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Young couple befriended by older woman
Looking back years later, Brianna realized how naïve and innocent they were. Andrew had that Latino macho swagger, and was really cocky and confident, but at twenty two, both of them were young and inexperienced. They didn’t know what they didn’t know, but they were soon to learn.

Christie was recommended by a friend when they first moved to the city. Realtors make very little commission on rentals, and they can take as much time as sales, but Christie helped them as a favor for their mutual friend.

They talked by phone to try to determine the parts of town they might like to look at, and Christie asked them about their price range. Then she emailed a number of listings, asked them to drive by them and call her when they narrowed the list down, and she would let them in to look at the places.

When they first met Christie in person, both of them couldn’t help but stare. They were certain they had never met such a smart, pretty, confident woman. She had a fabulous figure and dressed more elegantly than anyone they knew. In retrospect, she probably wasn’t much over thirty, but at the time she seemed much older and wiser than them.

Brianna was amused that Andrew, who normally was so arrogant and outgoing, actually stammered when Christie turned her beautiful green eyes his way. Brianna was always rather shy, even more so around this sophisticated, older woman.

While looking through one of the rentals, Christie said something to the effect that she was going to be in the same situation as Andrew and Brianna soon.

“Oh, is your current lease expiring?” Brianna asked.

Andrew was in another room, and Christie lowered her voice and said, “No. I’m going through a divorce, and when it’s finalized I’ll have to move out of my house.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s okay. I was only married a short while. It probably wasn’t meant to be. He was an older gentleman, and very old-fashioned in his thinking. He came home one day and found me in bed with a girlfriend of mine. We offered to let him join us, but...” Christie shrugged her shoulders.

Brianna blushed. She couldn’t believe that Christie would sleep with a girl, let alone tell her something that personal. Christie acted like it was nothing.

They soon discovered that it would be difficult to find a decent place to rent within their price range. Andrew had gotten a good job in the city, but until Brianna found work and they saved a little more for the deposit, they would be forced to live someplace unpleasant. They were staying with a friend, but they had promised it would be very temporary, so they were stuck.

That night, Brianna told Andrew what Christie had told her.

“That’s so hot,” he said, conjuring up an image of that sexy little body naked and in the arms of another woman.

“Hot? That’s just weird. Why would a married woman want to sleep with a girl, when she has a man?”

“I don’t know, maybe she wanted to have both. Or maybe her old husband couldn’t satisfy her.”

The next day, Brianna called Christie to tell her they’d chosen one of the places.

“I thought you didn’t like that place,” Christie said.

“We don’t, but we have to live somewhere, and it’s all we can afford right now. Later, when I’ve got a job and we’ve saved a little, we’ll be able to do better.”

“Okay. I’ll bring the paperwork over for you to sign and I’ll take your deposit check.”

They met at a café near where Brianna was staying, since Andrew had taken their only car to work.

“Let’s get something to eat,” Christie said. “This restaurant has good salads.” Then, when Brianna looked down at her lap and said nothing, Christie added, “My treat.”

After they had ordered, Christie asked her all about herself and Andrew.

“We met at college,” Brianna said. “He’s from Columbia. The first time I saw his long, dark hair and those green eyes, I knew I wanted to meet him. We’ve been together for two years.

“He’s very cute,” Christie agreed. “That dark, wavy hair is so sexy, and he has a beautiful smile. He looks like something off the cover of a romance novel.”

“Thank you,” Brianna said.

“I bet it wasn’t hard for you to attract him. You know, you’re really pretty, too, with your piercing blue eyes and long, auburn hair. You two make one of the cutest couples ever.” Christie was staring into Brianna’s eyes, and Brianna was nervous and embarrassed.

Brianna was grateful that the food arrived, ending the awkward lag in their conversation. They finished their meal and Christi paid, with no discussion of the paperwork.

“I guess I better sign the papers,” Brianna said, after the waiter had left.

“Have you got time to look at one more place, first?”

“I guess so.”

As they drove, it became apparent that they were in a part of town that Brianna and Andrew wouldn’t be able to afford. When Christie pulled into the circular driveway of a mansion, and parked under the porte-cochere, Brianna said, “Is this a joke?”

“This is my house. Come inside.”

Brianna had never seen such luxury. Stone floors with thick Persian rugs. Picture glass windows looking out onto a fabulous pool and spa, surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. A chef’s kitchen. Beautiful designer furnishings, all immaculately kept.

“This place is absolutely gorgeous. You live in a palace!”

“Yes, all alone, locked up in my palace,” she said with a wistful smile. “How would you like to share it? It’ll probably be three or four months until the divorce is final. Would that give you enough time to get your feet on the ground, so you can rent someplace you like?

“Yeah, that would do it, especially if I find a job quickly. But that’s too generous.”

“I could help you with finding a job.”

“That would be great. But how could we ever repay you?”

“You wouldn’t need to,” she said, putting her hand on Brianna’s arm and looking her in the eyes. “I like sharing, especially with such a beautiful, sexy couple. Do you like sharing, Brianna?”

