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Covered in Sweat

I did this story in 20 minutes, as a hot, quick sex story. It's short and not as detailed as usual.
He passed by me in the hallway on the way to bedroom andslapped my ass. I got a devilish smile on my face and grabbed him by the back of his hair. I pulled him back and kissed him hard, my tongue trapping his as I made him taste my desire.

He plastered me to the hallway wall and ran his hands roughly from my thighs to my hair. He went back down to grab my chest and squeeze my breasts hard. He pinched my nipples through my bra and my hands twisted in his hair. I pulled my shirt over my head and he took his off too.

One of my hands drifted to his waist and I pressed his hips towards me. Shivers went through me as I felt his huge bulge grow bigger against my leg. I sighed against his lips and he moved down to my neck to bite and kiss me. My hands shot to my jeans and I unbuttoned them. I heard him pull down his zipper and unsnap his jeans. Both of them fell to the floor and he kneeled in front of me.

His strong and soft hands felt up my thighs and then went to my underwear. They ripped in his grasp and he threw them to the side. His lips and tongue attacked me. In no time he had me at his mercy and my hands were pulling his hair and I was clawing at my chest. My moans were consistent, until he put two fingers inside me. My knees gave out and I dropped. I clutched onto him as my orgasm rode out.

He laughed and I knew it was his turn. We were still in the hallway and I had no intention of moving. I pushed him onto his back and pulled his boxers down. I didn’t hesitate. I put all of him in my mouth and sucked like I needed it. My tongue swirled at the tip and I felt his sweet precum on my lips. I ran the tip down my neck and onto my chest. I ran it back to my mouth and sucked down and all the way back up. His legs shook and I knew he was all mine.

His eyes were closed and I pulled myself over him. I guided him with my hand and put him inside of me. As I went down my head got dizzy. When he was all the way inside he cried out softly and leaned up. His mouth went to my chest and he gave each nipple individual attention as I moved myself up and down.

He took my face in one of his hands and wrapped his other arm around me. He turned us over in one smooth motion and put one of my legs over his shoulder. He knew what I liked. He started going hard and fast, and his grunts and moans fueled my libido. I bit at his neck and gave him a necklace of marks.

Every time I bit a little harder he would moan a little louder. He propped himself up on his arms and moved my hips onto his. He went hard but slower than he was. He ground on my clit every time and every time he did I cried out and my breath caught in my throat.

My back arched up over and over again.

His hands scratched my stomach.

My hands grabbed my breasts.

His breathing picked up.

My breathing got heavier.

My legs shook.

His thrusting got faster.

My moans got louder.

His moans got louder.

His arms quivered.

My mouth wanted his.

His sweat dripped onto my stomach.

My sweat rolled onto the carpet.

His thrusting became harder.

My pleasure got bigger.

I felt him cum.

I came.

We both screamed.

He lay on top of me.

We both breathed heavy.

We both were covered in sweat.

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Posted 29 May 2011 08:11
dont know who gave you a 4 but crazy, to the point needed lustful was great.....not every encounter is long and detailed...well done more please

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