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Girlfriend likes forced sex

Our sex life got even better after she made me take it from her...
I used to go out with this girl, she was beautiful, she was
full figured, not fat, made life fun and it was the best sex
of my life. Our sex life got even better after she made me take it from her.

For some people sex is a little dull, not for me, I love missionary
usually called vanilla sex I love the intimacy involved.
Kissing touching grabbing ass and pounding her pussy.
But I have also learned to love trust. The trust that's needed
to not go overboard and not to push the limits too far over
the line. And the trust that you can push those limits and
not be chastised.

We started kissing when she pushed me away, when I asked
what that was about she said you'd have to take it from
me. I wanted her tongue in my mouth again, I wanted to feel
her warm tongue against mine. But she wouldn’t kiss me, I
wanted her tongue, so I had to force her to kiss me, I grabbed
her, moved her head where I wanted it, started to kiss her
but she wouldn’t budge, the nerve. I had to force my way into
her mouth with my tongue, then and only then would she kiss
me. But she closed her legs, I wanted to lay in her legs as
I kissed her.

She pushed me out my naked body no longer on
hers. She fought me, making me tickle her and grab her. I
grabbed both her legs and forcefully spread them open forcing
my body into hers, but she still resisted, trying to trap
me, trying to make me give up, but my raging erection and wanting
wouldn’t let me, I forced my weight onto her body as I grabbed
her legs and moved her hips up having gravity help me penetrate,
luckily my cock entered on the first try so I thrust my hips into hers,
our bodies finally coming together the feeling of her giving up once I entered
her was awesome, then it was my turn, every time we fucked before
we always came at the same time, she had such control that she held out
and always came with me, sometimes I told her I was coming and made her
cum and I never did so she could cum again and again, then
I'd cum deep insider her pussy, this was the first girl
I'd ever fucked raw and cumming without the pressure
of the condom holding my semen in was heaven.

But this time she wanted to have all the cards so I would take
the ace away at least. I told her not to cum, and if she came I would stop
fucking her, she didn’t want that. So as I began grabbing her body and
trusting into her, licking her nipples, biting them a little I was making myself cum
faster, I wanted to cum inside her before she had a chance
to work up to it. Then I would make her suck my cock to make
me hard so she could cum, It was my turn. I stroked inside her sopping wet
pussy so deep each time cause I knew that's how she liked it and it was hard
for her not to cum. I wanted her to have to concentrate on her pussy not having
pleasure as I have to concentrate on my cock not receiving pleasure
when I'm about to break. I stroked faster and faster
in her pussy bottoming out, moving my cock while inside
her. Grabbing her ass, kissing her. I repeated for her not
to cum, then I exploded inside her, shoving my cock deeper
then before letting go and she couldn’t keep up.

She didn't get to cum, she told me she wanted to cum and I told her I wanted
to kiss her and fuck her but I had to take it. Immediately
she started sucking on my limping wet cock, pussy juice
and cum all over it she wanted to get me hard to ride my cock
to ecstasy. She grabbed my balls, licking them and sucking
on them, stroking me, sucking me, moving her finger around
my asshole. Licking it. Doing everything she could to get
me raging hard again. Finally I was hard again and wanting
to fuck but I still needed her to work for it as I had. I stood
there in a position that was hard for her to fuck me in cause
I'm taller then her by several inches and I sat on the
bed and made her fuck me there. She tried to ride me, her ass
to my face but she wasn’t tall enough, finally she had one
leg on the floor and the other on the bed straddling me, her
pussy stretched and sopping wet over my cock, sliding up
and down it.

I played with her clit and finally let her cum, when she was ready to cum I
grabbed her laid her face down on the bed and fucked her hard from the back
and she screamed cause I was hitting her g spot, it feels so good when I fuck
her laying on the bed. So I came again and so came a little
before me so when I came she came again. Her pussy could barely
handle the pleasure, she said it was too much, for her then
I came. My cock got harder and bigger and she came so hard
her legs tightened up and she screamed louder then ever.

Now she never gives it too me...
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