“I..I..guess so.”

“Well, why don’t you talk to Andrew tonight and let me know.”

Brianna got out of Christi’s car and went back into the apartment where they were staying in a fog. She couldn’t believe the proposition that Christie had made. She had been too stunned to turn her down flat, but now that Christie wasn’t there, staring at her with her intense stare that seemed to undress her, she realized that there was no way she was going to share the love of her life with anyone.

Andrew couldn’t believe it. “She actually said that? Are you sure that’s what she meant?”

“There’s no question what she meant. She’s willing to let us stay with her, but she expects sex in return.”

“With you, or with me?” Andrew asked.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t have sex with a girl. And I wouldn’t want you to have sex with somebody else.”

“Why couldn’t you have sex with her?’ Andrew asked. “I think that would be hot. Maybe she doesn’t even want me. I think we should try it. We can always move out if you want. Think about it, okay? We can stay with Roberto another couple of days, but we have to do something soon.”

Brianna was surprised to find herself aroused as she considered their predicament. On the one hand, living in a mansion sure beat paying rent for a run-down apartment. The more she thought about sharing her body with Christie, the more intrigued she became. “How does a woman even begin to pleasure another woman?” she thought to herself. She had only had intercourse with Andrew; neither one of them really knew much about the various ways to pleasure a woman’s body.

As the days ticked by until they were forced to make a decision, Brianna was certain it was a bad idea. She couldn’t abide the thought of seeing Andrew with another woman, and she had no desire to be touched by another woman. However, Andrew insisted they should try it, with the promise that they would move out if Bri wanted. So with much misgiving, she finally agreed.

They loaded their few possessions into their car and pulled up to Christie’s house. She gave them a garage door opener, and they put the car in the garage and unloaded.

“I’m so glad you decided to stay with me. We’re going to have fun. Would you like to try the hot tub?”

“Sure,” they said together.

Ten minutes later, Christie came out in a robe. Andrew and Brianna were already waiting in their suits. Brianna’s young body looked so sexy. She had fair skin with a pinkish glow, and she looked very ripe, with full breasts on a petite frame and a cute, bubble butt.

Christie turned toward the spa and dropped her robe. Her figure was even sexier than it appeared in clothing. Her skimpy bikini held a luscious ass, nicely proportioned breasts and fabulous abs. She got in first, then Andrew and Bri eased into the hot water. Christie sat between them and place a hand on each of their thighs. Brianna’s heart raced as Christie stroked her thigh.

“Bri, how would you like to work in my office? We have several admin jobs available, and I talked to the person that’s doing the hiring already. You can meet with her next Monday. In the meantime, you can take a few days off and just enjoy yourself.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. Thanks, Christie.”

“Don’t mention it,” she said, continuing to stroke her thigh.

“Andrew, have you ever been with two beautiful women at one time?”

“Not until today,” he said with a smile.

“How do you like it?”

“I agree with you. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“What do you think, Bri?”

“She’s a little nervous,” Andrew said, moving over next to her. “But she’ll warm up to it.” Bri was now sitting between Christie and Andrew, and both of them were lightly caressing her. Not in a sexual way, just playing lovingly.

Brianna lay back, closed her eyes and relaxed as the steam billowed from the hot water. She reached over and touched Andrew’s boner under cover of the bubbling water. Sure enough, he was hard. He was almost always hard, but especially when he was playing with her, and especially when she was scantily clad.

With her eyes closed, she couldn’t tell who was caressing her where. She just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being played with by four hands at once. Someone unclasped her bikini and her breasts became the object of attention from several hands. As fingers began to slip under her bottoms, she involuntarily spread her legs.

She was really getting into it when Christie said, “I’m getting too warm. I’m going to get out.”

Andrew and Bri stayed in a little longer, but they also were getting hot and soon got out. Drying off, they went into the house to find that Christie had ordered dinner delivered, so they didn’t have to worry about what to eat.

Christie got them settled into the guest bedroom and bath. They unpacked their few belongings and showered the chlorine off. When they came into the living room, Christie had also showered and changed.

Christie turned in early to read, giving Andrew and Bri the run of the house. Andrew couldn’t believe their fortune, but Bri was still a little worried. Fortunately, Christie hadn’t pressed the issue their first night, leaving them to themselves. She suspected that wouldn’t last long. She felt sure that Christie expected something in return for their lodging.

The next morning, after Andrew had left for work, Brianna came into the kitchen in one of Andrew’s t-shirts, and Christie offered her a cup of coffee. She was wearing a sheer robe.

“No, thanks, I don’t drink coffee.”

“What’s on your schedule today?” Christie asked.

“I don’t know. Until I can interview on Monday, I guess I’m just going to hang out. Is there anything I can do around here to help out?”

“Yeah, come into my room, there’s something you can do.”

Brianna was amazed at her bedroom. The whole house was amazing, but her bedroom especially so. It was huge, with a fabulous king size bed and luxurious bedding.

