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Private Sex Stories Alternate ending # 3

Dan wants Cindy to take another love while he watches; or does he?
Since their experiences at the parties they had attended, Dan and Cindy’s sex life was more active than ever, and more imaginative. Cindy had learned the full measure of the pleasure she could receive at the hands of her man, and with her new, yet growing collection of sex toys. Dan was constantly encouraging her to explore more, to push the envelope just a little further. He had bought her a collection of slutty outfits and loved taking her out in public to expose her. Cindy had never realized how arousing it could be to exhibit her body for strangers. He even encouraged her to take another lover while he watched. She drew the line there, not wanting to risk her marriage.

But it didn’t stop her from daydreaming about it. When she did, it was invariably Larry who turned up in those daydreams. She had met Larry when she was invited to a girl’s bunko game at Nancy’s house. All the girls there, except for Cindy, were dominatrices who practiced tease and denial, and were waited on by their submissive men. Dan had elected not to attend. Cindy hadn’t known beforehand that the husband of the winner of each round of bunko would remove an item of clothing, and the one that lost all their clothing first would get to squirt for the amusement of the ladies. When she found out, she wanted to leave but was embarrassed to make a scene, so she stayed, against her better judgment.

Tina had won the game, meaning her husband Larry was the lucky male. Larry was a former competitive body builder. He was huge, about 6’5” with a slim waist and muscular body. He had had all the hair on his body removed by laser, and he was stunningly gorgeous. The ladies all agreed that they had never seen a larger package than Larry’s; his scrotum was the size of a grapefruit and his dick was huge.

Knowing full well it was wrong, Cindy was nonetheless unable to resist touching it at the encouragement of all the other ladies, who were stroking his balls and dick to orgasm. She couldn’t even wrap her small hand around it, it was so thick. She looked at Larry, who was staring right into her eyes, blushed furiously and quickly looked away as his huge dick began spasming. Several wads of cum spewed onto his chest and stomach, then a thick stream of warm, sticky goo oozed out of his cock.

In her daydreams, she would be caressing his fabulous body as he worked that thick cock into her, practically splitting her in half. She stuffed one vibrator in her pussy, imagining it to be Larry’s dick, while using another to stimulate her clit. As she approached her orgasm, she would relive the experience of Larry’s cum oozing over her hand as she held his dick. While she thought of his beautiful body often, especially when she masturbated, she had no desire to do anything in real life that would threaten her marriage. Besides, she greatly doubted that there was any possibility that even the head would be able to fit into her small, tight pussy.

Dan was constantly asking her about her fantasies, specifically whether she fantasized about having sex with other men. He knew how aroused she got when they exhibited her in public places, wearing one of her slut outfits. They had even allowed some of the men to touch her, and once one of the men had fingered her to orgasm.

Dan never dreamed that his fantasy of watching Cindy have sex with one of the men would come true. For that matter, he was uncertain whether he wanted it to come true, but it turned him on to think about it and talk about it.

After their nights out displaying Cindy’s body, they always got so horny they barely got in the door before ripping each other’s clothes off. One such night, Dan was behind Cindy, stroking her with his cock as he played with her clit with a vibrator. Every time she got close, he would stop pumping her and take the vibrator from her clit, drawing out her orgasm. She grimaced in frustration and moaned each time he did this, but knew that in the end it would result in a much more intense climax. As he waited for her to come down from the edge of orgasm, he would taunt her.

“Does baby want to have her little vibrator on her clit, so she can cum? Did baby get horny tonight, showing off her little titties to all those strangers? Did baby want that man in the bar that was touching her to play with her clit and make her wiggle? Was baby thinking how good it would feel to let him fuck her?”

After they had both climaxed and were lying together, Dan asked her, “So if you did fuck someone else, would you want it to be a stranger we met when we exhibited you, or someone you already know?”

“I don’t want anyone else,” Cindy insisted, as she had a thousand times before.

“But if you did, would it be with a stranger or someone you know.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want it to be a stranger,” she said.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she knew she would regret them. She knew that with this opening, Dan would never stop bugging her about which of their friends she would want.

“Ah, so there is someone ‘special’.”

“No, I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to have sex with a stranger.”

“Who do you know that you’d like to have sex with most?”

“Nobody. Drop it.”

But Dan wouldn’t drop it. Every day he bugged her, bringing up every friend they had, asking her if she fantasized about fucking them. He finally wore her down until she admitted that sometimes she thought about Larry when she masturbated. Then she admitted the details of Nancy’s bunko party, and asked Dan’s forgiveness for not telling him. That little lie had been nagging at her ever since that night, so she was glad to get it off her chest.

Dan forgave her, and asked her for details. He got very aroused when she described the party and told him about the men removing their clothes. When she told him that at the end, Larry had laid on a coffee table while the women jerked him off, he immediately pulled out his rock hard dick and asked Cindy to masturbate him as he lay on the coffee table.

Knowing how fragile a man’s ego could be, Cindy never told Dan was how physically fit he was and how large his package was. Despite assuring Dan that it was purely fantasy and she would never want to have another man, he continued to press her to ask Tina’s permission for Larry to fuck her while they watched.

“I will not ask a woman who I’ve met one time in my life if I can fuck her husband. She’s practically a stranger to me. I can’t imagine why she’d want to let her husband fuck around, and I can’t imagine why you’d want your wife to. And I don’t want to. So that’s the end of it. Drop it.”

