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At a dinner party

At a dinner party

One night at a dinner party, a wife makes a spontaneous move.
My name is James, and my wife is Ellen. We're both brunettes, and in our thirties. We frequently socialize with friends, and go to parties. There was this one special party that Ellen and I went to. It was a dinner party, that a couple of our friends threw. We didn't even want to go, but we did anyway. I was chatting it up with someone, when all of the sudden, my wife tapped me on the shoulder.

I looked over at her, and she grabbed my arm. She had me get up, and she casually took me out of the living room. As we got to the hallway, we began running. She took me to the bathroom, and we both went in. She hopped onto the sink, and looked at me straight in the eye.

"Do me, right here, right now," she commanded.

I absolutely loved the sound of that. This was quite unlike her, she never just wanted to have sex at a moments notice before. She was wearing a dress, so I quickly pushed it back, and pulled it off her. I quickly took off her bra, and panties as well. She still had some jewelry on, but I let that go.

I quickly undid my pants, and they fell to the floor. I pushed down my boxers as well, and I was ready for some fun. We were actually trying to get pregnant, so I didn't worry wearing a condom. As my cock was out, and her pussy was open, I stuck it right in. She immediately let out a big moan, but I didn't think anyone heard us though.

"Come on, honey, shove that cock into my pussy deep. I feel every inch of your cock inside me," she whispered.

I began thrusting my cock at a normal rate, but I quickly picked up speed. Unfortunately, it echoed in there, and she was throwing out moans like mad. I had to hold her tight, so I put my arms around her, and she did the same. We both were breathing heavily, and having one hell of a time. I loved the feel of my cock in her pussy without a condom. I felt so much freer, I guess you could say. I leaned forward towards her, and began kissing her.

"I knew you'd like being spontaneous," she whispered.

She hit the nail on the head there, and I was rewarding her for that. I jammed my cock into her deep, put my hands onto her butt. At first, I just gently caressed it, but I eventually began squeezing her nice butt cheeks. I squeezed them really hard, and made her scream.

"Fuck, sweetie, that feels good!" she screamed in my ear.

We had a little distance between the bathroom, and the living room, so I hoped no one heard that. I leaned forward, and began kissing her chest. She had a solid c-cup rack, so I kissed her all over her boobs. I eventually licked the crack between her boobs, and she let out a big laugh.

"Damn it, James. Why must you keep doing that? You know I'm ticklish right there," she said, as she laughed.

She laughed for another minute, then she pushed me away a bit, and got off the sink. She turned around, leaned down, and let me fuck her doggie style. As my cock was inside her again, she began shaking the sink a bit, and we made the medicine cabinet door open. We made some stuff fall out, and then I willingly made some more noise. I began spanking her, and she loved that. I didn't spank her often, but given this situation, I decided to do it.

"Fuck yes, hubby. Spank me hard, and shoot your cum up into me. I wanna get knocked up, badly," she moaned.

I laughed a bit, and we both began getting really sweaty. I was quickly reaching my breaking point. So I grabbed onto her boobs, and brought her up to me. We began making out, and in no time at all, I let out a big moan. She leaned back down, and then I shot my load right up into her, in hopes that she'd get pregnant. I knew I blew at least four good shots into her. Then she leaned back up to kiss me yet again. We made out, and I caressed her breasts. Even after five years of marriage, our spark was burning like the sun.

"That was nice, we should do this again sometime," she whispered.

"No arguments here, my dear," I replied.

"It's good that you didn't even need to get warmed up," she said.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, you are dynamite," I told her.

I took my cock out, and we tried to catch our breaths. I took a minute, and then we both got dressed. We both went to the door, and dried off our faces. Then we gave each other another kiss, right before we left the bathroom. No one even noticed we were gone. A few weeks later, we found out that we were successful in getting her knocked up. Now we always try to sneak in a quickie away from home, and so far, we haven't been caught.
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