“Wow, your house is beautiful.”

“Thanks. Come here and lay with me.”

So this was it. Brianna knew it was coming. She had tried to put it out of her mind, but she knew eventually the debt would come due. She panicked momentarily. Her palms were clammy and her heart raced, as she considered how to get out of this.

“Just lie down and relax, Brianna. I won’t bite…hard,” she said with a wicked smile.

Brianna did as she was told, but she was scared.

“You’re trembling. Everything’s okay, baby, don’t be scared.”

Christie removed her robe, revealing her short nightie and panties, and lay down with Brianna. She wrapped her arms around Brianna and held her tightly, kissing her lightly on her neck and ears.

“You’re so sexy, baby. You don’t know how sexy you are,” Christie groaned, as she snuggled against Brianna, kissing and fondling her.

Christie was getting herself worked up into a frenzy, but Brianna was still trembling. Christie took off her panties and nightie and rubbed her naked body against Brianna, then snuggled against Bri and held her tightly. Her hands roamed all over Brianna’s ripe body, finding her nipples, caressing the backs of her thighs, rubbing under the waistline of her panties.

“Just close your eyes and lay still, Brianna. Try to relax.”

Brianna did as she was told. She lay on her back and closed her eyes. Christie moved between her legs and pulled her panties off of her, then bent Brianna’s knees and gently spread her legs apart.

Brianna jumped when she felt something against her vagina, but she kept her eyes closed, hoping that it would be over soon.

“What does this woman want? I can’t satisfy her, why doesn’t she leave me alone?” Brianna thought.

Then Brianna felt a tongue against her slit. It startled her. She had never had anybody lick her down there before, and she couldn’t believe anybody wanted to. It was an uncomfortable feeling, having someone’s face in her privates, but at least it wasn’t painful. If this is what Christie wanted to do, she could live with it.

Christie lapped at her pussy, over and over, working her way deeper into the folds of her thick lips. Brianna felt a finger enter her pussy and begin rubbing against her pussy wall. She began to be aroused, then something strange happened; as her lips opened, exposing her clit to Christie’s ministrations, she felt like a thousand volts of electricity shot from her pussy and exploded throughout her body.

She had rarely touched herself down there, let alone let someone else, and had rarely had an orgasm. But the feelings that Christie’s tongue were causing were more delicious than anything she had experienced. Christie was gently sucking her clit into her mouth and letting it back out, over and over, then flicking it furiously with her tongue, while she continued working her finger in and out of her pussy.

Brianna’s breathing was irregular now, and her heart raced as she writhed in ecstasy on the bed. She was moaning, making Christie even more excited than she already was. Christie’s tongue was unrelenting, and Brianna could feel the tension mount in her pussy. Her climax came unexpectedly and surprised Brianna, who grunted and moaned loudly as she thrashed under Christie’s face.

Brianna was practically sobbing as she felt the warmth spread from her groin throughout her body. Her pussy spasmed in contractions. She had never felt so much pleasure. Her eyes were still closed, and she imagined it was Andrew causing these feelings.

Christie was so horny she practically tore Brianna’s t-shirt off of her. She buried her face in Brianna’s large breasts as she humped her leg with her pussy, frantically trying to get pressure where she needed it.

“Oh, God, you have the sexiest body,” Christie moaned as she licked and kissed her way all over Brianna’s body. Brianna could feel Christie’s wetness on her leg as she continued to hump her.

Frustrated at the lack of pressure on her clit, Christie lay back and guided Brianna’s hand to her warmth. It was moist. Brianna had rarely touched herself down there, and now she was touching another woman. Brianna felt odd, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Christie had absolutely no pubic hair. She was really smooth and soft. It was kind of sexy rubbing her naked pussy, especially with the reaction she was getting.

Christie helped her find the right place to rub, and helped her with the tempo that she preferred. She continued licking and nipping Brianna’s nipples as Brianna played with her clit.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum, don’t stop, don’t stop. Uhhhh, Ummmm, Aahhhh, augghh.”

When Christie stopped thrashing, they lay quietly together for a while, Brianna wrapped in Christie’s hug. When they finally got up, Christie poured a bath in her huge, two person jetted tub. As they lay together, talking, Christie continued to caress Brianna’s body. They made plans to go get Brianna some clothes to interview in on Monday. She also wanted Brianna to get a wax job, like she had. Brianna didn’t want to remove her pubic hair, but she didn’t say anything.

She was nervous at the salon, but the wax job only took a few minutes and it wasn’t too painful. Her panties felt weird against her skin with no hair under them. They spent the rest of the day at the mall, shopping for all kinds of clothes for Brianna. Christie was clearly enjoying dressing up her little doll. She went into the dressing room with Brianna and made her try on all sorts of lingerie, bras, clothes and shoes.

By the time they got home, Christie was frantic with lust from watching Brianna dress and undress all day, and they immediately went back into the bedroom. Christie couldn’t wait to play with Brianna’s newly waxed mound.

