legs splayed apart. His fingers, coiled like little cobras, stroke the column of his cock.

“Come here,” he rasped.

And I did.

I moved over to the coffee table just in front of his chair, sat down on the edge, and prepared to watch him jerk off.

“No, here!” the insistence in his voice grated to my very clit and made me shudder. He indicated that he wanted me to straddle him like I’d done Stevie. It seemed easy enough, and I did it.

His jeans felt rough against my bare thighs, his knees a little bony on my ass, but I liked it.

My eyes were riveted to his cock and the fist clenching it. In the quiet of the room, I could hear his skin move – fingers over the velvety smoothness of his shaft, the soft licking sound as his moist cockhead is disappears, reappears and disappears again.

My teeth are on edge with my want. My mouth flooded with saliva and I can’t think to swallow just yet. I want him between my lips, in my cunt, in my ass… I want him so ferociously; I can’t decide where I want him first. But the question is moot because that’s not what we’re doing here.

Suddenly, Ray stopped, reached for my hand, curled it around his raging erection, and covered it with his own.

I felt virginal and twitchy. It’s as if I was experiencing lust for the very first time as he guided my fist up and down with his. The pace doesn’t change, but his cock does. It’s grown and the veins on it send thread-like signals up my palm.

"I want you to cum again too," he gasped.

I was beyond hot, but still concerned that Stevie might wake up; but with my cunt gushing like a river, I began to massage my clit with more enthusiasm.

“Cum on me, Ray; I want you to cum me. I want you to cum on my tits,” I hissed through clenched teeth.

“Really?” he said, not believing me.

“Yeah, do it.” I had some reservations about it. I mean, Stevie would be pissed if he saw us. But he was still snoring, and if the bastard was faking it, well then fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

“I’m gonna cum, Ray … c’mon, cum with me!” I moaned into his neck.

He waited for me to start. How he managed it I never figured out, but he did. Once I started, he let me slide from his knees, but held me up with one hand while the other held his pulsing cock as it focused on me and my tits.

My orgasm smashed into me, and I bit the inside of my cheek to stifle my
involuntary moans. I heard Ray grunt and moan, then watched as his unseeing eyes fixed on mine as he unleashed a hot rivulet of cum over my tits, followed by another and then another. In that moment, I could swear my skin was on fire.

The moment he stopped cumming I glanced back at Stevie. He was snoring peacefully. My guess was he was out for the night.

"That was hot," Ray said, as I climbed back onto his lap.

"Yeah, it was," I agreed. "But this is gonna be our little secret."

"I totally agree."

I kissed him chastely; it seemed right after what we’d just done for some reason. I stood up. "You should put that big boy away before Stevie wakes up and sees us like this."

“Noreen!” he said, and stopped.

"I'm going to the bathroom to clean up," I said. "You should really go."

"I know," he said, "but I just can't get enough of you, besides you seem pretty into it too."

"That's beside the point," I said. "I don't want Stevie to wake up, and you know, see us like this."

My knees were a little shaky and I grabbed onto Ray's shoulder for
support. He reached out and put his hand on my stomach, rubbing his cum
into my skin. It felt good and I didn't stop him right away. Then both
of his hands moved up to my breasts while he continued to rub his semen
into my skin. I didn't make him stop until we both turned toward Stevie when we heard him stir. But a moment later he was snoring louder than ever.

My cunt spasmed and a mini-orgasm rippled through my body. In an attempt to repay him for the intense experience he’d given me, I drew his hand to my face and smeared him over my cheeks and mouth. The scent of his cum was rich and raw. My tongue sampled him too and found he had a sharply wicked flavor. I sucked each of his fingers in turn, and then licked the back of his hand as well. Nothing would have pleased me more than being able to suck him off when he’d reloaded.


I walked into the bathroom. Ray followed.

He locked the door behind us and we just kind of stood there in the bathroom awkwardly staring at each other naked.

"You look so good I could eat you," he said pulling me close to him and
putting his mouth on one of my nipples.

I didn't pull away as he started to lick the remnants of his cum off my body. I wanted to tell him to stop, worried that at any moment Stevie would wake up and
want to use the bathroom, but I just couldn't make myself. It felt really good and I just kept thinking a little bit longer, just a little longer.

The next thing I knew I was sitting on the bathroom counter with Ray kneeling on the floor between my legs going down on me. He knew what he was doing and it was all I could do to keep myself quiet. I wanted to scream in pleasure, but worries about Stevie walking in on us kept me reasonably quiet.