Even though Cindy had only met Tina once in person, at Nancy’s bunko party, they were both regulars on Nancy’s blogsite, which posted stories, pictures, videos and chat forums about their unusual female dominant lifestyle. Cindy mostly enjoyed chatting with Nancy and the other women she had met, but also had mild interest in the pictures, videos and stories. Nancy’s blog was specifically about male chastity, so most of the images were of men being dominated by their females, many times while wearing chastity devices that fit over the cock and prevented the man from being able to stimulate himself.

Most of the women only allowed members who had friended them to see their videos. Cindy had friended all the women she met at Nancy’s bunko party, so she was able to see videos that Tina had made dominating Larry. In these videos, Larry was usually handcuffed, and Tina would remove his cock lock to tease him. When Cindy was alone in the house and knew that Dan wouldn’t be home soon, she sometimes watched those videos while masturbating.

During one such session, while watching one of those videos, Tina sent Cindy an on-line message.

“Hey, girl. Saw you on my profile page. How’s it going?”

“Hi Tina. Just checking out new posts.”

“See anything you like? Ha Ha.”

“Not sayin. LOL.”

“You should come over sometime and watch us make a video. Or maybe you could even be in one.”

“Funny you should mention that. Dan was suggesting the same thing.”

Tina questioned her and Cindy told her that Dan had told her he wanted to watch her with another man.

“But I would never do that,” Cindy declared.

“Why not? If that’s what he wants, why not have a little fun?”

“First, that’s probably not what he really wants. He likes talking about it and fantasizing about it, but I don’t think most men would be able to live with that. Secondly, I don’t want to. I love my husband, and don’t want anything to undermine our marriage.”

“Well, think about it. I might allow it, especially if I got to participate or watch. See ya.”

Cindy did think about it. Especially while she finished bringing herself to a tremendous climax. She could think about little else over the following days. Every time Dan entered her, she fantasized about Larry entering her. When she was alone, she dreamed of being held in those muscular arms.

Meanwhile, Dan kept pressing her to allow him to watch her with another man. Finally one night she asked him, “Are you really sure that’s what you want?”

“Certain,” Dan said.

His heart raced as he understood the impact of that question. He was far from certain he would enjoy watching his wife being taken by another man. Still, somehow the thought of watching that aroused him like nothing else.

“Why, are you ready?”

“If you’re sure that’s what you really want, I guess so.”

Neither of them were sure, and both extremely nervous when the night that Cindy had arranged with Tina finally arrived. Cindy took a long bath in scented bath salts and put on some lacey, skimpy panties and one of the slutty outfits Dan had bought her. She wore a micro skirt that barely covered her panties, and a halter top with no bra. You could clearly make out her little titties bouncing under the fabric, and if she leaned over the slightest bit they were on display for anyone to see. This was one of Dan’s favorite outfits, always sure to make her the center of attention. Dan whistled his approval, and they left. Both of them were so nervous they couldn’t even carry on a conversation on the way over.

Tina saw them in, barely acknowledging Dan’s presences. Like most dominatrices, she had little use for unrestrained men who didn’t know their place. She asked Cindy to sit as she escorted Dan to the back of the house. They entered a large room which had previously been a patio before they enclosed it. It had no windows and looked to be part workout room and part dungeon. The room had manacles attached to the walls and ceiling for restraint. The floor was tile with thick workout mats, and a massage table in the corner.

“Are you looking forward to this?” Tina asked him.

“Yeah,” Dan said, his heart racing.

“Well, I’m going to make sure you get a good view, but you’re not going to be free to interfere. So if this is what you really want, you’re going to do things my way. Got it?”

“Okay,” Dan said nervously.

“Take off your shirt.”

“Wh-why,” he stammered.

“Everybody’s going to be naked. Take off your shirt.”

Dan complied, beginning to wonder if there was going to be something in it for him as well. Dan hadn’t considered the double bonus of being able to see Tina naked, or maybe even more. She was red hot, with a beautiful face and voluptuous body.

Tina handcuffed his hands together, then attached the handcuffs to one of the manacles hanging from the ceiling. In this position he was helpless, with his hands above his head.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“Would you shut the fuck up? I told you, I don’t want you interfering when you have second thoughts. Capish?”

“I guess so,” he said, beginning to have misgivings about this rude bitch.

“And just to make sure, here’s a little something to chew on.”

She put a rubber ball in his mouth that had two attached rubber straps with Velcro on the ends, and fastened the straps around his head to keep the gag in his mouth. She then removed his shoes and socks and took off his pants and underwear. He was completely naked, bound and gagged. He felt humiliated and his penis shriveled to nothing. She looked at it and smirked, then left the room.

Tina got Cindy a glass of wine and they sat on the couch. Cindy was so nervous she could hardly drink it without spilling it. Her mind raced and she had trouble following Tina’s conversation. Finally Tina took the glass from her, set it on the table and asked her, “Are you nervous?”

“Yes. I don’t think I can go through with this.”

Cindy was almost ready to cry. Tina hugged her and said, “You don’t have to, Cindy. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Just relax.”

Cindy felt relieved and was finally able to smile. They finished their glass of wine, then a second one.

“Tell you what, Cindy. Why don’t you just let Larry give you a massage? Dan will get to see another man touching you. And you’ll get a great massage. Everybody wins. Would that be okay?”