“Umm, it’s beautiful. And now it’s so smooth. Do you like?”

“Yes,” Brianna said, certain that that was the answer that Christie wanted to hear.

Christie got out some of her playthings and spread them out. They were all alien to Brianna. Christie lubricated Brianna’s cunt, then worked a double ended dildo into it. She lubricated the other end and worked it into herself until their pussies met, their legs scissored against each other. Christie began rocking back and forth on the dildo briskly, rubbing her vulva against Brianna’s.

Christie dismounted from the dildo and lay on her back, guiding Brianna on top of her. As Brianna straddled her, she worked the dildo back into her wet cunt.

“Fuck me, Bri. Fuck me hard,” she said.

Brianna started pumping her pelvis, driving the dildo deeper into both of them. Christie switched on a vibrator and held it against her clit while using the other hand to play with Brianna’s titties.

“Oh, God, I love your titties hanging down over my face. Your titties are magnificent.”

Christie soon climaxed amidst loud grunting and groaning. After she’d calmed, she lay Brianna onto her back and began caressing her with her lips as she used the vibrator on her clit. Brianna had never used a vibrator before. Despite the fact she’d already had an orgasm once today, she could feel another building between her legs. The vibrator was unrelenting, buzzing her clit. She raised her hips to meet the vibrations and exploded with pleasure. Her eyelids fluttered as her mind went numb, and wave after wave washed over her.

Brianna was unable to think or talk or do anything. She had never felt such a powerful orgasm. Long after Christie got up and dressed, Brianna lay inert. Finally, with Andrew due home soon, she dressed.

Brianna couldn’t believe Christie had spent so much money on her. Her taste was impeccable, and she was delighted to model her new clothes for Andrew. She wasn’t looking forward to modeling her new wax job, afraid what Andrew might think or say. When he found out, he was delighted.

“That’s so hot. What made you decide to do that?”

“It was Christie’s idea. She was telling me she gets hers waxed and asked if I did. When I said no, she offered to pay for it. And she bought me all these clothes.”

She didn’t tell Andrew about the lovemaking sessions, but over the next few weeks, she was less and less “in the mood” by the time Andrew came home, and he began to get cranky. As one of the top producers in her realtor’s office, Christie was able to convince her broker to hire Christie to help her, so she became Christie’s personal assistant. That meant they spent a lot of time together, and she didn’t have to go into the office before Christie.

Every morning after Andrew left for work, Brianna and Christie would have an hour or more to play. Even during the day sometimes, when Christie wasn’t busy, they would be able to come home or go shopping. Brianna’s wardrobe began to look a lot like Christie’s.

Andrew began to grow very jealous of Christie, and longed for the day when they could move. Brianna was in no hurry to move. She enjoyed having an older girlfriend, especially one that doted on her and spent money on her. It took a lot of financial pressure off of them, and she loved living in luxury.

But the relationship between Christie and Andrew was getting very icy and something would have to give. One day, Brianna told Christie that they were going to have to move because Andrew was anxious for them to have their own place.

“How do you feel about it?” Christie asked.

“I love staying here, but you know how men are. Andrew wants to provide for me.”

“I think maybe Andrew just needs a little more attention. He’s probably feeling left out.”

That night Christie turned on the hot tub and when they got in, the girls put Andrew between them and doted on him. They each sat close to him and hugged on him. Christie pulled off his shorts and caressed his balls. Andrew’s dick was rock hard. The girls removed their tops and Andrew played with their tits. He was ready to explode, so they moved the party inside. They all got into Christie’s huge walk-in shower to rinse the chlorine off their suits and bodies.

Brianna was in front, closest to the shower head while Andrew was behind her, lathering her body up with soap and rubbing his long dick against her. Christie was in back, rubbing against Andrew and playing with him. She lathered his groin and anus with soap.

Like many young, Hispanic males, Andrew was homophobic and winced when Christie ran the bar of soap against his anus. But when her roaming fingers found his prostate and began massaging it, he felt a sensation he’d never felt before. Pre-cum dribbled out of his dick as she continued to massage it, and his dick became even harder, if that was possible. He kneaded Brianna’s large breasts as Christie lathered his dick and guided it into Brianna’s pussy as she continued massaging his prostate.

When Andrew blew his load in Brianna, he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life. He didn’t even know what a prostate was, but he now knew the pleasure a man could derive from it.

They dried off and fell into Christie’s bed together, naked. Christie got out her tools and selected a G-spot vibrator and some lube. She began working the vibrator into Brianna as Andrew laid back and watched these incredible foxes. He could see lust written all over Christie. She was a very horny little girl.

Brianna had long since gotten used to being made love to by a woman, and didn’t think it odd anymore. But this was the first time Andrew had seen them together. Brianna had never even told him they made love, though he had his suspicions. With the vibrator working inside her and Christie’s tongue working on her clit, it wasn’t long before Brianna felt that familiar tingling that told her fun times were just ahead.

