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Let's Play

Let's Play

I'm curious how long you will go.
Your wife doesn't please you. You love her, but you want more from her and she's not giving it to you. She thinks games are for freaks and College Students. You watch porn any chance you get, chat online and stare at the sexy, young girls in public. You daydream, jerk off and smile when your wife pisses you off because you know as soon as she leaves, you're going to your computer. Am I wrong?

Your best friend pressures you into going to a club. It's his birthday, he's single and he can tell that you really need to have some fun. He's your best friend for a reason. After excuses and protests you give in; you were going to say yes anyway. He comes to your place, looks at your outfit and laughs! "What the hell are you wearing Dude?" You look yourself over and wonder what his problem is. He goes into your closet, cringes at your wardrobe and finds the closest thing to a 21st Century outfit. You change clothes and head out.

It's an upscale club; top 40's music blasts through the speakers. You look around at the crowd; mixed ages. The women are beautiful and glossed up, they are obviously in competition because they all suck in their bellies, pose in their ridiculously high heels and sip on their over-priced cocktails. The men are dressed to match the women. Their jeans are designer only, shirts tailored to fit their toned arms. Their shoes are polished, hair groomed and skin freshly tanned. Now you thank your friend for making you change your outfit. You buy drinks for the both of you and find a corner to hide in. He tells you to loosen up; you don't know how to loosen up.

I'm married too. My husband is also uptight. He worked hard to win me but gave up soon after the wedding. My life revolves around staying in shape, keeping up with my friends and partying. I crave attention. I'm at the same club. I'm there with my girlfriends, talking above the music and dancing. I look around the room at all the older men trying to satisfy their younger girlfriends with bottle service and a private VIP table. I have my own money so I overlook them. I see you standing in the corner, sipping your drink. I read your body language; your hand is in your pocket, lips cliched, eyes confused. I smile to myself and think, "He's adorable."

I walk over to you, smile and introduce myself. The confusion moves from your eyes and takes over your whole body. You want to ask if I'm really talking to you so you look around, point at yourself and smile back. I walk closer to you and talk directly into your ear. "You don't look like you're having fun." I joke. You smile, and nod your head "No". You tell me your friend is somewhere chatting up a girl. I slide my hand into yours and ask you to dance. You say no but I pull you anyway. I place your arms on my hips and tell you to relax. I move side to side, looking up into your eyes. You pull me in closer; I pull your hands down to my round ass, bite my lip and ask you, "Are you having fun NOW?" You gasp, then laugh, "Yes, definitely!"

After dancing and smal talk, I take your cell phone out of your pocket and type my number in. I call myself and save your number. I tell you to text me the next day when your wife is not home so we can have some fun.

You don't tell your friend about me on your way home. You smile to yourself and thank him for making you go out. He drops you off. Your wife is in bed, sleeping. You head to the shower; I've highjacked your mind. Your dick starts to grow. You tear your clothes off and jump into the shower. The warm water runs over your body as you take your throbbing cock into your hands. You close you eyes, imagine my lips around your tip and begin stroking. You can't make a noise because your wife might catch you jerking off. You try to control your breathing. You stroke harder, your knees shake, your head explode. Cum runs into the drain. You smile; you sleep with me still on your mind.

The next afternoon, you text me, "Hi Sexy." I look down at my phone and reply, "Hi Daddy." Your heart jumps. You gasp for air and continue to text. "What are you up to?"

"I was actually just wondering if you were going to text me." I sit down and giggle to myself.

"Of corse I had to! You made my night!" Your heart is pounding again.

"Well I'm glad. Do you wanna have some fun?" I ask.

"Yes. What do you have in mind?"

We plan on meeting at a hotel located between the both of us. You arrive first, book the room and wait for me. I call you then meet you in the room. You're standing by the window with your hands in you pocket. Your face is bright red; I can tell you're nervous because I'm nervous too. I walk in and give you a long hug. Some champagne, small talk and flirting leads to questions and a deep discussion. We talk about our spouses, our frustration and how we crave something more. I take your hand, Slide my tongue in your mouth, kiss you deeply then whisper in your ear, "Let's play."

I walk in to the bathroom, you sit in a chair and wonder what I mean by "play". I walk out in a purple silk and lace lingerie set with black thigh-high, sheer stockings and black platform pumps. You grab your chest and gasp out loud. I walk towards you, smiling. "Take your pants off, leave your boxers on and stay seated," I command. You obey, panting. "I'm gonna sit on your lap, you can't touch me until I say so, okay?" You nod your head, still confused.