“Yeah, that would work,” Cindy said.

She could just lay there and enjoy a massage, and sneak a peek of Larry’s magnificent body from time to time. Maybe that would satisfy Dan and that would be the end of it. It was a perfect idea.

Cindy had drunk almost half a bottle of wine. She was so petite, that was a lot for her, so she was able to relax somewhat. She had to tinkle, then she followed Tina into the workout room. Tina had turned off the lights and lit candles that were set on tables near the massage table, which had been moved out of the corner. Her eyes, unaccustomed to the dark, could just make out Dan standing on the far side of the room. She felt relieved that Dan would be there to make sure things didn’t get crazy.

Tina told her to take off her clothes and lie on the table, and she would cover her with the sheet. Cindy hesitated, and Tina told her she could leave on her panties if she wanted. Cindy felt awkward and a little embarrassed getting undressed in front of Tina.

“Relax,” Tina said. “I’ll take off my clothes too, so you won’t be the lone ranger.”

As Tina stripped off her clothing, Cindy dropped her skirt and took off her halter top, blushing furiously. Cindy was very petite. Her breasts were very small, barely an A cup. Her nipples, exposed to the cool air, began to stiffen. There was no question she was beautiful, with flawless skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. But she had always been self-conscious about her slim, boyish figure. It didn’t help that Dan always ogled large breasted women.

Larry had been a competitive body builder when Tina met him, and she had decided to work on sculpting her body. She entered a couple of competitions, but never got into it to the extent that Larry had. She still lifted weights regularly and had a very tight body with a slim waist. Her full, ripe breasts were very firm, and the nipples stood high and pointed straight ahead. At almost six feet tall, she was a stunning sight. Her perfect, hourglass figure caught the attention of every male she encountered

It certainly caught Dan’s attention. He had been standing for thirty minutes, and was becoming stiff and uncomfortable. But when the girls stripped, he was just stiff. His cock pointed straight up, tall and proud, and he was hopeful that this beautiful, buxom bitch would attend to him. He fantasized about burying his head between her large tits while pounding her with his hard cock.

“Lie down on the table, Cindy, and I’ll go get Larry.”

Cindy lay on her stomach, and there was a headpiece with a cutout for her face so she could rest her head on the pad and still be able to breathe easily. Tina covered her with a sheet and left the room.

When Tina left to get Larry, Dan’s heart sank into his stomach and his heart raced. “Was she really going to go through with it?” When he saw Larry enter the room, he couldn’t believe that he had encouraged Cindy to let this mountain of a man have her. He tried to scream, but the gag permitted only a muffled sound, easily drowned out by the relaxation music playing on the stereo. “No, No, No, Cindy. Don’t do it,” he thought to himself. He was feeling panic, and wanted this nightmare to end. “Why, why, why did I start this?”

“Hello, Cindy,” Larry said, as he entered the room. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Hello, Larry,” Cindy said, turning her face to him. “I’m surprised you remember me.”

“Oh, I remember you,” he said with a smile and a wink.

Cindy blushed with embarrassment and turned her head back down. He was gorgeous. He came in wearing only a pair of gym shorts. It was obvious that Tina had removed his cock lock, as Cindy could make out the outline of his long, thick dick under his shorts when she stole sidelong glances his way. The thought of having this hunk touch her made Cindy wet with anticipation. Her heart raced as she waited for his touch.

“Why don’t you pump up first, sweetie?” Tina asked. Then, turning to Cindy, she said “He always looks much better pumped up.”

Cindy watched as Larry picked up two large dumbbells and began pumping them, while Tina applied oil all over his body from a spray bottle. As he continued to pump, his muscles popped; first his biceps and triceps, then his lats. He worked different muscle groups until his whole body seemed pumped up. His oiled-up body glistened in the candlelight. He had had all the hair on his body removed by laser when competing, so there was nothing hiding his gorgeous, chiseled body. If this was what he looked like years after discontinuing competitive body building, she couldn’t imagine what he looked like while competing.

Cindy fantasized about running her hands over his slick, hard body, fishing his large dick out of his shorts, and her face flushed bright red. She felt slightly dizzy, with a combination of lust and shyness, and her heart continued to pound rapidly.

Larry set down the weights and approached Cindy. She turned her head back into the pad and waited for him. He turned down the sheet only far enough to expose Cindy’s back. She trembled as he put some oil in his hands and rubbed them together. Cindy was surprised how warm the oil was; it had been in a plug-in oil warmer. He gently rubbed his thumbs down on either side of her spine from her neck to her lower back, then spread his hands out to her sides and brought them back up, starting all over again. His palms were huge, but he was very gentle.

Tina went over behind Dan and put her arms around him, hefting his balls in her hands. His dick was fully erect, pointing straight up. He was on fire with arousal, watching this behemoth touching his nearly naked wife, even though he was trembling with the fear that he would fuck her. He had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he watched, but he couldn’t turn away.

“How are you enjoying the show, cowboy?” she asked him.

Dan just shook his head vigorously.

“You sure?” she asked teasingly. “But it’s only just begun. The good part is yet to come. You’ll see.”

She squeezed his balls, making Dan wince and tears come to his eyes.

“I’ll be back to check up on you.”