Andrew idly played with her breasts as he watched her. Her head began swaying from side to side, and her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the attention on her genitals and her breasts. Her breathing became erratic and Andrew watched with interest as he was about to see a woman having an orgasm for the first time. He couldn’t believe that it was happening at the tip of a woman’s tongue.

Suddenly Brianna’s legs clenched together. Christie stopped licking her clit, and said, “It’s okay, baby, just relax and let it happen.”

“I gotta pee,” Brianna rasped.

“No, you don’t. Just relax and that feeling will go away.”

Brianna continued to fight it, but Christie just left the vibrator on her G-spot. Soon the “got to pee” feeling left, and Brianna was able to relax her legs again, spreading them for Christie. A warm feeling began to emanate from her pussy. It felt kind of like she was approaching a normal climax, but she stayed on the edge of it for a long time. Christie furiously flicked her clit repeatedly.

Her orgasm was like nothing she’d ever felt. A warmth spread over her. The sensation was similar to the feeling of relief she had when finally able to pee after a long time holding it, but it was way more intensely pleasurable. She had never had a G-spot orgasm before and it was incredible. She lost track of everything but the warmth spreading throughout her body.

She bucked and thrashed wildly, and cried out loudly in the throes of her climax. Her hips rose to meet Christie’s tongue and her head rolled side to side. Her hands clenched into fists and she pushed them into the bed, raising herself up as she arched her back. Andrew had never seen anything more exciting than his little girl crying out her orgasm while this incredibly beautiful and sexy woman lapped at her pussy. He could feel the stirrings in his loin.

Christie lay between them as Brianna regained her composure. Andrew snuggled against Christie and caressed her thighs and buttocks. Christie reached behind her and held Andrew’s cock; still soft. She kneaded it in her hands, squishing it into different shapes. It was fun to play with a soft cock. Though it wasn’t hard, it was beginning to grow a little. Even though he’d squirted less than forty minutes ago, he had gotten turned on watching the girls go at it. It wouldn’t take too much more attention from Christie to do the trick.

Christie got up and knelt on the floor next to Andrew. She sucked his dick into her mouth, and began working it over with her tongue. The entire penis fit in her mouth in its flaccid state.

The feeling of having his whole dick in Christie’s mouth, being sucked and pulled and licked, was unusual, but exciting. Brianna rolled over and started sucking his nipples and rubbing his belly. Christie cupped his balls and played with them, then pulled the skin on his sac, as she continued to suck, lick and pull his cock with her mouth.

She got up and looked through a drawer in her dresser, and Brianna took over playing with Andrew’s cock. He was beginning to grow a little more. Christie came back with a cock ring. She lubricated it and slid it down to the base of his cock. Neither Brianna nor Andrew had ever seen a cock ring before. This one had a silicone nub that housed a tiny vibrator. As Andrew began to respond to the attention Christie continued to lavish on his dick, the blood entered his shaft and was trapped by the cock ring, which was getting tighter as he continued to grow.

Christie pulled out a g-spot vibrator and worked it into Andrew’s anus. She gently rubbed it back and forth against Andrew’s prostate. He spread his legs wide and raised his hips to give Christie better access. He was moaning and panting. His dick was now fully erect again, the head purplish. Brianna watched in amazement as Andrew’s twitching dick began to ooze pre-cum. Christie put a hand-towel between his legs as the pre-cum continued dripping from his cock with the dildo massaging his prostate.

Brianna had never seen anything as obscenely erotic; as Andrew held his hips off the bed, the dildo working in and out of his butt, his stiff dick stood straight up, leaking pre-cum copiously, as he grimaced in ecstasy.

Finally, Christie removed the dildo and straddled Andrew’s crotch. She switched on the vibrator that was attached to the cock ring and eased her pussy onto Andrew’s dick. She held his wrists over his head and leaned over, kissing his lips as she worked Andrew’s dick all the way into her. When he was fully inserted, her clit rested against the little vibrator. She sighed, enjoying the vibrations against her clit. She closed her eyes and settled into a steady rhythm on Andrew’s cock, working up and down. Brianna began playing with Christie’s tits, rolling her nipples the way she knew Christie liked.

With the cock ring wrapped tightly around the base of his dick, and since he had already cum earlier, Andrew was easily able to last a very long while. Since the ring prevented blood from leaving his cock, he had no trouble staying hard and stiff. Christie took advantage of that stiff cock, sliding up and down his pole. Her breath grew ragged, and she began lingering on the vibrator longer and longer as she made contact with it.

Brianna was pulling on Christie’s nipples, stretching them. It felt so delicious. Her pussy felt filled to the brim with Andrew’s cock, and she could feel her orgasm approaching. She pressed her crotch against Andrew’s, trying to get even more penetration and rest her clit on the vibrator. She pushed against it, and her pussy began to spasm in contractions as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body, all emanating from her pussy.

