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Bringing In The New Year

I decide to start the year the way I mean to go on.
They say start the year the way you mean to go on, and that was exactly what I was going to do. There was something about the blue eyed, the muscled body, the tousled hair and the cutting jaw line that drew my attention. I could hear his deep rumbling laugh from the other side of the room when the party began and since then I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

I spotted him coming out of the bathroom just before midnight. I watch as he weaves his way through the crowd and I wait in the shadows to make my move. I’d seen him throughout the night and decided that I was going to have him, tonight, when the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins.

Moving in and out of the crowd, I take the opportunity and speed up, a mere meter from the mystery man. I spot a door coming up on the right and I’m quick to push him into the room. Not bothering to see if anyone was there, I threw myself against his hard, toned chest and madly started to kiss him.

“Wha-?” He starts to ask me but I silence him with another kiss.

Not missing a beat this time, he responds to my urgent kisses and grabs me by the ass, lifting me onto his hips. He turns on the spot so my back is now pressed against the wall; one hand never leaving my tight ass while the other explores the rest of my body.

Not wanting to waste time, I slide down, back onto my feet. I push him onto a bed, which was luckily placed right behind him. Straddling his hips, I remove my short dress then removed his shirt. I am burning so hot for him right now and I don’t want to waste time with foreplay. I start to rub myself against his leg while I undo his pants, and since I wasn’t wearing any panties, the leg was getting very wet.

Before I could get his pants off he flipped us over, covering my naked body. He slid his fingers into me quickly, checking I was ready for him. I could tell he was more than satisfied with my burning pussy and with ease, slid his pants down and entered my tight hole in one swift movement. I gasped loudly, not expecting him to be so thick. He adjusts his body, and gathers my legs over his shoulders, holding my ankles. With each hard thrust into my pussy, he grunts louder and louder. With one hand he squeezes one of my tits, probably bruising them with the roughness of his touch.

Fuck! You’re so tight, and such a slut too, jumping me like that. I’m going to have to punish you.” He grunted and I got even more excited just by his voice.

My head is hanging off the bed, my hair going everywhere and I couldn’t control the screams of pleasure that erupted from within me. I looked up to see my mystery man covered in sweat, his chest glistening.

With more rough movements, he throws me tits first into the wall and without missing a beat, re-enters me from behind. If possible he was going faster than before. I don’t think I have ever bee so horny in my life. I could hear his heavy breathing in my ear.

“Fuck me harder ! Cum all over me,” I all but screamed at him.

“Do you like that, you little slut. C’mon, bounce on my dick, this is what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

I matched his erratic thrusts and could feel myself about to go over the edge. Within seconds my body exploded and I came all over his dick, my juices running down my open legs. I moaned loudly as he claimed my mouth and slowed down. In the midst of cumming, I could hear y heartbeat and the rest of the party counting down the seconds until midnight and the New Year.

Dropping my knees to the carpet, I took all of him in my mouth, my hands holding his ass. I love tasting myself all over him. His hands were on the back of my head, pushing himself deeper into my mouth with a large moan. Using my tongue, I went from tip to base and back again, sucking hard. He starts fucking my face as ferociously as he fucked my pussy. I could tell he was seconds from cumming.

Just as the crowd got to 1 in the countdown, I could feel him unload himself down my throat. It ran down the sides of my mouth and down my neck since there was so much of him. With another load moan, he removes himself from my mouth and starts putting his clothes back on. With the back of my hand I wipe away the excess and put my dress back on. Making sure to smooth over my hair.

Before I could reach the door and go back to the party that was still going on, he pulled me back and kissed me again. This time softer than before.

“Happy New Year, I’m Brian by the way.” He smirked before walking ahead of me and back to the party. I only wonder how the rest of the year will compare.

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