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A Very Hot Poolside Massage

She gave herself a sexy treat at the start of her stay
The trip was a treat from her company. Em had been working very hard for many months on a special project. As a reward her boss got her four days in a villa at a resort on an island in Thailand. She went alone because the dates were fixed and Ambrose, her husband, said he couldn’t possibly take time off to go with her. But he’d said he wanted her to go anyway. He was good like that.

She packed lightly for the trip, taking only one dress to wear to dinner if necessary and otherwise keeping her wardrobe confined to casual resort-style wear. Two wrap-round skirts, one long, one short; three sarongs; a beach wrap; two bikinis, one of them exceptionally tiny; the usual quota of underwear; some casual tops; runners; a pair of deck-shoes and one set of high heels; and, on final thought, her massage string.

She thought she might get to wear that a couple of times. She liked to have a hot massage now and then. The massage string hid nothing really, not even the top half of her minimalist landing strip.

The resort offered in-villa massage by masseurs or masseuses, with private requirements catered for. That had given her a buzz when she read that in the brochure. She imagined lying out by the villa’s pool, wearing only her massage string. She also imagined saying yes to removal of the garment by the masseuse, who would give her a Yoni massage finish. Or to the masseur who would give her the best hot ending of all; one with a cock in it.

The villa property was all she’d hoped it would be, hidden away on a low cliff above a private beach on a tiny island. Her villa like the others, only eight of them in all, had a large pool. There was another pool at the clubhouse which lay overlooking the ocean behind the reception area.

You could play tennis or rackets, sail, use the fully equipped spa and massage area, and eat either in the very nice restaurant or in your villa. She arrived in the evening a little tired from her journey and ordered dinner in the villa.

The spa manageress rang her on the house phone to explain the spa services and told her massage was available in the spa from 9am to 10pm and 24 hours in your villa. Her boss had told her the four-day stay was fully paid for except for extras. He would authorize one “extra”, he’d said.

Em ate her dinner in the little dining gazebo out by the pool and browsed the spa menu while she did so. A three-hour “resort massage” with either a masseuse or a masseur cost $300. You could select a therapist from a couple of pages of brief bios with photos.

The spa said it particularly recommended a late afternoon or evening poolside massage with your selected therapist and emphasized that guests could discuss any special requirements directly with the therapist.

Em thought about that. It was clear without saying so that the special requirements included sex if desired. She consulted the bios while her pussy got warm beneath her sarong and her nipples pushed out hard little pebble-points in the top of it.

She finished dinner and called for the remains to be taken away. There were removed within three minutes. Em thought, “I like this place,” and settled back on the cushions to muse for a while.

Her hand found its way into her sarong, pushed into the top of the bikini pants she had on underneath it, and gently rubbed her pussy. It was soon open and very wet. The villa was entirely private. No one could possibly see her.

She untied the sarong and pulled it off. She untied her bikini pants strings and pulled the pants off. She shifted on the cushions so she was lying completely flat and opened her legs.

She had decided she would have a poolside massage the next afternoon. And now she was going to imagine what that would be like and how she would come during the session and again at the end of it.

Em let her left hand lie quietly over her pussy, one finger lightly disturbing her clit. With her right hand, she played with her nipples, in some sort of sequence. In her mind she was lying on the big massage bed she’d seen on the terrace, right out by the pool. The late afternoon sun was warm on her naked body.

So were the hands of the nearly naked masseur she had booked from the spa for the massage.

It was a warm night but she shivered with approaching ecstasy. In her fantasy her masseur was a strongly built tall man; she imagined he was from Italy or Argentina. She was spread-eagled on the massage bed, her legs thrown wide apart. His fingers were inside her vagina. Her clit was on fire.

He was wearing only board-shorts. Then he was wearing nothing. Then he bent down and gently bit her hard nipples and said, “Do you like that?”

And Em said, “Oh yes!”

Then he bent down lower and licked her pussy and said, “Do you like that?”

And Em said, “Oh god yes!”

He got between her legs. She felt his big hard cock pressing against her hot wet pussy and pushing apart its lips. He said, “And do you like that?”

“Aah, aah, yes,” Em breathed.

“Good,” he said.

Then she felt his whole hard, full, fat length slide into her vagina and begin to fuck her, all the way in and almost all the way out, just the way she liked it. She said, “Aah! Aah! So good!”

He fucked her slowly at first. Em moaned. Her hard nipples grew enormous.

Then his cock grew even bigger and harder and he fucked her very rapidly. Em shouted.

Then he got frantic, thrusting wildly. Em bucked under him, shouted loudly and came.

And finally he shouted and pulled out. His huge spasms of hot cum splashed onto her tummy and her breasts.

Em went to bed and slept very well.

Next morning she rang the spa and booked a massage with Emil for 4pm, poolside at her villa.

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