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Sweetie Pie

Eva's beginning to many creamy encounters...
Another Friday afternoon in the office and Eva was already beating her pen against her cheek. She wondered how much longer she had to stare at the illustration file. As much as she knew she was on a time crunch, Eva glanced at the minimalist clock on the wall before drying her eyes out again when setting them back on the monitor. The dress design, she had created on the screen, was a disaster. There was no inspiration.

Sexy yet classy? How is that possible?

“Maybe if I stare longer at this, this file will magically turn into whatever my boss wants,” she mumbled to herself.

Suddenly, an idea came to her. Eva’s hand dropped the pen and hovered over the mouse. But before she could even touch the device, Eva’s office door swung open.

An unfortunately familiar voice yelled, “Eva, my love, is it time to have us a lunch hour?!”

Shaking with slight terror, Eva looked over to her adrenalized companion, Roxanne. Roxanne’s blonde hair, with light roots, was in her classic loose locks for the day. The hair always started up in a bun, but once it came down, everyone knew that she was feeling, what she called “frisky”.

“Did I interrupt something?” Roxanne asked tilting her head and smirking.

Eva gritted her teeth and lied, “Not at all, Rocky… not at all.”

“Good! Now lets go!” she gestured violently.

“Actually, I have to finish this… this design,” Eva grumbled, her eyes far away from her companion.

Roxanne strutted over to the empty chair in front of Eva’s computer. She gripped a hand over her curvy frame and slammed the other on the desk.

Roxanne’s tone dropped a few octaves, “When is it due?”

Eva began, “I need to get it done…”

Interrupting the excuse, her persistent friend asked, again, “When… is it due?”

“Not today,” Eva finally admitted.

Roxanne clapped her hands together and revealed, “Well then that means that we’re also going out tonight!”

Immediately, Eva whined, “No no no! No way! I’m not going out. I don’t feel like it.”

Eyes rolled, “Sweetie, it’s been over a year since you’ve last dated, let alone, slept with anyone.”

Eva scoffed, “How do you know I haven’t slept with anyone recently?”

After one tired blink, Roxanne continued, “ The same way that you would know that I haven’t had a drink after 6pm. The three Ss: Nauseating, Uninviting, and Neurotic.

Eva glared in confusion, “Doesn’t that spell ‘nun’?”

Completely glossing over Eva’s question, Roxanne howled, “Seriously, come out with me tonight and just have fun. Who knows what could possibly happen.”

Once she came to a standstill, Roxanne was glancing over at Eva with her signature brow-raise. Unamused, Eva rolled her eyes and looked away in the hopes that she wouldn’t be able to be swayed by her determined friend.

Letting Roxanne’s offer run through her head, Eva still didn’t think that she wanted to know what could happen. It was instinct to turn Roxanne down.

It seemed like such a novel concept, but Eva was nervous beyond belief. Going to a club, dance, get liquored up, and have fun. Why couldn’t she just grasp that concept? Had it really been that long?

Immediately after work, Eva was forced to trail Roxanne to her cozy apartment. Within minutes clothes, from the closet, were tossed on Roxanne’s bed for Eva to pick from.

“Where’s the rest of this dress?” Eva cringed, as she picked a sequenced bodycon dress.

“Oh that’s all of it, but I think that cutout dress would look great on you. You have bangin’ curves girl,” Roxanne pronounced, while ripping off her own work attire.

Eva looked at Roxanne’s choice. There was even less material on this somewhat sheer tube top-cutout. Though she couldn’t imagine purchasing something like it, she held it up to her frame anyways to take a look.

“How are you supposed to wear anything underneath this?” Eva questioned with genuine curiosity.

Roxanne turned away from her full-length mirror and returned an impish grin, “Oh Sweetie Pie, do you have a lot to learn.”

Eva and Roxanne skirted to the front of the line that was already curving around the building. Roxanne’s grip was tight on Eva’s hand, as she chatted up the bouncer who didn’t seem to think twice about letting Roxanne, and whomever she pleased, inside.

The music was loud and the lights were flashing. The place was crowded and, as soon as the two walked through the doorway, many eyes drifted in their direction.

“Eva! Sweetie! Look at that one. He likes that ass,” Roxanne blared right into Eva’s already pulsating eardrum.