I straddle your lap, put my arms above your head, onto the top of the chair and lean into your ear. I start grinding slowly on your lap, your member starts to swell. The friction increases, I breathe heavily into your ear and moan. You struggle hard to keep your hands away from me. You fight to catch your breath, you look down at my big ass, mowing back and forth against you. I'm moist now. My pussy pulsates from within, I need you inside me.

I look down between us and slide back. I reach down, rub your rock hard bulge and lick my lips, I pull it out of your underwear. "Wow!" I exclaim, "You're very happy! Now, you can't move at all. You still can't touch me and you can't move your hips. I want to see how long you can go without moving, okay?" You can't form words so you just nod your head. I pull my panties to the side and slowly lower mysfel onto your cock. You enter my tight hole, "Ooo!" I groan. Your head is completely clouded now. You can't speak and you find it harder to breathe. We sit for a few seconds, you inside me, not moving but breathing loudly. "I can't hold it baby," you murmur. I look you in the eyes and tell you to hold on. I stare at your face, I squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles and analyze your reaction. Your body shivers. I squeeze it again, and again, still watching your face. You let a cry out and start begging me. "Let me touch you baby, please?" You sound so weak.

"No Daddy, not yet."

"I need to fuck you, please, let me move a little."

"You can't move yet, hold on longer." I push myself to refuse you but I want to give in just as bad.

A few more seconds pass. My pussy juices are now dripping down your balls, I move my hips in a grinding motion twice and stop. You shake violently and beg louder. "Oh fuck Baby! Let me cum, please?"

"No! No cumming or I will jump off!" I command.

"Ok baby. Don't jump off, please. Oh god you're driving me crazy!"

I look at you and bite my lip. I move up, sliding to your tip and then slide back down. You clinch your hands and teeth. I do it again and moan in your ear. Your heavy breathing is making me so hot and wet. I push my ass and hips into you, feeling you deeper inside me. My body trembles. "Okay, you can have me now, Daddy."

Like a wild beast, just released from its chains, you grab waist, jump up, hands squeezing my ass and begin to slam into me. "You fucking little tease! You can't do that shit to me!" You bark as you pound my pussy. I hold you around your neck and scream into your ear for mercy, "I'm sorry baby, ouch! Oh god yes!"

Faster and faster, harder and harder you rip me apart as I cry into your shoulder. My walls give in, my body tenses, your balls swell and your cock throbs. A hot spray of cum bursts from within you and fills me up. I feel it flowing into me. I moan loudly, you scream my name and squeeze me tightly. We fall to the bed together, spasms jerking us around. You rub my back and ass, soothing me. We hold each other for a few minutes but it's soon time to go. We clean off, kiss for a bit and say goodbye. I enter the house and kiss my husband. You head home, shower and sit in your couch, weak yet satisfied.

I send you a text, "Let me know when you want to play again."

"I sure will." You smile.

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Posted 31 Mar 2014 23:31
What numbnutz gave you a 4 for this story.
This is the hottest story I've ever read here, or anywhere else for that matter.
Makes me want to book the hotel room right this second.
Posted 29 Sep 2013 23:42
WOW! SEXY! I jerked off to ur story... u perfectly hit my spot...
Posted 21 Aug 2013 21:21
Hot , very hot ... Stay inspired... 5
Posted 22 Mar 2013 20:56
You are such a great playmate
Posted 25 Feb 2013 01:53
Now that's the sort of game I would love to play. Really well written, super hot! Easy 5

Posted 12 Feb 2013 14:13
Plain and simple...your story made me hard. "5"+++

Posted 05 Feb 2013 12:27
Incredible Story Loved it
Posted 04 Feb 2013 13:05
So VERY hot and arousing baby. Can't wait to read part two.
Posted 22 Jan 2013 14:06
Oh wow! What a way to play with someone. I would explode the moment you sit on me. Very sexy story Roxx.
Posted 22 Jan 2013 07:04
well done a 5....everyone rememers their first cheat....yours was wild...ty....more
Posted 22 Jan 2013 05:58
Great build up... Reminded of that one time Thanks
Posted 22 Jan 2013 05:28
Very hot and sensual loved it a lot
Posted 21 Jan 2013 23:57
Great story, brilliant build up, although I did think it was maybe a little rushed at the end. Can't wait for part 2!
Posted 21 Jan 2013 21:36
Great setup and hot
Posted 21 Jan 2013 21:14
Wonderful story, Blaze!! Superbly hot, love the domme in her... 5+
Posted 21 Jan 2013 21:05
Hot story. Enjoyed. 5
Posted 21 Jan 2013 20:32
That is a very hot story that made me very hard. I'll be looking at your photo, imagining you teasing me the way you teased the boy in the photo, and jerking off. Thank you for a most pleasing and well written fantasy you gorgeous, sexy slut.
Posted 21 Jan 2013 20:12
I have been to this club in my mind.

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