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He Suggested a Nightcap

She got hot at the thought of a quick deep-drilling
Em met him in the bar, during a break in the awards dinner she was attending. They chatted briefly and had a cigarette, and said they’d probably see each other at the bar again when next there was a break in proceedings.

Or perhaps, he said, they could have a nightcap later. His name was Jean and he was French. He was a big man with a nice laugh and twinkling eyes. Em hadn’t met him before and wouldn’t again. He was from the other side of the world and was in town only for the convention of which this boring dinner was part.

She thought about him over the next thirty minutes or so, as she talked with others around her table. A couple of times she caught herself not paying attention and brought herself back to business with a mental self-kick in the bum.

Her bum, she then thought, was scantily dressed in a very little black string she had decided to wear that night, under her midnight blue evening gown. The gown had a split to the hip on the left and a décolleté neckline that exposed the swell of her breasts rather nicely.

She had dressed this way tonight because she was feeling horny and was going to look for one-off cock. She didn’t usually do that, preferring to be approached. But tonight, well, she had suddenly thought in the shower before she dressed for dinner that she must have a cock.

She needed to be naked with a man whose whole purpose was to fuck her this night only.

She knew that in certain circumstances the split in her dress would expose the tiny strip of black lace that held her panties in place. For example, if she were to sit in a quiet part of the bar with Jean later, for a nightcap.

Her pert breasts were corralled in a tiny black bra. Also under her dress were charcoal thigh-high stay-up stockings. Em didn’t like suspender belts. They got in the way.

When Em thought about how suspender belts got in the way and how a hint of a tiny little string could be partly revealed to a hot man she had just met and whose unseen cock she desired, her nipples hardened and her pussy got warm and moist.

She held that thought. Her nipples got harder and her pussy got quite wet. Another break was coming up in the awards presentations now under way. She’d long since spotted Jean at his table over the other side of the ballroom.

When she looked his way he looked her way. Em smiled and pointed a discreet finger towards the bar. Jean smiled back and nodded. She saw him making apologies to his table companions, then get up and walk towards the bar.

Em did the same at her table and walked towards the bar, feeling suddenly quite hot.

She was staying at the hotel. Probably, she thought, Jean was too. She had a mental image of herself, naked, arms and legs flung wide, being deeply drilled on her bed, or his, or on the ample sofa that sat in a corner of her suite.

He had got her a drink by the time she reached the bar and led her to a cosy little corner where they sat down, facing each other across a little round table. Em sat down carefully. She wanted just enough of her little string to show to entrance the man she had decided to fuck.

He noticed. She knew this because she noticed he got a bulge in his pants.

He said, “Perhaps we should have that nightcap later. Do you think that might be a good idea, Em? You are here alone?” His voice trailed off. He was looking at her wedding ring.

Em said, “Yes, alone. I’m here on business and I never travel on business with my husband. He has other business to attend to.”

She smiled at him and told a little fib. "I wasn’t planning on a nightcap at all until we met in the bar earlier.”

Jean leaned over the table and placed a well manicured finger on her lips. Another well manicured finger slid under the little black lace string that lay just exposed at the close of her hip-split dress.

He said in a low voice, “I would enjoy taking that off you, if you would like a nightcap.” He smiled into her eyes and then took in the swell of her breasts.

“Is your bra as black and tiny as your little panties?”

It was Em’s turn to smile. “Yes,” she said. “It is.”

He said, “Well I should certainly like to take that off you too.”

Em said, her nipples now like hot little rocks and her pussy very warmly wet, “Well I certainly think you should. In what order should you remove my underwear?”

Jean seemed to consider this question for a while. Then he said, “Panties first. It is very sexy to remove a woman’s bra and unleash its divine treasures while you are licking her pussy.”

Em said, “Oh god, yes. I’m wearing stockings too.”

He thought about this for a minute and said, “I will take those off what I know to be your beautiful legs when I enter you.”

Em said, “Oh god. When? Where?”

Jean said, “Soon. My suite. There’s a pink sofa in there that would be look magnificent with your hot wet pink pussy on it. That would be for the first fuck we give each other tonight. For later, as no doubt you know since your room is on the same floor, there is an exceptionally softly sprung super-size bed on which to play.”

Em said, “I like a hot breakfast too.”

And Jean said, “You shall certainly have one of those.”

A little while later Em was naked, legs thrust wildly wide apart, arms thrown carelessly above her head, watching Jean’s very ardent and extremely hard cock nail her pink pussy to the soft salmon pink sofa in his suite.

He had stripped her just as he said he would. She had watched and got fever-hot as he stripped himself naked and revealed perfect abs, a washboard belly, a little chest hair, a neatly manicured power-square of black pubic hair and a very long and super-thick cock.

She had watched with hot anticipation as his cock approached her pussy and she had shouted with delight when it gently pushed apart her pussy lips.

And now she was coming. She was coming loudly in fact. And this immensely excited Jean, who redoubled his pace and seemed delightfully to have hardened and lengthened his hot cock even further.

Em’s world went pink. She buzzed hotly throughout her body. The fat cock inside her was everything she wanted at that moment.

Em cried, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Fill me! Fill me! Fill me!”

And Jean did, with frantic thrusts and guttural shouts and six huge, hot ejaculations.

Em screamed with ecstasy and thrashed around under him, barely conscious of and not caring about the big wet patch on the sofa between her legs.

When they had recovered she whispered to Jean, “Will there be a second coming?”

And Jean said, “Yes, immediately, on my tongue,” and moved Em’s hot body length-ways onto the sofa and straddled her sixty-nine style.

Em took his still hard cock in her mouth. Jean shuddered in pleasure when she began her favourite deep-throat mouth-fuck manoeuvre, clamping her teeth not quite gently around his shaft and running her mouth up and down his length.

She felt his hot tongue part her pussy lips. She felt his strong, probing tongue on her clit. She bucked under him and shagged his smooth, hotly wet cock with her teeth even more rapidly and tightly.

She felt the whole length of his tongue slide into her. She came wetly, gushingly, on his tongue. He came hotly and very firmly in her mouth. Em swallowed his cum.

It took them a little longer to recover this time. But when they had got their breath back, Jean licked Em’s wet little landing strip and the insides of her upper thighs and pinched her hard nipples again and said.

“You are very beautiful.”

Then he said, “I shall carry you naked to the bed and we shall sleep and then do it again. And you shall have that hot breakfast too. I have never before had the privilege of being in a cunt as hot as yours.”

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