Finally, she switched off the vibrator and collapsed onto Andrew’s chest as he stroked her hair and whispered in her ear. She panted, trying to catch her breath. A thin sheen of perspiration coated her, and their bodies were sticky everywhere they touched. When her breathing was back to normal, she rolled off of Andrew and rested.

Andrew’s dick was still very stiff, the tip still purplish in its rage. Brianna had never seen another couple have sex, and she was very horny. She wanted Andrew in her again. She crawled on top of him and guided him into her cunt, pushing against it to get penetration. After she had it worked in, slipping easily into her moist cunt, she put her hands on his chest for support and began humping his dick furiously. She had never felt it so stiff and big. It filled her like she had never been filled. Christie reached between them and switched on the vibrator.

Brianna leaned forward, resting her head on Andrew’s chest and her clit on the vibrator as Andrew’s dick stretched her pussy. She moved very little, preferring to enjoy the pleasure of the vibrations. Andrew was unable to move his dick much, with Brianna’s weight on top of him. Christie reached under Brianna and held Andrew’s balls, stretching the sac. It felt so good having his balls pulled down with his sac while his dick was buried in Brianna’s tight pussy. When Bri began cumming, bucking wildly on Andrew’s dick, he finally spewed into her tight cunt.

Brianna couldn’t believe that she had watched Andrew make love to another woman without being totally jealous. She felt a little threatened, but mostly she just felt incredibly aroused.

They lay together for a while, then Andrew and Bri went to their bedroom and Christie cleaned up for bed. “That ought to satisfy the prick for a while,” Christie said to herself. She was hopeful that the right amount of attention would keep Andrew from taking Bri away from her. She was also hopeful that eventually Bri would come to prefer being with her, and she could get rid of Andrew for good.

Over the next few weeks, Christie paid enough attention to Andrew to keep him satisfied. He used Brianna more often than normal and they had another three-way one night. He stopped talking about wanting to move out.

One morning, Christie needed Brianna to go to work early to set up the office for Christie’s team meeting and bring in breakfast for everyone. Brianna took Christie’s car, so Andrew had agreed to give Christie a ride to the office. Christie was leaning over her vanity, putting on her makeup, when Andrew came in wearing only boxers.

“I’ll be ready in fifteen minutes,” Christie said.

“I’m ready now,” Andrew said, as he lifted her short bathrobe and rubbed her naked butt. He wrapped his arms around her, finding her breasts under her robe and rubbed his hard cock against her.

“Sorry, sweetie, I don’t have time. I’ve got to get to the office.”

“Won’t take long,” Andrew moaned as he continued rubbing against her. He pulled down his boxers and let them fall to his ankles, and rubbed his long, hard cock against her. Christie put a large amount of lotion on her hand, then reached around and stroked his cock, hoping that a quick handjob would satisfy him.

Andrew was delirious with lust, and opened Christie’s robe for a view of her delicious titties. He pushed his dick against Christies butt, and sawed it in and out between her legs. His dick found an opening and he pushed, probing it.

“Oomph,” Christie said, as Andrews thick cock pushed against her anus.

A few in and out strokes and Andrew was able to work the head of his dick past her sphincter. The tightness of her asshole was unlike anything Andrew could ever remember feeling. As he moved his cock in and out, her asshole felt like it was pulling the sperm out of his balls. His eyelids fluttered and his knees buckled as he filled her asshole with warm, sticky sperm. He leaned against Christie for support as his balls pumped wad after wad. Finally, when he began to regain his composure, Christie put a hand-towel against her butt and he withdrew.

“No time for a shower,” she said. “We’ve got to go soon. Go get ready.”

Andrew went and dressed while Christie went into the bathroom and tried to wipe up Andrew’s cum. She put a maxi pad in her panties to catch any that would drip out, then got dressed and they left.

Christie desperately wanted to hold onto Brianna. If she wasn’t having sex with Bri, she was fantasizing about having sex with her all the time. Her young, ripe, nubile body was so perfect. Christie loved watching her as she brought her to orgasm. She knew exactly how to pleasure her, and she had taught Brianna how to bring her the same pleasure.

But she had grown weary of Andrew. He was good looking, certainly. And sometimes a hard dick was nice to have. But he wasn’t as easy to control as Bri, and Christie was ready for him to be gone, so she could enjoy Bri all to herself. She had to come up with a scheme to get rid of him.

Over the next few weeks, Christie seemed to have a lot of errands that Bri needed to run in the evenings. Christie allowed her to use her car for these tasks. One night she would send her out to re-stock the flyers in all of her listings. Another night she might have her deliver her company’s “Homes For Sale” magazines to restaurants and other businesses, or some other task. It seemed like two or three times every week, she would have to work in the evening.

Her work schedule was pretty ideal, and her responsibilities light, so it was hard to complain about a few evenings away from home. Also, Andrew had stopped being so unhappy, so there was less pressure at home, at least. But it was odd; it seemed to Brianna that she had time during the day to perform these menial tasks.

