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Phone Tag - You’re “It”

You never know who's calling - either on the phone or not and what they have in mind.
It was not their first night together, nor their last - but it in hindsight it was closer to their last than to their first. If not yet growing away from each other they were now accustomed to each other, comfortable. They had started on the couch, kissing, touching -they might once have called it necking - and now as it often did it led them upstairs to her bedroom.

Once there she quickly removed her jeans and shirt and, wearing only a lacy, red teddy stretched out on the bed to watch him undress. He was quickly down to a t-shirt and shorts and was moving towards the bed the telephone rang.

Beth glanced up at him with a puzzled expression while reaching for the phone. “Hello?” She was answered (he could hear that much) by a female voice, “Hello, Beth? Is that you? Robert suggested I call you - I hope he’s there, too.” Glancing at him now in surprise, Beth turned her attention back to the phone and asked, “Who is this?” “My name is Leslie, Beth. I’m a friend of Robert’s and he suggested I call you, that we would enjoy talking -- especially at a moment when he would be there too.”

“So, Beth, what should we talk about? I know, you can start by telling me what you’re wearing. Personally, I dressed up especially for this call. I’m wearing my nicest, red, silk robe. And underneath that, a pair of stockings with garter belt, of course, - don’t you think that’s so much sexier than panty hose? Let’s see, then I have the tiniest, laciest g-string I own. It’s so small that you can see my patch peeking out even though I shave it down, and you can tell I’m a natural redhead. Oh, and I can feel that g-string thong pinched between the checks of my ass – but it makes up for it because the knot of fabric at the front rubs across my clit whenever I move. And of course, I’m wearing my laciest, sexiest matching bra – all of this in white,of course, since it sets off my red hair and pale complexion so well.”

As she listened, Beth’s surprise grew and she even reddened a bit - but she didn’t put the phone down. However, she did look up at him with widening eyes. She also softly told Leslie about the red lace teddy that she was wearing – and confirmed that it had laces at the front and snaps at the crotch. The voice on the phone turned to a sigh, and then Leslie said, “Well, I’m sure we can do better than that. Something Victoria’s Secret perhaps or even Frederick’s of Hollywood? At the very least.” At that point, there began a whispered conversation that Robert couldn’t hear. Then Beth got up from the bed, taking the mobile phone with her, crossing the room to a dresser, from which she removed several items, keeping them concealed from him. She then put the mobile phone back on its stand and turned on the speaker.

Robert could now clearly hear Leslie’s familiar voice as she began again, “Now Beth, you go to the middle of the room, and change your clothes just like I told you, while Robert and I chat.” Beth did as she was told, and Leslie said to Robert, “Robert, I think you will like this a lot - but then it will be your turn.” As she heard this, Beth turned to face him and began to undress slowly. She slipped first one strap and then the other from her shoulders, and then eased the teddy down enough to expose her nipples. She paused to cup her breasts in her hands and, while bending slightly towards him, her fingers began to gently tease their nipples, making them swell, and then caressed her breasts. Leslie whispered, “You were right, Robert, she has lovely breasts, and her nipples really turn me on!”

Beth blushed, her face framed by her short hair cut, but she again slid her teddy down towards her waist - before again pausing. She turned slowly away from him and bent slowly at the waist. As she did so, the bottom of her teddy pulled tightly against her ass and exposed much of it to view. He could see Beth peeking between her spreading legs, Again Leslie spoke, “Oh, she has such a beautiful ass. I don’t know if I can wait.” This further inspired his hardening cock and seemed to excite Beth whose flush could be seen spreading across her exposed flesh.

Now Beth placed a hand on each leg, near the ankle, and slowly drew each one upwards in a long caress. As she neared her waist her hands caressed her inner thighs, finally reaching the top of each leg. She then slowly stood up again and, with her back still towards him, she undid the snaps fastening her teddy closed at the crotch - with one hand. By standing up first, she permitted him only the briefest, teasing glimpse of her pussy (Leslie still managed a gasp).

Still standing with her back to him, Beth now gathered the material of the teddy up into a roll at her waist. Wearing only this band of fabric, she turned to face him - and even though he was seeing nothing he hadn’t seen before it now seemed so much more exciting. Beth then quickly dropped the rolled teddy to floor. He watched as she turned side ways to him and in silhouette began putting on stockings - red stockings. As she pulled each one tight at the top of her leg, she turned slightly to smile at him -wickedly. She then encircled her waist with a slip of red satin and lace - her garter belt - and fastened her stockings, her hands caressing each leg through the fabric as she did so. Beth again turned her back to him and, still virtually nude, bent at the waist again to pick up another handful of red fabric up from the floor. He had a full view of her shapely ass and her pussy, and could glimpse her dangling breasts as she bent over. He was riveted by the show as she did so. Leslie whispered, “Ohhh, yyeess, Beth - exactly as I told you, perfect.”