She sat on a chair near the massage table and watched intently as her husband stroked the delectable, petite blonde. She was very aroused watching them. Ever since Cindy had told her that Dan wanted to watch her with Larry, Tina had fantasized about making love to Cindy. She was very much into men, and had never slept with a woman, but somehow the thought of dominating this beautiful, petite young girl aroused her as she had never been aroused before. Now that she was here, almost naked, in front of her, she wanted nothing more than to drive her strap on dildo into her. She resolved that somehow, she would come to dominate this girl, making her pleasure her whenever she wanted. She just had to figure out a way to control the dumbass of a husband she had.

As Larry gradually increased his pressure on Cindy’s back, he began to penetrate deeper into her muscles, increasing the flow of blood to them. Her body was totally relaxed as he found aches that Cindy didn’t even know she had.

He replaced the sheet covering Cindy, leaving only an arm exposed, and proceeded to work his way from her palm to her shoulder, working deeply into her tissue. Then he worked on the other arm. Finally, he replaced the sheet covering her upper body and started on her lower body.

He folded the sheet back, exposing one leg. As Cindy felt the rush of cool air on her leg, she could tell that her pussy was wet. The sheet barely covered her panties. Part of her was embarrassed at how wet she was, and hoped that Larry wouldn’t realize, and part of her wished he would rip off the tiny strip of lacy fabric that covered her nudity and ram his big dick into her pussy.

He started on her foot, massaging each toe, then working her instep and heel. It felt so good. He flexed her foot up and down while massaging her calf. He worked his way up her leg, bending her knee and working her entire calf, then proceeding up her thigh. His huge palms were almost able to encircle her whole thigh, allowing him to work deeply into her tissue without pinching.

When he reached the top of her thigh, his hands were less than an inch from Cindy’s pussy. As he worked her glutes, Cindy was so horny she was actually moaning without realizing it. Her legs involuntary spread slightly and she arched her back, slightly lifting her pussy off the table. It certainly didn’t escape Larry’s notice.

Larry’s cock was hard as a rock as he touched another woman for the first time since he had met Tina nine years ago. This young girl was nothing like his wife. She was petite, fair haired and had flawless peaches and cream colored skin. She was beautiful, and Larry desperately wanted to strip off his shorts and sink his dick into her pussy. The end of his dick poked up almost past his waistband and tented the material away from his body, but Cindy didn’t notice as her face was turned into the head-rest.

When Larry finished one leg, he gently re-covered it with the sheet and walked around the table, uncovering her other leg. As he switched sides, Cindy stole a glance at him and noticed his huge dick straining his shorts. She stared, mesmerized, looking at the huge bulge in his shorts. She couldn’t help reaching out and squeezing it through his shorts. Larry’s knees buckled slightly and he moaned.

Tina came up behind Larry and slid down his shorts. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

“That’s better, isn’t it, Cindy?” Tina asked.

Cindy buried her face in the head rest and didn’t say anything.

Tina said, “Do you like it?”

Cindy just nodded her head, embarrassed.

“Here, feel it,” Tina said, taking Cindy’s hand and putting it under Larry’s huge sac. Cindy hefted the weight of his balls in her hand, then quickly moved her arm back to her side.

As before, Larry worked his way from her toes up to her butt, taking his time with each muscle group. He had been working on her for over half an hour, and had worked up a sweat. He wiped his brow with a towel often. The massage felt great, but Cindy was anything but relaxed. She was more aroused than she could ever remember, and she felt like she was having an anxiety attack, thinking about this man splitting her in half with his huge slab of meat. Her heart was pounding rapidly. She couldn’t get the image of his hairless sac and huge dick out of her mind. As he continued up her thigh, working on her butt, she desperately wanted him to touch her pussy.

Once again, as he worked on her glutes, fractions of an inch from her pussy, she involuntarily spread her legs slightly and arched her back, raising her butt. Larry put his hand between her legs and cupped her mound, squeezing it gently.

“Uhhhhhmmm,” Cindy sighed, a very long and loud moan. She hadn’t been prepared for his touch, as badly as she wanted it, and it felt like electricity pulsed from her pussy throughout her body. She desperately wanted his finger in her pussy and another on her clit. Tina oiled her hands and reached under Cindy, clamping her stiff nipples between her fingers, as Larry gave her mound another squeeze. Cindy’s ultra-sensitive nipples stiffened even more, and her small breasts were full of goose bumps.

Larry covered her body back up with the sheet and asked Cindy to turn over on her back. As she did so, she drank in the sight of his naked body with her eyes. He covered her eyes with a hand towel, then turned down the sheet, exposing her upper body. She hadn’t intended exposing herself, but she said nothing as Larry bared her breasts.

Dan glared, unable to do anything, as this big palooka exposed his wife. Tina went back over to him and said, “Still enjoying the show, chief?”

Dan once again vigorously shook his head.

“Are you sure?” Tina said, staring at his crotch.

Dan followed her look down and saw that his dick was at its hardest. He desperately wanted to do something to make this man stop before he took advantage of his wife, but at the same time he couldn’t deny he was incredibly aroused.

“You’re just mad because you’re being left out. I can take care of that.”

Dan’s heart skipped as he dared imagine that this beautiful Amazon was going to service him. He imagined those large, firm breasts jiggling as she straddled him and rode him. Tina got her harness off a table and attached a double ended dildo to it. She worked one end into her pussy as she put on the harness.