As soon as Bri left the house, Christie would seduce Andrew. He was unable to resist this sexy blond bombshell, and she did things to him that he had never experienced. Her skills with her tongue were incredible, and made him hard just thinking about it. She fucked him in every imaginable position, many that he had never thought of before. He was constantly horny thinking about this incredible fox. He had been neglecting Bri, but she hadn’t noticed.

Perhaps one of the reasons Bri hadn’t noticed is that Christie ravished her often during the day while Andrew was at work. Whenever Christie got horny, she would come up with some reason why she needed to come with her on an “appointment”. At these times, they would head straight for the house and tear off their clothes, desperate to fall into each other’s arms.

Brianna had never felt so pampered and attended to in her life. She still loved Andrew, but Andrew hadn’t yet learned how best to pleasure a woman. She loved the feel of Andrew’s thick cock filling her pussy to capacity, and felt a glow when she felt his warm cum lubricate her, knowing that she had given her man such pleasure. But for the first time in her life, she had discovered her own needs, and the means to satisfy them.

One such day, they left for the day at lunchtime, so they would have the entire afternoon to play. These were Bri’s favorite days; they didn’t happen often, as Christie was rarely able to take off a whole afternoon. They undressed and were lying in bed, hugging and caressing each other. Brianna felt like she was on fire with lust. Her bare skin felt so alive to Christie’s expert touch. Christie began to work her tongue down toward Brianna’s cunt, but Brianna pulled her up to her.

“I want to hold you and look at you,” Bri said.

She loved it when Christie made love to her with her tongue, but not today. She wanted to drink in every inch of Christie’s beautiful body with her eyes as they made love, and she wanted to feel Christie’s bare body against her. She wanted to rub and writhe against Christie, and she wanted to watch Christie as she rubbed and writhed against her. She was desperately horny.

“I want you to fill me,” Brianna said huskily.

Christie selected a double strap on dildo and lubricated one of the dildos. Brianna helped her work it into her pussy. Christie was as horny as Bri, and began moaning as Bri played with her lips, working the dildo into her pussy. She then strapped the harness around her waist and legs, then lubricated the projecting dildo. She lay between Bri’s legs and they kissed deeply as she began working it into Bri’s pussy. It took only a few thrusts to work it into her wet pussy, and they began rocking together as one. Both of them were filled with the lifelike dildos.

Christie alternated licking both of Bri’s full breasts, concentrating on her sensitive nipples. Bri raised her hips, her legs wrapped around Christie to allow greater penetration. Christie reached over and grabbed her favorite vibrator, Lily. Lily was an unusual design, sleek and smooth with a curve that fit perfectly over her mound. She put it between her legs, and as they grinded their crotches together it provided them both with clitoral stimulation.

The feel of Christie’s smooth ass as it pounded the strap on into and out of Brianna’s pussy was heaven. She could feel the muscles in her butt flex as Christie fucked her. Her tits dangled just out of reach of Bri’s tongue. She reached up and played with them, letting them rest in her palms with each nipple poking out between two fingers. Gently clamped them between her fingers, she pulled them slightly. They were very erect and long.

Christie pounded Bri’s pussy with the dildo, and the vibrator was bringing Bri close to the edge of orgasm. She panted as she could feel the impending climax. Christie grunted and groaned her orgasm, and Bri felt a rush of warmth spread from her pussy throughout her body as she crashed over the edge. Her entire body tingled as her pussy contracted repeatedly on the dildo. Christie collapsed onto Bri, and they lay in each other’s arms, not saying a word.

They put on bathrobes and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Bri couldn’t believe how much pleasure another woman could give her. Christie was smart, attractive, successful and sexy, and she loved the doting attention that Christie gave her. They lounged in bed the rest of the afternoon. After the urgency of their initial orgasm, they were able to relax and revel in each other’s bodies. Christie didn’t know exactly how many more orgasms she had, but she knew at least two more.

Christie enjoyed licking Bri’s pussy and watching her clit emerge from the folds of her thick lips. She stuffed a G-Spot vibrating dildo inside her and licked her clit, sucking it into her mouth and flicking it relentlessly with her tongue, then lapping her slit over and over. Bri had a sheet clenching orgasm at the tip of Christie’s tongue with the vibrator throbbing inside her cunt. The last orgasm of the afternoon was in the tub with Christie, where they played for over an hour.

Christie had her share of fun as well, with Bri donning the strap-on and pounding her from behind while Christie toyed her clit. Bri loved this position, as her hands were free to roam over Christie’s tits and belly as she nuzzled her neck and face. As they lay together, basking in the afterglow, Christie was thinking how much she enjoyed Bri. Reluctantly, they finally got up and dressed, as Andrew was due home soon.

One evening, when Christie had sent Bri out on errands, she decided she had spun her web and had Andrew firmly planted in it. It was time to spring her trap. She had been seducing Andrew for several weeks, and she knew he was hopelessly mesmerized. After Christie and Andrew made love, Christie’s head was on Andrew’s chest as they lay in bed. She was playing with his abs with her long fingernails, and casually asked, “What are you going to do when we have to move out?”