Beth carefully lifted one foot, and then the other, slightly off the floor without standing up. Robert soon caught a glimpse of red lace fabric rising up her legs and taking on the form of lace panties. As they were pulled up, Beth still bent at the waist - he could see her breasts respond to gravity and her posture. As the panties slipped into place and Beth stood up again, Robert heard Leslie’s purr, “She has such a lovely pussy, Robert, I can’t wait to taste it - and to watch your hard cock slide into it.” The comment made Robert’s eyesight blur – or was he just intoxicated at the thought – but his vision cleared at the thought of this, he saw Beth now fully erect again and facing him, her legs slightly separated (revealing the virtually transparent panties - save for a strategically placed snatch of red satin - and Beth was already almost finished putting on a red, satin bustier that fastened up the front. And she was smiling broadly, wickedly at him.

“Now Robert, it’s your turn. Stand up.” He did as Leslie said, and as he did so Beth came up to him. Hardly touching him - but with caresses when she did - she removed his t-shirt. Then, looking his straight in the eyes and again barely touching him, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and slowly lowered them. After she had eased them past his expanding cock - without looking down -Leslie said, “Oh, look at that, and the tip is already wet with dew.” Beth went down slowly to her knees, pushing his briefs all the way to the floor.

“Not yet, Beth,” said Leslie, “Pick up your teddy and remember what we agreed.” Beth picked up the roll of fabric from off the floor and went behind him. “No, Robert,” Leslie said firmly and quickly, “You stay where you are.” He could sense her behind him - or imagined that he could, and his imagination would not stop there. He saw the material pass before his eyes and they quickly closed as the material pressed against them. As Beth adjusted his “blindfold” he realized he could detect her scent on the fabric and that her pussy had already been wet before she took it off.

“Now, Robert, I think you will like this next part. Beth is going to use her tongue ever so lightly to catch a taste of that dew at the tip of your cock.” His senses of hearing and touch almost tingled at the anticipation of what he could no longer see. “Robert, Beth is going to slowly swallow your cock - I can see that it’s getting even harder. Can you feel her lips and tongue - I can’t wait until it’s my turn!” Just before he was completely overwhelmed by the sensation, his cock was freed, and now Beth said, “Put your hand on my shoulder and then lift your left foot - and now your right.” He felt fabric scrape the skin of his legs as she pulled something around his feet and upwards.

As Beth lifted the material higher, he heard Leslie again, “Robert, this isn’t quite your normal attire - unless you’ve been keeping secrets - but we had to improvise something from Beth’s wardrobe for you. But the affect is stunning - isn’t it, Beth?” “Hum, yes,” he heard, and as if to prove her sincerity, Beth lightly flicked her tongue at the end of his cock - before finally pulling the material up to his waist and releasing it. He realized he was wearing a pair of Beth’s own panties - or perhaps scanties, as they were little more than a g-string and he could feel that they barely covered his now fully erect dick. As his blindfold was removed and he could now see also that they were red.

“Now, Beth, I want you to go over to the bed and lie down. I’m going to have some fun. Robert, you sit over there where you will have a good view of the bed, and Beth and I will have a good view of you and that big dick of yours. But first, go to Beth’s wardrobe and pick out a scarf, and then blindfold her. That’s very good.”

Now blindfolded, Beth reclined on the bed, lying back on some pillows so that Robert from where he sat could see along the length of her body - from the stocking clad toes, the scantily covered loins and waist, her full breasts, to her lips just below the blindfold. His cock reacted accordingly.

Leslie spoke again, but now to Beth, “First, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do, Beth, and then what you will do. Remember, Robert will be watching and I may let him join us - later. I want to start by kissing your lips very softly - you will feel just my lips lightly on yours, at first, then more firmly - and then maybe even a bit of tongue. While we’re kissing, I want you to take your hands and play with your breasts, tease your nipples, whatever feels good - I’ll even let you lower your bra cups but you may not take off your bra. Now, we begin.”

Beth’s hands slowly moved up to her breasts and at first gently began to squeeze and hold them, caressing them through their covering fabric. After a while, her fingers begin to slip into the cups and then completely freed her nipples as she teased them into swelling. She would occasionally wet her fingers at her lips. Soon, the rest of her body began to move in clear response to the sensations she was creating. As she gently writhed on the bed, Robert could see her bare breasts, and the small damp spot on her panties especially as Beth’s legs began to move together and apart.

“That feels nice doesn’t it Beth? Your breasts are beautiful, and so delicious. I’d love to lick them all over and swallow your big nipples. Then I’d start all over again. But I want you to move your hands away now and slip just one finger of each hand into that wet pussy peeking out of your panties. Use your fingers to show it to Robert, and show him how wet you are.”

Beth’s left hand moved, almost reluctantly, from her breast to her waist, and then halted. On the way it caressed her skin before slipping into the hair barely covered by the fabric of her g-string. Her right hand went all the way down her stomach, briefly teasing at the curly, reddish hair before moving between her thighs. Robert watched enthralled as she took just one finger and slipped it under the fabric covering her pussy. It slipped further and further out of sight as it clearly moved along the folds of her pussy, teased at her clit, and then entered her hole and disappeared completely. For amount she was completely still as her thighs held her hand in its moist secret prison, and then her left hand began to move.