Coming up behind Dan, she reached around and hefted his sac. Dan winced as he remembered the last time she touched him there, but this time she was gentle. She liberally lubricated the dildo and began working it into Dan’s butt. Dan instinctively clenched his cheeks together and pulled away, but she reassured him.

“Relax, cowboy,” she said gently. “It’ll feel good when it’s in. Just take it easy.”

Tina reached around and squeezed Dan’s dick. After being in a near constant state of extreme arousal for over an hour, Dan almost lost his load immediately. His knees buckled and he relaxed his butt cheeks. Tina slipped the dildo between his cheeks. As she slowly pumped it in and out of Dan’s butt, it rubbed against his prostate. That felt incredibly good. He bent at the waist slightly, allowing Tina easier access. Tina cupped his balls and gently rubbed them as she fucked him from behind. A small stream of pre-cum oozed out as she continued rubbing his prostate with the dildo. Dan had never had his prostate manipulated, and it felt wonderful.

Every time she pushed into Dan, the dildo inside Tina’s pussy would penetrate deeper, giving her the feeling of having a dick penetrate her, in and out. When it penetrated her fully, her clit rubbed against the collar separating the two dildos, and gave her intense pleasure. She wore the harness a little loose so that the dildo had more room to move in and out. Dominating a strange man had her more excited than she had been in years. She and Larry had been together for years, so while she preferred him, it was exciting to dominate this stranger. She was already extremely horny from watching Cindy, who she secretly lusted after.

Larry spread oil over Cindy’s chest and torso and rubbed her, avoiding her breasts. Every time his hands got close, he would veer off. It was driving Cindy mad with desire. She wanted nothing more than for this hunk to cup her breasts and take her nipples into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. Just thinking about it made them even stiffer.

Larry stared lasciviously at her breasts. Her cute little titties were topped by hard, pink nipples. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. When he finished rubbing her upper body, he covered her back up and moved to her legs. He lifted the sheet, exposing her legs up to the bottom of her panties and began rubbing oil all over her. As he got to her thighs, she allowed her legs to spread, bent at the knees.

As he neared her panties, she felt that her panties surely must be soaked with her arousal. Feeling a rush of cool air on her pussy, she knew that Larry had moved the sheet very near her panties. She wondered if he could see her panties, or if he could smell her musk. She opened her eyes, trying to see him, but the towel prevented it. She spread her legs ever so slightly further apart. “What if he touches me there?” she thought. Her pussy ached to be rubbed, and she thrilled at the idea of another man touching her down there.

Larry took one of her legs in both hands and lifted it, bending it back toward her chest to get a deep stretch of her hamstring while massaging the ligaments in her groin and glutes. The deep stretch and the deep massage felt heavenly, and the close proximity of his hands to her crotch was titillating. When he finished with one leg, he covered it with the sheet, then went to the other side and did the same with the other leg. There was no way he didn’t have an unobstructed view of her lacy, black panties. She wondered if he liked what he saw. Was he still hard?

Cindy lifted the towel enough to see. Larry was staring at her panty covered pussy as he stretched and massaged her leg. His circumcised dick was so hard it had a slight curve. It was massive. Tina was a large girl, but Cindy couldn’t imagine how any woman could take that piece of meat. She desperately wanted to reach out and touch it, to wrap her hand around it. She wanted to see it spray again, to feel his warm sperm on her hand. The urge to grab his dick was almost as overpowering as the throbbing need in her pussy.

Finally, the massage was done, and Larry toweled off the sweat from his brow and the oil from his hands. Tina came over and put her hand on Cindy’s shoulder and asked, “Well?”

“It was fantastic,” Cindy answered.

“Feel like returning the favor?”

“What do you mean?”

“Looks to me like Larry could use a rubbing himself,” Tina said, looking down at his groin.

Cindy blushed and looked away, right into Larry’s gaze. He was staring into her eyes.

“How about it, Cindy?” he asked.

Cindy stammered. “I..I..I don’t know,” as she blushed a crimson red.

Larry laid down on one of the exercise mats, his dick sticking up high in the air. Tina helped Cindy off the table and over to the mat.

“Dan wanted to watch you with another man. It won’t hurt to touch him a little,” Tina said. “Go ahead. It’ll be fun.”

Cindy felt self-conscious dressed only in her panties and with her breasts exposed to Larry. But she was fascinated by his body. He was so beautiful, and his dick so large. “It must be over twelve inches long,” she thought. “And so thick.”

She knelt on the mat next to Larry, not sure whether to sit or remain on her knees. She didn’t know what to do with her hands. Tina sat on the other side of Larry, watching, her legs crossed in front of her.

“Poor Larry hasn’t gotten to cum in over a week,” Tina said. She frequently practiced tease and denial on Larry, sometimes bringing him to the brink of an orgasm many times, then making him put his cock lock back on.

Cindy shyly put one hand under Larry’s scrotum, letting the weight of his sac and balls rest in her palm. His sac was huge, the size of a softball. He groaned quietly and his legs reflexively spread, his knees bending and falling apart to the sides. One of his legs rested against Cindy’s thigh. Her skin was on fire where his leg touched her.

She lightly wrapped the other hand around his dick, about halfway up the shaft. Her small hand only went a little over half way around the circumference of his huge rod. She was sure she could feel his pulse in his engorged cock. She moved her hand down closer to the base of his shaft, where it was impossibly thick.