“Who and what ass?!” she returned, turning her head to and fro to figure out what Roxanne could be talking about.

Suddenly, Eva felt a hand slap against her ass followed by a tight grip. Eva looked toward the culprit. Her smirking companion gave her a quick kiss on the cheek but then threw her head askew. Still startled, Eva’s eyes followed the direction of Roxanne’s line of sight.

“He’s sexy,” Roxanne whispered into her ear.

Eva couldn’t disagree, as he continued to glance in their direction with a seasoned lean on the bar top. Suddenly, Eva was being shoved through the gyrating bodies in front of her.

“I’m not going to talk to him!” Eva barked.

After a brief laugh, Roxanne shouted, “Live a little, dammit!”

“Rocky no!” Eva combated.

However her friend was determined to win this argument, “Listen! You’ll be fine. Now go get you some man meat!”

After Roxanne practically pushed her off of the dance floor, Eva pulled her dress down and ran her fingers across her hips.

Eva pulled some tresses behind her ear and uncomfortably laced her fingers over the bar. Her eyes were darting around, trying their best not to head in the direction of the observant stranger.

“Two cranberry vodkas, please,” a smooth voice asked beside her.

Quickly she turned to her right and looked up to the grinning man that was looking at the bartender. She couldn’t ignore his impeccable aesthetic. His face was free of any facial hair that could have masked some of his sharp facial features. His haircut looked freshly done and the longest of the length was neatly combed over to the side. Quickly glancing down to see the rest of his outfit, she wasn’t dismayed at his choice of a well-starched button up, dark dress pants, and shiny monk straps. In fact, it appeared as though he came to the club straight from his corporate inner city job.

He turned to Eva and asked, “So what’s your name, beautiful?”

Immediately, Eva turned her head and rolled her eyes, “Pfft! Really? Is that the best you can do?”

An irresistible chuckle slipped from him, before asking again, “Alright, so what is your name, very attractive woman that I’ve haven’t been able to take my eyes off of since I spotted you?”

“Well, I still won’t tell you, strange and borderline psycho that I don’t really want to meet, talk to, or receive a drink from,” she spat.

Another smirk beseeched him, and he tilted his head down.

“Am I funny to you?” Eva scoffed.

He turned on the stool to face her and leaned on the bar’s counter, “Actually, yes you are. I know exactly what kind of woman you are.”

Her jaw dropped but before she could say another word, he swooped in, “Lets see… the last time you were with a man… you were in a relationship. No?”

Her lips met and she turned away. The stranger leaned in closer to her ear, “He left you, and it’s been a very long time since you’ve been… physical.“

“Why are you making up this nonsense?” she tried to laugh off.

“Well its written all over your beautiful face and tense body language,” he admitted, taking a close and daring glance at all of the curves he could from her revealing dress.

She scooted away and admitted, “Okay, maybe I was dumped and haven’t had sex in a year, but that doesn’t mean I want you to talk to me.”

“A year?” he asked in shock before thanking the bartender and tipping the woman.

He raised his brow and scooted the drink in her direction. She scowled, but eventually wrapped her fingers around the cup.

After the glass parted from his lips, he began, “You need to…”

She raised a finger in front of his face, “Listen, I am a grown woman, I don’t need a man to tell me what I need.

“Loosen up your muscles? Geez, can you relax a little? I’m not here to get in your pants. Can’t I just show a woman a good time?” he chuckled.

Again, she blew him off, “Oh please you want something from me.”

“Well if you put it that way, I do want something, five dollars for that drink,” he smirked.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly opened her mini clutch and dipped a hand inside. He quickly placed his hand over her arm and laughed, “I’m kidding.”

Not sure if he was joking, she asked, “Really?”

He smirked, “Yeah. Let’s go dance, huh?”

Eva turned away, “I don’t know if I’m in the…”

This time he cut her off, “You know what? Lets finish our drinks and then I will ask you again, okay?”

Strangely, she didn’t fight him about it, and they finished their drinks within the next thirty seconds.

He leaned in, dangerously close to her ear, and asked, “Should we go and dance now?”