I grabbed onto Ray's head with my hands as I climaxed again. This time I couldn't breathe as the waves of pleasure flowed through me. Eventually I had to push him away because I was too sensitive.

"I've always wanted to do that," I heard him say I sat there trying to catch my breath.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Eat out a girl who'd just been fucked by another guy."

"You're a nasty boy, huh?" I said enjoying his naughtiness.

"Yeah, I guess so," he said seeming embarrassed.

“Would you answer me truthfully if I asked you a very personal question?”

“Maybe, I’m not sure. After all, I hardly know you.’

The last was said with a shit-eating grin.

“Did you blow Stevie before coming over here?”

Sheepishly, he nodded.

"Don't worry," I said standing up and grabbing onto his semi-erect manhood. "I like my men a little on the nasty side."

I continued to stroke him until he was fully hard.

“How’d you know that? I mean about me sucking him off?”

“He took longer than usual to cum.”

“Oh,” he said and smiled at me. He had an adorable smile, or have I said that already?

"Ray, would’ja fuck me?”

“Yeah, sure,” he whispered seemingly in awe of me, which only made me want him that much more.

I hopped up on the counter once again. He was long, hard, and more than ready. He grabbed onto my hips as he moved between my legs. I grabbed onto his meaty cock and guided him into me. I briefly felt the tip of his head outside my wet sex, and then he was slipping inside me.

He ground his hips, clutched my ass, and pulled me towards him. He rammed that big boy all the way in, and at that point I could have cared less if Stevie walked in on us and gave myself to the moment.

"Oh, God, you're so wet," Ray whispered. "This feels so good."

He drew himself part way out, then in, and after that it was as if we were welded together. My cunt squeezed him tightly. His cock caromed off the walls of my vagina.

We were one body fucking. The sound of flesh hitting flesh punctuated every thrust of his body.

Shrill screams flew from my throat from the sheer force of his thrusting. I opened up to him as never before as I urged him to pump me harder and faster and harder still.

Ray’s breath quickened, his thrusts took on a greater urgency as my legs wrapped around his sweaty waist keeping him as deep as I could.

He cried out.

My cunt contracted as I felt his swelling warmth spill inside me.

He leaned into me, his hands still grabbing onto the cheeks of my ass, his head leaning on my shoulder, I could hear him grunt and moan into my ear until he finally finished. We sat there with him still inside me for a long time.

"Thank you," he said in a ragged whisper, finding his voice first.

“Lemme clean you off down there,” I said weakly, as I slid off the counter and dropped to my knees.

I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and licked and sucked every trace of semen from it.

Then, to my astonishment, he plopped me back on the counter, sank to his knees and ate his cum out of my snatch. Of course I came again.

I felt stiff and kinda sore as he slowly pulled himself away from me. Then we
both looked up in alarm as we heard Stevie fall off the couch and land hard on the wooden floor.

I was out of the bathroom in a flash, hoping that I’d be able to distract him while Ray dressed. Ray managed to turn the bathroom light off as I barged back into the living room.

"It's about time you woke up," I said as I stood over him feigning anger. I didn’t feel.

“Huh? The fuck happened?” Stevie wheezed groggily.

"You motherfucker … got me all worked up and then pass out on me. What the fuck did you take before you got here?”

“Umm, I dunno, maybe a couple pills and a joint.”

“We’re not done yet, you bastard,” I said piling it on, hoping that he’d remain confused for another minute or so.

“You couldn’t get it up when you came back with the beer, and you passed out.”

“Hey, where’s … Ray?” he managed after taking a second to recall Ray’s name.

Pointing at the bathroom, I said, “Probably taking a shit, you ask me. He’s been in there forever,” Ray must have been listening because I heard the toilet flush a moment later.

“You leave me with Ray when I’m horny as hell. You’re lucky I haven’t jumped his bones.”

I began to fondle him, saying, “Now c’mon, gimme some of that meat lover man!”

It didn't take much persuading to get Stevie aroused, and I led him straight to the bedroom and onto the bed.

"You're really slippery," Stevie commented as he entered me. "I must have
lubed you up pretty good before."

I could only laugh to myself, and began to wonder what the consequence
of what I had done with Ray would be. I didn't feel guilty. Actually I was feeling euphoric over the whole thing.

I heard the door slam shut just as Stevie mounted me. I didn’t need any foreplay, just the old in and out and I was on track to yet another orgasm.

It took old Stevie a while to cum, but eventually he did. As for me, I was on my third climax when we finished together.

I fell asleep wondering, not if, but when I would be with Ray again.

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