She was certain no woman could take the length of his shaft. Not just because of the length, but because it was so thick at the base. She fantasized about that beautiful cock pumping in her cunt, spewing its warm load into her.

Dan couldn’t believe his eyes. His sweet, shy little wife was caressing the dick of this huge, strange man while sitting in front of him with nothing but a skimpy pair of panties. “No, No, No, don’t do it, Cindy!” he thought, over and over. He was still intensely erect, even though Tina had milked what seemed like a full load of pre-cum out of him.

Tina poured massage oil liberally over Larry’s cock and Cindy’s hand. The warm oil seemed to inflame his cock even more. Cindy felt like his dick was throbbing in her hand. She didn’t squeeze too hard, not wanting it to erupt immediately. Her hand glided over his skin with all the oil. She spread it over his entire dick, playing with the rubbery head, then spread it all over his balls. The sac, which had begun soft and pliable, had now contracted and felt leathery. Tina poured more oil on his sac as Cindy continued to caress it.

Larry groaned, his head rolling from side to side. He had worked long and hard over the years on the ability to control his climaxes; Tina had made sure of that. The punishment for having an orgasm without Tina’s permission was not something that Larry enjoyed, so it happened extremely rarely. So though he was really enjoying getting to see this beautiful woman playing with his genitals, he wasn’t yet close to a climax. He only hoped that Tina would allow him to cum, but knew that if he asked, the answer would be no. He just had to wait to find out. That was part of the excitement.

“Why don’t you rub it with your pussy?” Tina asked.

Cindy had been thinking of exactly that, but was too scared to do so. “Still, I guess it wouldn’t hurt, since I have panties on,” she thought. So she swung one leg over Larry’s abdomen and straddled him, one knee on each side, her pussy inches from his bobbing dick. She reached down and held his dick in place while she positioned it against the crotch of her panties and began rubbing her crotch up and down the length of Larry’s dick. The oil soaked into her panties and allowed them to slide easily over Larry’s slippery cock.

Cindy’s little titties dangled in front of Larry’s eyes, jiggling as she slid up and down his shaft. He had been waiting for this since the first time he saw her. He still couldn’t believe his dominating wife was allowing him the pleasure of touching, and being touched by this beautiful woman. But since she was, he took full advantage. He reached up and gently squeezed both nipples between his thumb and fingers. She was so aroused, they stuck out long and stiff.

Cindy’s nipples were very sensitive, especially when aroused. She grunted when he touched, then pulled them. She allowed more of her weight to rest on his shaft. Her lips were beginning to unfold, and his shaft was rubbing against her slit. It felt so delicious as his shaft rubbed against the skin covering her clit. She desperately tried to get more pressure on her little bud.

Once, she came up a little too far and the tip of his dick poked her crotch. She allowed him to press against her, driving her panties into her vagina. She pulled her pussy away, then back down, pushing against the tip of his dick. The only thing between them was the thin material of her panties. She was gauging the size of his dick and her opening, and was sure that it wouldn’t fit even without the panties. But it felt wonderful teasing her opening.

Larry put his hands around her midsection and pulled her down until he could put one of her titties into his mouth. He eagerly slurped it into his mouth and flicked the stiff nipple with his tongue. Then he took the other into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Then he fondled them in his palms, rolling the nipples between his fingers as he locked his lips on hers. They shared a deep, long, passionate kiss. He explored her tongue and played with her nipples as she slid her pussy up and down the full length of his shaft.

Tina went back to check on Dan. His dick was still at full mast as he watched his wife going crazy on Larry’s dick.

“How’re you doing, chief? Having fun?”

Dan vigorously shook his head.

“It sure looks like you’re enjoying the show,” Tina said as she grasped his stiff dick.

Dan’s legs and arms were extremely sore from his position, and he felt nauseous watching another man fondle his wife. He was sorry he had ever suggested this.

“You’re just feeling left out of all the fun, that’s all.” Then she began baby talking him, saying, “Does the wittle baby want me to play with his wittle, bitty dick? Huh? Is that what you want.”

This bitch was clearly taunting him, but he didn’t shake his head to that suggestion. Despite what was going on with his wife, he wouldn’t mind taking this bitch and splitting her with his dick. She was so hot.

Tina went behind him and inserted the dildo into his anus as she reached around and caressed his balls. He grunted into the gag as she penetrated him, then felt the pleasure as it rubbed against his prostate. Dan didn’t think he had any pre-cum left in him, but soon it began dribbling out of his dick as Tina played with his balls and pumped his butt, massaging his prostate. He tried to move his dick to where her hand was, hoping she would squeeze his shaft. He badly wanted to cum. But all he managed to do was make the plug come out of his butt.

“Naughty boy, I’m a married woman, I won’t touch your tiny little dick,” Tina said as she left him.

Dan was frantic for relief. The prostate milking felt great, but he had been hard for a long time, and his balls were beginning to ache. His abandoned, hard dick bobbed in the air as the last trickles of pre-cum dripped down his dick.

Cindy’s pussy was gaping now, her engorged lips completely open, exposing her clit to the pressure from Larry’s dick. She hungrily slid her clit up and down his shaft. It felt so good, but she wasn’t quite able to get enough pressure through her panties to cum. She reached down and pulled the fabric to one side, trying to get her bare slit against his shaft. But the panties kept moving back in the way, even when she tried to hold them out of the way.