Fanning her face from the tingling heat, she nodded. He took her hand and they mingled into the dance floor. Once in the middle, he immediately brought her close and slowly moved her hips with his. His eyes were glued to hers, as she helplessly followed his physical motives.

It was hard to have ever guessed that he had moves behind that previously stoic nature that he displayed at the bar. She wanted to believe that it was the cranberry vodka that had made him this amazing,

His fingers slowly began to make their way past her lower back. She kept her eyes on him, but that didn’t stop him. Normally, she would be raging and sending an elbow to the bridge of his nose, but she let his fingers travel wherever they planned on going. It wasn’t like her to let a man have his way like this, but it was like her to let her curiosity take control.

He leaned in close to her neck, brushing his lips over her soft skin.

“It’s way too hot out here. I have to go to the bathroom,” she groaned, fanning at her face.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to come with you?” he asked feigning confusion.

“Whatever,” she brushed off, already ripping herself from him and heading for the bathrooms.

As soon as she exited the dance floor, she felt a grip around her upper arm. She turned to find the stranger tugging her in the actual direction of the bathrooms.

Her brow rose as she asked, “Are you going to wait for me?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” he shrugged with a leer.

She rolled her eyes, as she pushed through the swinging door. Before she walked any further she looked down to the ground. Eva could was feeling a little woozy from the strong drink and shuffled over to the sink. She ran the cold water and slowly splashed her face. Eva took her time drying her face and checking her makeup through somewhat blurred vision.

Running her hands over her dress again, she was ready to go back out into the noise. As soon as she pushed open the door, she stopped in her tracks. To her surprise he was still there, leaning up against the wall with his hands in his pocket. She tilted her head, scrutinizing him.

As soon as he spotted her he asked, “Feeling better?”

Without thinking twice about it, she grabbed his upper arm and pulled him into the bathroom. He was mildly surprised that no one else was in the restroom as she dragged him into the farthest stall.

The liquor was definitely working its magic, but she couldn’t put all of the blame there. She knew what she was doing. She'd be lying to herself if she turned back now. He was undeniably attractive, and he was in her clutches. As soon as she locked the door, she locked lips with the stranger and he didn’t hesitate to kiss her back. She raked her nails across his neck as he ran his large hands across her back and down to her ass.

He wrapped his hands around her thighs and lifted her up, pressing her back against the wall. Eva’s dress had ridden up and she let him venture and squeeze her smooth skin that was still somewhat sticky from a thin layer of sweat from the dance floor. He pulled away from her kiss and locked eyes with her, as he rubbed his crotch against her sheer panties. She bit her lip, trying to hold back the loud moans that threatened to escape her mouth.

Abruptly, he put her down and swiveled her around, placing her hand against the wall of the stall. Eva never imagined herself ass out in the stall with a hot, complete stranger. There was no way that she could deny that her heart was racing and the anticipation rising. Her legs spread the more his palms slowly lifted and made his way up her abdomen. His heavy breaths heating up her bare shoulder, mixed with warm and wet licks.

Eva’s hands clasped over his knuckles, feeling the way he glided over her breasts and pinched at her hard nipples.

He knelt down, grasping both ass cheeks in hand. He kissed, licked, and left many love bites across her tender skin. Then he pulled her thong to the side, revealing her glistening lips. One lick and she shivered. He licked her again, enjoying the sounds echoing out of her mouth. The stranger slipped his middle finger into her tight walls. Eva’s fingers were circling around her clit as he slowly finger fucked her.

Her breaths grew heavier with each passing second, and as soon as Eva’s knees began to buckle, he snatched his hand away. He gripped his hands around her waist and quickly pulled her hips back. His warm hands slid up her stomach and around her breasts – gently squeezing and tugging. Moans were eminent, but he licked Eva’s lobe before whispering that she shouldn’t lose any more control.

“At least not yet,” he whispered.

His cock was hard behind the fabric of his pants, and before anything else was to happen, she wanted a taste of it. She turned and pushed him back against the opposite wall. She promptly buckled his pants and released his fully erect cock. Running her fingers over it gently, she looked up to him as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. Gently caressing his smooth balls, she stuck out her tongue and made a trail from the base of his cock up to the tip. Watching her skillfully maneuver her tongue, he ran his hand across her cheek. As he was admiring how beautiful she was, Eva wrapped her smooth lips around the flushed head of his cock.