As her left hand started to caress and squeeze her breasts, Beth’s right hand began to increase its movements and pace, as she clearly became more excited. Leslie, noticing, said, “Not yet, Beth, stop that! I want you to remove your left hand and show us how wet you are - and, if you promise to be good, I’ll let you and Robert have a taste.”

Beth’s hand moved away, shining beneath the juices from her pussy, “All right, Beth, since you’re blindfolded, you’ll have to use your senses to smell and taste to appreciate just how delicious your pussy is.” The hand went to Beth’s lips and she began to suck on her fingers. Robert’s cock hardened further as he watched the tongue he knew so well in action.

“Now, Robert, I want you to come over here - umm, that outfit is sexy on you.” As Robert got up his cock was just barely restrained by the wisp of fabric, and the threat of such exposure made it even harder and uncontrollable. “Beth, I want you to show Robert how wet your pussy is.” Responding, Beth’s hand returned to between her legs and pulled the wisp of fabric away from her secret place. “Robert, look at that gorgeous sight - now don’t touch, just keep your hands to yourself - though come to think of it, don’t touch there either. Beth, that’s perfect, but spread your legs wider and use both hands to show Robert how wet and ready you are for him. But first, you have permission to play with it a while longer since Robert isn’t allowed to yet.” Beth’s hands began to softly stroke, fingers slipping between the wet folds and lips - sometimes pausing to tease or tickle her clit - and sometimes to slip a finger or two inside the dampness. Soon Beth’s pleasure at her own touch was evident.

“Hmm, Robert, we had better find something for you to do before this becomes too exciting for you. I want you to finish undressing Beth, leaving just the stockings and garter belt. Start with the bustier, and make sure to let Beth know while you do this how much you enjoy her breasts and her body.”

Robert moved to one side of the bed where he could reach the fasteners on the bright red lingerie. As his hands began to work, his tongue and lips addressed Beth’s swollen and exposed nipples. Soon she was uncovered from the waist upwards, and while Robert caressed and kissed her beasts, Beth’s panties grew ever damper while her hands continued to stroke, tease, and caress the warm, wet place between her legs. Then Leslie instructed Robert to help the still blindfolded Beth up from the bed, and down again on her knees. “Now, Beth, Robert is standing in front of you, and I want you to find his cock.”

As soon as she had done so, Beth was at his dick with her lips and tongue even through the slip of material of her panties he was wearing. “That’s right, Beth, make love to that beautiful cock! But take those panties off of Robert and make him naked for us.” As soon as Leslie spoke, it was so, and Robert felt eager hands grasp his dick as Beth’s lips and tongue attacked its already wet tip. Soon this was between Beth’s lips in a big wet kiss, and then gently sucking as it slipped in and out between her lips - her tongue teasing at it all the while.

Several times Beth took it again in her hands and then tongued it lightly all up and down the length of his shaft. As Robert watched, helplessly, he could no more control his response to her attentions - even had he wanted to do so. Finally, as Beth released his cock from her mouth, teasing its tip again with her tongue, her last flick around the tip caused an explosion.

“Ohh, Beth, for that you do deserve a reward!” cried Leslie, “Robert, help Beth back to the bed.” As Beth lay back on the bed, Leslie directed Robert to the space between her legs and described step by step for both of them what he was to do - and as he did it. It began with a soft, wet kiss over Beth’s navel, a slight “inny,” thrusting into its opening with his tongue. Slowly and gently, Robert’s kisses moved downward as did his caresses, past her wwaistt and toward that secret no longer a mystery. As Leslie directed him, he removed Beth’s panties, slowly sliding them down her legs while moving his kisses behind them to the triangle of tangled, curly, and now slightly sticky hair. Finally, Beth’s pussy lay naked before them, though she was still blindfolded and wearing the garter belt and stockings.

Robert’s cock couldn’t help but respond even after Beth’s ministrations, as he spread her legs wider and moved his tongue towards her pussy. Leslie continued her commentary, instructions, and encouragement as Robert began to attend to Beth’s clit, the swelling lips around it, and the entire sensitive surface of her pussy. He inserted his tongue tentatively inside, while Beth made clear her enjoyment verbally and otherwise, encouraging and begging him “to eat my pussy!” The growing intensity even affected Leslie, who suggested a change.

“Robert, let’s open Beth’s toy chest, let’s see what’s in it.” Beth exhaled in surprise but was then still as they explored its contents - one dildo, a harness, vibrator, butterfly vibrator, cock rings, bonwa balls, condoms including “French ticklers,’ as well as creams, lotions, etc. Leslie told Robert to get out the vibrators and straps. “What fun,” said Leslie, as Robert following her instructions fastened Beth to her bed. “Now, Robert, have you ever used a vibrator? Well, first take some of that jelly there and cover its tip with it. Now turn it on and gently touch Beth’s breasts and her nipples - very lightly. Now work towards her pussy, but don’t hurry. You will want to be gentle with her pussy and her clit. I don’t want you to fuck her with it, even if Beth does, don’t you, Beth?”

Beth quietly answered, “yes” to the question. Clearly anticipation was building for Beth’s hips were thrusting toward the vibrator and pressing against his hand as he approached her pussy. Suddenly, Beth came and Robert’s hand was covered in her cum.

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