Larry rolled her over on her back, grasped the lacy waistband of her oil-soaked panties and began pulling them down. Cindy resisted momentarily, but only momentarily. When he got them off, he bent over and licked her slit over and over, then nibbled at her clit as he flicked it furiously with his tongue. He was gently twisting her nipples as he lapped at her clit. Cindy’s head was rolling from side to side and she moaned loudly.

Larry took the oil and spread it all over Cindy’s pussy, then mounted her. He lifted her legs and spread them widely, then positioned his pole against the opening to her pussy. As he pushed, she grunted. He was pushing the skin of her pussy into her opening, but his dick wasn’t able to slide in. It was far too tight. He put one, then two fingers into her vagina and rubbed her pussy walls. It felt so good, she closed her eyes and imagined it was Larry’s dick fucking her. He tried again, gently pushing the tip against her opening, then more firmly. Reaching down, he tried to spread her pussy lips wider, but it was no use.

He rolled over on his back and Cindy straddled him again. They were both soaked with her juices and with the lubricant. Cindy spread her pussy lips and put her slit on the underside of Larry’s cock and began sliding up and down his shaft. This time, without the panties, the pressure was directly on her clit, and it felt better than anything she had ever felt. She had never been hornier, and she rode his cock with abandon, grunting and making sobbing noises as she neared orgasm.

Tina had never seen anything more obscene or erotic than this shy, demure girl riding her husband’s cock. She vowed to have this girl as her own, if she could just figure out how to bring her asshole husband under her control.

Larry moved as she slid up his cock and positioned the tip against her opening. She pushed hard and the head lodged into her opening. She pushed hard again, two, three, four times, but the tip was all that was entering her. She rested for a moment, panting and dripping sweat, the very tip of his dick barely in her opening. Then she tried again, pushing hard. If she could just get the head in. She used the entire weight of her body, sitting on his dick, but it would go no further.

Giving up, she continued sliding her slippery slit over his shaft. She wasn’t going to last much longer. She clamped her lips onto Larry’s, while he rolled her nipples in his fingers. Her head was slightly ringing as her pussy began to quiver, and she had a tremendous orgasm. She grunted and moaned loudly as her pussy began convulsing with contractions. Somewhere during her orgasm, Larry positioned his dick against her opening and pushed hard. The head was almost in. He withdrew slightly and pushed again, and the head was in. It stretched her pussy tighter than she could ever remember, even though only the head was in.

When she had partially recovered from her orgasm, she sat up and tried to get an angle that would allow more penetration. She raised her hips slightly, then pushed back down against his dick. A little more penetrated her. She was delirious with lust and determined to have this cock in her; at least, some of it. They humped together, slowly working it slightly deeper into her tight cunt.

Cindy’s cunt was stretched tighter than it had ever been. The feeling of being so filled up was incredible. She felt a sense of accomplishment from taking this big stud and giving him such pleasure, and was determined to satisfy his big cock. She put both hands on his chest, arched her back, raised her hips and humped his cock. Each stroke worked a little more of his cock into her. She had taken almost a third of his length.

Larry’s face was puckered in a grimace, as he tried to keep from spraying his cum in Cindy. Her tight cunt squeezed his cock. It felt like her pussy was pulling his balls through his dick. He knew he better not cum without Tina’s permission. She was watching lustfully, but she hadn’t given that permission yet.

Tina went back to Dan yet again, caressing his aching balls and teasing him. She used her plug in his butt again, rubbing it against his prostate and milking the pre-cum out of him. He was dripping enough cum to take the edge off, but not providing the satisfaction of an orgasm. His balls were so sore, he was sure that an orgasm would be more painful than pleasurable at this point.

“Are you enjoying watching a real man use a man sized tool on your wife?” she teased Dan. “I wonder how she’ll feel when she goes back to yours? A little disappointed?”

Dan’s cheeks burned red hot. He could have strangled this bitch, and would have killed Larry if he could have. Still, he enjoyed having this beautiful bitch caress his balls while massaging his prostate. He desperately longed to have her wrap her hand around his dick and allow him to spray his load, preferably on her fabulous tits. There was something about the total control she had over him that made him very turned on.

All of a sudden, Larry’s dick began sliding in and out of Cindy a little more smoothly. Still less than half his dick was in her, but it was slipping instead of sticking. It didn’t take long for him to realize that the reason was because he had leaked a little pre-cum into her. The feeling of her tight pussy gliding over his dick was unbelievable.

Once her pussy started gliding on his dick, Cindy started pumping his cock faster. She was incredibly horny, and reached down to play with her clit while frantically humping his dick. She had already had a massive orgasm, but she was still very aroused. Larry’s dick completely filled her pussy, stretching it tight. The hood of skin covering her clit had withdrawn and the clit stood erect. It was too sensitive for direct stimulation, so she quickly drew little circles with her finger all around her clit, barely brushing against it. She drew the circles faster and faster as she neared orgasm. Her long, stiff nipples were getting constant attention from Larry, who continued rolling them between his fingers.

Suddenly Larry experienced a moment of panic as he realized he was going to cum, but it was too late, so he relaxed and spent his load in Cindy’s pussy. His dick convulsed in contractions. Each contraction delivered wad after wad of warm, sticky sperm into her. He sprayed a huge load of cum into Cindy. Before he was even finished ejaculating, the cum was oozing out of Cindy’s pussy, running down his shaft. He hoped to hide his orgasm from Tina, so while his face grimaced in extreme pleasure, he was as quiet as he was able to be.