Opening her mouth wide again, she slid more of him inside. She enjoyed his short exclamations of pleasure as she played with throbbing member. Pulling out, she observed the trail of saliva and promptly cleaned it up with her tongue. He shuddered at the sight and placed his hands on the sides of her face as she had his cock back in her mouth. Eva’s head bobbed back and forth, some dips reaching farther back into her throat than others. Just as her eyes began to water, he held her head back and pulled her up. A few more seconds of that and he would have just exploded in her mouth, but he didn’t want to prematurely end their fling.

Her hips were in his grasp again, and her back dipped. Eva’s breasts bounced violently as he didn’t hesitate to start fucking her from behind. She knew he was enjoying it from the sounds of pleasure that he couldn’t withhold. She was tight. It had been a while. However, once his cock ventured into her walls, she had to let the tension go. He was large and thick and every thrust brought more pleasure than the previous thrust. She had never been this adventurous, and because of that, she was already prepared to cum.

Her walls clenched around his throbbing cock. She had almost forgotten how good it felt to let go and let someone else take the reigns. He was polished with his strokes. Each confident thrust sent Eva’s levels ablaze and it was becoming harder to hold in her exclamations of pleasure. He stopped and turned her face to his, and the moment their eyes met, he roughly pressed their lips together. He wasn’t just going to fuck her; he was going to make her remember this experience.

His hands travelled down her back and over her ass. She bit down hard on her lip as he gave one powerful thrust and held his quivering cock inside of her. Pulling out of her completely, he began to slowly slide his cock against her clit. He enjoyed the sounds of Eva’s attempts at holding back. Already she had mourned the feeling of his hard cock plunging inside of her. He took a finger and graced it across her lips. Eva’s mouth followed his wandering finger. She slipped her tongue out and then wrapped her lips around his long slender finger. His finger fucked her mouth as his cock teased her pussy.

His hips were moving faster and faster, but Eva couldn’t take it anymore. She released his finger, and let out a uncontrolled yelp.

“Should I stop?” he asked, desperately wanted to put his cock inside of her again.

Eva wanted to say yes, but the slick sounds of his cock against her soaked pussy made her answer the opposite.

“What do you want?” he whispered in her ear.

“Don’t make me say it,” she exhaled.

He moved his lips down against her neck and asked her again, threatening to push the head of his cock in.

“I want all of it,” she whined.

“All of what?” he asked, slipping in an inch.

It was too much, and the best she could answer was, “You.”

That answer was satisfactory and he drove his cock back inside of her. Now he let her cry out as he pounded her from behind. He clenched down on his teeth and groan escaped him. Her pussy was tightening around his cock.

Now, Eva was gone. Her walls twitched and enclosed a firm grip on him. She could feel the tightening of her muscles reaching their limit and she was about to explode.

Releasing all over his cock, she reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit to keep the sensation going. She was practically numb, but her finger was still in motion. He kissed at her neck again and she could tell he was close by the sounds of his escalating breaths, so she reached back to grip his ass as his final thrusts shot warm curls of cream inside of her.

Everything seemed to happen so fast. From her meeting him at the bar, to him fucking her from behind in the women’s bathroom stall, there was absolutely no turning back. Suddenly questioning if this was what she had wanted, she thought back on her life previously before this encounter. Eva had felt for a long time that she wasn't ready to be with another man, but was that just all in her head. Was that just an excuse after a while? Maybe, Roxanne was right about getting out more. But in this particular circumstance, Eva had taken it far.

Had she taken it too far?

Still bent over and panting, Eva pressed her head against the wall letting that question run through her mind. Eva stared at the ground, and listened to her stranger’s ragged breaths. She was wet, sweaty, and sober now… very sober, and the more she confirmed that she was, the larger a wicked grin grew on her lips.

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Posted 09 Oct 2013 03:17
A very interesting and exciting story , kept me excited the entire time . A great job!!
Posted 08 Oct 2013 23:53
Sex descriptive is hot and detailed. 5
Posted 08 Oct 2013 23:27
That was a really good story. The nice build up, having sex with a stranger although seemingly on a drunken state. The ending of the story seemed a bit rushed though. Great strory --> 5

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