“I don’t know. I guess rent a place. Why? Do you want to rent a place together?”

“With you?” Christie asked excitedly. “You mean you’d be willing to live with me?”

“I meant with us. Bri and me,” Andrew said.

“Oh,” Christie said, a little dejectedly.

“What’s the matter. I thought you liked Brianna.”

“I do. I don’t like sharing you, though. I want to be the one to get to wake up next to you in the morning. I want to be your one and only.”

“It’s okay, Christie, I still love you.”

“No, it’s not okay. I’m tired of sharing you. If I can’t have all of you, I don’t want any of you. You need to decide soon. Let me know,” she said, getting up and putting on her robe. “You’d better get dressed, Brianna will be home soon.”

Andrew’s mind was reeling. He hadn’t considered this twist. He was addicted to sex with this enchantress, but he had always assumed that he would be with Bri forever. Now that he had to choose, he was having trouble thinking clearly. It ate at him for several days, and he wasn’t himself. Bri noticed, and asked him about it, but he insisted nothing was wrong.

Meanwhile, Christie had stopped giving him any attention at all, giving him a taste of what life without her would be like. He didn’t like it. The next time they were alone, he asked her, “So what if I choose you? What about Bri?”

“I’ll help her find another job. It would be too awkward having her work with me.”

“Who’ll tell her?”

“Who do you think? Just tell her you’re in love with me, and you’re leaving her. Don’t make a big deal of it, just cut it off. It’ll be a lot easier than dragging out an emotional farewell. I’ll make sure she has a job and find her a decent apartment.”

When Christie noticed one morning that Bri had been crying, she knew that Andrew had told her before leaving for work.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she asked.

“Nothing,” she said.

“Why have you been crying. Is something wrong?”

Brianna broke down and told Christie everything. Andrew had told her that he loved Christie, not her, and that he planned to leave her to live with Christie when they moved out.

Christie said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Bri. I blame myself. I never wanted this to happen. To be honest with you, the only reason I let him have sex with me was to keep him from moving out and taking you away from me. I never wanted him in the first place, and now he’s fallen for me. That’s terrible. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” she said, burying her face in her hands. “What can I do?”

Christie tried to hide her smile. This was working out perfectly.

“What would you like to have happen?” Christie asked quietly.

Bri thought silently, then said, “I like things the way they are now. I love Andrew and thought we would always be together. But I love you too. I love the way you treat me, like a little sister. And I love the way I feel when I’m with you.”

“What if you had to choose?”

“I can’t choose. But it doesn’t matter anyway, Andrew doesn’t love me anymore. He loves you.”

“But I don’t love him. Do you want to stay with me? He can go his own way. You’ll find another man. And in the meantime, I’ll take care of you.”

Bri was silent.

“Why don’t you think about it, Bri. Take the day off. I’ll come home as soon as I can. We’ll talk.”

Things were icy between Andrew and Bri for the next few days, and Bri started sleeping in Christie’s room.

Christie assured him, “It’ll just be for a while, until I can arrange to have her move out, and find her a different job. Just be strong, Andrew.”

Of course, they couldn’t have sex with Brianna around, so now Andrew was sleeping alone, and miserable.

The next time Andrew and Christie were alone, Christie said, “I’ve changed my mind, Andrew. I want you to move out. You’re too young for me, it’ll never work out. As soon as I start to get wrinkles, you’ll leave me for a younger woman. How soon can you move?”

“What? After I broke up with Brianna for you?”

“I’m sorry, Andrew. How quickly can you move?”

“I’ve got a little savings. I guess I could find something.”

“I want you to move today. I’m willing to give you a thousand dollars. That’ll pay for a hotel for a few days while you find an apartment, and still have enough left to help with the deposit. If the apartment needs a reference, you can use me. I’ll give you a good one.”

Andrew was confused and dejected, but didn’t know what else he could do. Brianna wouldn’t even speak to him. He tried to make up with her, but she refused. Now he was all alone. While he packed, Christie took Bri to the phone store and got her a new phone number, so Andrew couldn’t call her. When they got back, he was gone.

“Let’s celebrate, Bri,” Christie said as she opened a bottle of wine.

“To us,” Christie toasted. “No men allowed.”

That toast got Bri thinking. Now, with Andrew gone, she was beginning to realize how Christie had come between them. When Christie went to sleep, she slipped out of bed and called Andrew. He apologized profusely, and told Bri everything. Brianna began to realize how manipulative Christie was.

The next day Christie came back from a showing to find that Brianna was not in the office. Curious, she dialed her cell phone, but it rang in her office. Brianna had left her new cell phone behind. Under it was a letter.

“Thanks for everything. I chose Andrew, because… well, he’s got a dick.”

As Andrew drove, Brianna said, “I’m ecstatic to be moving back to our home town, but what about your job?”

“I wasn’t that happy with that job. I can find another one. And we’ve got a thousand bucks to tide us over until I do.”

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