Cindy’s pussy was so tightly stretched by his cock, she could feel every contraction, and felt the warmth of his cum in her pussy. This sent her over the edge, and she bucked her hips as she noisily grunted. She felt the orgasm emanating from her cunt throughout her body in wave after wave of intense pleasure.

Tina gave Dan’s sac a hard squeeze, once again bringing tears to his eyes, as she left him. He had been standing there for well over an hour. His arms and legs ached nearly as much as his balls. He had been milked dry, yet still hadn’t experienced an orgasm. His cock was still erect, though only at half-mast.

Tina walked over to the panting, sweaty lovers and said, “Looks like almost everybody got to have fun. My turn now.”

Cindy rolled off Larry and lay on her back. Tina saw the cum running out of her pussy onto the mat, realized that Larry had shot his load and looked at his dick; it was beginning to get flacid. She looked into his eyes, and he could see the anger in hers. Her cheeks colored slightly, but she restrained her anger. She said quietly, “Clean up that mess. Now.”

Larry began to get up to get a towel, but she said, “With your tongue.”

Larry bent down between Cindy’s legs and licked the cum that had leaked out onto the mat, then lapped at her pussy until it stopped dripping. He had never tasted his cum, and didn’t especially like the taste. But he knew damn well he’d better not leave a drop. He was dreading what would happen when the guests left.

When he had finished cleaning up, Tina pointed at his limp dick and said, “What good is that going to do me?”

Larry didn’t say anything, he just looked down, avoiding her glare.

She said, “Come here, Cindy, keep me company while Larry takes care of me.”

She laid on the mat and pulled Cindy over to her side and put Cindy’s head on her bosom, hugging her. Larry got a cushion and put it under her lower back, raising her hips. She bent her knees and spread them, putting her feet flat on the mat.

While Larry lapped at Tina’s cunt, Tina carried on a conversation with Cindy.

“Tell me how you enjoyed my little slave.”

“It felt wonderful,” Cindy said shyly. The whole situation was a little bizarre, and now that her lust was sated, she felt self-conscious again.

“It made me very horny watching you two. Now I can see why Dan has had these fantasies. Do you think you’ll want to come back again sometime?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to talk to Dan first.”

Tina didn’t say anything, but it turned her stomach to hear a woman talk that way about a man. She knew that Cindy’s personality would never allow her to be a dominatrix, but the thought of an arrogant, dominating man disgusted her.

Larry’s ministrations were beginning to have an effect on Tina and she stopped talking. She was breathing heavier and slightly panting as she fondled Cindy’s breasts and nuzzled her face and head with her lips.

“Touch me,” she said huskily to Cindy.

Not sure what to do, Cindy grabbed one of her breasts and caressed her large nipple. As she brushed it with her hand, it stiffened and her areola got bumpy. She gently pulled the nipple, stretching it out. Tina moaned loudly. Cindy continued playing with one breast while putting the other in her mouth. She sucked on the nipple, gently nipping it and flicking it with her tongue. It wasn’t unpleasant, lying with a woman. Much softer and smoother than a man.

Larry was sucking on her clit, flicking it with his tongue furiously while Cindy was playing with her sensitive nipples. She began to thrash her head from side to side as Larry brought her closer and closer to climax. She felt slightly dizzy as it seemed there were hands and lips all over her body. Her whole body was tingling, and there was a ringing in her ears, then the floodgates opened.

“Umm, Unngg, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh,” she moaned as she had an earth shattering climax. After watching her husband taking this beautiful young girl while dominating her asshole husband, she was highly aroused and she had the climax of the century. Pushing Larry away from her now ultra sensitive clit, she said to Cindy, “hold me, baby.”

Cindy wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly until Tina regained normal breathing. Kissing Cindy on the cheek, she softly said, “nice.”

Both of them were totally silent on the drive home, lost in their separate thoughts, not sure how to go forward in their relationship. When they got home, Cindy was ready to soak her sore pussy in a nice hot tub and go to bed, but she knew that Dan was going to expect her to be ready to satisfy him. So she took a shower instead, drying off and putting on her bathrobe. Sure enough, Dan came up and snuggled her from behind, his erection poking her in the butt.

“What’s this?” she said teasingly, as she reached around and grabbed Dan’s hard dick.

Dan wasn’t in the mood for teasing, or for playing. He led her into the bedroom and laid her down, then stripped off his clothes and lay next to her. He helped her out of her robe and spread some lubricant on her, then worked his dick into her pussy.

Cindy’s pussy was sore, and Dan was being rough, but she didn’t say anything. As he humped her, he replayed the image of her riding Larry and felt the rage anew. He pounded her pussy hard. He soon had a very awkward and uncomfortable orgasm. Little, if any sperm came out. His dick had contractions, but his balls felt like someone had kicked them. He didn’t realize that when Tina milked him dry, she had ensured that this would be a ruined orgasm. He pulled out of Cindy and wiped himself on her bathrobe, then got up and dressed and left the bedroom without a word. Cindy put her nightgown on and went to bed.

As Tina soaked in her Jacuzzi tub, her plans to turn Cindy into her submissive began to take shape. Gaining control of Dan would be the easy part.

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