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The Wedding

I was at a wedding and on my own, enjoying the evening. There was a group of young girls chatting and laughing but I kept noticing that one in particular was looking at me.

The wedding night continued and after a few drinks this young girl came up to me.

"Hi, I'm Ella. I've noticed you've been on your own all night."

This girl was beautiful, about five foot three, with long black hair, Indian looking and wearing a blue satin dress. I couldn't believe someone this gorgeous would choose me. We danced close, her body was grinding against my cock and it wasn't long until I got hard.

I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or me but I had to have her.

The more we danced and rubbed against each other the harder I got. Ella rubbed my cock with her hand; I thought, why not? and put my hand down by her bum and squeezed.

"Shall we go somewhere and fuck?" Ella said.

I couldn't believe it; I was 53 and here was this beauty wanting my cock. I grabbed her hand and we walked off to the ladies' room. I pushed the door open. She sat down, pulled down my zip, and pulled out my cock.

Her warm, moist lips wrapped round my cock. I was ready to cum. It had been along time since I'd been given a blow job.

She looked up at me with shining brown eyes and I thought about how I wanted to blow my load over her face. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, lifted her and turned her round. Lifting up her dress, I kissed up her slender legs until I got to her moist, black panties, licking and tasting her sweet pussy through her panties.

I have a thing for panties and before I fucked her I wanted some panty fun with Ella. I pulled her panties down her tanned legs and put them up to my nose. I smelt her pussy juice, so sweet and aromatic.

"So you like my dirty panties? Shall I blow you as you taste them?"

With that her mouth was back round my cock. Should I tell Ella I want her to pee into her panties or wait? It may put her off. I didn't say it, but knew I had to at some point.

I felt her push my cock into the back of her throat. I held her face against me and could feel the saliva dripping out of her mouth and down our bodies. Such a beautiful cocksucker, I thought.

"Fuck me now. I need your cock deep in my pussy!" Ella shouted.

I stood up and bent her over. Her body was so beautiful, and I pushed a finger into her. In and out, I played with her. Her pussy was dripping and I thought I'd put another finger in. My two fingers were getting coated in her juice.

"Taste my fingers, Ella." I lifted my fingers to her mouth and she licked off her juices.

Ella took her panties from me, wrapped them round my cock and started to jerk me. It felt so good and pre-cum leaked out of my cock. If this carried on there was a chance I'd cum before I fucked Ella.

I pulled her panties from my cock. I had to fuck her; she was fingering her pussy and was ready to cum.

"Fuck me now," she begged.

I pushed her pussy lips apart and entered her hot, wet and very tight pussy. I knew I wouldn't last. I hadn't had a young, hot pussy like this since I was in my twenties.

We fucked so fast. 

"Yes, yes. Harder, faster. I'm ready to cum!" she shouted.

I was ready to cum, but not in her pussy. I wanted to blast her face.

"Fill my pussy with your cum!" she screamed.

How could I say no? I shot my first blast of cum into her pussy as she came, our juices mingling and dripping down my cock.

I pumped into her four more shots of cum.

When I slipped out of her pussy, she bent down and licked our juices from my cock.

"That was so good," she said. "We will have to do that again."

"Can I have your panties to keep?" I asked.

"Maybe later but I need to have something to stop the cum running down my legs," she said.

When the wedding finished, she came over and gave me her panties.

"Enjoy," she said.

Luckily she gave me her number, so I'll be in touch with her.

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